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L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power Eye Treatment, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift presents the next generation of skincare. This powerful, luxurious eye treatment goes beyond a simple anti-aging cream to fights wrinkles, reduces bags, and lifts eye area. Powered by our highest concentration of Pro-Xylane, a patented L’Oreal ingredient that is shown to stimulate collagen production and formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to quickly penetrate skin to help fight each wrinkle. In 1 week, skins texture appears smoother In 4 weeks, elasticity is increased and skin looks younger, firmer and lifted.

Key features

  • Fights wrinkles, reduces bags, and lifts eye area
  • Powered by our highest concentration of Pro-Xylane, a patented ingredient that is shown to stimulate collagen production
  • Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to quickly penetrate skin to help fight each wrinkle
  • Wrinkles are visibly reduced and the eye area looks firmer and lifted in 3 weeks
  • Net Wt. 0.5 oz.

Honest reviews


Dont bother

Used for 1 month, didnt notice any difference at all, although the cool metal feels good under the eye in the morning. Philosophy products work much better

Earline Grants Pass, OR

A Triple Threat Eye Cream

This eye treatment goes on easily. A few gentle taps around the eye area applied to clean skin delivers a product that handles wrinkles and crevices, dark spots, and sagging skin. What I particularly liked about this product was that it was not oily or greasy and it was absorbed quickly into the skin.After using this for about a week, there was a noticeable difference and the area around the eye looked brighter and wider and generally a whole lot better.Given the price, I’d say this was a win/win product. I also had no irritation or allergic reaction which was another plus.

Jeanine Ogden, IL

Works first useage, Costs a lot more in the store than on Amazon

PURCHASED BECAUSE I noticed I was developing bags under my eyes. I always notice them on other people and thanked my lucky stars that I didn’t have them. Well… it’s my turn! I’m 45 and finally needed to diminish undereye puffiness.WORKED FIRST USAGE: The first time I used it, I noticed smoother, flatter undereye area at the end of the day. I did as the package instructed and used it morning and night, on a clean face. My method is to clean my face, use this product, then us my facial moisturizer, then apply makeup (if day time). I have been using it two weeks, and my bags are practically gone. My wrinkles are diminished, but guys, bags and wrinkles are still there — this product DIMINISHES them, not eradicates them. I’m happy with this since it’s not plastic surgery :-)BOUGHT AT WALGREENS – I paid $28 at Walgreens because they did not have it at my local WalMart. It is $19 on Amazon so I’ll buy it here when I need a refill. I have Amazon Prime, which is a good deal if you don’t have it. Hint hint.RECOMMENDED for all ages. Good luck!See my profile for my makeup look. I like to go for youthful and natural, and pretend I’m not wearing any! 🙂

Adela Odin, MN

The best I’ve tried so far….

I have been looking for a product that will tighten up my upper eyelids because when I get tired, they really sag and my eyelashes can irritate my eyes. It’s a family trait, and I’ve talked to my doctor about it, but he said any surgery to correct it would be viewed by insurance as cosmetic. I’ve tried Avon Anew Clinical EyeLift and Argan oil with minimal results, so I thought I’d try the L’Oreal Revitalift product. I have to say that although I am not totally thrilled with the results, after three weeks, it gives the best results so far. It seems that most people are looking to minimize signs of aging under the eyes, but I don’t have much of a problem there. The skin over my eyes and the lids feel somewhat firmer, and I’m not experiencing the irritation from eyelashes that was bothering me before. So, for half the cost of the Avon and Argan products, I’ll keep using this one for awhile longer. The applicator is cool and soothes the skin after a long day. It doesn’t sting at all and the smell is very minimal. I’d recommend this product for the areas both over and under the eyes. Good stuff!

Virginia Orondo, WA

This won’t peel the years away.

