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L’Oreal Paris The Super Slim Eyeliner by Infallible, Black, 0.034 oz.

Enjoy flawlessly clean lines as precise as 0.4mm with The Super Slim by Infallible Never Fail. The ultra-fine felt tip gives you total control, delivering the perfect amount of liner. The intense quick dry 12 HR formula glides on smoothly with continuous and even flow. In one stroke create sleek and sophisticated eyes. Skip-proof Drag-proof Smudge-proof Ophthalmologist-tested Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Key features

  • Flawlessly clean lines, as precise as 0.4mm, with the ultra-fine felt tip delivering the perfect amount of liner to create sleek and sophisticated eyes in one stroke
  • The intense quick dry 12-hour formula glides on smoothly with continuous and even flow
  • Ophthalmologist and allergy-tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Honest reviews


Hello raccoon eyes

I had such high hopes. This liner went on so beautifully, with a lovely straight line and a nice flow. It looked great….for a few minutes but before I was even done applying the rest of my makeup it was already bleeding and smudging and in general looking a mess. I fixed it and thought maybe my eyes watered or something. I left the house only to look in the mirror of my car after running a quick errand to find I looked like a raccoon. I had only applied it to my top lid but it had run around the corners of my eyes in what could only be described as a race to my cheeckbones. How embarassing. Well trying to give it the benefit of the doubt I gave it a second chance and applied it under my eyeshadow and powdered it generously. Once again it was smudging and running and in general making me look like I had been crying. I understand this isn’t waterproof but this is beyond ridiculous. I can’t imagine any scenario where someone would be looking for eyeliner that is running before they have even run out the door, so it gets a 1 from me.

Kitty Midkiff, TX

False advertisement!

I just bought this because of the hype! I love the Super Slim tip applicator, but the staying power sucks! I am at home wearing my cat eye lines in an air conditioned house and part of my cat eye liner wing is smudged off. I can’t even imagine wearing this outside in this hot humid summer weather. I can try to seal it with my Makeup Forever Aqua seal to make it stay put all day. But this should never be labeled 12H liquid liner because its false advertisement.

Elizabeth Heafford Junction, WI

Perfect lines

Someone should have invented this product long ago! It is lightweight and small; fits easily in your bag. It is extremely easy to control, the brush is ever so skinny and makes a perfect thin line along your lid right against the base of your lashes. It doesn’t skip. It doesn’t smudge. I love it!

Juliana Milton, IN

Pretty good for the price

Given the pricepoint, this is a decent liner. It goes on easily, but takes a careful hand. The line is very thin, and making it wider requires more passes. If you don’t get it perfect, correcting it is tough and it doesn’t smudge easily. I don’t dislike this liner but I don’t love it either.

Marylou Eastanollee, GA

Precise with deep color but difficult to correct

I saw the advert for this and since I already use the L’Oreal Stiletto Eye Liner that can sometimes be too thick I decided to give it a shot.My initial impression was very positive. The casing has a high-end look and feel.The tip is super thin and more rigid than a lot of other felt-tip liners but still has a little “give” during application. The line comes out incredibly thin and is very precise with a deep pigmentation. My first time wearing it was a gamble of sorts since the day was incredibly humid and a lot of eyeliners tend to “run” on my eyelids. Perhaps mine are more prone to sweating or becoming oily than others but anyway, thats the case. Fortunately the liner stuck out the day without issues (quite an achievement)My only negative comment is that its very difficult to correct. I tried to even out the line with a wet Q-tip and had to put in decent amount of effort.I then had to go back and fill in areas that had faded because of the amount of “correcting” I had done.I’ll just be more careful with my lines in the future since overall I’m satisfied with the product.

Lucinda Purdin, MO

Precise and Long-Lasting

This liner worked really well for me. The felt tip is VERY precise; you can do a very thin line or apply additional pressure for a thicker line. I was also impressed by its staying power. I wore the liner during a 15-hour day and it looked just as great at the end of the night as it did when I first applied it that morning. Removal was easy. I just used my regular make up remover/cleansing cloth; no rubbing or several passes across the eye. I will say that if you’re not used to liquid liner, it will probably take a couple tries to apply it properly. Practice is the key, but it’s definitely worth it, and winged eyes are a breeze with this product! Recommended.

