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L’Oreal Paris True Match Naturale Gentle Lip Conditioner, Soft Blush, 0.11-Fluid Ounce

Discover our purest lip care and sheer mineral color in one. 96% of natural origin, new true match Naturale gentle lip conditioner moisturizes lips beautifully with a flush of naturally luminous minerals, conditioning sweet almond oil and soothing vitam.

Key features

  • Includes soothing Vitamin E; Conditioning sweet almond oil
  • Contains minerals mica, iron oxides, magnesium and manganese to provide sheer, luminous color
  • Made in Paris

Honest reviews


Great colors

I took a chance and bought 6 different colors, even ones that would normally be too light for me. But all of the worked. This is more like a colored lip balm than a lipstick. It’s really comfortable. There’s no taste, no smell. Really perfect although the repetitive motion of turning the wheel to get the lip conditioner up through the tube can be annoying. Love them though.

Nan Winterport, ME


I didn’t have high hopes for this product, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got it. The packaging is nice but, like most lip glosses, when you first use the product you have to twist it a bunch of times to get the product to come out. The problem is that there is almost a delay so you keep turning and you stop when a little comes out, but then a bunch more rushes out too. Once you know to expect that you can kind of predict how much will come out with each turn and it won’t be a problem. The quality is really nice when you first put it on and it’s definitely conditioning, but after you have it on for a while it does get a bit grainy. Lasting power is nice, the color is there, but sheer, and it feels like a combination of a lip balm and gloss.

Latoya La Mesa, NM

Close to perfect

I was a little skeptical about the product but for less than two bucks I was willing to take a chance. I really like the shine and moisture. It is the prefect size to slip into my pocket and reapply. The only complaint I have is with the lid – if you don”t put it on just right it squirts out in the lid. Its not really a big deal just a little annoyance – one I can totally put up with for less than two dollars.

Estella Alamo, CA

its good

i like this product texture its very smooth on lips but the color is nude so its like a transparent shine on lips but its too good.

Ebony Herndon, VA

A bit small, works well, nice color, not too sticky, no taste or smell

Good value for this kind of thing. It’s the size of a chapstick but has a hard plastic dispenser tip so that it stays sterile. Good size for a pocket. I love the light golden shimmer color that this ‘soft shell’ is… so flattering to olive skin with dark lips. I was particularly looking for a golden lipgloss for sensitive skin, this was the best I found for the price. I am satisfied with this one. I would buy again.

Faye Gwinn, MI

Wonderful Product!

I purchased a couple of these & plan on getting more at a great price on Amazon! Beautiful colors….no sticky feel….just a tad bit of shimmer….love these….but of course a lot of the discontinued items from yesterday were outstanding….like these. So happy to find them on Amazon….Thank You! Buy these….you will not be sorry.

Lindsay Odell, NE

Nothing like “conditioner”

So I had several lip balms and wanted to try a new one. It was from L’Oreal, a trusted producer so I had quite an expectation. All of which turned out to be so disappointing.let me tell you this clearly, this product is not that bad, but it is JUST a lip gloss. Nothing more!If you expect a conditioner lip balm then forget about this one. My lips keep getting more dry and chapped (after the liquid so-called conditioner go away). i.e: you have to keep using it if you want your lips to not feel dry. This was extremely annoying. So unless you just want a lip gloss, buy it. Otherwise, this item does not worth your money!I will just give this product 2 stars for it did not fulfill what it supposed to do – conditioning chapped lips.

Sue Lake Arrowhead, CA

Silky On The Lips

Made for convenience and it is my favorite color! Smooth know creasing and stays on for a while! Happy with my purchase! Thank you very much!

Kari Council, NC

Saw it on Oprah

I saw the “clear” one on Oprah a few years back recommended as a lip treatment. I am blonde and got “soft Mica” and it’s just enough color for the day. It’s soft, not sticky, and fits in my pocket. I’ve often given it as a gift too and my mom and friends love it.

Carole Tutwiler, MS

Just okay

This works great as a lip conditioner but thats it. The color is natural but mine had a weird aftertaste I dont care for. It comes off fairly quickly. I use it as an overnight treatment.

Lakesha Fairmont, NE