L’Oreal’s new eye treatment is a nice moisturizer, but that’s about all we can expect from it. It does have a cooling tip that feels nice and cold when you hold it against your undereye area. I doubt this is of much therapeutic value, however.The ingredients consist mainly of some hydrating oil, a lot of water and some hyaluronic acid, another type of moisturizer. What hyaluronic acid is, actually, is a magnet for water. It holds water inside skin cells like a little sponge. This is good and bad. It’s good because the water plumps out tiny wrinkles making them less visible. Temporarily. And that’s the key word. It does not repair wrinkles, just fill them out…for a while. That’s where you get dramatic lift mentioned in the product description. And please note, that’s not clinically proven dramatic results. It’s based on consumer response. We don’t know how this response was elicited, so there’s no way to know how accurate it is.What I saw for myself was some minor plumping up of the very fine wrinkles…the ones that really don’t matter. Those deep, entrenched ones…no difference.And there is a downside to hyaluronic acid. Remember, it’s a water magnet…and water is what’s making eyes so puffy. If you have swollen, tired looking eyes, the last thing you need is more water retention. You can get rid of puffiness with a cold eye compress (I like a bag of frozen peas and and 20 minute nap), cold cucumber slices, or chilled, used teabags. No need for an expensive cream.Does Revitalift work on real undereye bags? No. Those pouches are filled with fat and only a surgeon fix them. No topical treatment will make any difference.Okay, enough gloom. Here’s the good news. L’Oreal Rvitalift Triple Power Eye Treatment has apricot kernal oil, which is a dense, long-lasting and excellent humectant with anti-oxidant properties. This will help prevent existing wrinkles from getting worse, and may even prevent new wrinkles. It won’t do much for the severe ones that already exist, however.To fix those, you have to go back in time and select the right ancestors, because youthful looking skin is an inherited trait. Then, starting at about ten years of age, keep out of the sun and wear a heavy-duty sunblock at all times. If your time machine is in the shop, get to know a good dermatologist and invest in Botox and cosmetic fillers. After a while, you may want to start googling cosmetic surgeons as well. And investigate Endermologie. It’s a mechanical massage treatment from France and if I had not tried it myself, I would’t believe how good the results are. But again, like the injectibles and the surgery, it’s not cheap. But you do get your money’s worth.There are no quick fixes.

Jenna Hingham, MA

Triply disappointing – I think this is a “fluffy” product

I think this eye cream is a lot of hype without much substance. Reading the front of the box, the Triple Power claim sounded promising. Reading the fine print on the side of box, my “Recommended Regimen”, I’m confused about how and why this eye cream should even fit into my routine, or what exactly it’s supposed to do. The side of the box tells me that I’m supposed to be using 3 separate eye creams over the course of one day. Why doesn’t one cream do it all for me? I didn’t realize “Triple Power” meant “This is only part of Triple the amount of products I actually need in order to see any results.” The stainless steel applicator provides some cooling effect, but I didn’t notice that it actually helped with the bags under my eyes when I woke up. The cream itself has a zingy feel, but I didn’t notice any actual tightening or firming of my eye area, even with morning and evening use over an extended period (a few weeks). It definitely provides moisture, but I wouldn’t pick it over my regular moisturizer. I’d leave this one on the shelf and keep looking.

Jewel Maxbass, ND

Works on Every Skin Type

I have very fine lines under my eyes and my left eye has a little darkening under it so I wanted to see if the L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power Eye Treatment would work and it took about three weeks before I could see any difference. The difference is very subtle and you have to look very closely but I did notice small changes, but nothing dramatic.As an African American Woman it is hard to find a product that can effectively fix small lines because our skin is different and we have to use different products but the L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power Eye Treatment was perfect on my skin and to me surprisingly effective.I am also very careful of what I use on my eyes because I have allergies and anything overly perfumed or too strong will have my eyes teary and runny all day and this eye treatment didn’t cause any issues and I was able to get really close to apply the cream. The metal applicator is nice because it’s cool and makes it easy to apply the RevitaLift Power Eye Treatment because you can get a precise application without wasting any of the serum.Great eye treatment but it doesn’t work overnight, but you will eventually start to notice the difference under your eyes because I sure did.

