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L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Hair Color, LB01 Extra Light Ash Blonde

With fade-defying colorants, superior preference stays true to tone for up to eight weeks without fading or turning dull and brassy. Care supreme conditioner, enriched with vitamin e and UV filter, helps lock in first-day color vibrancy, brilliance, and get a salon like look in minutes.

Key features

  • Our gold standard of beautiful, luminous, salon-quality permanent hair color
  • Formulated with Care Supreme Conditioner infused with Shine Serum, Vitamin E, and UV filter to lock in first day color vibrancy and provide soft, luxuriously silky hair
  • Up to 8 weeks of fade-defying color

Honest reviews



PLEASE REMEMBER TO LEAVE FEEDBACK…IT IS SO HELPFUL FOR FELLOW AMAZONITESI normally use this as a one step process and it turns out very well.My natural color is a dark “dishwater blonde” with some gray. This time I had lightened my hair first to pale yellow shade and it had that bleached look without the softness of shading. Lady GAGA yellow…Too yellow. I used the lightest blonde shade first in this color and it did not help enough. Then I used this light ash and it looks just perfect. With just enough yellow but the softness of the ash but NO grey to it at all. Looks kind of like a child’s natural blonde color, my color as a child. Very beautiful. However, having my roots bleached out first is going to make new roots show quickly. Therefore, next time I will use this but not bleach my hair out first. I’ll just do touch ups to root area for about an hour then put on rest of hair for 5 minutes. That way my roots will continue to grow out just a wee bit darker than the ends so not as noticeable as my hair grows and I like it that way. One step to blonde! Bleaching out first is just too much trouble for me and too high maintenance. If your hair is not too dark , you might want to try it with just the one step, without bleaching first, to see if it works for you.This hair color is the most beautiful and affective of all the blonde hair color I have ever used. It is a bargain as well. Most don’t realize that you get the pre color protector, a nice size tube of both shampoo and conditioner that keeps your hair in super condition. Really, my hair feels in better condition after I color.My hair is fine but very long. One box is enough for me to do all over color. I still use one box for my roots alone though.The price on Amazon , with shipping, is still less price than the stores.

Dolores Sullivan, KY

Fabulous In Turning My Medium-Dark Brown Hair, a Nice Light Ash Brown

UL61 is the first at-home coloring product that hasn’t left me super duper red tones. I followed the directions exactly… so put it on everything but the roots for 20 minutes, and then the roots for 10. I debated doing this as I have short hair–but decided I should follow the directions regardless and it turned out perfectly. I’m super happy. I just wish they’d make this formula in foam. Hopefully one of these days.Amazon subscribe-and-save is the best way to buy it. Cheaper than the store, plus guaranteed that it will arrive when you need it.

Jessie Rossville, PA

Good one

I just tried this color for the first time today and I really like it. I’ve been dying my hair auburn for years, but I have so much gray now that auburn is not sustainable, so I’ve slowly been phasing the auburn out. I’ve been looking for just the right blonde shade and thought maybe a honey blonde, however many of the colors looks too yellow/goldish. This color is perfect and looks just like on the box – kind of a light rosy blonde. The product was easy to apply and not messy/drippy and the smell wasn’t overpowering. I will continue to use this one.

Lessie Sargeant, MN

Worked as advertised and per directions

* I waited 24 hours to let the color fully develop before writing my review since when it first dried, it was lighter than expected. Once I woke up and checked it out, it was darker. I held the box color swatches up to my hair and it was a very very close match.*I followed the directions and knowing some science, having lots of experience dying my own hair, and after reading more reviews on this product, and others, than I can recall, I had expected to be let down. Why? My natural hair color is dark brown almost black with some gray. I have dyed it multiple times within the year including dark brown to red and the most recent- highlights. I know these are not recommended per the box instructions and warnings on the outside of the box but I took a chance. The results? My ends which had been dyed the most and the darkest were darker than the box- but took the tint and blended well. The highlights took the tint as well but are lighter creating natural looking color variations/low lights/high lights/whatever you want to call them.*My natural base is red despite my almost black hair color. This lightened it and covered about 99% of my gray. The color was almost exactly what appeared on the box. No brassiness for me despite every other product I have used has caused brassy tones (which I like, actually, but am trying something new).I would recommend this product to anyone once they have a good understanding of their hair, can follow the directions/understand the warnings, and won’t worry if it doesn’t come out as planned. After all, it’s not a perfect science- hair color doesn’t always comes out for one person as it does another. I wouldn’t recommend waiting until the day before a big event either like other reviewers I see have. That’s just too much of a risk in my opinion.

Madge Circleville, WV


i never try blonde hair so i’ll give it a go at it hope that it works well with good results

Sonja Winslow, AR

Just… no.

