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L’Oreal Paris True Match Roller, C4 Shell Beige, 0.30 Ounce

How do you get perfectly even coverage without any streaks or mistakes? With the first ever roller foundation. It’s L’Oreal’s new true match roller perfecting roll on makeup. the unique roller applicator seamlessly applies the perfect amount of makeup.

Key features

  • The revolutionary roll on applicator creates the ultimate airbrushed finish
  • Flexible applicator adapts to all the curves of your face for even coverage
  • Liquid light formula glides on smoothly and blends seamlessly
  • Made in Paris

Honest reviews


Alas,…Paint For Mumzy’s Face!

Pussycats do not need makeup! They are quite beautiful without makeup…This can not be said of humans…unfortunately! I believe, that this is why Mumzy bought this makeup. Mumzy states that L’Oreal Paris is quite an established product. They are exceptional! Yet, having to put on foundation is such a much…in other words,…plenty of work. That is, if one were to ask the resident cat…Even if one were not asking, the resident cat does have an opinion regarding this matter, but then again, the resident cat has an opinion about all matters of importance. So there! Get use to it! Anyway, back to the subject of the makeup. This particular one has a special applicator which makes it quite easy to apply to one’s furry face…Oh! Please do forgive me…I meant to say…one’s face. The application is also swift which saves purr-recious time. This is good! Because, Mumzy can then spend more time with moi…also known as the resident pussycat. As I groomed my whiskers, Mumzy applied her makeup. I watched her with a single whisker in the air. This thingamajig truly worked. It was as if one were painting a wall…one, two, three, and voila!…One was done. Quite impressive,…if one may say. Now, my beloved Mumzy is as beautiful as I am…Well,…let us state…almost as beautiful! After all, one knows that pussycats are the most beautiful creatures in the world. Phffft! One must not exaggerate the facts much too much…It is not good for the humans to believe that they are the best…especially, when it is not the truth! Pussycats always tell the truth! Well,…almost always…Phffft!

Sharlene Hood, CA

smells very bad

It smells like poo on a hot day, not only that it made my face break out and i havent had any zits in 2 years! I stopped use’n this and my zits went away. This product is also very streaky.

Hillary Tarboro, NC

My favorite!

My favorite foundation product. I spent $200 on a different brand from Ulta. Before I was even finished I went back to L’Oreal. It’s smooth without looking caked on.

Jade Lewiston, MI

Very Cool Make-up

I bought this make-up based on the color in the pic—it’s way lighter-but it’s a good deal. I wanted it for Halloween to make my complexion more “tanned-darker” looking (without spending a fortune for a one time use) and unfortunately this isn’t going to do it. But for the price-no big deal!Back to the drawing board!

Aileen East Freedom, PA

True Match!

Ok, finally! A foundation that matches my skin tone and works great under any powder. It arrived broken and I had to repress it myself, back into one piece. But once I rolled it on it looked fab!

Molly Marysville, MI

A great product

I love the whole true match line and this is just another great example. This foundation is gret, it’s light but it covers just right, super easy to apply, it saves minutes of my day and has a flawless finish. I’m in love

Marianne Locust Hill, VA

Love the roller

This is my first time trying out cream foundation. I was using liquid true match before but it was lacking convenience of usage when you are on the go. I gave a try to this roller and loved it. Now I even use this applicator for my liquid foundation to have more even look, and of course it is a must have when I’m out and about.

Fern Clinton, ME

Weird concept

I bought this the other day at Target because they had it for 50 percent off! I got the sand/sun beige shade which did match my tan skin very well. The concept is just weird! I always wanted to try it because I love trying new products that are out there but having a roller brush for your face just doesn’t quite work. It gives great coverage but the problem is applying it. It is almost impossible to blend in with the brush, resulting in streaks. It seemed to just wipe off if I just barely touched my face. Overall, I think the product would be okay if you use a sponge or a different brush to apply it.

Cherry Ward, AR

works good

I personally don’t use the roller, But at the price, I couldn’t pass this up. Will be buying this again.

Nicole Wesley, ME

The roller should have been the tip off…

This powder goes on just like a opaque flat wall paint in the flatter areas of the face. In these areas it completely covers your skin with a thick unnatural looking coating. It is reminiscent of my mom’s theatrical pancake makeup of the 1960’s. It is useless on the more contoured parts like near the nose, around eyes, upper lip, chin where coverage becomes really hit or miss. Heavy color, streaks, and completely bare areas are what you have to look forward to. Think of a paint roller going from ceiling to floor without re-wetting and you will have an idea of how the roller performs. I really liked the roller idea but in real use, not so much. I will try using the powder with a brush or pad before tossing this out.

Kasey Bluford, IL

I use this product

I use this product exclusively. It doesn’t seem to affect my Rosacea, gives good coverage, is easy to apply and matches my skin tone. Ordering it from Amazon is more convenient than going to the drug store.

Isabella Glen Hope, PA


This isn’t heavy feeling and I like the roller applicator for even distribution. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and stay where I put it. I don’t need to use powder with this as my face doesn’t shine.

Gracie Clarendon, NC

Heavy coverage

If you are looking for heavy coverage this is the foundation for you. When I am looking to cover my zits, redness, dark eyes, and other flaws (without putting on concealer) I use this foundation. This foundation blends easily, matte look, smooth even finish, but feels really heavy on your face. It is not light. I do not recommend the roller brush. I use a foundation brush and a little goes a long way. I gave it a 4 b/c I do not like the roller brush. Who puts on foundation with a roller.

Adele Morganfield, KY

LOVE this make-up!!

LOVE this make-up!! I love the finish I get from this make-up.. coverage is great too..and surprisingly I love the roller applicator..

Joni Fairfield, NE

i like this product

It is a very nice product that I liked from the beginning. I only had one problem with this game I get, but otherwise I recommend

Tami Valhalla, NY

Failed first try

I’ve never worn make up and was looking for something easy and this was what I found an for the money I figured try the cheap first, this product arrived late has a horrible smell an is totally off the color I was matched to an makes me look orange but that’s my error I suppose. the roller is nice but around your nose you still have you use your fingers to make it look even I wouldn’t purchase this again.

Lucia Lawndale, IL