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L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara, Black, 0.29 Ounces

L’Oreal introduces liquid extensions in a bottle, with new telescopic shocking extensions mascara, a new generation of lash length. In one motion lashes are separated, intensified, and look shockingly lengthened for an intense make-up result.

Key features

  • In one motion lashes are separated, intensified, and look shockingly lengthened for an intense make-up result
  • Ophthalmologist and allergy-tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Clump-free, flake-free, smudge-free
  • Washable mascara

Honest reviews


Excellent Drugstore Mascara

I rarely wear mascara – I prefer falsies or extensions. For all the time & bother it is to put mascara on & take it off, I find the results so disappointing compared to a nice set of well-done synthetic lashes that can wear for days or weeks. This mascara, however, delivers a nice result. I like dramatic lashes, with good length and volume, and this product delivers. I am always especially hesitant to use the “new” plastic “defining” brushes, because so many of them basically apply virtually NO product to your lashes, but this one is different. The brush really grabbed every lash and applied a nice coat of product that was even a bit “build-able.” I think my lashes look great, and the product lent itself well to easy & quick application. This product is FAR superior to all of your Covergirl mascaras and all of the Mabelline ones I have tried as well.

Minerva Ocean Bluff, MA

Surprised me!

I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. However I was happily surprised at how long my lashes looked. Best drug store mascara I’ve tried.

Beulah Walker, MN

The Best Mascara on the market!

I am a huge Mascara junkie and have tried almost all of them. But this one is my all time favorite. It does everything amazingly. My lashes have never looked so long, curled, and volumized. It lasts all day and doesn’t smudge. It is the best mascara money can buy. I would have paid so much for this but I don’t have to because its drugstore! Thank you Loreal!!!! Holy Grail Makeup Product!!!!

Francine Snook, TX

L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara <3

Wow. Just seriously, wow. This mascara is the MOTHER of mascaras!!!! I have short, straight eyelashes, but I do have the volume most people want. First I curl my lashes with a Relvon eyelash curler, then I apply this from root to tip. NO clumps, NO flaking, and NO eye irritation! This makes my lashes looong and BEAUTIFUL. This is the mascara I was meant to be with… <3

Janna Livonia, LA

Loved it

I wanted something to make my lashes look great, this did the job. Not cakey , just right. My lashes look very long and not stuck together. Easy to get off at night. What a difference from all the other mascaras I have been using. Buy it I Loved it. You will too.

Marcy Ocotillo, CA


love the formula. my lashes are amazing!!! doesnt fall off. i can take it off very easyly. I recommended . love it

Debbie Alpha, IL


Very Nice Mascara…. It does extend the lashes 😀

Misty Berkley, MI

Look like Falsies!

I am a huge makeup-junkie, some women love shoes, or handbags, or jewelry…I love makeup. I’ve tried virtually every mascara on the market, from drug-store brands to high-end, and honestly, this mascara is my favorite. My lashes are long and thick, but not clumpy or spider-y. Great for layering coats to achieve your desired look. I very rarely buy a mascara more than once, but I’m on my 3rd tube which is really saying something for me!

Polly Webster, ND

It’s ok, nothing to get excited over

It’s ok, nothing to get too excited over. Makes your lashes look good but doesn’t last long. Not much in the tube.

Mariana Prairie Farm, WI

My daughter’s favorite mascara

My daughter has used this mascara for a couple of years, and I just bought a tube to put in her stocking for Christmas. She loves the way this mascara thickens and lengthens her lashes without clumping or flaking. The brush is perfectly shaped to coat each lash without globbing the product on. It stays on all day and washes off cleanly at night.I think she’s tried every drug store brand of mascara, and even a couple of Sephora and makeup counter brands, but this one is her favorite based on performance and price.

Paige Ankeny, IA

Great product

I love his mascara / it dosen’t clump goes on easily and separates each lash giving the appearance of longer lashes.

Barbra West Greenwich, RI


I think this is a good product.I liked the brush applicator and the way the mascara went on so nicely.I would try it again

Hope Enid, OK

A Less Than Promising Product

Still searching for the perfect mascaraI wish that L’Oreal had put as much effort into the mascara formula as they did into the packaging.The telescope container looks nice sitting out on the counter, but it hides a less than promising product.Initially, the formula goes on smoothly. Though billed as clump free, I still had little balls of color at the end of my lashes. Within hours, there were color flakes on my cheeks and on my eyelids.Mascara is very individual and I guess I will continue my search for something that will be perfect for me needs.

Bettye Dimock, SD


I have been searching for the perfect mascara for pretty much my whole life. I had one that I was using that I really thought was great but it was kind of clumpy and it flaked off during the day. Still, it was the best I had found so far so I used it. Well then I went on Amazon and started searching and I read the reviews for this mascara. It does not flake off during the day, it lengthens lashes dramatically with just one application, and it DOES NOT CLUMP. I will be using this mascara for a long time.

Traci Hassell, NC

Good mascara, color is nice

Overall nice mascara. Works well on my lashes- good volume and length, with minimal clumping. I find occasionally if I wear it on very long days (12 hrs+), or if it’s hot/humid, I will get some flaking, so 1/2 star off for that. I really love the packaging, very pretty! Overall, unsure if I would purchase again; it is nice, and I will use it up until its gone, but I have so many ‘nice’ mascaras, so they realllly have to stand out for me to enjoy them enough to repurchase.

Herminia Adrian, PA

great wand, but flakes off

I love the wand its perfect for your lower lashes and getting in the corners of your eye, it does however flake easily and I notice i’m constantly checking for black specs on my cheeks. So i mainly use only for my lower lashes.

Joni Treadwell, NY