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L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer, 6.7-Fluid Ounce

Go from pale princess to luminous bronze goddess in an instant. With light-reflecting micro-particles, Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer instantly illuminates your skin for a natural-looking, long-lasting bronze glow. Enriched with fast-action self tanners and Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant, this quick-drying lotion replenishes skin as your sunless tan develops. A beautifully radiant sun-kissed look, streak-free, sun-free. All with a new deliciously fresh summer scent. Now, Summer never has to end.

Key features

  • Sheer, natural-looking bronzer
  • Light, refreshing scent
  • Radiant sun-kissed look

Honest reviews


If there were ten stars, I would give it ten stars!

Okay so I have always struggled with my tan, I have NEVER, ever, been able to use self- tanners. So i have always resorted to tanning. however, i recently decided not to tan anymore for health reasons- but I am still like glow-in-the-dark color so i needed something.. I picked this up and WOW! The first time you put it on you notice:1. It smells delicious, it is like a coconut smell2. It makes your skin glittery and soft3. It is easy to rub in ( I usually do it right after drying off after a shower, but it’s really good for any time of the day)4. It drys really quick so you don’t have to stand around waiting for it to dry before putting you clothes on because of fear of stains! (I usually give it about 1 minute. and it’s always been great)5. It is a gradual tan, so you don’t have to worry that if you miss a spot you will look weird.That being said, even after the first use, you can see a little bit of a glow, which is one reason why I love this product! and after a couple of days, it looks great! and then once you build up your tan, you can re-apply every couple days to keep it up. it’s the easiest thing in the world, especially for a tanning dummy like me. I am so glad that someone finally invented something like this.

Rosanne Wake Island, HI

LOVE This Tanner!!

I have used self-tanners now for almost 4 years (year round) and I have tried several products, from tubs of mud to tan sheets to gel and lotion; some worked okay, but were very messy and time consuming; others just didn’t give me any color to speak of (I am very pale). This product has a pleasant smell, super easy to use, takes no time to dry and won’t rub off on clothing or furniture, and gives me a wonderful bronze tone tan all over (with absolutely no orange or streaks; plus, it leaves no sticky residue. I recommend lotion beforehand on all dry areas, plus, applying in circular motions for each section of the body. This product even tans my face, which I have had a terrible time finding a product to do that. For some reason, my face just will not take/hold any color from other products, however, this product tans my face as dark as my body and it stays there for days. I am ordering extra bottles of this to make sure I never run out and would highly recommend you try this product if you are having problems with other products.

Diana Unionville, OH

Not recommended…

I’ve tried many sunless tanners over the years, and this is BY FAR the all-time worst. The temporary bronzer is awful. It smells bad, stains clothes (even dark ones), and doesn’t spread evenly… resulting in an uneven tan.Fortunately, Amazon is allowing me to return 7 bottles.I’m surprised L’Oreal would release something like this, because their other tanning products are quite good. In fact, the resulting color with this product is good as well… but I can’t get past the temporary bronzer. I generally don’t like bronzers, but this one is especially glittery and difficult to apply. I don’t recommend it.

Elsie Lamar, IN

The cure for pale

I’m pale. Pale pale pale pale. Super fair skin. My grandfather always used to joke that I looked like Casper the Ghost when I wore shorts. When I first tried this tanner, I decided to go crazy with it. I put it everywhere, and rubbed it in really really really good. To my horror, despite rubbing it in for 15 minutes straight, it dried looking orange and streaky. Not to mention, it felt sticky. I always keep some makeup remover wipes on hand so I can quickly remove the tanner from around my ankles, backs of my knees, wrists, and hands. Instead, I took my makeup remover wipes and wiped off all the orange streaks and a massive amount of glitter. I went to bed…..the next day, I woke up and looked at my legs. Oh my goodness, I am tan. My milk white skin is TAN! No streaks, just beautiful tan goodness. I’ve decided that the formula is only orangey brown to give an idea of where I’m putting it and what areas I’ve covered. It will look streaky when I first put it on. It will dry sticky, smell like soapy perfume, but all of that washes away with a good shower. All that is left behind is a beautiful tan.My suggestion: Tie your hair up, strip naked and use this on the morning of your day off, when you are lounging around the house. Pay the orange streaks no mind. Let it get semi-dry (where the orange streaks stick to your skin and don’t move around easily), and put on some clothes that you don’t care about getting stained. If you rubbed tanner into your butt, wear a loose skirt and skip the underwear. Then go about your cleaning, cooking, TV watching, video games, whatever. In the evening, take a shower. Use some soap, and gently wash your skin. Get all of the orange streaks off. Use some rubbing alcohol on any areas that were accidentally tanned…..Voila! A gorgeous, natural looking tan!I only wish L’Oreal would make a version without glitter.

Emily Ivanhoe, VA

weird immediate color

The immediate bronze Colorado is really weird with my skin, it’s almost a yellow green. There is also white a bit of shimmer. But, if you apply it at night before bed, you can shower off the shimmer and the weird bronze Color, and the resulting tan is pretty good. Its not super WOW-YOURE-TAN, but its a good subtle glow.

Eula Codorus, PA

First self-tanner

This is the first self-tanner that I tried before experimenting with other self tanners. It has a very strong chemical scent that gives me a headache and is very glittery. I thought it would just give me a sheer shine when in the sunlight but there are actually little pieces of glitter inside the lotion and a lot at that. I could not wear it out because it looked ridiculous. The tan it gave was also not very noticeable. I tried several applications but the strong smell and glitter made it difficult and frustrating to continue using.

