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L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Primers Anti-Redness Primer, 0.68 Ounces

Discover the secret to a flawlessly even skin tone—in an instant. studio secrets professional color correcting primers glide on smoothly to immediately correct and improve the look of your complexion.

Key features

  • The anti-redness formula glides on smoothly to immediately neutralize redness for a flawlessly even skin tone
  • Wear alone or under makeup for a naturally gorgeous look
  • Dermatologist tested; non-comedogenic

Honest reviews


Oh man… HULK FACE!

This product is garbage. I tried to work with it, it was runny, messy, did not blend and did not solve the redness problem. No matter how much foundation I put on or how thin was the layer of this product, I would still be green! Also, I didn’t feel like it grabbed to my foundation. I never disapproved a product as I disapprove this one.Waste of money. BIG waste of money. Again this product is garbage, and it belong to my trash bin.

Constance Jeffersonville, NY

Don’t buy it, it doesn’t work!

Somehow when I read this I only saw positive reviews. I usually use smashboxSmashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer Color Adjust 1 ozwhich is excellent but expensive. This sounded like it might do the same job for a third of the price. I decided to risk it, and now I regret it. It’s awful! It doesn’t blend and just sits on your skin and gives it a really noticeable green tinge (which is just as attractive as it sounds) So if you use it, you definitely need to cover it. I often use the smashbox primer just on its own, but with this one that is simply not possible. So how does it work as a primer? Not at all! It didn’t make the foundation go on easier or smoother, it just made my skin feel stickier. Really, it’s a bad buy all around. A waste of $8. I’m going back to smashbox – which is actually an excellent primer and does get rid of the red without making you green.

Amelia Mindenmines, MO

Great for covering rosacea – when used properly

This is one of the better green primers I’ve used. I have moderate rosacea and I’ve tried many many green concealers. I like the way this one spreads out on your skin, it’s got a nice texture and goes on even. Perhaps those who got “HULK face” were not familiar with a primer. I do things in this order: Moisturizer (wait 5 min), this green primer, foundation, then powder. Done this way it gives me back my natural color and really tamps down the red.However: Do not EVER get it on clothes because it is NEVER coming out! I learned this the hard way.

Gale New Berlin, IL

Really amazing !

This comes out of the package the exact color it looks in the tube…. Pink!!!! It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen a pink watery primer? But guess what it works at brightening the skin ! It gives this healthy pink under glow which is nice in the winter when my skin is really dull and drained of color. I use a regular primer all over then this in certain areas then do my makeup as usual. PERFECT!

Samantha Cary, IL


First of all, my review is for the anti-dull skin primer, not the anti-redness. The one I am using is slightly pink and is so wonderful! I feel like it makes my skin look so dewy and fresh! I just bought it tonight and tried it when I got home and am in love! On these reviews…be sure to verify which tint or color the review is for. All the one star and bad reviews are for the green tint anti-redness. I don’t know about that one, but the anti-dull skin is kick @$$$!!!!

Rosalyn Watson, MO

Ok if you want shimmer all over your face

I liked it at first because the first pumps didn’t contain much glittery shimmer, but after a few uses it started to contain a lot of shimmer.The color is beautiful and perfect for warming up the skin, but the overall shimmery look just doesn’t work for me. I will be giving this away.The green version contains not only less shimmer, but a finer-milled shimmer. I wish that less was used in this product, then I would love it.

Alma Wellfleet, NE

Redness reduction

I have used other products intended to neutralize the color of complexion redness. This product is light and goes on evenly. However, it does not neutralize or cover redness as effectively as the Mary Kay product that they no longer sell. It was too heavy and not easy to apply for natural results. I would like to find a product that would be between these two in application ease and effectiveness.

Janice North Lewisburg, OH

Not for oily skin

This product is great if you have dry skin. However I would NOT recommend this for someone who has acne/oily prone skin. Because it is suppose to brighten the skin, it has little specks of shimmer in it. And I must admit it does brighten for a little while but after that my skin just become greasy looking. Not even oily just plain greasy and gross! Lol. I love to use this product on people who have dry skin (their makeup ends up looking amazing) but I would NEVER use it on acne/oily prone skin.

Brandy Eagle, CO

Gets the redness out and gives me porcelaine looking skin

Had nearly “perfect” skin as a young woman, and this product gives the illusion that I have it back. I have rosacea, and it cancels out the redness. I have been using this product for quite a while, and it really does make a difference in how pretty and finished my skin looks. I have no idea why there is a big debate going on about this anti-redness skin primer. Very glad that it works for me.

Judith Hay, WA

Good primer (Anti Dull for Medium/Deep)

This is a great primer especially if you want to have a glowy look. Does what it says – makes your skin look brighter and more even. This is also a nice color corrector because of it’s peachy/apricot/orange undertones. Very nice for hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring, PIH, etc. I wouldn’t use this as my only primer though especially since I have combination/oily skin. This goes great on top of your base primer however. Very smooth application and blends fairly well.Overall this is a great brightening anti dull primer with good color correcting properties!

Kimberlee Weyanoke, LA


If used correctly, as a primer, and only on the red areas(use regular primer on the non-red areas of your face), this stuff works fantastically.

Shauna Lochgelly, WV


Very red and liquidy doesn’t really work as a primer because it’s so dark that it shows thro any foundation. I wouldn’t buy again.

Luann Fiskeville, RI

i like this product

i have had this for about a week now and have used it several times. i use it over my foundation and powder as a blush. it’s a pretty shade of pink.

Lucinda Summit, NY


Nice product for your skin even for darker skin tones a little goes a long way trust me and make sure you have makeup wadges to blend.

Edna Dublin, CA

Reduces redness!

