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L’Oreal Paris True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation, Cocoa, 0.35 Ounce

Discover the feeling of skin breathing freely. True Match Naturale re-invents makeup with carefully selected, 100% preservative-, talc- and fragrance-free minerals plus built-in professional brushes. This is the new skin-improving mineral formula with an SPF 19.

Key features

  • Lets skin breathe freely
  • Talc-free; Fragrance-free
  • SPF 19; Preservative-free
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Recommended by the skin cancer foundation as a superior UV sunscreen

Honest reviews


too messy!

This product was terrible! A co worker recommended this to me,so i gave it a try and i didn’t noticed how messy this product was until i got to work!!!! I had no idea this had gotten all over my white shirt!!! I was so pissed! i gave it another try and again it got all over my clothes again.this foundation is terrible and this was my first time using mineral loose powder and its my last!! i will stick to liquid!!

Leila Carp Lake, MI

Ok product, STUPID BRUSH

For those who saw my earlier review, I was so angry when I wrote it so now I’m going to give a better review, haha.I think the formula of this is pretty decent. If I didn’t use primer, it matched my skin tone, but looked a little bit cakey. If I used primer, looked like I got a bad fake tan and very cakey. I know you’re not supposed to use primer with mineral foundation, but I tried it anyway. It stayed on for the average amount of time for me with any other foundation. It did feel light, but my worst complaints is the packaging which isn’t practical at all. Every time I used it, it got EVERYWHERE and I do mean everywhere. On my shirt, the counter, the sink and when I opened it, it even got on the mirror. I don’t know if there were too many holes or what, but it was a mess. The brush was just as bad. It hurt so bad and was so scratchy, it hurt a lot to put it on, so if you get this, I would definitely recommend getting your own whether it be a face brush, kabuki brush, whatever, this was just a horrible brush.It’s an OK product, I’m not into mineral foundations, they don’t seem to work for me, so I mean if you want mineral foundations but have a hard time like me I would recommend this, or if you just want something light on your face or you’re a beginner, this is for you, otherwise, I’m going to go with thanks, but no thanks.

Alana Greenwood, SC

Good coverage, but…

Provides good coverage and evens out my skin tone. I have combination skin, so usually have to reapply a little by the afternoon. It’s a great product and it travels easily…. however, the package design is also a negative beacause even if I am trying to be careful, this powder foundation ends up on my clothes. It usually brushes off easily or I use a little water, but it’s still annoying. Just be careful! It’s kind of hard to tap the extra powder off the brush and not get it on you, so that’s why I gave it only 3 stars, but the powder itself is more like a 4.

Simone Kerrville, TX

Not my color

This was way too dark for me, but that is what i get for buying makeup online. I can’t expect perfection without even seeing the makeup.

Shelley Deersville, OH

L’Oreal Paris True Match

This is my first time ordering True Match from Amazon (Yay, two day shipping!), but it is my third container total. I used to only use Bare Minerals, but tried True Match in a pinch. I love it. It covers very well, I love that the brush is attached to the container, I get great color match to my skin, and it last a long time. I also found that it does a great job of absorbing the oils from my slightly oily t-zone. Overall, great product.

Mia Pound, VA


its a good product but it was a bit to light for my complexion. it was trial and error since i had no way of actually veryfying the color blend. i gave it to a friend who was lighter than i was.

Katheryn Wesson, MS

Best mineral make-up yet

This is the best mineral make-up I have tried yet: long-lasting, imparts a nice glow, decent coverage, no break-outs, and doesn’t settle too much into fine lines. I still finish with a facial mist to make it look a little more dewy (I like MyChelle’s Fruit Enzyme Mist), but, like I said, this product is the best I’ve tried yet.I detracted a star only because of the packaging design. The applicator brush is not a flow-through design, which is fine because I find application with flow-through brushes hard to control, but when you unscrew the top to take off the brush there is always makeup stuck to the bottom, and it gets all over the bathroom sink and sometimes my clothes. I wish there were a barrier between the makeup and the brush so things wouldn’t get so messy, but, despite that, I will buy again.