Gina Ogden, AR

Precise and Fabulous

I have officially found my new favorite liner. The tip is the finest, most precise tip, and it allows you to paint the perfect line. I really haven’t used a more perfect liner. I plan to buy another tube in brown.I don’t usually wear liner, but I always do for special occasions, which means it has to last. This really did last for the full time of the wedding and still came off easily with a make-up wipe. I was really pleased with the product all around!

Ashlee Monument, NM

Good for thin, precise lines

This eyeliner was easy to use and I was able to get thin and precise lines, which was good for doing a cat eye look. The felt tip is stiff enough for precise lines while not so stiff that it scratches the skin and irritates it. I usually use gel liners with brushes or the pencil liners, and I cannot get thin and precise lines with those. The one downside was that this liner does not stay put on my eyelids for the entire day. However, no liners ever stay put on my eyelids, so I am not surprised.

Bertie Swanville, MN

It’s a Fine Fine Line

I know I am mixing metaphors here but L’Oreal has hit a home run with this Super Slim liner. If you are looking for an inexpensive liquid-based eye liner that is relatively easy to apply, looks modern when on, and lasts all day, you should try this one. I love it and use it every day.Everything about this product is well considered. The case is slim and easy to hold. The applicator is long, highly tapered with just a wee bit of flex. The deep black liner is opaque and smooth, neither matte nor glossy. It is neither too thick, too thin, nor too gloppy to apply. It glides on relatively easily and it dries very quickly.Applying liquid liner still requires a super steady hand and the ability to hold one’s breath for long periods of time. No sneezing or twitching allowed!One proviso: if you need a Q-Tip to neaten up a bit, do it ASAP because the line dries almost instantaneously.If, however, you can master the application Zen, you will be able to apply a thin, even line along your lashes. You will be able to accomplish a decent, even looking cat’s eye by building up layer upon layer until you hit the perfect line to lid ratio. The thin, firm applicator is particularly good at eliminating the dread “bunny eye” look by reaching down between the lashes and darkening that area and lining the inner eyelid, below the lash line, as well.I tried this liner on a naked (clean, no moisturizer or sunscreen) eyelid and was amazed to find that even hours later it wouldn’t flake or budge when rubbed with my finger. Mostly, I use this liner as a final defining dark line after I had applied an eye primer Mac Paint Pot Painterly, a thick sweep of a colored pencil that can be smoked such asSmashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner in Lapis, and powdered shadow over the whole shebang. Even layered over a smudged colored pencil and powdered shadow, this liner went on smoothly, dried quickly and lasted until I removed it right before I went to bed.Not too shabby!

Daphne Talala, OK

Impressive slim tip but the liner smudges and fades

The tip of this pen is perfect for lining as close to your eyelash line as you can possibly get. This adds a dramatic effect to my eyes while at the same time, the thin line is subtle enough that it looks nautral. When I wear this as a thin line along my lash line the eyeliner lasts at least 12 hours, but when I wear it in a thick, winged out cat eye look, it doesn’t last long at all. It smudges and fades very quickly. I’m impressed enough with the slim tip of this liner pen that would purchase this again, but only to wear close to my lash line. For cat eyes, I’ll have to find a different smudge proof liner with more staying power.

Penelope Bennet, NE

Easy to apply, if only it stayed where you put it…

I never feel ready to step outside the house without eyeliner. And so I have tried A LOT of liners. I was eager to try this one as well. It’s described as “super thin” which previously has been hard for me to achieve with a liquid product. This is a thin felt tip encased into a pencil thick barrel, so I was hoping it would be hard to “over do” my eyes. In that regard, L’Oreal has nailed it. With this eyeliner its super easy to create dramatic eye looks. The tip is long, so application feels awkward, but the result is a controlled liquid line. It also does wear for hours.However, it also does flake/smudge some. So be prepared to touch up your under eyes regularly, or embrace a smokier bottom lash line (even when liner is only applied to the top lid).

Kristie Albany, NY

perfect for cat eye

I’ve used many liquid eyeliners. It’s all about how much pressure you put on the liner and how you work with it. Some are thick and soft, which could easily be slippery. Some are too thin and long, so each stroke has to be carefully done. I quite like this one, as it’s firm, thin, and easy to glide. It is so easy to make a perfect “cat eye” with only a few strokes. Highly recommend it.

