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L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Miracle Blur Cream, 1.18 Fluid Ounce

It’s not a moisturizer. It’s not a foundation. It’s more than a primer: introducing miracle blur, the first-of-its-kind instant skin smoothing finishing cream. Miracle Blur was specially formulated with a distinctive cushiony texture that instantly blurs lines, wrinkles, pores and uneven texture. Opti-Blur technology diffuses light on the skin for a soft-focus effect that instantly smoothes lines and wrinkles, hides pores and minimizes little flaws and imperfections. This unique finishing cream blends seamlessly into skin so it instantly looks and feels smooth, leaving a velvet-soft matte finish. A finishing cream in the truest sense, Revitalift Miracle Blur should be the final step in every womans skincare routine, applied after moisturizing. It can also be worn under foundation for smoother, more even application and wear.

Key features

  • Miracle blur has been specially formulated with a distinctive cushiony texture that instantly blurs lines, wrinkles, pores and uneven texture
  • Instantly blurs lines, wrinkles and pores
  • A finishing cream in the truest sense, revitalift miracle blur should be the final step in every woman’s skincare routine, applied after moisturizer
  • store the product away from extreme heat or cold to prevent changes to the formula
  • close the cap between uses to prevent the drying out of the product

Honest reviews


no blur here

this is nothing more then thick sunscreen. no blur no hiding anything least of all fine lines. very thick and hard to put on. ladies do not buy this and waste your money. i

Jenifer Jermyn, PA

Not a miracle for me

I do not like this at all. Thick and hard to put on. Felt greasy on my face. Made the fine lines on my face more noticeable, did not blur them. The consistency does not feel good. I really like L’Oreal products. Not this one. I will stick with L’Oreal Youth Code lotion with spf 30. This was a complete waste of money!

Michael Fountain, MI

Don’t buy it

This is a great product if you like a greasy, gooey glob on your face. I’ll use the rest of it on my hands as a greasy gooey hand cream.I’m editing my review as of April 8th 2013. Well, it was too greasy and gooey for my hands, so I have just thrown it away.Please note that there are far superior products out there including Maybelline Primer and the ROC Brilliance Anti-Aging Primer

Erin Hotevilla, AZ

Blur Cream looks like a glorified Sunscreen and nothing else

I’ve just looked at the ingredients on the tube in the store and from what I can tellit’s a tube of SUNSCREEN. I’m not sure where the ‘blur’ part comes in other than thefact that the active ingredients blocks the sun. AT the price it is now I would neverbuy it. I’m sticking with the Golden Age balm for dry skin and testing out the RevitaliftNight Cream – Anti Sag and the Loreal Age Perfect (mature skin) Anti sag right now tosee if those do anything. Of course I can’t give first hand experience as whether theBlur does what it says it does or not and look forward to reading others reviews.

Clarissa Independence, CA

I bought same size at WalMart for under $14, less $3 coupon!

First of all, I really did buy this same 1.18 fl oz for $13 something, less a $3 coupon. It is sitting right here as I type. So I thought for such a low price, I would try it. It is not really as thick as reviews would lead you to believe, and I have really greasy skin, and this is not greasy. I would say more slick. I put it on only 1/2 of my face, and looked in a five times magnifying mirror with a strong light. I really could see some difference in the size of my pores, and with some Bare Minerals on top, it looked even better. And I could feel a real difference with my finger tips also, softer and smoother. Did it take away any wrinkles? No. And by the way, my next birthday will be number 70. As much as I love Amazon (and I am an Amazon Prime junkie), I would never pay the Amazon price. But I will buy more at WalMart when I run out. I do notice one downside. My face feels a little “hot” or closed in. However, I often get the same feeling with other products and makeup I put on. I will not use this every day, as I do not use makeup every day. But I will use it whenever I put on makeup, because it does give me a much smoother finish.

Rosetta Rapelje, MT

A small miracle for “FINE” lines, not for deep wrinkles tho.

I’d recommend this product for anyone with “FINE” lines but if you have deep wrinkles, you’ll probably be disappointed. This products works like a primer and leaves your skin with a silky look. My make-up stayed on longer and looked less shiny throughout the day. I gave it 4 stars because its too expensive and it’s basically a primer. I even at Walmart it costs $20.