Nelda Evansdale, IA

Beautiful bronzer with shimmers!

This bronzer is awesome! I have gotten so many compliments, even with my first application! It has a beautiful shimmer that sparkles when sunlight hits it. I used it all over my body, including face. Looks like a real tan! Highly recommended!

Alberta Caratunk, ME

Very Natural Tan

This product is great. the tan is not that normal weird orange color you get from self-tanners. it dries very quickly. it does have subtle shimmer. (i won’t even call it “glitter”) that washes off. you are left with a natual-looking tan that last for days, and at this price is well worth it. excellent product.

Phoebe Roslyn Heights, NY

Great Product

I like this Luminous Bronzer very much. The sparkles wear off within 24 hours, but they don’t really bother me anyway. I like the color because it looks natural. As with any "tan in a can" you need to be careful where it goes and be sure to rub it in until it’s dry. A little sticky at first, but that too goes away.

Florence Bethel, CT

great results, but wash your hands after applying

Works perfectly if you’re careful and patient! (Patient in putting it on evenly, the results are right-away). Just make sure to wash your hands after applying because It’ll leave obnoxious brown marks on your palms if not. Definitely a sexy product. Might drive your bf wild.

Georgette New Kent, VA

Good… if you don’t mind a little work and time!

It’s really difficult to put it on correctly the first time, but worth it. Put this stuff on before bed. Take a gander at it in the mirror and look for any obvious inconsistencies in its application and smooth it out. Let it dry a bit before sitting down or putting on clothes. Wear some lose clothes to bed and leave it alone until your next shower. Take a shower, this will take away most of ugly “shimmer” (glitter) and the orange tone that your legs will have. After your shower, your legs should be pretty nicely and evenly tanned. The tan usually lasts a few days.MOST HELPFUL TIP: look at your legs in the sunlight when assessing the consistency of this stuff on your skin! The lighting REALLY makes a difference. I thought I had it perfect inside only to go outside and find my legs all streaky! Had to run back in to fix things!So worth it… IF you know how to use it. If you don’t, you’re going to have a bad time.

Virgie Lind, WA

Great immediate results.

Great bronzer works really well for immediate results. I ignore the instructions though and I thoroughly rub the lotion in (I only use this on my legs) and I get no streaks when I rub it in. And I just make sure to immediately wash my hands and any areas where I may have unintentionally gotten the bronzer. It does leave a substantial amount of glitter behind but it washes and wears off after the first day. I don’t really mind the glitter. Would I normally apply glitter to my legs? No. But I chalk it up as fun and don’t concern myself with the glitter. If you don’t mind glitter or don’t let it get to you then it’s an awesome product that works extremely well.

Daphne Simpsonville, KY

Great product, if you are wise about application!

Beautiful glow within hours! Prior reviews mentioned the consistency of this product. With that in mind I purchased a self tanker application mit. With the mit, application is easy. Without the kit, I would be concerned about the thin consistency. That could be……traumatic! Get the mitt they’re on Amazon for like $3 bucks!B00297436O Get the mit!

Libby Bingham, IL


Imagine my surprise when I received this bronzer, that only lasts one application, and does not gradually tan your skin like it’s similar sublime products. I did like the effect it had after applying, but for the money I paid I was really looking forward to a "tan" that I could keep longer than a day.

Tabatha Orogrande, NM

Great stuff

This works great if you need a little color for the day. It mostly washes off, but you won’t have any problems looking streaky or orange. It has a nice glow and warmth, more golden bronze than than a brown color. The smell is fine also. The only thing I’ve encountered a couple of times is people commenting about the “glitter” I’m wearing. Not exactly what I’m going for, but in certain lights it can look a little glittery.

Britney Reyno, AR


This tanner works quickly and has a mild smell, not terribly unpleasant. But it does streak, or rather it is darker on the first place I apply the lotion to my skin. Also be very careful about knees and ankles, as these places will be darker as the directions warn; my question is how to avoid this without having a distinct line of tanner around these areas?

Milagros Anahola, HI

Smells a little

Smells a little funny, but works well. I had a few orange-ish spots on my body but I don’t know if that was user error, I’m new to this! I eventually mixed some of my own lotion in with it as this is fairly runny, and that seemed to help(along with less splotchiness), just takes longer to build up the "tan".

Shannon Cherry Point, NC

great tan lotion

this lotion is great, doesn’t make you smell like burnt flesh like most of the other lotions do. Its nicely scented not overwhelming. Adds a nice tan quickly and has a bronze tint to it so you get an instant glow. Also has a great gold shimmer in it that makes you sparkle. I love it and think it is a must have for people who self tan.

Josefina Wells, MN


I didn’t expect this product to work as well as more expensive ones but I thought I’d try it anyway. I have been impressed! The only thing I do not like is that it does not tan my face that well. It’ll give a little color but not as much as other products have. However, I like everything else about it! I didn’t try it sooner because I didn’t like the sparkly stuff in it but I use it at night and it washes away when I shower, so the tan stays but I don’t have to have the slight glitter.I have used Fake Bake, SUN, Clarion’s, etc.. and this is right up there with them! Don’t bother spending double/triple the amt. of money; this works great! For my face, I use my makeup bronzer and that helps the color.

June Blanca, CO

Dont know how to use this…

It watery and smells super funny.. Dint use it as much.. such a disappointment really. Thought it was more like a creamy like.

Lydia Indian Valley, VA