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L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Texture and Control Unkempt Out of Bed Hair Texturizer, 4.0 Fluid Ounce

Identity crisis: That straight-laced look with every hair in place totally stifles your individuality. You need to express yourself!

Key features

  • Gives hair a messy, piecey style, with texture and control that’s all your own
  • Apply on dry hair, work through and shape
  • Workable hold
  • Net Wt. 4.0 oz.

Honest reviews


Left my hair crunchy

In need of a styling product after just having cut my hair short again, I bought this based on the good reviews. However, this is one of the worst styling products I’ve used. When I put it in my hair it left my hair with that super crunchy feeling you get with gel or hairspray. I would have expected that from a product that advertises a strong hold, but this one said it had a flexible hold. It smelled nice, but left my fingers sticky, and made my hair look like I had used a cheap hair gel to style it. Definitely did not give me a texturized look. I don’t recommend this product for people looking for a texturizing product.

Kaitlyn Tribune, KS

Terrific For Fine Hair!

This product is becoming increasingly hard to find; Amazon is the only place I have been able to find it lately.This texturizer gives my fine hair much needed volume without looking over done, coarse, or fussy. I typically apply it to the roots and smooth it to the ends while my hair is wet, then blow dry using a wide round brush for great lift that is still touchable and soft. If I want something more styled, I apply this then apply a wax or pomade to the ends and flip them.Pros:o Great price – comparable products are easily 2-4x the costo Light fragrance that fades quickly – perfect if you’re sensitive to scentso Not sticky – hair looks clean and naturally styled but maintains its shapeo Easy to use – apply while wet or dry and styleCons:o Hard to find locallyo Does dry my hair out a bit if I use it daily, but nothing terrible – no split ends, and nothing a little conditioner now and then can’t fix.

Evelyn Minden, NE

Great Product

I bought this product because I wanted just a little straighter in my hair and it worked like a dream. I have just enough and not too much. Highly recommend if you want manageability

Geri Wildwood, PA

Best stuff I’ve used yet

I do not use it as directed. Instead of putting it into my hair in random places straight from the container, to make a ruffled look, I mix a small amount in my hand with a handful of water and then spread it evenly across all of my hair. I then "comb" my hair with my fingers and this stuff holds it in place as it dries. Once dry I run my fingers through my hair and the end result is that my hair is super soft, casually in place, and looks really good, for the whole rest of the day.

Clara Plympton, MA

Not for me 🙁

I have used many L’Oreal product – this one didn’t work for me and the way that I style my hair – it seems like it really more for the wet look.

Iva Lytton, IA

My stubborn/thin hair has life again

I first bought this over a year ago when I had a short hair cut since it was recommended at the time by the hair stylist, but for some reason never bothered to even open the jar.Now that my hair is grown out (a little over shoulder length), it’s thinner than it used to be, flat, limp and never has any volume. I have tried volumizing mousses, sprays…everything has just weighed my hair down and made it look worse or greasy.The other day I remembered I had this stuff and figured I’d try it. So I rubbed a tiny pea sized amount into my roots, finger combed it through then took a wide tooth comb and brushed it through the length of my hair. Now I expected my hair to be limp and greasy looking, like every other product usually leaves my hair, but NO, my hair had body and actually MOVED. My hair did not feel stiff or sticky either because this texturizer is so lightweight.My hair does not fall flat throughout the day, it actually held a style with this stuff.My only complaint is that it takes out the shine from my hair, but I’d imagine some shine/gloss spray can remedy this minor issue.It just figures I find a product that actually works for my impossible hair and it’s discontinued!

Nell Seal Rock, OR

One of my all-time favorite hair products

I felt compelled to review this product after returning to it after a while trying pricier products and ultimately coming back to this, which I had used on an off for years. My hair varies from quite wavy/curly on humid days to kind of limp and flat on dry days, and my hair is neither thin nor thick. I like a "bed head" look with piece-y waves and texture. This product gives excellent hold but doesn’t feel stiff. It actually makes my hair feel thicker, like when I make a ponytail, I feel like I have more hair! Some other products I’ve tried work well in terms of giving a light hold and providing a silky feel, but the tradeoff for me is always "flat head" and a lack of texture. This stuff is so inexpensive, and for me, it’s really a winner!

Vicki Guasti, CA

Goes on Thick – But Super Malleable

We adore this product in our house. The opaque texturizer is great for Bed-Head looks and basically all short hair styles. The price is more than affordable (especially for studio line hair products), and I’ve even found some coupons for it in RedPlum. This product does go on rather thick so you might want to be sparing when you’re first trying it out. But it’s also super malleable and it gives you the creative freedom to very methodically dishevel your hair. You do have to work quickly though, because after a few minutes the putty stiffens and it’s not as adaptive. We use a pinch of this every morning and then hairspray our “look” into place. This putty gives you the freedom to create a Bed Head masterpiece every day of the week. Highly Recommend.

Joanne Whitehouse, NJ

Really works.

Inexpensive styling product that works, and doesn’t build up. A little goes a long way. Can’t be without it. (I have short, fine hair.)

Maricela Eastlake Weir, FL

Disappears in an hour

My wife bought this for me, here on Amazon. This product does a decent job at texturizing. Unfortunately, after an hour of (slow) daily biking, my hair returns to its pre-product state. Can’t risk using the rest, since when I do grooming, I intend it to last longer.Was happy to find a cheap replacement for Paul Mitchell, Jonathan, Sebastian etc, products I regularly use, sad to see it fall short.

Maribel Charlottesville, VA