I received this item on time. Well, I should rephrase. I received something I didn’t order on time and in great condition! I received a product in the Sun Kissed Caramels line of products when I ordered an ASH brown. Ash is not caramel. I’m scared to use it and guess what? I CAN’T RETURN IT BECAUSE APPARENTLY IT’S HAZARDOUS. I will, however, enjoy the conditioner that was included and might consider re-purposing the developer. Just not with a caramel color. Caveat emptor, you won’t get what you ordered. Fail, Amazon.

Edith Prairieburg, IA

loreal color riche

Alot of hairdressers claim that loreal is one of the harshest dyes to use on your hair. Evidence of that was in my family when both my brother and sister with continued use of this started having major hair loss. They stopped using it and there hair loss stopped also. you be the judge.

Stefanie Warren, MN

Ash blonde- but be careful!

I have platinum blonde hair with darker blonde hair below and I decided to touch up my roots with this product. I followed the directions for root touch up – 25 mins on- and then evenly distributed the remaining product through my hair for 5 mins. The product did a good job of muting my brassy tones, and also did a good job of getting my roots- but…… my white blonde platinum streaks were dyed light blue from the blue-ing agent in this product. I knew that with dying my hair an ash blonde color that I ran the risk of some blue-ing, but I just wanted to warn anybody out there with platinum hair that this product will leave blue in your white blonde streaks! Besides that, it was a great product- plenty came in the kit for my medium/long thick hair. The kit also contains a pre-conditioner (magic), and some very high quality shampoo and conditioner treatments that are not sold anywhere (that I know of). I believe that this is a great product and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a nice quality dye in a box treatment.

Cecile Ophelia, VA

Great product

Love experimenting with my hair. Thank G-d I’ve been blessed with great hair after all I’ve done to it. Before this color, Lightest Auburn, I had platinum blonde. Darkened it and gradually began going into the reds, professionally. Really chicken at the thought of having pink hair at 60 🙂 After a couple of times at the salon, it was time to give it a go. Began with RA (think that’s the number), found it too dark for me then next time mixed that one and 7LA. Pretty good results, just wanted lighter.Second time doing this one by itself and very happy. Would prefer a little more red in it. My hair comes out lighter than the box but all in all, hair is in great shape, very healthy, natural looking color. I would go for 4 1/2 stars review, just not available. Again only because I would like a little deeper shade than what I get.

Christi Rosedale, NY

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference, 6A Light Ash Brown

I like new improved L’Oreal Superior Preference 6A Light Ash Brown.It feels lightweight and carefree when I colored my hair.T. M.

Holly Crescent, GA

I doesnt work

I have dark reddish/brown hair and wanted to dye it blonde for a change. I chose this brand because the before photo on the box appeared to match my hair the closest and the after photo best matched the shade of blonde I wanted to be. I applied this brand to my hair and it did absolutely nothing. It says on the directions to leave it in for 25 minutes. I wasn’t noticing a change so I left it in for an hour. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because the conditioner smells amazing and it left my hair feeling very soft. Too bad the dye doesn’t work.

Kathryn Carrsville, VA

Not impressed, misled by such great reviews

i’ve tried a ton of blonde brands (as well as an array of other colors) over the years, and tend to be happiest with L’oreals blond section. The reviews for this product left me with high hopes to lighten my med. dark dirty blond hair to a closer match to my daughter’s light ash blond. Pros: Love the added pre-conditioner that protects ends of your hair, and the creme sample that i add to my wet hair on a daily basis. Cons: Turned VERY orange. AFter repeated washes, a wash with dish soap (strips color), & vineger rinses (brightens blondes), there wasn’t much improvement. Bought and usedArdell Red Gold Corrector Plus .25 oz., mixig half a single packet w/a small amount of thick condidioner and left on hair for 15 miutes. Pulled a lot of orange out, but still not happy with orange tinge in back. Will never buy this practicular color again, but will possibly try another color in the line in the future… Still on the search for the best blonde dye for my practiular head of hair!! ;o

Sybil Esmond, IL

Soft, Natural Reds are Rare!

As a former hair stylist, I can say that one of the most difficult colors to achieve and maintain is a soft, natural looking red shade. Reds tend to be garish and fake looking. Subtle reds fade out shortly after coloring. With my rosy complexion and hazel green eyes, I was "born to be a redhead." My natural color is a boring dishwater blond, now peppered with grey. I have tried so may reds, and looked like Woody Woopecker, or like I dumped my head into a henna vat! I tried this shade and it is gorgeous! My hair is a soft, reddish blond & my friends can’t believe it when they learn I am not a real redhead. The conditioner that comes with the package leaves my hair glossy and full of body and smells awesome. Unlike other red shades, the color lasts and lasts and is just as fresh and natural looking as the first day that I applied it. With other red shades I’ve tried, the grey in my hair turned orange, but with 9GRLT, the grey strands become a glistening golden red blonde hightlights….no need for expensive highlight jobs at the salon. So if you want a luminous golden red, instead of looking like a fire engine, you must try this color!