I found this product to work best if your skin is exfoliated well. The green primer & any other makeup, for that matter, will show more around the edges of dry, loose skin. It does cover the red, but you’ll need to cover with foundation or powder afterwards. If the green pigment seems too bright, you can try mixing a little with your moisturizer; that is if your redness isn’t too severe. It also makes the green primer last longer, as you’re not using as much! I do like this primer & hope they continue to make it. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is that I wish it was a little cheaper. Some reviewers say it’s not very expensive, but it’s a little high for me. Good product, though!

Dolly Lena, MS

Good primer just a little orange

Its a good liquid primer. It darkened my skin a bit though and is more of an orange brown than I expected. The item does the job well just the color didn’t really match my skin tone.

Gertrude Redmond, WA

Worst product

I have no clue why I purchase this when I say it made my face look ORANGE oh wow either I brought the wrong color, but this one was not a good match for me.

Alfreda Fawnskin, CA

Works well

I tend to have a slightly red nose in the colder months, so this product is perfect. I wish it was a little thicker, but it does a good job.

Dominique Moorland, IA

Finally a good primer.

Let me start off with saying that I use an anti-redness moisturizer under this. (Clinique solutions for those of you who are wondering). This stuff blends wells. It does turn your skin slightly green, but if you wear foundation/powder over top of this, then it won’t be a problem. I plan to order more when I run out.

Sally Gilmanton Iron Works, NH

Don’t hate it, but wouldn’t buy it again

I bought the anti redness primer, and somewhat regret it, it makes my skin look pretty dry. I have no acne, some dry spots, and minor redness that I was hoping this would help with. I’ve been searching for a perfect green concealer or primer for years and have never found one that didn’t make my skin look like it was peeling. This is no exception. I don’t have dry skin (only dry spots like my nose and occasionally my T-zone), I use a moisturizer, and this made it look like my whole face was dry. For me at least, it didn’t blend at all. It left weird looking green spots, and made my skin look so dehydrated. I know it’s a primer, so you’re supposed to put powder or foundation over it, but it still looked bad (I’ve been good at doing makeup for years, and I know it’s not user error). I’m sure this product would be great for people who have all around soft skin 24/7, but if your skin is dry or has a few dry places like mine, I would not buy this product.

Deena Ridgeway, NC

great for my red face

and i mean red, red red alllll over. i get heat rashes with my redness. works well but you cant rub it in all the way if you are really red or you’ll just rub it in. i don’t like how its almost water, and that helps the soaking in situation, but i need some of it to stay so i pat it in a little and let it dry up a bit so it doesn’t rub off while i’m adding foundation.

Jeannie Versailles, IN

It really worked!

It’s so nice when a product actually does what the ads say it will. Wow, this stuff sure made a difference for me. I would recommend this to everyone planning to attend the 5oth High School reunion.

Beatrice Lucerne, CA

It’s okay color corrector primer

This is extreme pink! It does cancel out if you have any dark spots. You only need the tiniest pump for a spot!

Latisha Fort Lee, VA

Excellent Cover Up for Redness

This is exactly what my wife needed to cover up the redness in her cheeks and nose. She puts it on after her moisturizer and before foundation. A little goes a long way. She highly recommends this product.

Vera Canyon City, OR


Received on time. Product contains shimmer. If applied VERY sparingly, it will blend out sheer. A little goes a long way. Very "liquid-y".

Tamra Napoleon, ND


I regret buying this primer. It does not hide redness and the worst thing is that it has shimmer which is not suitable during the day.

Constance Bethany, OK

And this little bear said…just right.

Even after reading all the reviews, I still wanted to try this product. I did read a few more reviews on other sites that were more favorable.I’m not sure what went wrong for the negative reviewers here, but I found the product to be quite good. It did take a few tries to learn how to get it even, but I didn’t mind that.For the people saying they are still green, you must be using too much. I am a very very fair skinned woman, and it took less than a pump to cover my whole face. I did find if I patted it in instead of rubbing, it covered more evenly.Then after applying my foundation … well, let’s just say, I feel like I have my pre-roseca skin back!I did give it 4 out of 5 stars because it is hard to get even, and it doesn’t go on evenly with any ease, you really have to work on it to get an allover even tone.Don’t forget to pat it down your jawline/chin a bit…LOL otherwise you get a drastic jawline difference

Jeannette Lisbon, OH

A Little Runny but I Like It!

My skin is fair with red undertones but I don’t like wearing a bunch of make-up. I knew the green tint would require wearing liquid foundation over it so I tried the pink tint. Sometimes I forget to put on my powder foundation b/c this evens my skin tone so much! I usually wear it with a little concealer on my most red areas. It is a bit runny but it actually helps keep it from going on too thick. I used a full pump once and that was a bit much. Overall, great product!

Luann Swedesburg, IA

Ok primer…Great illuminator

Always looking for a primer that helps reduce the appearance of pores. This does an ok job of this but what I really love is that it gives my normally sallow skin some pop. I make sure to shake it before I put it on and I don’t use too much as it is a bit oily for me but it gives my skin a little color which it badly needs. Could wear without foundation on a good skin day. Not my favorite primer as far as keeping my makeup on but on those days I need some glow it’s a great choice. Just watch out for the shiny spots.

Bette Maysfield, TX

great stuff!!!

as other reviews say, there are a couple of different products/types of this primer being reviewed. This review is for the anti-dull primer, sort of pink. When I put the anti-dull primer on, my face brightens up and evens out instantly!! I’ve tried a few different ones, and this is the cheapest and best I’ve found. Stila Swirl is $36 and it doesn’t do a thing when I put it on except make my skin feel silky. this really evens out skin tone, since i have damaged skin from sun and prior breakouts, and brightens my face. I was thrilled paying $12, but for this price, less than $5, I might just buy them all up!

Isabella Avenal, CA