Francis Ennis, TX

Gets the job done

I wear this when I am home or for a quick trip out. If I’m longer, I use it after another ‘matte’ foundation.

Arlene Enka, NC

I had tried another one without the spf and liked it better

I had tried another one without the spf and liked it better, since this one makes my t-zone oily. Also the color I chose is darker than my skin…I’ll be trying the Mary Kay one in a lighter shade and maybe mix them so I can use this color. If you don’t have oily skin and choose the right color it would be a nice product.

Juana Downieville, CA

great makup!

I have used this before, and wanted it again, I couldn’t find my color at the store, so I found it on here, and it was even cheaper on here than at the store! I will order it on here from now on because of that, plus it is just easier for me, I prefer to get stuff like this (and a lot of other stuff online and delivered because it is easier than going and searching the big store for it)…anyway, this makup is great, it makes my skin feel good, I cant even tell im wearing it, and it is not clacky, it does not cake up throughout the day, it last all day, mabey a few touch up here and there on the oily spots, but that’s it! I love the brush that comes with it, and the way it is packaged, even though I know some people doesn’t like this brush, I do, matter of opinion there…it blends in good with your skin tone, isn’t splotchy, and doesn’t break out my skin… I cant say enough good stuff about this! I just love it and it is my favorite now, again! I recommend this to everyone!

Nadine Vincent, KY


Maybe this just was not my right color but it made me look dead. The minerals seemed to thin be a foundation,

Nona Westhampton, NY

Really solid product!

I use to use this one all the time but had gone on to bareminerals, assuming that since it was more pricey, it was better, but I enjoy getting everything on amazon so I tried this one again. Boy oh boy, forgot how good it was! Blows bareminerals out of the water! It’s not some fancy name brand but it’s really great for me!The brush isn’t the best, bristles break, and it’s kinds rough but it’s nice getting a new brush every time you get a new jar..I get this on subscribe and save now@ 20% off and that makes it even more worth it. Love love it.Previously used physicians formula& bareminerals- both more pricey.

Michael Colfax, WV

Really like this

Matches my skin well, light olive color skin. It stays on giving my skin a dewy natural look. I get a lot of compliments on my skin when wearing this foundation. I use Ecco Bella beige concealer underneath.

Melva Kenefic, OK


I love using mineral makeup. This is a good one. It stays on very well and goes on smooth. I liked this product

Tracy Frenchville, ME

Great find!!!!

I am super happy with this mineral makeup!! Very high quality! Does not break me out (I have super sensitive, combination, acne prone skin). I have tried BareMinerals (bare escentials) in both the matte and original formulas, as well as Everyday Minerals, and Lily Lolo, however THIS is my favorite! I have to mix the soft ivory (too light) with natural buff (too dark) to get the right color for my skin tone, but that’s okay since I can easily vary the proportions to match my summer or winter skin. This can look a bit heavy if I use a dense flat top brush, so I tend to stick to my fluffier kabuki type brushes. I do not notice this sticking to my super fine cheek hairs, or settling into creases around my eyes. It doesn’t make me look "flat" or lifeless.. I hope L’Oreal never discontinues this! If they do I’m going to stock up big time!

Francine Colton, OR

Great powder…

… but the brush is a little small and stubby. This is probably just a personal preference and it is DEFINITELY NOT BAD!!! The powder mineral itself is wonderful.

Della Midway, TN

It does it’s job.

I mostly wear this over top of liquid foundation for blending it to my neck and to get rid of any shiny spots. My only problem is where it comes out of in the jar, a LOT comes out at one time, so I feel like I waste 50% of it when I have to shake my brush, otherwise I end up with too much powder on my face.

Kathleen Rosston, TX

Good Minerals

I have always used Physician’s Formula minerals, but decided to try this instead. It is as good; however, the color is a bit dark for me. Thank goodness I had some lighter minerals left, so I mixed them and got a good balance. You would think a color called “nude beige” would be medium-toward-light, but it is definitely a medium beige. These minerals last, and I am satisfied.