Rena La Vernia, TX

don’t believe the bad reviews

I read the bad hype and thought loreal is not a crap brand. Loreal is a france brand and when something comes from pairs its a no brainer that its awesome. Anyway I went to target to buy it and its not greasy and the key is to place it over ur foundation then put ur matte powder over it and wow I look 10 yrs younger. If I would of believed all these crappy reviews then I wouldn’t be in such a great mood. Go buy it and use a dime size amount on under eyes crows smile and frown lines the product will last u use it like that its not made to globber ur face.

Kaitlyn Conway, MI

What were they thinking?

Looks and feels like thick petroleum jelly.Does not get absorbed, thus the greasy feeling persists for hours.And if it gets on your hair, then you have greasy strands of hair.Cannot recommend L’Oreal Miracle Blur.

Monika Glenwood, IL

Great drugstore primer!

I have sensitive acne prone combination to dry skin. I received a sample of this in the mail, I applied it before my foundation at 4pm, went to a concert, moshed in the mosh pit, went wild, went out to eat, didn’t come home until 2:30am and my makeup looked perfect as it did at 4pm!! I’m going to buy the full size now 🙂

Zelda Camden, MI

So far, so good

I read all the reviews on this product, good and bad, and decided to try it. One review suggested to put it on OVER your make-up and I think that is the way to go. It is not like spackle like someone said, but it is thick. I didn’t warm it first like someone suggested, but its not a bad idea if you are a bit heavy handed. I tried it OVER my makeup and was very happy with the results. Use a light touch, don’t rub it in. I put it just where my pores were most obvious and liked the results. I also tried it UNDER my makeup and found my makeup didn’t go on well and even pulled up in places. Thank you to the reviewer who suggested using it AFTER putting on makeup. These reviews have really helped me on several occasions and I am grateful that people take the time to write of their experiences.

Melisa Planada, CA

Very Greasy

No I didn’t purchase on Amazon-I FORGOT to look –and I wish I had–I paid DOUBLE in the store!!After reading all the reviews I truly had MAJOR expectations for this product – but I REALLY consider it a MAJOR FLOPFollowing directions to the letter and using a very small amount of product—it remains EXTREMELY greasy on my face and never loses that “wet” feeling.More importantly I see nothing—NARY a thing has changed or “blurred” on my face – I think people who think they actually “see” some sort of improvement are just buying into the hype, as I DID, purchasing it. Also-as a side note (I should have read MORE reviews) it makes my eyes STING!I do NOT recommend this product nor will I continue using itSorry L’Oreal-I really love your products-just NOT this one!

Joann Lajas, PR

Made my face greasy

I received a sample of this in the mail today, and was so excited to try it!I ripped open the sample and then applied it to my face,it went on extremely smooth and easy, but then alittle while later I felt my face and it felt super greasy. I will not purchase this item.Thank Goodness for free samples!Here is a list on the description of this item.Smell:It doesn’t smell like anything,there is no smell to it.color:Clear, Transparent.Feel:Feels like a regular primer when you put it on your skin.

Emilie Canisteo, NY

I Got So Many Compliments When Wearing This

I am in my mid 50s. I have tried many products from high end to drugstore. Most do an okay job in moisturizing and softening. But, for the deeper little wrinkles, the need to brighten, ect. I have not found much that does the job of masking this and making you look fresher.I had thought of getting Miracle Blur at the drugstore a few months back and the woman at the counter discounted it, saying that Loreal’s skin products are not that good.Then, I got a sample in the mail a few weeks ago.I finally tried it right before a family get together.Wow. the compliments. People kept saying how fresh and good I looked. It had given me a bit of an air brushed look with my few deeper wrinkles covered pretty well.It is not a substitute for moisturizer. You use your regular things. But, you put this on top much like you would powder over foundation. For a finished look.I love it.

Chelsey Brandenburg, KY

Sorry, just not mad about it.

L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Cream did not feel good on my skin — the effect was slick and oily. I used a very small amount, but the ultimate effect was uncomfortable for me. When I washed my hands, it seemed to stick to my hands even after I tried to remove it. With so many wonderful products out there, I see no reason to keep using something that has a negative effect rather than a positive one. The consistency of this product needs some improvement.

