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L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Deep-Acting Moisturizer For All Skin Types, 1.7 Ounce

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift presents the next generation of skincare. This powerful, luxurious moisturizer goes beyond a simple anti-aging cream to fight wrinkles, re-firm contours and replenish facial volume. Powered by our highest concentration of Pro-Xylane, a patented L’Oreal ingredient that is shown to stimulate collagen production and formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to quickly penetrate skin to help fight each wrinkle. In 1 week, skins texture appears smoother In 4 weeks, elasticity is increased and skin looks younger, firmer and lifted.

Key features

  • Fight the signs of Aging in 3 dimensions: 1. Repair Wrinkles2. Redensify 3. Re-Firm
  • Formulated with Pro-Xylane Hyaluronic Acid
  • Skin is deeply hydrated. Complexion looks more radiant

Honest reviews


Tried everything, this is the best!

I first tried this as a sample straight from L’Oreal. I made the little packet last for days. A little goes a long way. It’s the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. I had to buy a jar of it! I am 40 years old and was beginning to see fine lines around my eyes and “mad lines,” as I call them, between my eyebrows. Just a dab of this moisturizer morning and night, leaves my face feeling soft, smooth, fresh and bright. The lines aren’t gone, of course, but they are softer and lightly diminished. My skin doesn’t feel greasy. Other facial treatments either leave my face feeling greasy, not moisturized enough or causes me break outs. I get none of that with this. I think I’ve finally found my moisturizer for good.

Gertrude Rockland, ID

Smooths skin instantly, too much fragrance

This cream can be used day or night, and it’s sufficiently thick to be moisturizing, yet it absorbs very quickly. And my skin was left very smooth afterwards. The packaging is gorgeous; a high-end looking glass jar in a rich red color, bronzed lid. All shaping up to be a very good choice for a moisturizer. But the cream has a strong perfume, not one I like and it lingers for hours. It’s irritating, in fact and makes my eyes water and get red. I wanted to like this cream and it does do what it says–it smooths and firms your facial skin. But due to the perfume, it’s a non-starter for me. There is no need for perfume in face cream and it’s very sad that the manufacturer feels they have to add a common allergen and irritant to a very good product. Completely sad and perfectly unnecessary.

Roberta Belleville, PA

L’oreal Triple Action Revitalift Moisturizer

I ordered this Amazon and also bought another jar from another store as a backup (in case I really really liked it like I thought I would) I have very oily skin (am 60+ but no wrinkles) and I thought this would help my “wrinklefree” skin. Used it a.m. and p.m. and just knew I had found the miracle cream. Was using it for about 3 1/2 wks but started getting large sore bumps around my nose and undereye area. It’s probably too strong for me:( The smell wasn’t strong like I read from some other reviews, but I have stopped using it to make sure that is the cause for my breakouts. Glad it works for others though!

Katheryn Pine Meadow, CT


It was a bit like going to an upscale restaurant and being served coffee in a cup with a lipstick stain on it. The cream arrived in a very attractive jar but there was no protective seal over the contents. Also, I didn’t weigh it to see whether or not it really held 1.7 ounce, but the jar certainly did not appear to be full.A portion of the cream which appears to be thicker than the rest was rimmed around the top of the jar and remains there. Also, as there was no protective seal some of it was spread over the inside of the lid.Very reluctantly I tried the cream and found it to be far too heavy for me. Using even less of it at a time didn’t lessen the feeling of heaviness.Sorry, L’Oreal but would it be too much trouble to put a protective seal over your product? I did want to love it!

Doris Raceland, LA

It works and the price is reasonable.

I love it. I use this moisturizer and the serum twice a day. Within a few days, I noticed my skin looked more hydrated and brighter. After a couple of weeks, I noticed the skin around my jawline seemed slightly firmer. I don’t expect any product to do much for deep wrinkles, such as I have across my forehead. But, good hydration seems to be the key to diminishing them, and this product certainly does that. When your husband tells you that you look younger, you know it’s working. The only thing I would say is if you’re going to wear foundation, which I seldom do, don’t use the serum in combination with the moisturizer. The foundation doesn’t apply as well. I’m now a L’Oreal junkie!