Goldie Allakaket, AK

Right color

The color is right, however, I tend to have break out from using it, so I no longer use it now. it was almost impossible not to make a mess if I tried to dust off the excess of power from the brush before applying.

Leigh Prospect Park, PA


I have this in a lighter shade, in fact it’s too light for me. My sister has this exact shade and it worked on me, so I decided to get it for myself. Well, I don’t know if maybe my "summer glow" had faded since then (this was several months back), but now it’s way too dark. And not only that, it didn’t spread evenly. So that is upsetting, since I can’t really use it anyway (by blending this with the one I have). The one I already have spreads just fine. I don’t know if they changed their product, but if they did then that explains it. I even tried using another foundation brush and it didn’t do anything. I’ll hold onto it, maybe I can use it in the summer when I catch a tan. But I’ll have to find another brush to apply it. The con for this item, is it doesn’t rub off easily so it’ll last long. Just not a good thing if you get the wrong colour.

Kerri Nazareth, TX

Love the Color and Coverage

After my dermatologist recommended this product, or an expensive alternative, I bought this one one sale. I have hormonal acne and like the way other mineral makeups help heal and prevent acne but I have been disappointed with their lack of blemish coverage. L’Oreal gives me an even tone, natural look and even covers the acne. (Sometimes I use my finer to dab extra coverage on a blemish.) I love that it is buildable and I don’t have to use an extra concealer. I have used it for two days and can already see improvements in my skin tone and clarity.

Annie March Air Force Base, CA


I used this product several times but can never find my shade at the store…So I took a chance and looked online…I have found it and now I will just order it online from now on

Abbie Skagway, AK

No Difference

Ive used BE minerals in the past.This powder is really fast and easy to apply without all that tapping and total mess.. I do wish they would improve the brush. Its stubby and a little scratchy on skin. Beats paying big $ for the same results.

Leeann Perry, NY

Been using This For Years…

…and II love it. I actually love a more expensive kind better to be honest but this is literally half the price and seems to last over twice as long. So you tell me which one you’d pick? Loreal is the WINNER in my book!

Alisha Dillingham, AK


Been using this for years and I love the coverage. I tend to have very sensitive skin, cannot use anything with fragrance, and I have lots of redness which this covers beautifully and unlike liquid foundations it does not look oily or take on a orange color after a few hours of wear. It holds it’s color very well, stays fresh looking much longer, and I would recommend it to anyone.I will say that mineral makeup is a bit dryer looking so if you have dry skin you may want to apply it directly over a moisturizer.

Autumn New Stanton, PA

I bought this thinking it would be good to carry in my purse

I bought this thinking it would be good to carry in my purse; it is kinda bulky and messier than I thought it would be.

Bobbie Mount Prospect, IL

I would give this no stars if I could

This is the worst ‘mineral’ makeup I have come across! Not only is the package a disaster- the bottom of the brush is actually the lid to the powder, so if you use the brush, powder gets everywhere- but the makeup itself is terrible. It cakes on, rather than spreading evenly. I have tried many brands of mineral powder and have not been disappointed- only changed due to price or Amazon Prime availability. Total waste of money.

Flossie Santa, ID


its very messy if you dont have an extra brush since the one attatched isnt amazing but it works good

Patty Paxton, NE

Just as good as the expensive mineral foundations – can’t tell a difference

I had to decrease my beauty budget, and unfortunately can’t afford to spend 40 or 50 like I used to. I honestly don’t see how this product is different than higher end mineral foundations that I’ve used.Perfect amount of medium coverage (use a flat brush to cover darker spots, like under your eyes), and doesn’t look wrinkly or powdery. Matches my pale skin tone great, and evens out my freckles and flushed face.I love it!

Tamera French Village, MO


It is "heavier" than I like but is good. I just have to take more time to even it out. What I do like it that it does work well over the "sudden change" serum. So I give it an A+

Terrie New Boston, NH