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L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Body Towelettes, 6 Count

Convenient and easy to use, these Sublime Bronze Towelettes for Body create a streak-free, natural looking tan. With enough self-tanner for one application, each towelette is perfect for at home or on the go. Made with Vitamin E and gentle Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) derivative to provide beautiful, 100% natural-looking tan and ultra-smooth skin. Your tan will be two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Results may vary. Continue to use Sublime Bronze until you have reached your desired level of tan.

Key features

  • Smooth, streak-free medium natural tan
  • Quick and convenient single use wipes for body
  • Quick drying
  • Each package contains 6 towelettes

Honest reviews



MUCH better than all the lotions, sprays and foams I’ve used! Does not streak (unless you forget to apply to a section) or go on unevenly (even if you reapply to a certain area). Dries incredibly quickly. Very good color, but in the direct sunlight it stills looks a tiny bit orange. Indoors, the color looks amazing and like a real tan. Of course the hands are tricky to tan evenly, as with most product; I rub the towel all over the tops of my hands last and rub a cottonball soaked in rubbing alcohol on the fingers and palms of my hands to avoid orange palms. This product still has that sunless tanner smell, but I’ve smelled much stronger odor in most other products. For the price and how long they last, I’ll continue buying these!

Florine North Waltham, MA

Great Price, Big Towelettes and Safe for Oily skin-types

I had a coupon and bought this for the first time at Target store. I absolutely love this product. It dries quickly and develops a bronze tan. You will notice color within an hour. The gentle formula does not irritate or give me pimples on my oily and sensitive face. The towelletes are big enough so you can wipe your face and whole body. I used to use expensive Tan Towels but these towelettes from Loreal are just as good if not better. I also quit using the spray tans at the tanning salons which are so expensive, and these days we’re all trying to save more money. Here’s how the towelettes work for me:You will use one towelette a day until you reach the level of bronze you want. For me, I used 4 towelettes in 4 days on my olive skin, and I’m dark now. So, to maintain that dark, deep tan, I use one towelette every 3 days. This product does not have moisturizers so I highly recommend using a lotion that does not have any mineral oils in it. Buy a lotion that is made specifically for people who use indoor tanning services (from salons) or self-tanners like this one. I use Australian Gold’s After All Whipped Body Butter to maintain a beautiful tanned skin. The towelletes do not have any strong smells and my bronzed body stays tanned for about 5 days.

Billie Ontonagon, MI

I DO love Loreal, but…

I hate saying anything negative about my “tried and true” brand, Loreal. I have used their lotion self tanner for years with people asking how I am always so brown. When not using more expensive make up and hair color lines, Loreal is all that I will use. However, their towelettes did not measure up.What I loved was a product with finally NO smell! I loved the quick dry! I love the fact that you can travel with these. But…The tan does not stay long. It peels off if you rub your skin. I did not get much color at all. And most importantly, even though I exfoliated first and kept my skin moisturized, for the first time ever, I looked at my arms and could see my skin kind of flaking off, as if I hadn’t exfoliated. It looked incredibly dry and it was only a day later that the color was peeling off.Seems it just needs some improving and it will be a great product.

Inez Severance, CO

Like it as the color is natural and easy to use but not gave it 5 stars as the towelettes is a little thick so not easy to use

Like it as the color is natural and easy to use but not gave it 5 stars as the towelettes is a little thick so not easy to use and i also prefer the one that has some color to be able to see where we put. But in general i’ll buy again since the color is amazing.

Trisha Bronson, MI

Beautiful results

These are wonderful! They take overnight (for me at least) to develop, but the color is very natural looking without the old "orangey" color found in some self tanners.After bathing and exfoliating my skin, I apply a generous amount of lotion to my elbows, knees, knuckles, etc… and area that tends to be extra dry. I then wait about an hour for it to absorb, then, using rubber gloves (it doesn’t say you need to do this but I didn’t want to take any chances of my hands staining as has happened with other self tanners) I just rub the towelette all over. You wouldn’t think there would be enough product to do your entire body but there is. I start with the areas I want the most tan first (i.e. face, arms, legs) followed by the rest. In the morning, I awake to a light tan. I usually apply it 3 or 4 days in a row to build to the color I want, then 2-3 times a week to maintain the color.