Nellie Dermott, AR

Minimal effect

I have never dyed my hair before so I had the requisite virgin hair. It is a soft black and I really wanted the color lifted rather than bleached to a brown color. I wanted to stay away from bleach because I did not want my hair to turn orange.Prior to dyeing, I didn’t wash my hair for a day. I followed the instructions. I wanted a subtle ombre effect so I only applied the dye from chin length to the ends. I left it on for 30 minutes. The effect was so subtle, I could barely tell anything had been done to my hair!Having gotten over my fear of dye, the next day I went on a dye rampage (not advisable given the fact that no professional has ever colored my hair – I just watched a lot of Youtube videos).I wanted to stay with the ash/cooler dyes to avoid the orange effect so I chose the L’oreal sun-kissed caramels UL61 hi-lift ash brown. I washed my hair first with a clarifying shampoo, blowdried then followed the directions. The color lifted at least two shades of brown, which was good.But I didn’t stop there. I then washed my hair again with a clarifying shampoo, blowdried, then applied Garnier Olia 6.3 light golden brown (which, by the way smells amazing. The L’Oreal has ammonia and made my nose run and my eyes burn). It made it darker. Not good.So I washed my hair again with a clarifying shampoo, blowdried, then applied another layer of the L’oreal sun-kissed caramels UL61 hi-lift ash brown. My hair was the right shade of subtle dark brown. I love the effect of my soft black hair’s subtle gradation to the brown from roots to tips.If you’re fearing for the damage to my hair, you’re not alone. I figure 20+ years of no chemical processes and then 4 box dyes in 24 hours should balance each other out. Anyway, I applied the Pantene overnight miracle to my hair and now my hair feels even softer than before.The next day my hair lightened even more so it is now a rich chocolate brown.Final verdict: If I had to do it all over again – I would have skipped this one and just used the L’Oreal sun-kissed caramels UL61 hi-lift ash brown the first time around.

Ila Union, MO

Wonderful, true to tone results!

Please note: I had light hair when I used this, if your hair is darker than the box you will not get the same results!I had a coupon for a free box of L’Oreal hair color and decided to go ahead and try my luck with the 7A (Dark Ash Blonde) color. Despite my natural color being more Neutral toned, I used the ash base color for cancelling out my remaining warmth in my current color and bring me down to a more neutral or beige color. Any other shade would have left me with more orange/gold. I left it in the advised 25 minutes, then rinsed.My color is just about perfect! It’s pretty spot on for the woman on the box, though a little darker than my natural color (which is what I wanted!). I emphasize the darker color than what I wanted to match because even though this is a permanent color, IT WILL FADE. By the time my roots grow out significantly this color will have faded to a color somewhere between a medium and dark blonde level and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Preference however is one of the longer lasting dyes I’ve used (at least in other shades). I usually get a good 2-3 months out of their color before I notice it start fading.I docked a start because this color IS drying. My hair feels very dry and almost straw like despite me leaving in the included conditioner for a good hour after rinsing the dye out. While all dyes do this to some extent, I find that L’Oreal is one of the worst about it. It takes my hair a lot longer to recover after using their dye than it does from other lines and my hair is generally very resilient, strong, and difficult to damage. I wish they’d find a way to make their hair color a little less harsh.However, I love that this color actually comes out the way it’s supposed to! There will be variation depending on your starting color, but if you use it properly, at least going from light to dark, you won’t end up with something drastically different in color or tone.

Holly Delaplaine, AR

Les Blondissimes is THE BEST!

I’d forgotten just how wonderful Les Blondissimes hair color by L’Oreal really was until recently I used a hair color product by one of their chief competitors, and the color it left my hair was anything but what color it should have been!–I finally decided to give Les Blondissimes another try, hoping it might help correct the color my hair had become at the hands of the other brand–but, once I used Les Blondissimes, I could not believe how gorgeous the color actually had become thanks to it, and how beautifully conditioned my hair was–finally!–I will never buy another brand so long as I live now–it’s my go-to brand from here on out!

Elvia Ten Sleep, WY

Great natural-looking red for medium brown hair

I had been using Preference Intense Red Copper, but as I’ve passed 40, that looks a bit too orangey and Crayola-ish on my medium brown hair (less than 5% gray, but my face can’t handle such bright colors right next to it). The Lightest Auburn is a nice option because it still lightens and brightens quite a bit– it’s definitely a red, not a reddish-brown– but the undertones are more natural. People think this is my real hair!