Doretha Kershaw, SC

Creates a soft focus

Ok so I must admit that I was sold by the commercial and absoulutely had to try it. It really does create a “blurred” effect HOWEVER tends to get a LITTLE greasy after a while. SO what I do is after applying the miracle blur I dab a bit of milk of magnesia(u can pick up at any drugstore. Be mindful NOT to get the mint flavored one lol) the milk helps absorb the oil and helps my make up last. I also like this product because it does contain SPF 15 and living in the caribbean the sun is always blazing hot. Overal I’d recommend this product.

Brooke Truckee, CA

Does not live up to what it claims.

I have used L’Oreal products before and I have been very satisfied until I used this.I find the cream to be thick, dry and almost coarse like(Don’t know if my tube are old stock). On application I find it too heavy and my skin couldn’t breath. I did not my skin look any better or improvement using this product. I personally would not recommend this.

Christina Holmes City, MN

Made me break out

The blurring effect was subtle and okay, it felt nice but shortly after I was breaking out in small red bumps in random places I don’t usually have issues with (between my eyebrows, on my lip line, my under eye area). After scrubbing it off the bumps did not go away but I didn’t get any additional when it was removed. I do not recommend for acne prone and/or sensitive skin.

Tamara Deming, NM

This should be called “L’Oreal Paris Overpriced SUNSCREEN.”

The lesson to be learned here is to read/know and learn a product’s ingredients. Label reading is a practice that all consumers–albeit food items or beauty–should adopt.The featured active ingredients are LITERALLY sunscreen components:Homosalate (10%),Octisalate (5%),Octocrylene (5%),Oxybenzone (6%).THAT’S ALL, FOLKS. Sunscreen.You can google each individual active ingredient and you will see that the purpose is (*drumroll*)…SUN protection.The inactive ingredients are nothing more than binders, thickeners and standard emollients and fragrance. The thick, greasy, unpleasant feel that some are experiencing is the same as that of which when applying your lotion at the beach: the skin has difficulty absorbing the “lotion,” as it is heavy and it ADHERES to the skin rather than absorbing into the skin (like a BARRIER). The “line erasing” premise behind this product lies with the fact that the cream (very temporarily) fills in/SINKS into lines. And, more than anything, sunscreen PREVENTS further wrinkles/skin damage.I feel that this product is a very manipulative ploy to rob pockets. I’m giving it TWO stars because I support using sunscreen as a part of your facial care regimen. But other than that, this is just a total dig into your pocket book and wholly unnecessary. Most good moisturizers and foundations for mature skin have a sunscreen component in them anyway. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND AVOID!!!!

Juliette Athena, OR

Gives a finished look.

I received a sample of this in the mail and I liked the results. I went to Amazon and ordered some. It is pretty good. It covers fine lines and wrinkles without giving you that "made up" look. It is very natural on the skin.

Etta Tumtum, WA

Blur Cream

This product is ok. I just expected more. Very thick cream. It is hard to squeeze out of tube. A lot goes to waste unless you cut the container. Needs to be put in small jar. Product was not really a miracle blur cream. Would not order again.

Elinor Valley Falls, KS

I love it

Great product! I use it as a base for make-up and am very pleased! I recommend it strongly to all ladies who wants to look good for longer!

Courtney Chase, KS

Blurs hands, not face.

Try it on your face in the store, not your hand. Tried it on my hand in the store, seemed amazing. On face? Not so much. Plus I broke out (does not “blur” that, either), and it burned my eyes. Yeah you’re not supposed to get it in them but I always end up doing so and I don’t think eye-burning stuff is promising on one’s skin – and OUCH!). Not cheap so I returned it.

Callie Muskegon, MI

Like that it has some sunscreen in it

I’ve tried this "blur" and the one made by garnier. I prefer the garnier for the actual blur effect but I like that this one has sunscreen. It doesn’t seem to "blur" quite as well as the garnier five second blur but I doubt if others could tell the difference. This one is a bit heavier and a bit more oily but other than that on aging skin it works very well.

Vonda Cypress Inn, TN

This stuff is great!

I love this stuff. I have the L’Oreal magic base too but this one works differently. I like them both but only use this one now. It’s a different type of base than the magic base.

Sheree Barton, OH

Not quite as blurring as expected

I was expecting more "blurring" with this product than I got. I use it over my usual moisturizer. I’m 66 with pretty good skin but was hoping for more fading of small lines and reddish spots. I have other primers I like better for fading out small lines and reddish spots. It does leave your skin smooth and protected and no irritation on my sensitive skin. When I use it I follow up with a tinted cc cream and then it works well.