Leslie New Albany, PA

OK moisturizer for dry skin; Anti-aging claims are dubious. Strong scent.

This product is marketed as an AM/PM moisturizer for aging skin. According to the directions on the side of the package, it should be applied afterL’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power Concentrated Serum Treatmentfor best results. It claims to:
• Repair Wrinkles
• Redensify Skin
• Re-Firm SkinI wasn’t all that impressed by this one. While I’m probably the target market for this type of product, I have “combination” skin – mostly normal with a tendency to be oilier in the T-Zone. This cream felt a bit greasy to me and left my skin feeling sticky. Even an hour after I’ve applied it my skin still has a tacky feel to it. That’s not a big deal for nighttime use, but I could never use this as a daytime moisturizer; my skin would be far too oily and it would interfere with make-up application. The biggest drawback however is the strong fragrance. This product is heavily perfumed and the scent did not appeal to me. I also get a slight burning sensation when I first apply the cream, which disappears completely in about 15 seconds. It’s very possible that my skin is reacting to the fragrance.As to the product claims….
• Hyaluronic Acid can temporarily plump up the skin, which can make wrinkles slightly less noticeable, but as far as I know it has no permanent or lasting effect.
• Redensify? As in make the skin thicker? Stronger? Not sure what they’re claiming here.
• Re-Firm: Supposedly this contains an ingredient that has been shown to “enhance collagen production”. If you check the teeny-tiny print at the very bottom of the container you’ll find that this is based on In-vitro studies. I’m not quite sure how that translates to collagen production in a living, breathing human.Would I recommend this? If your skin is dry and not sensitive to fragrance then this is probably a decent moisturizer. I think the “anti-aging” claims are overblown. The price may seem budget friendly at first glance, but keep in mind that they recommend that you use another product before this one for “best results”.

Erma Faith, SD

Rich and Smooth

I’ll start with the packaging on this moisturizer: A heavy, blood-red, square glass jar, with a pewter-colored plastic cap, holds 1.7 oz of product. Nice looking on the countertop, also easy to open. Has a protective plastic seal inside.The moisturizer itself is cream-colored, with a smooth, light, consistency. It has almost a whipped feel to it, until you apply it to your face, where things change.As I smoothed it over my skin, I could feel the heavy richness of the cream, and the feeling of “lightness” disappeared.While it added a pretty sheen to my skin, I could feel the density of the cream, and was a little concerned that it would just “sit there” rather than sink in. Which it did, for about twenty minutes. After that, it had absorbed nicely, and the feeling that it was greasy, was gone as well. No trace of it on the skin surface, no stickiness. No residue on the pillow that night.In the morning, my skin still looked smooth, and still had a very subtle sheen to it. The fine lines (they are slight) at the corners of my eyes looked –better–as in, less noticeable.I am rating the product 4 stars instead of five for a couple of reasons. They are:–Fragrance is somewhat strong, and takes a while to disappear. Just about the twenty minutes I mentioned above. If you are sensitive at all to fragrance, this might not be right for you.–The initial heaviness on application and the “dry-down” time. Again, twenty minutes. If you don’t like heavy creams at ALL, again, this might not be your choice.Lastly, I should mention that though the directions say Day/Night, this does NOT have sunscreen, so I’ve only been using it at night, since I can’t imagine putting sunscreen under or over it, simply because it is so rich.But if you are looking for a rich moisturizer that will smooth the surface of your skin and diminish the look of fine lines, this is a good choice.Final note: I’ve written about the smoothing effects, which were nearly instant. But I can’t yet comment on the “firming” claims, because I haven’t been using it long enough. The package says firming results will be seen in about 4 weeks.

