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L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Pro Perfect Airbrush, Medium Natural Tan, 4.6 Ounce

Get the gorgeous salon-perfect tan at home. Inspired by professional techniques, the new Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist comes with a wide angle jet applicator and provides continuous 360 coverage for ultra-even, long-lasting results. This super-fine mist, with a fresh new citrus scent, applies evenly and flash dries, with no need to rub it in. No streaks, just a lovely, natural-looking tan.

Key features

  • Salon-quality, medium natural tan
  • 360 wide angle applicator
  • Quick drying, streak free

Honest reviews


Overall a horrible product.

I got professionally airbrushed a week before I tried this stuff. My professional airbrush tan was fading, so I decided to try and give it some help. This stuff ended up blotchy, uneven, and made me have dark freckles where I had none before. I would never try this again. Also, the smell is really, really strong.

Lakisha Grayling, MI

Great tan, Smell is very strong

I love the tan that I got from this product but make sure to be in a very WELL ventilated area when using it. It left a yellow orange tint all over my bathroom floor (which wiped off rather easily) but make sure to remove any floor rugs or the shower curtain if you are in close proximity. I would also turn the ceiling fan on to lessen the strong fumes! Make sure to let it dry for around 20 minutes before getting dressed or climbing into bed; I found on several occasions that my bra and panties were left with an orange tint as was my light blue bedding even after I thought I was more than dry enough to climb in!!!

Lee Caldwell, KS

Tan but not dark enough

Bought this because we’re leaving for a cruise in Dec and wanted to test out diff brands before taking off. I’m alrdy tan but I knw when winter comes I sure wont be. This spay covers great and yes gives u color but for me it’s just 1 shade darker, and personally I would like to be darker. More then likely will either try the darker version or another brand.

Nelda Mount Holly, NJ

Best self tanner ever with no bad smell

First buy the dark deep one. its not extreme. spray yourself 3 times taking breaks in between and drying off with a blow dryer med heat. Because it goes on clear its hard to tell where you are putting it, that is why i spray 3 times, letting dry in between.shower first exfoliate with a sugar scrub make sure you are completely dry before applying. make sure you also shake can continuously. I even sprayed my face and it works great.never spray feet or hands, the excess will cover normally and naturally. in fact i put lots of lotion on my toe nails and then wash my hands and apply lotion right after to my hands. Not your body. good luck. Best self tanner yet at a low cost.

Sharron Milam, WV

Great product!

This tanner sprays evenly, dries quickly, and leaves a subtle tan. It doesn’t have a strong smell either, which in the past has bothered me with other products. I really couldn’t be happier.

Reyna Benjamin, TX

works great, but hard to use

The tanning effects are great (got several compliments on my tan!), but I found it a little tough to spray on without ending up with streaks/bare spots – you can’t see where you’ve sprayed & it takes a few hours for the color to really show. I may have been holding it too close to my skin, but I ended up with tan/white stripes on my arms. Easy enough to fix with another coat, & as I use it more I’m getting better at applying it evenly. Sometimes I will use regular/gradual tanning lotion shortly after spraying this on to make sure things are evened out.

Malinda Sunman, IN

L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Pro Perfect

I’m not very happy with this product. It streaks and does not give an even tan color. I had to spray my legs over several days in spots to try and get even coverage and color. I ended up using Neutregenia which even out the tone.

Josie Port Chester, NY


A touch better than Neutrogena’s spray tan, but I’m telling you, good results are hard to come by. Stick with a lotion form of sunless tanner and you’ll be much happier.

Eleanor Perth, ND

Not Streaky!

This Bronzer is SO easy to put on- as it is in an airbrush type of bottle and you can spray it on your back and hard to reach spots. I also love that this bronzer doesn’t get my hands all yucky like most lotions do. This bronzer has gone on very smoothly for me and it doesn’t streak. It lasts longer than other bronzers I’ve tried and it doesn’t come off weird or streaky. Mainly I love the convenience of this bronzer because you can spray it on you and let it dry (which it does quickly) and be on your way! There isn’t any rubbing in or scrubbing your hands afterwords to make sure they don’t get stained from the bronzer. I was also nervous before trying this bronzer that it might spray all over my bathroom but it doesn’t. I’ve even done it in my carpeted room on my legs before heading out and I haven’t noticed it getting on anything (although I wouldn’t recommend doing it right next to clothes or anything).

Cherie Wolfforth, TX

Goes on great

I love the fact that this product makes me feel like I’m getting a "real" airbrush tan. It goes on evenly and keeps me from looking completely Casper-the-ghost-like if I haven’t seen sunlight in a few weeks. It it somewhat "oily" looking so keep that in mind if that’s not a look you like. Don’t flip the bottle over when you go to apply it; it stops working pretty quickly if you do that! (I know, obvious, but I have a natural inclination to flip it over when I’m doing my back and the back of my legs!). I think I managed to get 4 or 5 uses out of it before the bottle ran out.

Karina Masonic Home, KY


It doesn’t give you color right away. I saw color 24 hours later & the color that I did gain went away in two days. You only get about one full body coverage with this can. NOT WORTH IT!!

Fannie Grenville, SD

Great for the face

This saves me the horrific time and experience of laying out in the sun and getting skin cancer. I really do not like the sun that much, especially sun burn.

Audrey West Mclean, VA

Pretty good for what it is.

I use this on my arms and decolletage. I haven’t found a way to spray my legs that doesn’t leave streaks, so I use a different product on my legs. I love that I can just spray it and go. It dries within 5 minutes and I can feel it dry. It’s so convenient to just spray after a shower and let dry while I put on my make up. For the price, it’s a great product.

Elizabeth Spring Hill, FL

id buy again

i have zero complaints. sprays evenly, smells…different (wink wink) but not terrible, u can BUILD the color- ppl shouldnt say "i used it yesterday & got no results!!"- buildable is better in case you mess up somehow or you dont like the color.. use too much and you WILL become orange…BUILD IT 🙂

Catalina Mooresburg, TN