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L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Collagen Wrinkle Treatment, 1 Fluid Ounce

On certain facial areas where wrinkles are more pronounced, typical anti-wrinkle treatments are not enough. Innovation: technology targeted to wrinkles. Inspired by dermatological collagen treatments, L’Oreal Paris has created collagen filler: the first wrinkle reducer with collagen bio-spheres and boswelox that is applied onto wrinkles to diffuse and fill in the depth and length of facial lines and wrinkles. New anti-wrinkle action. Collagen filler can be applied on all wrinkles: forehead wrinkles, brow furrows, laugh lines and vertical lines around the mouth. Actions: Collagen bio-spheres penetrate the surface of the skin. As they come into contact with water naturally found in the skin, they expand to plump and fill facial lines and wrinkles. Results: visibly smoothes wrinkle creases: immediately, the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines is softened and diffused by up to 20%. With continuous use, consumers saw improved results: in 1 week, 38% saw fewer forehead wrinkles. In 3 weeks, 46% saw fewer forehead wrinkles.

Key features

  • New anti-wrinkle action
  • Instant line filler
  • Can be applied to wrinkles and lines all over the face

Honest reviews


WASTE of Money $$$

Absolutely, a waste of money. I even sent an email to the seller whom I never heard from – so that was also a WASTE! I’m 65 yrs. young and have those common #11 parenthesis between eyes. Light lines on the forehead. Deep ones from end of nose to mouth. Tried this ‘wrinkle treatment for one week (7 days), to no avail whatsoever. I looked the same not even a slight change. I don’t understand the 5 STARS for this useless product. People 26 and 36 years old are not a good example for a ‘wrinkle treatment’ product. People from 50 years up are the good examples for true wrinkles.

Blanca Washingtonville, OH

This stuff works!

I use a lot of Dr. Dense items for my face as they really do help sensitive skin from aging. But I had not found anything that worked really well on those lines between my eyes and on my forehead. After using L’Oreal Collagen wrinkle treatment for a month I noticed the lines were diminished and the lines around my mouth were not as visible either. I would definitely recommend using this product; for the cost it is well worth it!

Selma Harman, WV

geting younger

It is a great product. It really fill up the unwanted wrinkles. If you keep applying over and over wile you watch a movie it will really do the job in a couple of hours.

Marilyn Stollings, WV

Bye-Bye wrinkles on the forehead!

My most favorite wrinkle reducer for my forehead. You must use daily (I only use in the morning) and then I use Olay at night. You can cut the tube when you get down to not much left and put in a good ziplock baggie. Then you can dig out more and use for quite awhile longer.

Tasha Egan, SD

Saw Results in 4 Days!

I love this. I’ve used a few wrinkle fillers / treatments, but this one gave me almost instant (same day) results.I will def. purchase again.

Tonia Sale Creek, TN

I really like this oroduct

I really like this product. It really works (I help it along with lemon serum). You have to wear it everyday because it is not long acting, but once applied it really does reduce the appearance of deep lines. I wear it on my forehead, in those lines that go from the nose down by the mouth, on my upper lip, and on my neck. I am 60 years old. I’ve bought this product several times and it works as well or better than those really expensive products. (And, yes, I was sucked into buying them. One cost over a $100!! No more, though. )

Jean Adair, OK

Great Product!

This is a great product. I use it on my face and lips and i has really cutdown the wrinkles. 🙂 I have used this for three years and hope than L’Oreal never stops making it.

Tiffany Lake Hubert, MN

I think this is also a very good product.

I just recently tried this and so far it seems to help, I have not been using long enough to give my complete opinion on this but am noticing some changes.

Victoria Woodston, KS

Not much change!

I am very disappointed in this product, and especially the expensive price!!! I should be seeing a difference with the $$$$$ i spent on this item. I get tired of over priced items with no effective results!!

Jesse Lamont, FL