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L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara, Black, 0.27-Fluid Ounce

Want lush, out-to-there lashes? Telescopic explosion mascara reaches 100% of lashes from every angle for a dramatic, fanned out effect. The unique spherical brush lengthens, separates and adds volume to even tiny corner and lower lashes, transforming your look.

Key features

  • Features an innovative flexi-globe brush that reaches 100% of lashes through multi-angle application
  • Unique spherical brush lengthens, separates and adds volume to even tiny corner and lower lashes
  • The ultra smooth formula applies evenly and wears all day with no clumps, flakes
  • Made in Paris

Honest reviews


Waste of Money

This is a disappointing mascara. I bought it because I was intrigued by the tiny brush head and thought this might be the answer to getting mascara on those parts of my lashes that curl up very much at the outer corners of my eyes and that are all but impossible to reach with a regular size brush. But no, not so. The problem is not the size of the brush head which is probably still ideal for those lashes but the bristles that do not separate the lashes well at all and make for a smudgy, very spider-leg experience. Also, I thought that this mascara is very flaky and does not go on smoothly. I immediately ended up with little flakes under my eyes and a racoon-ish look. Will not use this again and do not recommend it. This is just advertising hype for a below-average product.

Ophelia Hamberg, ND



Fannie Wilburton, PA

One of the best mascaras ever!!!!

I’ve bought the mascara recently.I’m amazed with the results! This is one of the best mascaras ever! Before this purchase , my favourite mascaras was Lancome mascara Hypnose Drama .Now I see the same results with the 10 times cheaper mascara !This Loreal mascara makes my lashes extremely long and spectacular!Doesn’t smudge, doesn’t flake and is very deep in shade (blackest black).Moreover, I’m very allergic and use contacts and this mascara doesn’t irritate my eyes at all! I absolutely love it!! So glad, that I’ve ordered 2 pack. Will order more, definitely. Highly, highly recommend!

Christian East Waterboro, ME


I thought this mascara wand would be the answer to all my problems but the package was opened when I got it.I wish I could have tried it out, but I don’t trust this product.

Sandra Los Banos, CA

L’oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara in Carbon Black

All I can say is WOW!! First time using a L’Oreal product and I love it. The wand is small and circular another first. I cannot be any happier with this product. I actually bought it because of the wand, it was recommended by a makeup artist. I totally love this mascara!!L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion 2X The Intensity Mascara, Carbon Black .27 fl oz (8 ml)

Abbie Cosmos, MN

Will buy forever!

I’ve always had long lashes but I’ve never seen then as full and black as this mascara makes them. The brush has a tendency to clump if you don’t wipe off the excess on the tip, however it makes lashes thicker and longer than ever. They are fanned out to the fullest extent and really attract attention to you eyes. Definitely worth 3x the price. Great value.

Anna Waverly, MN

great for bottom lashes

Great for bottom lashes and for fixing and clumps its very precise and easy to use this is a repurchase for me I’ve used this before and I still like it I highly recommend for anyone looking for a easier way to apply mascara to bottom lashes and move around tight angles and zone in on hard to reach eye lashes

Patti Vinemont, AL


I do not like this item. I have used it several times but each time it does not work well on my lashes. I cant put my finger on it but it seems a bit dry or something. Wish this transaction would of been a better one. I may give it to my sister and have her try it. May work on her better than me. Arrived in good timing though. Thank you.

Etta Glyndon, MN

Are you kidding?

Is this really a mascara? The tiny brush barely did anything to my lashes. It only works on the bottom but then smears all over. I threw it away after first try.

Estelle West Kennebunk, ME

Dont buy

This mascara is not all that great its just okay. It didnt do anything great for my lashes I have used better.It does clump a little and it does not separate your lashes all that well either. I have to use one of those eyelash combs.Good thing I got it on sale.

Rocio Flagtown, NJ

Fantastic Product L’Oreal

The store I usually buy this from quit carrying it and it was hard to find, when I saw it on Amazon I was very happy so bought 2 so I wouldn’t run out. It’s so easy for me to use with the small brush applicator, no clumps at all. Will never be without as long as they make it.Thanks L’Oreal, love this product.Priscilla

Janell Cobb Island, MD

Magic wand

I’m pretty clumsy with mascara. I love how easy it is to apply with this wand without making a mess of my face or lashes.

Latanya Lakewood, IL

It’s hard to get used to the brush

The mascara is really lengtning and volumizing as well, the only thing is that it lakes somewhat longer to cover all the ewelashes in the eye because of the brush, good thing is that you can easily reach to those small inside corner of the eye lashes but to apply in a rush is not the best.

Kaye Knoxville, MD

One Of The Worst Mascaras I’ve Ever Bought

Yes it lengthens lashes but you’ll be lucky if you can get 5 uses out of it. The stuff dries up incredibly fast. The brush does not come in the bottle, it’s packaged separately the bottle is capped. Once you uncap the bottle and put the brush in it you’re on borrowed time. There are much better mascaras out there.

Stacey Cannelton, IN


I think I was expecting a little more because of the name of the product, but I found because of the shape of the wand it was difficult to apply, but i could do so after I applied another type of mascara (Loreal Telescopic Clean Definition).

Kristy Menlo Park, CA

worst ever mascara

I tried this mascara as I thought it would be a good inexpensive option to keep in my locker at the gym. I used it all of 5 times before I tossed it in the trash.The odd brush does nothing to help with application-it in fact makes it more difficult. When you get some mascara on your lashes, it winds up all clumpy. I kept trying to make sure it wasen’t just me-no luck. Motto is you get what you pay for and this isn’t even worth it’s current $3 price. I’ll keep using the brand I should have bought in the first place.