Lina Mendon, NY

Decent eye cream, not a miracle product

Perhaps I am on the younger side of the spectrum for the target consumer of this product and don’t yet have too many problem areas around my eyes, but I didn’t notice much change when using this product.Pros: It was not irritating and doesn’t have a lingering scent.Cons: I personally would not pay full price for this. I’m of the opinion that natural things (such as better sleep, better hydration, and healthy eating) can also improve the look of the area around the eye, just as this product claims.Also, I think the metal “cooling applicator” is silly and a marketing gimmick. Of course it is cooling, it’s metal. I preferred to apply the cream with my finger, and the cream itself is also cool to the touch as it is first applied.Finally, I felt that the cream didn’t absorb too well into my skin. On more than one occasion, I noticed myself rubbing dry cream off which had not absorbed.Overall, for those who want to try a product from the beauty aisle, this one might do the trick for less cost than very high-priced brands. It isn’t going to work overnight, as the box claims that after 3-4 weeks X% of people found improvement in under eye circles, wrinkles and puffiness. Not everyone will find a change in their under-eye area.

Berta Washington, ME


Didn’t really reduce any of the lines under my eyes….didn’t make it worse either. I’m starting to wonder if any of these products do anything at all….I will continue my search for the perfect product ….

Mabel Delano, MN

No change

I really wanted to see some improvement, but it’s just not happening. I guess I’ve been using this for six weeks or so, but no change in undereye circles or any lift in upper lids. I’ve used Olay Regenerist products for several years, and can’t say I really saw any difference in my eye area with them either, so maybe an earlier reviewer was right that there is simply not much that will effect change in the eye area, but I’ll keep trying!

Joni Perrin, TX

Multi-purpose cream!

I recommend this eye cream for any woman who wants to reduce puffiness, erase under-eye wrinkles (often caused by dry skin as much as aging!), moisturize the delicate skin under and around her eyes, and help erase wrinkles and delay aging. I love it.I have extremely sensitive skin and allergies, including psoriasis, but this cream is soothing to my skin. I’ve never experienced swelling, itching or a rash with it.

Angela Yoder, KS

Good value and does what it says

I’m pretty picky about my eye creams (I’m at an age that I have to be). So, I’m actually surprised for the price that this works so well. A quick review of the ingredients shows me that it contains very similar ingredients to one I use that costs three times as much that I have been a fan of ever since my dermatologist recommended it to me. But, this one is knocking it out on sheer value. Here are the things that I like about this that I think helps it deliver.1. CAFFEINE AND COLD: I always look for something that contains caffeine (they are hard to find), but for me I’ve found that helps eliminate puffiness – just like cold tea bags on your eyes long enough will. This ones application also provides a cooling effect.2. AMPLE DEEP MOISTURIZING: Keeps those lines from getting or showing up too deep.3. NO SCENT/BREAK OUT FACTORS: One would think I’d hit an age I didn’t have to worry about that. But, sensitive skin is sensitive skin – and this one works with mine.BOTTOM LINE: Very good value that does all three of the things that it says it will do. Way to go L’oreal.

Kenya Hamel, IL

Works Well but Not a Miracle Product

I definitely agree that skin needs to be tended to and nurtured. While good nutrition, ample hydration, and proper sleep are all critical components, a good moisturizer can help as well. That helps protect the skin from the outside, while you make sure it’s healthy from the inside.I like that this product is gentle and does not irritate my skin. I tend to be sensitive to a variety of products and often it’s hard for me to find something that my skin is OK with. This worked well for me.Is it a miracle face lift? No. But it’s a good part of an overall approach to maintaining a healthy look.

Lillian Waterville, WA

Great moisturizer for the eyes…

This product works well to moisturize but I haven’t seen a difference as far as smoothing lines or wrinkles. I like it though. I have eczema on my eyes and it seems to help with the dryness.

Carmela Lusk, WY

Love the cooling applicator

Normally when I use an eye treatment for dark circles, I use a q-tip and dip it into the jar so as not to contaminate the rest of the stuff. This applicator is terrific. It actually does feel cool when applying and it also keeps one from having to use q-tips or their germy fingers. Of course this is not a miracle cure for bags or circles. I have used a lot of different (men’s) eye creams and have always gotten just minimal results. I think bags and circles are hereditary and can’t be fixed by an eye treatment, no matter what the manufacturer claims. Still, this one felt good going on and I did see a hint of improvement after three weeks of daily use. For the price, you can’t beat it. Aside from liking the applicator, I also liked the non-scent, the smooth texture and the lack of greasiness.

