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L’Oreal Paris Project Runway Lipstick for Women, 786/The Temptress Kiss, 0.13 Ounce

Project Runway – # 786 The Temptress’ Kiss was launched by the design house of L’Oreal Paris

Key features

  • Colour riche is deep
  • Luminous color in a weightless
  • Botanical formulations moisturize and condition

Honest reviews


Wow! Great Color:)

Nice and smooth when you apply. Lots of color and people will stare as the color brings out your beautiful face. I need all the help I can get. Buy this, and more, since you don’t ever want to run out.

Lilian Saint Albans, VT

great color for evenings 🙂

Nice color to wear with black or a nice beige, easy to lighten with a dab of a tissue. Otherwise nice color and the only complaint I have for this brand is the smell but it stops bothering after a bit of wearing the color .. it at least lasts a while on the lips.

Kathrine Angeles, PR

The color is nice but not as rich as I like

The color does not go on very thick and you need to keep applying to your lips in order for it to look like you have color. It is a pretty color and the picture looks exactly like the color, but I like long lasting lipstick that glides on with one application and this product does not do it. I do like the blush products from this line.

Taylor Ferris, IL

Really Really Really Really Love it

It’s rare that I ever find a reddish match for my skin complexion but this color is winning. I just received it today and put it on and HELLO! I’m bringing sexy back. I am a black female, deep dark, so finding a red that doesn’t look like I’ve been punched in the mouth and bleeding rainbows is rare.I read the reviews about how dark this color was, then some that stated that it wasn’t dark enough and took my chance. It’s actually darker than the photo. It goes on smooth but I would consider this color more of a stain.Surprise! I didn’t have to pay 15 bucks for it

Janice Wimbledon, ND

An amazing color

This color is great! Its a perfect kind of brown/mauve without being too dark. The one complaint I have is the weird perfume smell but the color is worth it.

Louisa Hyde Park, NY

Not sure about the color

-The lipstick arrived sooner than I thought so that was good.- It goes on smooth and the pigment is great. It’s a shiny, dark bronze color, not what I was expecting but nothing bad either.- It has a smell that I do not like, It’s not overly powerful, very subtle and almost pleasant (I am just annoyed by anything with scents so it’s unusual for me to buy a lipstick with a scent.- I can see myself purchasing more of these colors (the purple one)-I especially like that this color doesn’t need a liner to look full

Jordan Carlisle, MA

Beautiful Shine

I love this color! This lipstick shines and looks great on lips. I would definitely recommend this product and I would buy it again.

Leah Marshall, WI