Effie Sun Valley, ID

Terrible Product!

It was clumpy first time i used it, fresh out the bottle, so the formula is terrible. It goes on clumpy (moreso than any mascara i’ve used in the past) and I have to use q-tips and a fine-tooth comb to separate my lashes. To its credit, the product doesn’t seem to flake or smudge easily. And the Special-Super Duper Brush that they made such a big deal about? Useless. There are no real advantages to such a small brush, if you have a bad application technique or a crappy formula (which this product does in spades) then a special brush isn’t going to help you.In fact the brush design makes no sense, and was one of the problems. The brush is basically a sphere with short bristles extending from it. The mascara tends to collect at the base of the bristles in clumps on the surface of the brush, almost ensuring a clumpy and sloppy application everytime. You’re better off sticking with a regular brush that has hundreds of fine bristles that will better separate your lashes and resist clumping then a plastic brush with relatively few, thick bristles.

Brenda Nadeau, MI


Used this product for quite a few years,never regretted it!! All the other wands won’t work for me, I love the way this one is shaped,so I can get into the tight parts of my lashes. It doesn’t crumble until it’s at the end of the mascara goop!!

Rosie Lohn, TX

I can finally get all my lashes!

I basically paint my eyelashes all the way to the very inner corners. My lashes look so great I don’t need to curl them afterward. My friends have seen me use this and are jealous and want to buy their own.

Gertrude Ocean City, NJ

I should not have ignored the bad reviews

DO NOT buy this mascara. This is the WORST I have ever used. I read the reviews, saw the bad ones but still figured I’d give it a try. I have REALLY fine lashes so I figured the little brush wud be ideal. To my dismay that little brush picks up so much product that when u apply it to ur lashes it gets onto ur lids as well. And its VERY gunky and very hard to get off even using waterproof eyemakeup remover :s I am VERY disappointed in this. The brush is kool but the product itself needs to be reformulated. It is WAY too thick!

Lavonne Harristown, IL

Pretty Good

I use this after I put on my regular mascara. It helps to thicken and lenghten my lashes a bit and is easy to use. It also gets the corners of my eyes better b/c brush is smaller. It’s pretty good.

Mary Northfield, CT

Love it!

I used to buy expensive makeup from Dillards like Estee Lauder and Clinique. This mascara is the best I have ever owned. I have short lashes and this makes them look so long and full! It is smudge free as well. I am so happy with this purchase.

Imelda Rowland, NC

Best ever !

I love this mascara because of the brush. There is not another brush out there that comes even close to this tiny round brush. The sad part is that a lot of companies are discontinuing this brush. It is very sad that the only mascara that companies are making now are designed for teens or twenties. At 61, there is absolutely no way I will pay good money for mascara that leaves large clumps on my lashes. This little brush doesn’t do that and every lash is separated and looks beautiful.

Claudine Honaker, VA

This Really Works!

What can I say … this bizarro ball-shaped applicator actually truly does what it says it will – it gives me fuller, longer, more beautiful lashes than any other mascara has that I’ve tried to date. The mascara stays put, too. It doesn’t flake or clump or smear around. What a fabulous little tool this is in my make-up arsenal. I love it and plan on trying it in the other colors next.

Debbie High Falls, NY

A Well Rounded Mess

Normally, I like to get my lashes dyed because I’m light haired, light skinned, and thus light lashed, and dying them creates a great effect (however gets expensive). They are long, but it’s difficult to find a product that gives both good even coverage and doesn’t clump or flake while doing so. I was curious about the “other oval brushed” brand, but again in regards to expense in a recession, I wanted to give this a try when it came along. I’ve used mall counter products for $20+ and grocery store products like this costing around $7-12, and I’ve found that either can be a complete waste of money; especially when the item makes claims it can’t back. Says it won’t flake….really? Than what were all those little black bits sprinkled around my eyes, confetti? Says it washes off easily with soap and water…hahaha!! Yeah 2 days later when I’ve washed my face a few times and used industrial strength makeup remover. However, it’s not waterproof, and smears when it gets moist (eye drops, tears, etc…), weird. The wand dries off q-u-i-c-k-l-y, even though the whole point of having a smaller wand is to have more control and application flexibility. When I went to the L’Oreal customer website to note my problem their links default into “unable to submit form” because some of the fields are technically flawed. Overall, the product is poorly executed and not worth buying. There are plenty of o-t-h-e-r quality, lesser expensive, user friendly mascaras. This one is just hype.

Victoria Almond, WI


this is a great can use this to reach your lower lashes,without having the longer brush getting in your way.

Rena Many, LA

This brush sucks!

The brush is so small, round, and fat in this mascara that I feel like I have no control over it at all. It takes 10 swipes to complete 1 eyelash! The one good thing is that it does not irritate my very sensitive eyes and has no scent.

Bethany Hildale, UT

Made in usa, not paris, unfortunately

Made in USA, not Paris as it says, unfortunately. Purposely mis advertizing? Seems so.French quality would last longer. I know, i had. American is dry and last only for 20 uses.Just like everything else in USA. boooo.

Carol Amity, OR

good stuff !!!

I love this product . I have really short lashes . When i use this product i dont even bother with fake lashes.. My lashes are fuller and way longer .Will order more or find in local store next time ….

Rosario Tarpley, TX


What a great product! The crazy wand reaches places a traditional brush cannot. Great for lower and/or inner lashes. Thanks!

Lela Fanwood, NJ