Bridgett Cambridge, KS

Great Quality and Price!

I’ve tried so many brands of bronzer at high and low price ranges and gotten stripes, smears and every nightmare possible. This is the answer for every sundamage concerned person who still wants a glow. The wipes are large and loaded with plenty of product. It does not smear or have a strong odor. The price is much better than anything else I’ve seen as well.

Cassandra Monaca, PA

Fantastic and Easy

I’m a naturally pale self tanning junkie and have used everything. I love pricey salon sprays but can’t always find the time to get them. That said, these are the best things out there-they are easy to use, dry quickly, have a great tone and are portable. One packet tans my entire body (5’3) very well. SO much easier and less messy than sprays, they are easy to maintain (use 1 a day)and difficult to mess up. The only drawback I can find is that in the sun, the tan looks a tiny bit orange on me. Even my salon spray-tanner praised them for how well they maintained me between visits. They have a light spray tan smell-way lower on the spectrum than other products I’ve used-and even have a faint l’Oreal scented smell. Highly recommend.

Susanne Wyandotte, OK

this stuff rocks!

i have been through so many self bronzer..its like a never ending battle. i tan in beds and outside but i used to not be able to afford tanning beds. when i saw this i thought..ahh what the hell ill give it a shot. i didnt have high hopes for this but it accually looks good and and it is very cheap. i love how there towelets and ur more in controle then sprays or lotions..just plain me like the messy..i just think its so much easier.there is alot of self tanner on each towel so i can do my whole body in one shot plus u only need to do this about 1 or 2 times depending on ur egsisting color. but its easy to use,u dont have to worry about getting messy, makes a nice even tan. however the smeel sucks lol and it can make u not quit orange, but not brown much more conveniant !! 4 outta five

Nona Englewood, KS


These are amazing!!! Have become a staple in my beauty routine. I consider myself more olive skinned (tan very well in the summer), but the winter always leaves me feeling pale. Not anymore! I use one towelette and am able to do my whole upper body .. Face, neck, arms, chest, stomach. Since it is the winter and I am only wearing pants right now I do not feel the need to use another towel to do my legs, but will most certainly do so once Spring hits! I was hesitant about using the product on my face but I have had no issues with breakouts because of it. I apply this every Sunday and Wednesday nights after a shower. It dries quickly and I am able to put my clothes on almost immediately. I have not experienced any rub-off onto my clothes. The tan lasts a couple days. As with all self tanning products, use sparingly on your elbows, knees, ankles and wrists!

Debora North Chili, NY

Great product, great price

I use these all of the time. The price is super and they work just as well as the ones that cost twice as much and cover half the area. Not the greatest odor but it dissipates.

Nelda Hobson, MT

Not A Bad Ending!!!

Have used self tanners for years, usually i get a nice base tan, they lay off real exposure and apply self tanner. I like the towelettes they are easy to apply dry quick, and does not smell so bad. I have been in sun a few times this year, have some color on my arms so I thought this would be a good time to start self tanning. Applied towelettes on my upper arm waited till next day to see what looked like. Not bad I have now applied on both complete arms, also put on my upper leggs, which are completely white, Will see if color is good enough to be seen in public. I usually never recommend self tanner unless you have a base color, I am Blonde and Blue eyed pale face. FYI if I do tan even in the tanner I wear a 30 spf and never go more than 4 times i a year. As when I am not applying self tanner with my routine I am spending all my energy & money on creams to get rid of sun damaged skin. Just want that clear, I don’t promote tanning beds and laying in the sun to bake wrinkle your skin. If you don’t know to use it ytube does.

Britney Laguna, NM

Very nice Tanning Toweletts

I like these toweletts for quick self tanning,The scent is fairly pleasant and not over whelming(a bit like you just spent the day in the sunshine). They are helpful for travel use. But I do think one is not enough for full body use(I am a small person). So,I do feel they are over priced. But if you just want to do half your body for a quick touch up or use in tandem with the self tanning Gel.

