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L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze One-Day Tinted Gel, 6.7-Fluid Ounce

Sublime Bronze One Day Instant Tanning Gel delivers a sheer tint of bronze color that lasts up to one day. This unique quick-drying formulation with natural caramel colorant and golden pearls gives skin a natural-looking sun-kissed glow. The no-mistakes formula washes away with soap and water.

Key features

  • Instant radiance & sun-kissed glow
  • Smooth, streak-free, even-looking skin tone
  • Long-lasting hydration for smooth feel

Honest reviews


I really wanted to like this product

I read all the great reviews and sat on the fence for awhile before ordering. I’ve usedSublime Bronze – Gradual Self Tanning Lotion, 6.7 Oz., (L’oreal)and been very pleased so I figured the one-day would be very similar. Once ordered, the gel came very quickly (from Brook’s). The pump on the bottle was defective so I had to remove the whole cap to try the product. In the bottle the gel is a dark cocoa brown, the color of chocolate cake…but I digress. It has a strong aroma that I like, strong enough that you could probably by-pass perfume or wearing any other scents. I, however, will not be doing that. I put the gel on only one of my pale February legs so I could do a side-by-side comparison (and before such time I wanted to wear this in public). Well, the result was weird. The color had a reddish tone which didn’t suit me at all. If anything, my skin has blue undertones. I would never tan this color. Maybe it would be ok for someone with darker skin, or reddish tones. So as to not be unfairly prejudiced, I even mixed gel with lotion to dilute the color and tried it on the other leg. It was still weird. Also, even when dry, it felt tacky to the touch. Sticky-like. I did not feel remotely sexy or attractive, which is pretty much the point of why I wanted a one-day bronzer in the first place. I took photos with a cheap camera but I’m afraid the quality is such that they’re not worth posting (you can’t really see what I’m talking about). My leg looked shiny and reddish.

Odessa Garwin, IA

L’oreal one day bronze tint

This stuff is awesome just rub some on and instantly you have a nice warm tan glow to your skin. If you want it a little darker you just put on another coating. Really nice coloring. If you applied it and it made your hands a little dark just use and baby wipe or rubbing alcohol to wipe off the palms of hands.

Helena Coloma, WI

The best bronzer available

I have tried just about every self-tanner and bronzer out there and I thought I had found the best when I bought Boots No. 7’s version but I was wrong. This one beats it hands down. It is easy to apply since it does not dry so fast that it can’t be blended, smells great and is mistake proof. If you goof it up, just add more or wipe it off to correct the mistake. Two coats will give you a dark and natural looking color with not a hint of glitter or shimmer – yay! I had a bit of trouble getting it off of my palms when I used crappy dish soap. It was no problem once I used my good hand soap – came right off.Overall, great price, great color, no commitment and no streaks. Love it!

Ursula Poplar Ridge, NY

Great for touching up spray tan

I love the L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze One-Day Tinted Gel. I use it to touch up my airbrush tans. It’s only good for one day, but it doesn’t leave you streaky. Just rub it in really good and then I like to use a wet wipe on the palms of the hands and in between my fingers. Now, it will wash off when you wash your hands, so be careful to keep the water away from the tops (mostly unavoidable). I’m sure it would work well too, if you hadn’t been airbrushed and just wanted a nice healthy glow.

Martina Worthington, PA

Great alternative to semi-permanent sunless tanners

I’m so fair skinned that the build-able sunless tanners always end up splotchy on me. I find this product to be a great alternative – you wear it for one day and wash away. You can layer it for the darkness you prefer and the color itself is quite natural. I’m very happy with it. One tip – wash your hands immediately after applying, though it’s not permanent it will definitely stain them for the day as well.

Patrice Hiawatha, WV

Great one day tan!

This product is exactly what I’ve been looking for- a non-permanent bronzer for your body that washes off. It’s NOT a self-tanner, it’s meant to be worn until you wash it off. Caution to the user- it’s a beautiful, deep bronze, so if you’re fair skinned like me, go easy with the application! I found that mixing it with my body lotion made the color more suitable for my skin tone, and it helped the application process too. The color is buildable, so if you want to go darker you just apply more. The best part is that if you miss a spot or get a spot too dark, it’s easily corrected because it’s non permanent. It’s best to give yourself a few minutes of "drying time" before getting dressed, it does feel slightly sticky immediately after application and may transfer to clothing. I got a little on the inside of my khaki shorts one time, but it washed out in the laundry (I did spray it with some stain remover.) I’ve found this product to be a wonderful alternative to the mess, streaking, and especially the unpleasant smell of self tanners.Comment |

Candace Argyle, MO

like it

So far so good with this product. Drys fast and no weird smell and doesn’t rub off on clothing if you let it completely dry and nice color. Haven’t tried more than one coat yet don’t know if it will be needed. Great seller and quick shipping.

Lina Mellen, WI

Try this!

I can’t say enough positive things about this product. I’m pretty fair and this is perfect. You rub the gel into your and automatically you look beautifully bronzed. Be sure to wash your hands afterward or use a tanning glove. If you exfoliate before you will have wonderful even color.

Erma Madison, GA

Great color, terrible scent

I love the idea of this product…a temporary bronzing lotion, as opposed to the usual streaky, uneven self tanner. Unfortunately, the perfume in this product is so insanely strong it makes me feel nauseated. Too bad, I would probably buy it by the case if it didn’t stink so badly.

Catherine Humeston, IA

Immediate Bronzing

Good product to get an immediate glow that washes off at end of day. Does not streak. I would purchase again.

Hazel Whitesboro, OK


This stuff is orangy, sticky, and it stinks really bad..hate it.. Though it is really cheap so its not really a big time loss so..

Deirdre Gotebo, OK

Good tan. Use Gloves.

This product gives you an instant tan. ITs quick and easy to apply and I love the color. The only problem is it does stain your hands – you can not get all the stain off.I wash my hands immediately after appling to each section. One leg, wash hands, second leg, wash hands, etc. and I still end up with slightly orange palms.I like this product and will continue to use it when I need a quick tan!

Nancy Kelseyville, CA

Better than the high priced stuff

some bronzers are rather pricey, but I like this just as well, it goes on smoothly and use just a small amount to achieve the affect I want, and I don’t sneeze my head off with it on, highly recommend, but hard to find in stores.

Corrine Ozone, TN