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L’Oreal Paris True Match Blush, Apricot Kiss, 0.21 Ounces

True Match Blush flawlessly complements your skin’s tone and texture. Coordinates perfectly with True Match Makeup, Powder, and Concealer. True-to-life shades precisely match your skin tone and undertone, leaving you with the most natural flush of color imaginable.

Key features

  • True-to-life shades precisely match your skin tone and undertone, leaving you with the most natural flush of color imaginable
  • Hides blemishes and covers imperfections
  • Coordinates perfectly with True Match Makeup, Powder and Concealer

Honest reviews


Kind of deceiving

I got this from Kmart and in W-1/W-2 warm honey. It is roughly about 2 shades darker than my skin tone as I am pale in the winter but I have yellow undertones as well. It looked so pretty in the packaging, HOWEVER, you cannot try it in the stores so I figured it can be my bronzer/contour product and it’s NOT CHEAP…it’s $10+ at my kmart in CA and with that price I just ordered the Mark Pro bronzer from Avon and this will be on it’s way back to the store! I applied it to the back of my hand and I saw NO color whatsoever…only SPARKLES! It looked like shimmer so I thought…maybe I can use it for shimmer even though I have better highend products for that anyway…LET ME TELL YOU, the brush that comes with it does NOT pick up color BTW. I then used my blush brush and picked up fairly a decent amount of pigment and applied it as contour and it did look pretty but it was barely noticeable. It might work well with pale skin as I am a NC30 at MAC and if I stayed out of the sun for a year or 2 then I’d probably be a NC25 but since I have yellow undertones it makes me look warmer and not cool so this didn’t show up that great. On a lighter skin tone it might turn out more on the red side but who knows?!? If I can’t return it then I will just use it but probably just have to layer it on.

Michell Port Mansfield, TX

Looks gorgeous but poor design…

Now this review is going to be in two parts. The first part is going to be about how nice the product looks & feels on my skin. The second is going to be about the product’s design & packaging.As advertised, this blush looks great on me. I chose this product because my powder compact matched one of the “true matches” for this color & since I’m not that skilled in picking out blushes, I liked that it was an easy choice. The product is easily blended & feels very light on my skin.Now for the bad part of the review. The packaging & design. It’s horrible. I had to look to 2 stores before I found a blush compact where the powder wasn’t smashed up. The first store’s compacts had one that was physically damaged so I assumed that the powders were smashed up due to improper handling during transit. The 2nd store I went to had the blushes in both damaged & undamaged conditions. Again, I assumed this was due to improper handling during transit. I purchased my blush & went on about my life. Then when I returned home, the compact fell off of a very short coffee table to the ground, no more than 10 inches in height. It fell onto not only a padded carpet floor but also a nice thick rug on top of that floor, so it’s not like it fell onto a hard surface. And guess what? The compact’s powder was completely smashed up.The delicateness of the powder doesn’t hurt the look of the makeup, but it does make it far less convenient for me to put on when I’m on the go. I also have to watch to ensure that I don’t put too much on due to it being in a now loose powder form. (It’s easy to get more on then you bargained for.) As a result I use it far less than I would have if it wasn’t loose & I doubt that I’ll purchase this again when this expires or runs out. Unless you treat your cosmetics like they’re fragile children, I don’t really recommend this product.

Vickie Turlock, CA


Aside from the fact that it’s tough to match colors (this was a total bomb –(a pink no human could possibly match) the packaging on this product is ridiculous. It’s completely open loose powder and prone to ending up all over the place. Once you remove the lid there’s no plastic with tiny holes to allow a little out at a time, you’ve just got an opening for everything to get spilled out. What were they thinking? Epic fail.

Maryanne Kermit, TX

My favorite best-ever blush.

Wife writing this review: I am a fan of L’Oreal Paris True Match products. I use the liquid makeup and this blush, exclusively. The colors are coordinated to blend flawlessly and perfectly, and they do! I happen to prefer my blush to be the powdered cake type over the other types, using a brush to get the correct amount of coloring on my cheeks(tried other brands, but they are too garish). The L’Oreal brand is a company that’s been around for a while, has a good reputation, and is priced reasonably, which is always a plus in my book!

