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L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion, Medium Natural Tan, 5.0 Fluid Ounce

Treat yourself to an instant, streak-free tan. Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion for Medium Natural Tan provides an instant bronze glow while a streak-free sunless tan develops. Vitamin E and gentle alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) derivative leave the skin smooth and soft. Medium Natural Tan will be two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Results may vary. Continue to use Sublime Bronze until you have reached your desired level of tan.

Key features

  • Provides an instant bronze glow while a streak-free sunless tan develops
  • Formulated with Vitamin E and gentle alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) derivative to leave the skin smooth and soft
  • Medium Natural Tan will be two shades darker than your natural skin tone
  • Results may vary, continue to use until you have reached your desired level of tan

Honest reviews



Love this, goes on easy, smells nice, and wont rub off on clothing at all. not hard to get even tan. there is glitter mixed in so if your not ok with a little sparkle them this is not for you, however its a fast even easy tan lotion, and i have tried them all!!!!

Pauline Willsboro, NY


The old formula back in the day, say sometime around 2005 was great- It never streaked and looked pretty natural-This stuff glitters and streaks and looks fake as the day is long. It also wears off in flakes and looks worse and worse as time goes on. I suspect this has to do with it having Vitamin E in it which causes skin to exfoliate.. Exfoliate before you tan, not after! I am about as pale as you can get, think Nicole Kidman or perhaps paler,ha– I recommend Banana Boat Deep.. blend with a fragrance free body lotion and the results are great.

Robbie Walton, OR

Great color even if just doing legs

The color after just one application is subtle enough even on very fair skin to just take the edge off the whiteness! I use it just on my legs and it doesnt scream "look her legs are tan but the rest of her isnt!" It dries quickly but can feel a little tacky the first few hours even when dry. It does have a slight glitter to it which is nice.

Laurel Breaux Bridge, LA

The end result is good

I read the reviews as I had this on my face LOL. I was a little nervous. I have used many many self tanners and since Mystic tan has discontinued their tanning lotion I was in search of something comparable.I put two coats of this on my face last night. Glitter – oh yeah but worse than the glitter was the shine it gave my face, my face looked wet. It was bad. There’s a very perfumey smell. It’s okay, I would not recommend this to a guy though that’s for sure.In any case. I use this at night and double to triple coat it about 2 hours before bed while I’m just hanging out in my PJ’s. I glitter and shine and go to sleep. The next morning, wake up and shower, step out of the shower with a nice tan. I double coated this the first time knowing the brown guide would wash off, the result was a natural looking light brown tan, very nice for winter. I’m going to triple coat it tonight for deeper results. So all in all, I will continue buying this. Oh and the dry time is about 2 minutes. Yes it leaves you a little sticky but not bad at all. In fact, this is the fastest drying self tanner I’ve ever used (and there have been a lot).My advice, use this at night, sleep with it on and I think you’ll be happy with the results. IMO it was a good find.

Heather Dawson, IA

Not too shabby.

This is the easiest self tanner to apply in my opinion so it’s generally the one I go for.What I’ve found with other self tanning lotions is you have to be a master at applying them or you end up with streaks and severe darkening around creases(armpits, knees, etc). Or they come off on everything and I do mean everything. Chairs, clothes, sheets, my couch, and heaven forbid it’s warm out and you sweat a little…This one is so easy to apply but you have to rub it in!!! It’s not a lotion and there’s no waiting for it to soak in so it’s very doable. Just put it on and rub rub rub. If you don’t want streaks then don’t create them! Rub rub rub… Usually takes me 15 min. to do my whole body. I have fair skin so I have to be very careful around knees, elbows, feet and hands. What I usually do for example, is rub it in my lower leg and when it’s almost completely soaked in I’ll give a (one) sweep around my knee and foot. I always wash my hands between body parts and at the end I’ll put a little on a paper towel and go over my hand excluding my palm. Comes out perfect each time. There is glitter in it so be warned. I personally don’t care and even like it somewhat but some people will throw a fit about it. You can just wash off the glitter after 4-5 hours or in the morning.I will always prefer self tanner in the spray bottle but those only last a week or two and I’m out, plus I have no control over knees and elbows and have to use some pretty fancy techniques to get it off those areas without creating lines/streaks. So for now I’m going with this.It has a smell but I think it’s reasonably pleasant and it doesn’t turn funky after a few hours (remember those back in the day?). Also it has a bronzer which means the bronzer will come off in your shower the first time!! I always have good color underneath the bronzer but it’s lighter. This isn’t a bad thing. This gives you a chance to build up to a color you want which means it won’t be patchy when it comes off. Two days in a row is plenty for me. Then just maintain it twice a week.Pros:Good colorNot lotion-y so it really doesn’t rub off on anythingEasy to get even colorDries almost immediatelySmells not badCons:Doesn’t last more than 3-4 days but lets be real, that’s how all do-it-yourself self-tanners areIf you sweat it can cause patchy-ness, again, I haven’t found a self-tanner where this isn’t a problemThe bronzer/glitter washing away in the shower is a little sadBecause it dries so fast it seems to stain nails worse than others

Delores Dycusburg, KY