Lawanda Nauvoo, IL

Pretty Jar

Loreal Triple Power is a non-oily, thick and lightly fragranced cream with the texture and consistency of pudding. A little goes a long way.The cream comes in a beautiful red and sexy heavy glass jar with a metallic top that hints of purple. You can remove the labels and use the lovely jar to store your loose diamonds or other small and precious things.The ritual of caressing your face while looking into your eyes is reason enough to try this cream. I think you owe it to yourself. You have nothing to lose.Any changes or improvement in my skin either didn’t happen or were almost imperceptible.It may work differently for you. We’re all different with different skin types.But maybe I just need glasses.I found using this cream to be pleasant which is reason enough to recommend it.

Dale Broadview Heights, OH

Nice product, no miracle-worker

Pros:- goes on very smoothly- feels rich and emollient, but it soaks in after a few minutes and doesn’t look or feel greasy- beautiful, ruby red glass containerNo necessarily cons, but Other considerations:- It says apply morning and evening, but I consider this a night creme only – it has no spf, and is probably too heavy to add an additional spf on top of it.- It does have some fragrance, but I find it pleasant – mild and clean. However if you are very sensitive or averse to fragrance, you may not like it.- I generally don’t believe much of the anti-aging hype on any products I buy. Moreover, if there were positive effects, I imagine they would be quite gradual and subtle, and difficult to determine objectively. Since we see our faces every day, how would we know? There may also be some "wishful thinking" involved, especially if you pay a lot for a product. So I systematically took photos of my face after 15, 30, 60, and 90 days with a macro lens. Guess what – after daily use, I could not see a visible difference in any of the photos after 90 days, with regards to wrinkles, lines, or blotchiness. Photos can’t really capture "elasticity", but I don’t think it is dramatically changed either. But then again, I wasn’t expecting miracles, and my skin looks and feels great when I wear it.Conclusion: I would buy this product again because it seems like a high-quality, rich moisturizer that is not overly greasy and is not horribly over-priced (like a lot of them are). The nice bottle makes it seem like a department store product. Also, a little goes a long way – I bought it six months ago and it is not quite gone yet (used about once per day).

Ola Hoopeston, IL

Smells too strong…

It may have been a good product, but as soon as I applied it to my face, I couldn’t stand the strong scent. It has a strong sunflower scent that lingers even after you wash your face and hands. It’s horrible. I would not recommend this product based on the strong scent.

Kathleen Fortescue, NJ

Good product ruined with a strong, unpleasant scent

I was excited to have the opportunity to try this facial cream. As I get older, I am more careful about my skin care regimen. However, I hate paying the exorbitant prices for department store cosmetics.This product has some good ingredients: Pro-xylane – L’Oreal’s collagen stimulator and Hyaluronic Acid to help fight wrinkles.The good news is that it works. After only a few days, my face was noticeably smoother. However, I just can’t stand the scent!What I liked about this product:* It works. I saw a difference after only a few days.* The beautiful packaging. The product comes in a heavy red glass container. It reminds me of how department store cosmetics are packaged.The awful scent was a show-stopper for me. And I am normally not at all sensitive to scents, but this was just overpowering. It got on my pillow and I couldn’t get the smell out.Sadly, I will not be even finishing the jar, even though it worked well. If you’re not at all sensitive to heavy scents, you might like this product.

Mattie Pomona, MO

An underwhelming product from a high-end brand name

I’ve been wanting to try products with hyaluronic acid. I thought a L’Oreal cream was a good high-end product to try. The pros: I like the sophisticated scent. That’s about it. The cons: It’s a very heavy cream that doesn’t sink in; it feels like it’s clogging up my pores and it’s hot in these summer months. I’ll report later about the effect of the active ingredients. Also, note the small product size: 1.7 ounces. The jar is a heavy glass jar that makes you think you’re getting a lot of product. Mine came with a plastic protective inner cap with half the cream stuck to it. Make sure to wipe it out, including the channel around the edge, or you’ll throw out half the cream. All in all, I’m suspecting it’s back to good oldOlayfor me. UPDATE: I’ll never know if the product works. I can’t use it as a face cream. It makes my face break out. It’s way too heavy a cream. It’s making a great foot cream, though.