Lakesha Sayner, WI

Nice moisturizer but can’t tell difference in lines or bagginess

I love the cool metal applicator tip. It feels like my eye area is getting a nice relaxing massage. You do, however, have to make sure you squeeze out enough of the cream or the tip will drag. It seems to work well as a moisturizer for the sensitive eye area; nonetheless, after using for a month, I couldn’t tell that my lines or the occasional bagginess was any different. My lines and bagginess are very mild, so perhaps there wasn’t much it could do. The cream is unscented and doesn’t leave a heavy oil residue. I plan to use it a little longer and see how things work out. It’s worth a try since each person responds differently to products. Good luck.

Leslie Vinemont, AL


This is a new product from loreal, and that surprised me, because is very efficient!Has a texture of the serum, is absorbed by the skin very fast.Leaves skin smooth, and help the eliminate fine lines of expressions and wrinkles that affect the look.Wonderful!!!!

Jasmine Sherman, CT

Didn’t work all that well

the applicator is easy to use and it feels nice going on; it definitely helped with small wrinkles, and evened skin tones and dark circles, but did not help with under-eye puffiness (‘bags’ in the vernacular)the product itself is so small that there is no room or way to indicate date of expiration, nor contents!there was no product literature includedin all fairness, this review is after two and a half weeks – perhaps more time is needed to objectively view any results?

Crystal Montrose, MI

Not bad

I’ve fought a battle against the deep, deep crow’s feet that inflict all the males in my family–my brother and father have eyes you could run rivers through. And while it may not be the most manly thing in the world I have regularly used eye moisturizers for years. I’m doing pretty good so far.This “L’Oreal Revitalift Triple Power Eye Treatment” is the latest product I have tried. Like most eye treatments, it has an aggrandizing name and lots of promises that it couldn’t possibly live up to. There is no magic. But it does as good a job holding off the tides of time as any other product I have used. I haven’t seen any drastic improvement over the two weeks that I have been using it, but it seems to work just as well as my previous eye treatments I have been using.The applicator is a little weird–a cold, metal wand that you use to squirt around your eyes. I’m reminded of the Tin Man oiling his joints whenever I use this. Its cold, which can be refreshing on summer mornings but I’m not sure how much I will love it come winter.I am very happy that there is no scent (or light enough I couldn’t tell). As a guy I really don’t want scent with my eye treatment. It rubs in nice, and doesn’t leave any greasy residue or film. All in all I enjoyed this product and would use it again.

Joann Goodville, PA

Just ok

This feels really good. I like the applicator, which is cooling and comfortable. But I thought the cream itself didn’t really absorb all that well and seemed to dry out quickly, leaving the skin around my eyes not noticeably more moisturized than usual.

Helena Markleville, IN

I love it

Very suitable for women over the age of 40y . My wrinkles around the eyes definitely decreased. I recommend it strongly to all ladies!

Erika Hackett, AR

Doesn’t work for me

I was really, really hoping this product would work for me. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and have not noticed any difference at all around my eyes. No visibly reduced wrinkles, no firmer skin around the eye area, no help for the circles under my eyes. I do like the product is lightweight and easy to massage into the skin around the eyes.