Socorro Alvo, NE


I ordered the wrong color but on the computer it looked like the right color. I ended of getting a red one when it looked very light and fair.

Audrey Nisbet, PA

The perfect blush

I’ve been using the True Match line of cosmetics for a little over 3 years and I LOVE it! Once you figure out which undertone group you’re in (Warm, Neutral, or Cool), it’s fairly simple to pick a color that will look good on you. I use the shade “Baby Blossom.” It’s a very pretty pink that has a bit of shimmer to it. It looks natural when I’m wearing it. Most people think that I rarely wear makeup when I actually wear this makeup every day. The shimmer isn’t obvious unless I hold my face within centimeters of the mirror.I apply it to my cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. It gives me a nice, healthy, natural looking flush. Some days if I get a little heavy with it, coworkers will ask me if I’ve been outside in the sun. It lasts most of the day. It does fade a little but I feel like it still looks good after 10 hours of work. I haven’t had any trouble with it being messy. You get a lot of product that seems to last me for a while. I don’t use the brush it comes with, which is oddly shaped for a blush brush.I also love the Subscribe & Save price.

Elsie Woodstock, NH

in love

Wonderful color. I have ivory skin and this goes perfect. Never leave the house without it. Favorite product right now

Stephanie Glassboro, NJ

hmm not the same

Good to have in your purse for a touch up but it runs out to quickly for me to want to use it as my go to blush the color was soft enough though.I use Loreal’s True match pressed powder on the daily, so i guess i was just expecting the same quality.

Angelia Moyie Springs, ID

More of a mauve rose

Although when I ordered this, I was looking for a more pink rose, the more mauve this was seemed to suit my complexion just fine. It goes on very light, so you do have to apply a few swipes to get color. But this is a very nice color for blush.

Morgan Beaumont, TX

I just got the wrong color

Im a deep golden caramel skin tone, and Apricot Kiss, was not the color for me…… And the pic shows that its lighter…. the blush is PINK…..

Tisha Dawson, AL

Great product

I’m not big on blush, but I thought I would by some and I LOVE it, it has a mirror on the bottom and the blush isn’t to dark.

Lolita Brownville, ME

Naturual Looking Blush

I have tried a lot of blushes and this one by far goes on in the most natural way for either artificial light or sunlight. It blends in smoothly and I even use it highlight my eyes. Lasts me a long time and unlike a lot of compact blushes that get dropped I haven’t had a problem with this breaking up.

Virginia Leckrone, PA

Perfect coloring and easy application

The applicator for this is a small brush that works fine, however I use a larger brush by Eco-Tools for the application.

Elena Coffeeville, MS

my fav

this color is my favorite color from this brand. Just do not put on too much and you good to go. Finding a color that works for you is important. Mine is apricot kiss.

Mamie Juneau, WI

great product!

i just received this product and i like it very much. the blush is baby pink with a hint of peach. it is very matte with no shimmer at all. it is also very smooth and easy to blend.i haven’t seen this line of blushes in drugstores so I’m guessing that they are discontinued. but overall i think that this is a great product. you should definitely give it a try.

Lakesha White Marsh, VA


This L’Oreal true match blush is very natural looking on my foundation. It is a beautiful color and I have had many compliments while wearing it. F. Parker

Margaret Avalon, NJ

Poor quality

Barely shows color…I kept wiping, then brushing, then finally took a finger-full, but nothing seemed to show except that obvious cakey make-up look. Maybe I picked the wrong color? Usually L’Oreal hair products are great…this stuff needs more work, OR perhaps they should stick to hair and leave skin to someone else.

Stacey Mc Louth, KS

A great product at a great price!

Who knew you could by makeup from Amazon…I really needed a new blush and just thougt I would check what was available..I knew it was risky in the sense that over the years the ones you purchase and look at right in the store can be so dissappointing when you actually use them and its a different color that it looks in the case, but I am really pleased with the color, texture and it just super, when I run out, I will be back for more.