Adela Bowmanstown, PA

Nothing Special

The success ofOlay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, 1.7 Ouncemoisturizing cream has been so astounding that now everybody wants to feed off their achievement. L’Oreal has created a cream that is packaged in a way almost indistinguishable from Olay’s Regenerist. The contents of the similarly looking bottle of L’Oreal’s RevitaLift are, however, quite inferior to the product RevitaLift attempts to imitate.First of all, RevitaLift is a scented cream and the scent is not very attractive. It feels like the kind of scent that might appeal to a very mature woman. It is simply not a young smell, and that is a huge drawback in a moisturizer. Nobody wants the word “old” to be associated with one’s cream, especially not with one whose name promises to revitalize and lift.The cream contributes even further to this aging feel with its color. It has the same color as sallow older skin, and that makes it quite unappealing. The moisturizing effect is there at first but it evaporates about 30 minutes after use. I constantly keep forgetting that I applied this cream because my skin keeps feeling dry a short while after I use RevitaLift. Time and again, I found myself reaching for my Regenerist to alleviate the dryness after the use of RevitaLift.The creators of RevitaLift have found a way to make one’s skin feel velvety and moisturized for a short time after use. Now they have to make sure the cream continues being effective for longer than 30 minutes and that it avoids smelling and looking aged.

Agnes Elmhurst, IL

Nice moisturizer but too much fragrance.

I like the product but will probably not use it when going anywhere just after using it as it has a too strong fragrance. I like the cream as it has a nice texture and absorbs readily. I have to wonder why then would they add so much smell to the product, so much so that it will almost overpower any perfume that I might use. The fragrance does dissipate after awhile so I will probably use it when I am not leaving the house for an hour or two.One issue that I have noted is that it seems to affect my sinuses slightly probably because it is a firming agent. The effect goes away after awhile but something to consider if you have any sinus issues.It does help make the skin feel softer and moisturized so if you can handle the smell, it is a very good value for the money in comparison to other moisturizers.

Trina Fillmore, IN


This is advertised as a lightweight cream, however I am not sure I would call it light. It is a rich, creamy, lightly scented product. After 3 weeks of use, I find my skin looks healthier, more “dewy”, I can’t really see a difference in wrinkles, but I do like the way my skin looks and will continue to use it.

Sybil Taylor, PA

Similar but thicker than Olay Regenerist

When I first saw this product, I thought it wasOlay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, 1.7 Ounce. They use very similar designs.I have been using Olay Regenerist for a while and I really love the product. But because they look similar I decided to try L’Oreal Revitalift.L’Oreal Revitalift is quite thicker than Olay Regenerist. That didn’t bother me, but some people may not appreciate the feeling. I have been using the product for 3 weeks now, and I don’t see any change with my skin. That’s actually good. Because Olay Regenerist made a huge difference on my skin when I switched from other products, and my skin felt already pretty good before I started using L’Oreal. However, it didn’t give me any reasons to switch to L’Oreal from Olay because I was already happy with Olay’s Regenerist.L’Oreal Revitalift and Olay Regenerist are both good product. And they are both the same price. If I have a choice with the same price, I choose Olay Regenerist.

Priscilla Minturn, SC

Too heavy! Too Greasy! Very little results…

I found this moisturizer to be too heavy and greasy feeling. I did notice improved skin tone and moister skin immediately after application, but even after using a month, I see no permanent results especially no reductions in my lines. This is a product that claims to work after a week! It also has a very overpowering smell that lingers. The red glass jar is the nicest thing about this moisturizer, but I will be discarding it for a lighter product.

Lindsey Rochester, IL

Good Moisturizer

I got this because I thought it was purely a moisturizer but it turns out it has added bonuses. I haven’t used it quite a month yet, more like a couple of weeks but it does work strictly as a moisturizer. The product contains hyaluronic acid to fight wrinkles in 1-4 weeks. Keeps your skin completely hydrated, complexion radiant and gives increased elasticity. I’d say it works somewhat in that area but as a moisturizer it’s good. I also like the fact it’s more a subtle smell instead of overpowering. Also smooth texture and lightweight. Also contains a concentrated pro-xylene to strengthen the skin. I usually like a moisturizer with no smell but this so subtle that it works. I’d recommend it.

