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L’Oreal Paris Translucide Naturally Luminous Loose Powder, Light, 0.50 Ounce

Achieve a healthy glow and set your makeup for the day. Translucide naturally luminous loose powder is never dull, flat, or cakey. powder formula is enriched with the antioxidant power of vitamin c for extra benefits to your skin.

Key features

  • Lightweight, long-lasting formula gives excellent translucent coverage with a natural glow
  • It is enriched with the antioxidant power of vitamin c and provides a flawless finish and a long-lasting
  • Made in Paris

Honest reviews


My new favorite loose powder!

I’m not much of a foundation girl. I tried it once about 10 years ago and had a bad experience – it clogged my pores and broke me out so badly that I was embarrassed to go out in public. After a year of recovery, I vowed to never use foundation again, and I haven’t. Instead, I use loose powder.This powder has been a dream come true. First of all, the container is big and it has lasted me a long time! Others that I’ve ordered just go way too fast, but this is really worth the money. It’s easy to apply and goes on nicely over my BB cream. It doesn’t look caked up or powdery and when applied correctly; you can’t even tell that I have it on. I’d say it lasts maybe a good 6-7 hours, although I never have to reapply. It has never clogged my pores or caused me to break out. It definitely helps with oil production! I have very oily skin, but you can’t tell that when I’m wearing this.I only wish I had gotten a shade darker, then I think it would have been perfect. That’s why it’s so tough to buy something like this online – because you can’t see the color in person. I’m biracial, light skinned and this is almost spot-on. I do have dark spots from hormonal breakouts, and this often doesn’t cover those as well as I’d like, which is why next time I’ll get darker if I can.

Gail Davenport, ND

Heavy Fragrance

It’s my own fault for not noting that this has added fragrance before purchasing it. I really can’t stand the smell. I tend to use only natural products and always fragrance free. It might have gotten 3 stars if not for the over-powering smell.I also really don’t care for the architecture of the product. I ended up removing the application pad they give you, and I instead dump some of the product into the lid and use a brush to apply it.You get a lot of it for your money, so that is one plus I suppose. But I personally can’t wait to get rid of it so that I can buy a product which does not stink in such an unnatural way. When it comes to applying something around my eyes and nose, I’d rather not have to worry about what kind of harmful additives are included.It’s also not very ‘luminous’ at all. I think it actually falls rather flat and gets cakey easily. I don’t recommend this product,

Juliet Mumford, NY

Awesome, Mattifying Powder

I have tried numerous powders over the years, both compact and loose. This is the best by far. I have really oily skin but this keeps my face matte all day, even through hot, sweaty, humid weather (and I live in Florida so that’s most of the year!). I apply it over my Revlon Photoready Primer and Revlon Colorstay whipped foundation and it gives my makeup a smooth, lasting finish. I do not have to apply mid-day touch-ups with this powder, nor do I have to worry about it transferring onto anything else, such as my clothes. I love this product and will continue to purchase it. I especially reccommend this to people with oily skin; you will not be disappointed!

Antionette Strandburg, SD

Matte but not powdery looking.

I use this loose powder to set my makeup. I have oily skin but it is mature. This powder applies easily with a brush or large powder puff. It has light coverage and does not look cakey. There seems to be some light reflecting properties so the skin looks even toned but not sparkly or shiny. I bought one and ended up purchasing two more to have on hand. My skin is medium with a light tan and I chose the medium. Good choice and good product! If you are unsure of your shade, go lighter.

Harriet Rocky Ford, GA

My secret ingredient

Translucent powder is a secret shared with me by a friend who is a make up artist. She told me how use it in combination with blush.Blush looks best when no one knows you have it on. I try to enhance my face shape but not so much that it’s obvious. To deposit just the right amount of color I use a fluffy blush to dust powder on cheeks and temples. When my skin is oily I pat my face with translucent powder before applying blush. I also use translucent powder to tone down color when I put on too much blush.Love this stuff and Amazon has it at a good price!Ali Julia review

Christy Moose Lake, MN

The best loose powder I have ever used

L’Oreal loose translucent powder is my main go to in my beauty bag to finish off my look. It does not add unwanted color, but it does set my foundation beautifully for hours of long wear. I like that it does not feel heavy or leave a caked on heavy powdery look. This one is a staple for me.

Paula Ancona, IL

Great quality especially for the price!

I LOVE this stuff! In the drugstore it retails for $12.99 I believe?? At least at my local walgreens but I got it on sale for $4. I couldn’t believe the quality! I use it to set my foundation. It feels light, but has great coverage. I have it in the shade Medium, I find that the light is WAY too light. It’s great for my sensitive skin, doesn’t irritate me at all & lasts a pretty long time! If you’re looking for a great quality loose powder, I definitely recommend this product! It’s cheap, & is amazing quality! It also has a nice scent which is a plus 🙂

Hester Oakland, ME


I use this one when my face is to shine. I have oil skin and it helps a little.Loreal is a great brand and only do quality products.You wont be upset buying this one.

Lucille Concord, NE

She’s happy

Our daughter had been using this for 4-5 years and does not like to be without. I try to purchase 2-4 every time I order it so I don’t have to order all the time. It helped dry up her acne, not just cover it. She has trouble getting any tan what so ever, so this shade works for her just about all year around.

Sophie Phillipsburg, NJ


For the past few years I’ve been using Almay’s loose powder, but was ready for a change. When this first arrived, I was a little dismayed to see that, in the container, what was supposed to be translucent had a pinkish cast to it. My skin tone is yellow based. However, when I put it on, there’s not a trace of pinkness. It virtually disappears into my skin without a trace of cakiness, removes all shine, and I love the fragrance!

Elvia Fox, OR

Really Great Skin-Brightening Powder!

Just bought this and partnered it up with the Translucide foundation! Sheer perfection! I got the look I was searching for – a radiant, glowing skin and I love it! Too bad it’s so hard to find now. It’s really great stuff!

Marjorie Los Osos, CA

Light weigh and smells great!

L’Oreal makeup is usually a hit and miss for me, but this one is superb quality and a great value for the money. I ordered this based on Paula’s review (the website) and I was not disappointed.I wear it on days when I don’t wear makeup only sunscreen, which makes my skin look oily and overly shiny. This powder helps absorb that shine ad keeps my skin matte until I reapply the sunscreen. I have used it on top of a cream based foundation and corrector too, and it did not get cakey, but I prefer to use it with no makeup under it.The powder is very light, very natural and “powdery” (as opposed to “synthetic” and “sand-like” – as some newer and more expensive powders are these days) and for me the main plus is the smell. It has a very old school powder smell. It reminds me of my childhood, my grandma and other older ladies… 🙂 No, I am not saying you will smell like an old lady. The fragrance is a very sophisticated, “put together” smell that may remind you of your childhood… Or not. Either way, it has my thumbs up! 🙂

Jenifer Wrenshall, MN

used this product for years and years…

i have oily skin and i use this over my face and eyelids…….colorless and workd for me…… is a staple in my make up line

Beatrice Newark, CA

Not Sure I’d Get it Again

In my quest to find the perfect matte powder, I was disappointed with this product. I tend to get shiny on my nose and chin, and really thought this would help. I still shine, and it doesn’t seem to give a good amount of coverage when compared to the pressed powders.

Jayne Farmington, CT

Perfect! A keeper in my makeup bag!

This is perfect for my Irish ivory skin. I like that it’s very light and sheer. I use it all the time!

Pat Woodland, WI