Gabrielle Anchorage, AK

vs. Clinique All About Eyes — similar products, tube not as convenient as a tub

I’ve been usingClinique All About Eyes–/1OZ, and this eye cream is fairly similar in both price and effectiveness. I didn’t notice any difference after switching from All About Eyes to this Revitalift Eye Treatment, so I’m guessing that neither product can make a gal in her mid-50s look 25 again, and that Clinique had done what could be done before I switched to the L’Oreal. (L’Oreal “overdescribed” their eye cream, however — it’s not a miracle cream, and I get annoyed when products can’t live up to their grand claims.)I didn’t love the applicator, though. It’s nice on a warm morning to apply the cool metal tip of the tube directly to my undereyes, but either that way, and just squirting some of the cream onto my finger to apply, the applicator gets a bit messy. I find that I prefer Clinique’s little tub of cream with a screw-top lid.P.S. November 12, 2013: When I could no longer squeeze lotion out of the tube, it still felt somewhat heavy, so I snipped off the top 1/3 or so of the tube with scissors. Lo and behold, there was a LOT of lotion left in the two ends. I clipped notches into half of the tube so I could slide the other half back into it as a kind of lid, and so far I’ve just been pinching one side or the other of the tube to squeeze more product out. Eventually I’ll use a Q-Tip, but if you’re as thrifty as I am, you’ll want to use up this huge amount of extra eye creme that remains in the tube.

Mitzi Homerville, OH

Very Nice Eye Cream

I have only been using this eye cream for a couple weeks but I do believe I see a difference. Luckily I don’t have wrinkles around my eyes, but I do have puffy bags under them. After putting this on morning and night after I wash my face, my eyes are looking less puffy. Hopefully they will continue to improve over the next 6 to 8 weeks. It has a nice texture, absorbs in well, very little fragrance, and the metal applicator tip helps you to glide the cream on without pulling on the skin around your eyes. So far so good!

Allison Pultneyville, NY

L’Oreal Revitalift Triple Power eye treatnment

This item works well on the under eye circles. It takes away the sleepless under-eye bags. It feels cool on application and is priced just right. The seller packaged this item well and sent it to my door in a timely manner.

Winifred Winnett, MT

Good eye cream for good price

I’ve never tried a “drug store brand” eye cream. Until this one– and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. This eye cream does a wonderful job hydrating around the eye, and the dark circles under my eyes *have* lessened. The (genetic) under-eye puffiness has not noticeably diminished, but nothing seems to shift this. And the price can’t be beat (I’ve paid a LOT more for less effectiveness). I’ll definitely purchase this great budget-conscious eye cream!

Minerva Grandin, FL

Teary eyed

I’ve used this product twice and I am not willing to see if it “works.” It makes my eyes sting when I apply even the smallest amount. The second time I used it, my eyes watered. Really, I only put a teensy tiny amount on the bags under my eyes. Ah well. If one wants miracles, try plastic surgery. Me? I’m putting my glasses back on. They cover the bags perfectly well with no tears.

Noelle Sullivan, IN

Too Soon to Truly Tell

I have been using the Triple Power Eye Treatment for about two weeks now. What I like is the cooling sensation as it goes on. It is non-greasy and has a pleasant scent. But as far as being effective, it may be too soon to tell. I have notice a bit of firmness around my eyes since starting to use the product, but that is about it. I will keep using it, and hopefully will see more results.

Marguerite Fort Loudon, PA

Nice product

This is a nice product, but I really don’t see any difference from some of its counterparts that I’ve used, other than it seems to make the skin around the eyes a little softer. In my opinion, it is equivalent to the eye products of Olay, Meaningful Beauty, Victoria Principal, and probably others.I have used this tube for about 3 weeks and it appears to be close to being empty, so, I would estimate 3 to 4 weeks of usage. The tube is about 5 inches long and about 3/4 inch wide. What I really dislike about it, and the reason I lowered my rating to 3 star, is that the tube is a hard plastic — too hard. Oh, it squeezes, but it actually hurts my hand to squeeze it. If you have arthritis or anything wrong with your hands, you may have some real difficulty. Of course, the emptier it gets, the harder it is to squeeze.Overall, the tube busted this product out for me, even though the product is good.

Jayne North Dartmouth, MA

Love it- feels great

I love the tip on this – it’s metal, and slanted. When you get just a dab of product up, you use it to apply it to the eye area, and it is very cool and refreshing. It helps plump out the temporary ‘slept with my face smushed’ wrinkles I get fairly quickly. Goes on smooth, absorbs in well, and does not interfere with eye makeup application.I detect just a very light pleasant fragrance that isn’t strong at all. The product itself is white, slightly pearlized, thick liquid – it’s almost thick enough to be a cream, but not quite. Leaves a nongreasy finish with no sloughing and no pilling.

Jacqueline Crumpler, NC