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L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara Clean Definition, Black, 0.27-Fluid Ounce

Telescopic clean definition mascara provides astronomical length, perfect definition, and a clump-free end result. The patented no clump brush cleanly defines lashes and lengthens up to 50%.

Key features

  • Lightweight and smooth
  • Infused with lengthening polymers, allowing for perfectly-defined, longer lashes
  • The patented no clump brush lengthens and defines each lash, for a clump-free, naturally defined lash look
  • Ophthalmologist-tested; Allergy-tested
  • Made in Paris

Honest reviews


Eyelash product

This was recommend as a top eyelash wand. I did not agree!! It did an adequate job but not good enough for what was advertised. I would not recommend to my friends.I found the Loreal “double extend” mascara to do a much better job! Actually extends the lashes!

Blanche Boswell, IN

The only mascara I will use

I used to buy this mascara at Ulta but they don’t carry this specific kind anymore. I’ve tried other brands and always go back to this. The wand is perfect for those bottom lashes, it doesn’t make them look clumpy.

Annie Greenville, WI

My favorite

I guess this mascara has been discontinued since I cannot find it in any drug store. So I was happy to find it on Amazon. It never clamps my lashes (it has quite unique wand) and gives very nice extension.

Karina Albany, WI

I’ve been using this for years…

I’ve stayed loyal to Clean Definition Telescopic mascara for at least the last 3 years now. I’ve tried several others, but I always come back to this. I’ve been wearing mascara since I was about 12 or so, and I’m almost 34. This is the LEAST-clumpy mascara I’ve ever used. After using an eyelash curler, I apply this and get very very long, defined/separated lashes. I love the plastic brush, it helps ‘comb’ the lashes.My only complaint is that the tube tends to dry out too fast. I feel like I have to buy it more often than other brands that I’ve tried. But it’s worth it to me. Also, although I have no personal complaints about it, I will say that if you’re someone who wants a lot of volume/thickness, this isn’t your mascara. This is for people who just want length and definition!

Sherri Elk Mills, MD

Combine it & It works miracles

The lady with the top review is so right! Combine it and it works. Surprisingly it won’t work with other types of L’Oreal mascaras. Try it with "Maybelline New York The Colossal Volum’ Express Washable Mascara". Apply the Maybelline first for body, and then this one for length. No need for fake lashes, you’ll definitely have the Hollywood look, all day every day. 🙂

Felicia Millry, AL

Great brush on this mascara

I really like this mascara. I had my make-up professionally done and the artist used this brand and recommended it. The only thing I don’t like is removing it. It comes off in little chunks and pieces.

Antionette Frankston, TX


I honestly had higher hopes. I was told to buy this from friends who spoke highly of it and I honestly can’t say that I’m as impressed as they are. It’s not bad, it’s just not what I hoped it would be.

Joy Taylors Island, MD

LOVE this product

This is by far my favorite mascara. I have used this for a couple years now. I will continue to use this bc I have tried everything and this product makes my lashes look like I’m wearing fakies.

Mamie Herndon, WV

Awesome Mascara

I am typically a fan of Lancme, however I decided to try this product by L’Oreal and to my surprise, I am happier with it than I was with Lancme. Plus its way cheaper. YAY!

Sybil New Holland, PA

I love this mascara!!!

I love this mascara. After trying MANY other brands, I always come back to this one. It is lengthening and buildable and it does not clump. You can’t go wrong with this.

