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L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Precision Liquid Eyeliner, Dark Brown, 0.08 Ounces

Telescopic precision liquid eyeliner is the perfect companion to telescopic mascara for a precisely defined and intense eye look. The slanted precision felt tip is angled to allow you to quickly draw the most accurate line. All-day wear.

Key features

  • Glides on for a precisely defined and intense eye look without smudging or smearing for all day wear
  • The Slanted Precision Felt Tip is angled to allow you to quickly draw the most accurate line
  • Ophthalmologist and allergy-tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Fragrance-free
  • Washable Eyeliner

Honest reviews


good eyeliner!

favorite eyeliner, though I’m looking for an alternative that doesn’t test on animals. Great thick black liquid lines though, so overall not a waste of money! You must have a steady hand though as this is a liquid and not a marker.

Marion Ciales, PR

I perfer the brush to the immoveable applicator.

It is flexible and therefore more chance to make a crooked line. I will use brush from another eyeliner, then never order this one again.

Kara Charlestown, MA

Expected better by L’oreal Paris.

Don’t get me wrong i love L’Oreal Paris products, but i hate this. This is my least favorite liquid eyeliner ever. I expected so much more from them. But this liquid eyeliner is very hard to apply, and once it’s applied it looks awful! (i use liquid eyeliner almost everyday and i am great at applying it but this one is almost impossible to deal with) And it stings a ton if it gets in your eye. Also it TAKES FOREVER TO DRY! (I got it in shade black btw)I am very disappointed with this product.

Carmen Grand Canyon, AZ

Cumbersome applicator

The applicator on this product is terrible. It’s a stiff angled tip that is too thick to create a fine line. If you’re expecting the flexibility and smooth glide of a fine brush tip, this is NOT the right product to get.In all fairness, I liked the color and consistency of the liquid though.

Wendy Laceys Spring, AL

L’oreal can do better.

L’Oreal is supposedly the most expensive make up brand in drugstores, but this item brought them down. this eyeliner is supeerrr watery. its like putting colored water on your eyes. the brush is horrible. its super hard, has a pointy point and it hurts your skin when you apply. to me, it felt like i was using a branch as a brush. honestly, the only good thing about this product is that it’s all day wear and doesn’t smudge. otherwise this product is terrible.

Allyson Burr Oak, MI


I’ve purchased this product at a local drugstore and was very pleased with it, but when I ordered it online what I received is a product that will not blend after shaking the bottle. This product has 1-2 little "beads" in it so when you shake it, it helps mix it up, but after shaking vigorously for 20 seconds I never heard the beads. Finally after having the product for a week, I was shaking the bottle and finally heard the beads. Unfortunately this eyeliner is past it’s prime.

Gail Foley, MO

Prefect Color For Work

I love to wear liquid eyeliner, but wearing black is too strong for work. I wanted something just just a bit softer and this dark brown color was perfect. It’s very smooth and easy to apply. The color stays on throughout the day and doesn’t wear off. It’s easy to use and looks professional. I simply wash it off when I get home and shower. Highly recommended!

Nita Cedar, MI


Cannot make a thin line its not waterproof and its basicly full of water not a great product at all

Jewell Ironside, OR

Properly packed good product

When you buy cosmetics online, you really have to be careful, many have been sitting in the storage for a long time and dried out. I have had bad experiences with them. This product is properly sealed and works fine!

Katherine Cayuga, ND

Too hard to apply

I love l’Oreal. I use most of their products. But this one was very disappointing. I just couldn’t apply proper fine lines. The applicator is hard and thick. Not at all what I expected. Such waste of money!

Enid Jefferson, OH