Helen Deer Park, WA

Goes on AND stays on

My wife tells me this is very easy to use, the tip is rigid enough for precise control but pliable enough for layering and subtle application.The color is deep and rich, and very very long lasting.In fact if you had to make a complaint it would be that it’s not that easy to get off if you make an error.Cheap, but not cheaply made. Sleek purse size carry design, and thus far has lasted very well.

Nola Cologne, MN


I love this. Helps me to get the straightest line without making a mess. I love how it is easy to work with.

Kristine Zaleski, OH

Excelent Eyeliner

This is excelent eyeliner as described by my friend. This is very slim and easy applicable, don’t lick and don’t glossed over.The price is perfect too.

Kay Narrows, VA

Use with Some Caution

This eyeliner has a very fine, pointy tip.Be careful of getting too close to eyes.The last I wore liquid eyeliner was a brush with no pointed tip. This is great for very, very fine lines.If you like something thicker, obviously this wouldn’t work as well.While applying just make sure to keep away from eyes.It doesn’t wash off as easily as I would have liked it to.

Cassandra Gillett, WI

Would be 5 stars if I could get it in grey or brown

Love the control of line with this brush. Love that I can make the a hairline thin line or sculpted Amy Winehouse look. Love that after application, I can smudge the line for a softer smokier look.But why oh why, only black? With my fair coloring, and now going to soft white frost with age — and a sizable demographic the same as me — why not a softer color?

Sybil San Cristobal, NM

Easy to apply; good lasting power

I was very impressed with the slim applicator. I have yet to try a bold line on my upper lid however, I’ve been satisfied with the ease of which I can use this liner to stay very close, if not right up, on my lash line to make my lashes look more full (not the water line and not up on the eyelid, but right where my lashes start). It gives my eyes the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes.From my preferred placement of application, I do find that this liner has great lasting power. The first day I wore this; I absent mindedly ‘rubbed rubbed rubbed’ my eye at the office (I was tired) before remembering I had eye makeup on. Whipped out my mirror and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was no smudgies whatsoever from my eye abuse. About 10 hours of wear before there was any migration of my liner and even then it was minimal and looked acceptable; like a gently smudged line.I’ve been using it for a few days now and I’m curious to see how many uses I’ll be able to get from it before it dries up or becomes unusable. I think that will be the final determining factor as to whether or not I will repurchase but overall, I am happy with this product – true black color, precision tip, easy to apply and long lasting.***Update***It started to dry up about a few days after I wrote this review; so I got about a weeks use out of this liner before the tip stopped being so ‘juicy’. Still usable but I find that by the time I’ve finished lining one eye, it hasn’t enough juice left in it to line my second eye with the same deep black color (at least not without a little more work; ie, shaking, rotating, waiting a few moments with the cap on). I deducted one star off, though in all fairness, I don’t know of any other liquid liner pens that don’t have this same problem.

Florence El Prado, NM

Perfect Liner

With its precise tip and easy flow, this liquid liner is awesome. But you must have a steady hand as this liner is not forgiving. Stays on for hours without smudging until I accidently rub my eyes! Great dramatic effect with its deep black color : )

Rosemarie Big Bar, CA

Just ok

This liner just ok to me. Doesn’t glide smooth enough. I want a smoother softer application. Giving to my 20 year old

Beatrice Plattsburgh, NY



Arlene Bluegrove, TX

Magic Wand

I have used a lot of liner pens, some glide on like an elephant roller skating, and others smear like a political campaign..this one is as infallible as the name suggests.The tip itself is lonnnnnng and it instantly paints on major liner, smooth and precise. You can make it thick or thin.I forgot to wash it off before sleeping, woke up…still perfect 🙂

Marsha Skwentna, AK

I can apply this!

I cannot for the life of me apply eyeliner. The only one I’ve ever been able to apply is the color in the little pot with the brush. Since this is slim and the color goes on smoothly I had no trouble applying this. Because it is liquid is it darker than a pencil. I really do like it.

Luann Sharon Springs, KS

Great color,

Love the color but not used to applying a liquid liner. Liner seems a little runny to me but this may be a normal characteristic of a liquid liner. Difficult to apply but may improve with practice. Not the eye liner for a beginner to applying liquid liner.