Debra Maiden, NC

Some great things, some not so great.

First off, this turned out gorgeous. Absolutely perfect, very close to the box. LOVE this color when it’s fresh. I have medium to dark brown hair and it really turned out fantastic. However….I’ve really only been getting about a week of vibrant red before it starts fading despite using mild shampoos formulated for colored hair, without sulfates. I’m having to recolor every two to three weeks otherwise it’s more of a really dark auburn color instead of intense red. The formula is very strong…. smell is strong and it burns my scalp. I am hoping to find an alternative to this product with more resistance to fading…the burning scalp thing probably isn’t good either…nor is coloring so often. Good news is that despite very frequent coloring my hair is still in good condition.

Opal Thornfield, MO

Beautiful Hair Color

Title says it all 🙂 It’s gentle, easily covers my roots, and gives my hair a luminous golden color with multi dimensional highlights. Will buy again!

Rachel Rising Sun, IN


I was able to do this on my own. I can’t say it was easy…cause I stained some of bathroom cabinets.At first, my hair color came out SUPER dark. After a few days, my color starting getting lighter and lighter. Now, I like the color on my hair…but it wasn’t the color I originally intended to get from the box.I would purchase this product again but in a lighter shade and have someone else color it for me.

Lara Odessa, FL

Colored well but burned my eyes

I just needed to cover some root grays and this did a good job but wow it hurt my eyes! I normally use L’oreal Excellence Cream #1 Black Hair Color which I love so I am going back to that.

Lola Sigurd, UT

So disappointed, It just gave me an awful orangish colour!

It won’t give you the colour that shows on, or at the back of the box. not even close! I have medium ash brown hair and the only reason I dye my hair is because of my grey hairs. I just used an "ash" shade of this hair colour to dye my roots and now my roots has an awful copper/red shine, and it doesn’t look "ash" brown at all! It has orange undertone:(I am so upset, and recommend you not to use this product at all! Don’t even try it or you would regret like me.

Dollie Covesville, VA

Great to cast out brass

Beautiful color! I use it to keep brass out of my hair. This is the only has that has ever worked and made the blonde bits green.

Gwen Tombstone, AZ

So disappointed!!!!!

I’ve been very discouraged lately at the changes in hair color. It used to last much longer, and the color was better. This time I tried Medium Auburn, and it said to leave it in for 20 minutes. I left it in for 45 minutes just to be sure, and there’s barely any color. My hair is soft and shiny, I’ll give it one star for that. But I could get these same results using a deep conditioner, and it is FAR too expensive for that. I guess I’m going to have to get brave and graduate to henna.

Ashley Hudson, OH

Not Chestnut, More Like Mahogany – Quite Red

The color is pretty, but no where near the color on the box. It is a mahogany/red color. Much deeper and quite red. There is NO gold. I am disappointed with how dark and how red the color is. The grey covered very well (which is why it gets 2 stars instead of 1). I don’t really like the formulation — the gel colorant is quite drippy. I also like that it only takes 25 minutes to process. I might try it again if I had confidence about the color choice.

Rosario Batavia, IL

Great!!! the Ash takes out the ugly Red/ Brassiness in my dark brown hair

My hair get’s a REALLY ugly red in the summer when I’m in the Sun. I have to use an Ash Color This toned it down a lot. I had to do my end’s for 10 minutes and then all over for another 15-20. My hair tend’s to not dye evenly if I don’t do it this way. Even when I pay A TON of Money at Salon’s. I’m very happy with this color. I have been dying my hair for 30 year’s and have tried almost every color. I used to use Feria, but I’m sold on this now!!!

Lizzie Stephen, MN

Makes my hair really soft

I love the quality of this product. My hair felt so soft after I used it. I do think it was a bit ashy for my taste. It almost looks like grey hair. I will go for natural blonde next time but I will stick with Loreal.

Gertrude New Hartford, NY

Pretty red

I got it before it was suppose to arrive which was great. my hair is still deep red as of january 26th. though a little pricey it was still worth it. though its not as vibrant as it was when i first dyed my hair (due to lack of good color stay shampoo and conditioner) i can still notice the color.

Yesenia Dassel, MN

Excellent Service

I received this item much more quickly than I had hoped and at a fantastic price. L’Oreal’s Hi-Lift products seem to provide the best anti-brass protection in hair color.

Colleen Washington, NJ

great color

I love this color but have a hard time finding it in drugstores. It’s a great red color, very rich and holds the color better than other brands. It also is gentle on my hair.

Ida Avonmore, PA