Tabatha Houlka, MS

as expected

Its blush. I do like how loreal matches their line with a number system- that’s my favorite thing with these. Otherwise, its pretty typical

Alexandria Harmony, ME

Very Nice Quality

This blusher is equivalent to a department store quality with a fraction of the cost. The color really does blend well. Only one thing is that the color appears A LOT LIGHTER IN THE PICTURE.

Joanna Newell, IA

Subtle, Yet Buildable, Flush of Color

I really love this blush by L’Oreal. I have been wearing makeup for years but am new to wearing blush and this is the first powder blush I’ve purchased (the others I own are cream). When it first goes on you’ll notice a light sweep of color that enhances your complexion. It’s very easy add more by layering without the color becoming too overpowering. It’s also super easy to blend into your foundation/powder so if you decide you want to smooth it in with your fingers. The brush that comes with it (located in the bottom compartment of the compact) works well as an applicator (it doesn’t feel like one of those cheap drugstore brushes) but I use a blush brush from E.L.F. that works really well too. It lasts all day on your face, even through 8-10 hours of school, work, humidity, sweat, etc. which is a great plus.The color I’m reviewing, Baby Blossom (a cool tone), is very pink and rosy and gives my fair-skinned complexion a bright, fresh look. I love that the colors are divided into cool, warm, and neutral tones, and there are about 4 or 5 selections in each category. The in-store price is around $8 but there are usually $1-$2 coupons in weekend papers or online that make this product very affordable for most budgets.I highly recommend this product and believe you won’t be disappointed. I love the pink and rosy Baby Blossom shade and can’t wait to try out others in the collection.

Deloris Quantico, VA


This was too light a blush for me, even though their site color match said Baby Blossom was the color I needed. But I use it as a face powder and then a slightly darker blush. I love it as a "all over the face" powder, it is then a perfect match but I needed a darker blush to give a little color to my cheeks. IT does look very natural and is light. I like L’Oreal products.

Jana Buffalo, IA

Pretty color!

I love L’Oreal products and this no exception. I got the blush in spiced plum and I absolutely love it.

Debra Thompson, IA

My transgendered Sister Loved This Makeup

No complaints about it whatsoever. Personally, I do not wear makeup, so I couldn’t tell you a thing about it… But she said it was great :-). Shade was. "Perfect".

Chelsea Dover, MN

Nice blush!

This is a nice color blush! I wear this more during the summer because it adds a worm glow during the day and evening. It lasts all day, and still looks fresh in the evening.

Mandy Las Cruces, NM


We get this through the subscribe and save program.This is yet another item my wife wants but has in the past, found it out of stock at the local stores. Thats the great thing about Amazon, you get what you want.and with ladies cosmetics, you have to get the EXACT type and color.I look at it as saving gas, because she dosn;t have to go from store to store to find what she is looking for.A good price when compared with the prices in a grocery or drug store, when the item is available.

Lola Newport, IN

l’oreal paris true math super-blendable blush, apricot kiss,0.21 ounce

I love this blush, especially the color. It is my favorite blush. Smooth, blends with my makeup base, stayson, and absolutely the best color for me. I hope they won’t discontinue this particular color.

Lina Aurora, IA

True Match indeed!!

My skin has a Medium tone with Warm undertones – I always wear foundation in Sand Beige color – and "Subtle Sable" is my perfect match.I’ve tried lots of brands and many colors….some of them looking so good in the store, but sooo fake when applied on my cheeks!Wearing the right shade of blush makes all the difference in the world, as you wanna look natural, not like a painted doll.It’s kinda hilarious and sad at the same time when you see someone with the wrong shade of blush that looks so obvious.Anyway, the tip I wanna give here is that you should take the small test/questionnaire that is available on L’Oreal site before buying.It only took me few minutes and that’s how I found THE match for me. And it looks absolutely beautiful, not more gambling on different blushes.It’s quite a big-size blush and looks like it’s gonna last me a loong time. I’m very happy with it!

Nan Aultman, PA