Jeri South Deerfield, MA

Never was a fan of liquid liner

I was never very happy with the results of liquid eyeliner in the past. I don’t know if the liner was too runny before or the tip too impractical, but I was just made messy lines on my eyelids. These liner has a broad tip that narrows to a fine point, creating a more even steady flow of the liner. There is a nice little grip for your fingers. It goes on reaally smooth and easy, and it does dry quick, but it stays wet long enough for me to smudge a little if need be. And the liner lasts all day smudge proof. It’s wonderful, I love it.

Maura Preston Park, PA

Best yet

I am 75 years old and have always wanted to use an eyeliner. This one is so easy to use. My kids have said my eyes look great. Every time I used an eyeliner before it always came out uneven and I had to take it off. It always looked awful. This was simple to use and looked great.

Sharon Iberia, OH

Smooth application – smudges easily, not quite super slim

I can’t even count how many liquid liners I’ve tried over the years – I typically end up going back to my old standby liquid pot or cake liner. Unfortunately this Infallible Black liquid liner is not going to convert me either, but it gets points for convenience, ease of use, and bold black color. Getting a super slim line with this one was a challenge for me, although it was slimmer than many other liquid liners I’ve tried. I found the brush tip to be a little too flexible for the precision needed to get a super slim line and have much more success with ultra thin liner when using a cake liner with an angled brush. The black color was nice in this pen liner – I didn’t need to go over the same line multiple times to get a nice rich black color, one swipe was enough. If you like to smudge your liner for a smokey look, this works well too. Let it dry for a few seconds and take your smudge sponge and it blends all around your eyes nicely. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really ever feel like it sets into place, so don’t touch your eyes after that because it will continue to smudge throughout the day. I wasn’t a fan of having the liquid in the pen behind the brush – if I felt the brush tip was too dry to achieve the look I was going for, I wasn’t sure how I could get the brush tip more moist. I’d end up shaking it around, but I’m not sure that did anything.

Jenna New Munich, MN

Best Liquid Eyeliner

I switched to liquid eyeliners after a make-up artist got me hooked. The effect of a liquid liner is so much prettier than a solid liner and once dry the line doesn’t smudge. I have tried several liquid and cream eyeliners and this is the best as far as ease of use and durability. I have used cream eyeliners in pots with separate brushes and this eyeliner makes that process look unnecessary. The brush tip is actually like that of a marker so you don’t get any actually liquid leaking out. Whatever you brush on your eyes is what comes out. It is like taking a very thin magic marker to your eyes. It can be repeated over and over to build layers of the product and create a darker effect.This eyeliner stays on for 12+ hours without a smear. I do use an eyeshadow base and eyeshadow that helps it stay put. Without using at least a base eyeshadow this liner will smear black on your lid as the day wears on and oil builds up.The only issue is that this stuff stays on so well that you can’t make a mistake without having to wet the area of the mistake and take everything off. Just practice, get a steady hand, and this will become your favorite liquid eyeliner.

Lisa Paul Smiths, NY

Intense color but not quite Infallible…

I use L’Oreal products quite often and usually like them, but unfortunately this eyeliner didn’t live up to my expectations at all.I typically like thin, intense liners like this. Most recently, I’ve used Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Effect Faux Cils. The L’Oreal eyeliner is extremely similar in the design, style, shape of the applicator and even the rich pigment, but it didn’t really compare to the YSL liner for some of the reasons I’ll list below.What I liked about this liner:-Intense black pigment-You can make a very thin line or make it a little thicker-The fine, pointy shape of the tip makes it easy to get close to the lash line or make a cat-eye effectWhat I didn’t like:-Big problem with smudging. If I rub my eyes even a little, I’m a raccoon. Even if I don’t rub my eyes, I still notice some level of smudging below my eyes when I come home after being out for a few hours.-Applying the liner: It’s decent if you have a steady hand or are experienced with applying this type of eyeliner. It may not be for everyone because if you’re not careful, you might not get that precise of a line and have to re-do it. It’s better than some drugstore brand liquid pen eyeliners I’ve tried, but I expected better.-Cleaning it off: I had to use a regular and waterproof eye makeup remover to clean the smudges.While I don’t think this eyeliner is horrible in every regard, the smudging is too big a problem for me that I won’t try it again.

Shauna Ricetown, KY

LOVE These Lines!!!!! Bold, Easy Lines and they stay drawn

I really love this pencil. The beautiful dark lines come out bold and beautiful and can be drawn thin or thick. They stay on and don’t smudge and can be removed with a wet napkin. Love everything about this little baby.

Ellen Newark, CA