Maggie Ionia, MO

Good moisturizer

After using this for a few weeks I have noticed my skin a little softer and a little brighter. It does feel thick but absorbs almost instantly which I love. But the fragrance is very overpowering and not that pleasant. Fines lines are a little softer but not the deeper ones. Good moisturizer.

Viola Farmingdale, NJ

I love L’Oreal Products

I love & use L’Oreal products but hadn’t used this one before. It is a rich, smooth texture & smoothes onto the face so easily but not greasy. It feels like satin. Now, I know no cream can take wrinkles away but the L’Oreal products moisturize the face so well that the wrinkles soften. If you are looking for a good face cream, try this.

Alyce Mount Royal, NJ

I Really Tried To Like This!

I have been using a variety of anti aging lifting creams for a series of years now, and I know what works and what does not work.I have used Revitalift products in the past and was very impressed with them, so I jumped at the chance to try out the new Triple Power Deep Acting Moisturizer.The fragrance is like the previous creams which is bit intense at times compared to some of the lighter creams on the market, but it is not anything that really annoyed me that much.The texture is where I have my difficulty with this cream. When applying it to the skin, at first a little seems to go a long way, but then suddenly I feel as if I have a waxy film on my face. I found this to feel really frustrating as it is way more than the creams I have used in the past. I have used Yes to Blueberries creams which occasionally have a tacky feel to them, but I got used to it. This I just could not get used to.I was willing to keep going with it, however, so I kept using this every night and was hoping for some good results. In spite of my best efforts, this cream did not leave my face in better shape- instead it was left worse than it was before!I gave it several weeks, but this cream just didn’t measure up to previous Revitalift creams I have used in the past, so I finally stopped using it. The smell, the waxy texture and lack of performance really was a turn off to me. I gave it two stars because it did moisturize but not in a way that I enjoyed very much.

Mattie Ransom, PA

Good moisturizer, No Residue, Nice, Light Fragrance

With so many manufacturers of skin and facial moisturizers to choose from, one of the most popular being Oil of Olay’s “Regenerist Microsculpting Cream” (which I still have and use), and from which all others are judged and competing against, there’s no accident that L’Oreal’s similar moisturizer is called “Revitalift.”Quite honestly, I was (and still remain) unsatisfied with Olay’s “Regenerist,” so I thought I would try the “Revitalift.” First of all, there is a light fragrance, not unpleasant, but some may find it a little strong, but no more than Olay’s “Regenerist,” which has a different, light fragrance.I’ve been using L’Oreal’s “Revitalift” now for about two weeks, and though I don’t notice my under-eye skin and frown lines are noticeably smoother, in all fairness, all products advise it takes over a month of continued use for any noticeable change and/or guaranteed results to appear, and all manufacturers suggest continued use for months to REALLY notice visible changes.What I DO like, and a major difference between the two, is that even though I use the products as advised, with L’Oreal’s “Revitalift,” there is absolutely NO residue the next morning from under my eyes or on my forehead (frown line area.) With Olay’s “Regenerist,” cream OR serum (I have used and will still use both), there IS a noticeable residue which leads me to think that not as much of Olay’s product is getting absorbed into my skin.Which products YOU will ultimately use is a matter of personal preference. While absorption and visible changes are major considerations, even subtle differences like texture, creaminess and fragrance will affect your decision, but I’m looking for RESULTS. Though I’ve used Olay’s products for several years now, I don’t see any NOTICEABLE reduction in under-eye and frown lines (if anything, they’ve been held at bay and have remained the same, no better or worse), so I’m giving L’Oreal’s “Revitalift” a chance. I hope I’ll see visible results a LOT sooner.

Annette Fielding, UT

Good product

My wife uses this product and gave me her review.The smell is very pleasant to her. As advertised no greasy feel or mess. Not using long but seems to be providing the moisturizing that was expected. Will have to wait to judge longer term rejuvenating effects.