Lesa Reeds Spring, MO

Amazing Stuff

I tried this after getting a free sample in the mail, and was amazed at how it works. I have a small crater on the side of my nose from a suspected basal cell cancerous pimple that was removed. This stuff minimized the look of it somehow and made it virtually disappear, at all angles and in all kinds of different light. Makeup applied over it lasts all day long. A little goes a very long way, too. I will always use it now!

Samantha Faribault, MN

Odd but I like it!

I’ll start by saying this is an odd product. I tried it from a magazine sample, but the amount was tiny and it was hard to say what I thought. However, it was interesting enough that I remembered the product. After trying a second sample recently, I decided to spring for a tube. The usual drugstore outlets had it at full price. I got mine via a military PX for five less than the full price, but I have to say the price on Amazon is the best I’ve seen anywhere! If I buy a second tube, I’ll be purchasing here on Amazon!Now for the product itself: You do have to read and heed instructions for how and when to apply it. Ladies: this is NOT a moisturizer!! I’m 64 and have very good skin with fairly small pores and hardly any wrinkles, so admittedly I’m not battling big problems. However, my big issue is a bit of dryness and regular flakiness that I constantly have to deal with. I do a lot of things to protect and moisturize my skin. Pretty much on a daily basis, mornings, I have to use a bit of scrub to remove small flaky spots. Then I use an oil as the first thing…right now I’m trying L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial oil…so far I like it but the jury is still out as to how well it helps with the moisturizing. I’m trying to reduce that flakiness, so that’s my main goal. So the oil is the first thing, then I use a moisturizer with SPF, various products actually, I don’t have a favorite although right now I do really like Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer…I love how it goes on, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, and it’s a nice non-greasy moisturizer for me. Rather costly, though. After that I use the L’Oreal Miracle Blur Cream. Yes, it’s quite thick, almost like a paste, although if you dispense just a bit and rub it between your fingers for a moment, it softens and applies better. Then I apply it very lightly. It spreads just fine if you don’t use too much, and once on, gives a lovely nice smooth finish that I really like as a base. I put BB cream on top of that, then a bit of Bare Minerals powder makeup, blush, mineral veil on top. Seems like a lot, but it looks great and smooth like those gals at the department store beauty counters, and so far I’m happy with what I’m seeing from the Miracle Blur cream.The real test will be when I reach the end of the first tube…whether or not I buy another one. The jury is still out on this too, so I’ll see what I think then. So far, I do see a better look, very lovely and smooth without looking made up, it doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin, it gives a great base for the mineral powder makeup, it adds a 30 spf which is nice. I’ll update my review at the end of the tube. Only negative so far is that it’s a fairly small tube, so I suspect it won’t last long even though I’m using a very small amount each time.

Lea Cecilia, LA

Very nice addition to beauty regimen

I first got this product as a sample, and while I am loathe to use samples that I receive that are unsolicited, I tried this one. I usually use high end cosmetics, but this was just wonderful, and I didn’t know of any other similar products in the cosmetics that I use. So, I purchased it, and I’m very happy with its effect. I’m 68 years young, a great-grandmother, and don’t look it at all. Today was my first day using the product since receiving it, and speaking to someone in the supermarket while in the checkout line, she would absolutely NOT believe my age. I think it had something to do with this product because, first of all, I do have very nice skin, but this puts a smooth finish onto the skin that just wasn’t there before. The woman in the market commented on my skin and how smooth it is. Try this product. For the price, it just can’t be beat. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky and then you put on your foundation, and it looks great. You won’t be disappointed.

Sofia Centralia, PA

ICK! Sits on Your Face Like a Greasy Mask

This stuff DOES NOT SINK INTO YOUR SKIN. They say you should use it as your final step. Eww! There is NO WAY you could appy powder foundation or blush (that so many of us shiney girls use) to this, w/o gunking up your brushes. And if you are in the north and need to bundle up with a scarf or hat or high necked coat near your face, you can expect to be scrubbing this gunk out of everything you own. What on earth were they thinking?

Maribel Fielding, UT

this I think works

It does fill in a little bit but that is more than any other primers do…also it really does make your pores look smaller…also has a good sun block and your foundation looks better….you can’t beat it for the price

Bobbi Harperville, MS