Rochelle Misenheimer, NC

not enough color

i have used these for years and always got good color…purchased from the drugstore. this box from amazon is probably old or they have changed. hardly any color after using two towels and in two days the color is gone

Mildred New Haven, MI

Tanning Bed Smell

This does have a smell after you put it on, which smells like a tanning bed to me. I am going to try a lotion. I have tried the loreal spray and am not crazy about that either because I worry about what else it is getting on besides me.

Kay Ivel, KY


I bought these for a girl I work with for Christmas. She can never find them. She has all of us looking in all of the stores for her. She will look gorgeous for New Years. Thanks.

Cecilia Deersville, OH

Best I have found

I am a fair skinned person and have been using self tanners for years. This product is so easy to use, leaves no streaks and is very portable to pack on trips! Does not have that typical smell most self tanners do..has a faint but pleasant scent. One towel does my legs and arms and by he next morning I have a nice glow! Love these!

Geneva Elizabeth City, NC

One of the best self-tanners

First, let me preface that I am a very pale woman with lots of self-tanning experience. I ordered this product after reading many of the reviews and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’m very pleased! I did two applications and the end result is a beautiful golden tan. It looks very natural, even though I’ve always had extremely pale, Polish skin. Don’t let the "new fresh scent" fool you. While the towelettes themselves smell lovely (a mild rain scent mixed with a little sandalwood), you will still have that maple syrup/nail file smell that all self-tanners posses. There is a learning curve here if you want to get a flawless look. Apply in a circular motion. Two applications will help eliminate any white splotches that you might have missed. Also, be sure to give a swipe to those tricky spots: elbows, hands, ankles, and feet. I avoided those areas and the difference is noticeable in sunlight. Next time, I will give those areas a quick and light swipe. I will certainly buy this again and use it weekly during the summer times.

Suzanne Buckskin, IN

The Best Self Bronzer Towelettes

I’ve tried self sprays, gels, and hand tanning lotions, but this one is the best. A bit on the high side, but if you want a tan overnight, just put it on before you go to bed. If you know you’re not going out in morning, you can put it on then. Takes only about 4-5 hours to show. Repeat w/the same clothe (keep it in it’s pouch) and reuse until it dries out (I keep it in a plastic baggie which make each one last a week or so). Recommend to those who don’t want to sit in the sun!

Diane Lanesboro, MN

Love these!

I’m trying to stay away from the tanning beds. So I use these once a week followed by some lightly tanned lotion daily. These are great…no streaking and looks very natural. And trust me…I’ve used my fair share of sunless tanning lotions and sprays.

Laurie Wasola, MO

Great Product

This is the only tanning product that gives me a natural glow without streaks and smell. I’ve olive skin and it works wonders for me when I need a little pick me up.

Dessie Montandon, PA

convenient, leaves no streaks

I like the towelettes because I can ensure that I hit all spots on my body as opposed to the spray, where sometimes I miss a small area. The towelettes are easy to use and can be carried in your purse. No smell or residue on your skin left over. It’s infused with Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is a plus for your skin!

Jodie Brookfield, CT

Best way to a sunless tan

I’ve seen tanning sheets on the shopping channels but didn’t believe they worked as easily as they said – WITHOUT STREAKING – until I tried the L’Oreal Towelettes. I’ve used the Sublime Bronze tinted self-tanning lotion for years, and these towellets are far superior since it’s so much easier to smooth the tint all over, evenly and quickly, rather than tube-to-hand then hand-to-body. The color builds slowly over 2-3 applications but lasts about a week and fades fairly evenly, at least in my case. One towelette does indeed cover face, upper body and legs. Just clean your hands after application as with any tanner and even if a little too much color gets on elbows, knees, or something, it’s easy to even out the color by rubbing with a damp facecloth. The price isn’t bad considering the convenience.

Georgia Big Timber, MT