Lee Oregon House, CA

not too sure about this, just OK so far

Update– I had to quit using this and go back to my regular creams, the lines on my face were getting worse with every day. I could see myself aging in the mirror. I am so very disappointed in this cream, it actually made me look worse and I can see how much my ROC actually does do for my face. Mileage may vary but my experience is that it doesn’t do anything at all for my skin, I may as well not use any moisturizer at all the way my face looked.I have been using it for a approximately a week and my face does feel smoother but I haven’t seen any reduction in wrinkles and around my eyes I noticed I am having more wrinkles appearing. I will use it another week yet to see if there is any change. I also just recently developed a couple breakouts, I am not sure it is from this or not but if it continues I will quit using this to see if they disappear.It feels really smooth and creamy when applying it, the scent isn’t overpowering to me and I don’t like perfume. It looks and feels like it should work but so far I have not seen any firming or improvement and it does show some improvement in 1-2 weeks.

Reva Milledgeville, GA

Works wonderfully.

I was going to wait awhile before reviewing this product to see the results. But I have to say after only one application, I noticed a difference. My face was noticeably more hydrated. The fine lines around my mouth were plumped up and seemed to have disappeared. I put it on at bedtime and again the next morning. It made my makeup go on so smoothly. I was thrilled!Until the next day or my third application. My eyes got itchy and red. I couldn’t determine if this cream had fragrance before selecting it. Upon opening it, I could tell – it had fragrance. It is also listed on the ingredient list which I could not see before selecting. One ingredient I know definitely helps hydrate skin is hyaluronic acid. It’s in there. But for me, I will have to stick to hyaluronic acid cream with no fragrance. I just hate that manufacturers find it necessary to add fragrance to everything. This would be absolutely fabulous without it!If you don’t have issues with fragrance, buy it! It does work. Honest to goodness it does!

Mavis Center Valley, PA


I had great hopes for this cream. I checked various reviews around the internet as well as what the pros said. It looked like a pretty good cream for the money.So Sad.After 3 weeks I have seen no improvement. Actually I see more lines daily.Its a nice moisturizer for dry skin but, it does little else.It is time for me to go back to my Olay.

Paula Accomac, VA

Terrific for my complextion.

It does the best for my complextion, and really moiterizes my face. With older people, the can have very dry skin.

Jade Pompeys Pillar, MT

No better than any other moisturizers I’ve tried

I’ve tried a lot of moisturizers in an attempt to find one that will help minimize the wrinkles below my eyes. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks straight, applying twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. While I like the silky feel after application, I’m not fond of the perfumy smell, or stink imo, which is too much for my sensitive nose. BUT, the smell doesn’t stay around and isn’t noticable after it’s been applied. I haven’t noticed any improvement in regards to the claims on the packaging of “repairing wrinkles”, nor do I see or feel “firmer” or looking “younger”.Some creams just don’t feel nice after applying and some do. Some leave the skin feeling silky, some leave it feeling dried out.I’m happy with the way this feels after applying and I personally feel the need to have some kind of cream on, whether it’ll help in the long run, only time can tell. I’m happy enough to stick to using this product, until that miracle cream finally comes along.

Samantha Roberts, WI

Magic in a bottle. This is a must for …

Magic in a bottle. This is a must for all women over 55 yrs old.

Judith Rochester, MA

Great moisturizer and hardly any scent

I’m surprised that so many people complain about the scent of this cream. To me it has very little scent. It is very light and goes on smoothly. Usually after I apply most moisturizer my face feels dry again in a little while.. I like something that feels creamy on my skin all night and my skin does not look dry the next morning. I’ve been using Shiseido products for many years but not only did they stop making my favorite products so that I had to find them on Amazon, they have gone up in price outrageously. I’m 78 with very good skin and decided I didn’t need to be paying that much for skin cream anymore. I’ve tried several but this one is the first one I’ve tried that really seems to be what I wanted. It is l.7 oz but it goes a long way as it is so light and easy to apply. I added the collagen cream to my regime and am very pleased with the combination of Revitalift Serum, Collagen cream and this Revitalift triple power cream. To me my skin has improved in a little over a week and yesterday I went to the store with no makeup at all except mascars.

Kathrine Chatsworth, IL