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Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze One-Day Tinted Gel,6.7oz -3 Pack

Pack of 3, factory shrink-wrapped Streak-free!

Key features

  • Smooth, streak-free, even-looking skin tone
  • Long-lasting hydration for smooth feel
  • Instant radiance & sun-kissed glow

Honest reviews


Great stuff!

Couldn’t find this product locally, although I’ve bought it from Walgreen’s in the past! I’ve been using faux tan for many years, but this is a daily tan, and I love it! Has absolutely no after-smell, like the self-tanners. They all say they don’t smell/stink, but self-tanners all contain thee same chemical dye, and they do! But, not this product, and it gives me a daily bronze tan, that others can’t believe is fake!

Lorraine Floresville, TX


I purchased this because i use to tan a lot and also working at a tanning salon. While I worked there so many women came in saying that they have skin cancer yet hopped right into the tanning bed anyway. i stopped tanning. i found an awesome self tanner that is amazing but its a pain to put on every few days so i figured with this i can put it on when i pt on my lotion after my showers. this stains your hands SO BADLY! its hard to spread onto your skin. I also feel like the color is almost nonexistent. if you dont put enough time into putting this on and making sure its 100% perfect it would probably be very streaky. since this is a three pack i will have to use the rest. If my opinion changes on this I will update my review.

Kathie Swink, CO

Favorite Bronzing Lotion

I love this lotion because it’s not a self tanner and it washes off so easily. No you can’t wear it swimming. This should only be used to make yourself look tan when you’re not on the beach or going swimming. I wish L’oreal had not discontinued this because I don’t like the one they replaced it with. It’s a self tanner and it wears off splotchy.

Earnestine Nimitz, WV

Doesn’t work

This product is very messy and doesn’t really work that well. It gives you a streaky dark brown look, if that is what you are into, this product is for you, otherwise, I’d steer clear.

Rowena Winchester, IL


This is my FAVORITE and BEST "foundation!" No talc! Not heavy. Light-weight, perfect! And finding it on Amazon at this price is just icing on the cake! I always recommend this product to women who ask me about my "makeup."

Jerri Buffalo Creek, CO