Tamra Burrel, CA

I have the secret combination for GREAT lashes…

I’m one of those suckers (or at least I used to be) who bought EVERY new mascara that I saw on the commercials. I’ve never been one to buy expensive cosmetics, so I’ve always gone to the drugstore to try out all the different brands. About 3 years back, I stumbled on L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara at kmart and decided to give it a try…and I’m so happy I did. I already have pretty long lashes, but I was looking for something that would lengthen them a little further and would also separate and NOT clump. I really liked the lengthening/separating aspects of this mascara, but it doesn’t do much to make your lashes look thicker. I should also mention that I’m really big on pairing mascaras, meaning that I like to use two different kinds at once: one to thicken, and one to lengthen. Any mascara I’ve ever tried that claims to do both, indeed, does NOT. Sooooo, after I found this lengthening mascara back three years go, I started searching for a thickening mascara that would work well with it. Lo and behold, a few months back, I found Maybelline’s Volum’Express One by One mascara, also available on amazon (and it’s quite cheap!):;=1338523604&sr;=8-1I apply the Maybelline first, and then, immediately after, apply the L’oreal Telescopic. Together, they cost about $15, which I think is pretty awesome. So yay! Definitely try these two as a duo, and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Janine Viola, IL

Great product, Great seller!

First of all, this arrived way before the estimated date. The mascara was in great condition, the packaging not damaged at all. As for the actual application, this mascara is my absolute favorite! The brush doesn’t seem like much, but it separates each individual lash and gives amazing length without clumping. I have very short blonde lashes, and this makes them seem mega long and dark. And for less than $6, it’s a must have for anyone!

Shawn Watseka, IL

The best mascara at any price

I’ve tried just about every mascara out there and this one is hands-down the best! It does not smear under my eyes, never clumps going on and gives me extremely long lashes.The formula is thin, so if you are looking for a thickening mascara, you will need multiple coats and I am not sure it will look as nice as it does with just one. Also, there is no “curl,” so a lash curler is needed. But, for length, this mascara has produced the longest lashes of any I have ever tried.

Janine Ellsworth, PA

favorite brand

I like this wand for applying my mascara because it isn’t as messy. It goes on very evenly, not clumpy.

Caroline Jones Mills, PA

not impressed

So I recently tried L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black and I was so pleased with how long my lashes looked so I decided to try this mascara out.I really don’t like this mascara. The formula feels sticky and doesn’t do much for my lashes. It separates my lashes but that’s all it does. I’m sticking to my L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black.

Danielle Keystone, WV

Love L’Oreal

I am a big fan of L’Oreal products and this mascara is AMAZING! I have been using this brand for years and love that Amazon carries it now, and it’s cheaper than buying it at the stores. The telescopic is the best because you don’t get clumps on your lashes. Highly recommend.

Sherrie Apache Junction, AZ

Cool wand, still some clumping

My first impression upon getting this was “Which end is the cap??” The telescope body is definitely unique and for whatever reason it seems to be quite effective at preventing goopy build-up around the rim, which always happened with my other mascaras. Another aspect of the design I appreciate is that the brush is slender and the bristles are relatively short, which I find makes it much easier to maneuver than mascaras with bulky brushes.The only complaint I have is that there is still some clumping, but honestly it’s not as bad as most other brands.All in all this is a solid product and I’ll probably buy another tube when my current one runs out.

Adela Coats, NC

Yikes, where’s the mascara….

Don’t order this if you like good-quality mascara. There is hardly any product in the tube … and what’s there is dry and useless. Big disappointment in L’Oreal for even attaching their name to such a loser product.

Bobby Mansfield, OH

Decent for the price

This mascara does make my lashes appear twice as long, but it gives them no volume. Long lashes with no volume at their base looks rather funny!

Corrine Midway, PA

surprisingly amazing

i have tried super expensive and cheap mascara. this is one of the best ive ever tried. does not leave your lashes clumpy. lashes look long and dark! its pretty great!

Tammi Hebron, KY


I am sold on this product, it will be the ONLY mascara I use..Its not clumpy, it doesn’t run, and i can remove it with a cloth and warm water!

Alyce Maud, OK

Dried Out

Like another reviewed said, this mascara came almost totally dried out, like it had been sitting in a wharehouse for years!! Where’s the QUALitY CONTROL people! Add this to my list of 3rd parties I will not purchase from again.

Karina Shallowater, TX