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L’Oreal Paris Magic Smooth Souffle Blush, Cherubic/Rose, 0.30 Ounces

The 1st souffle blush that delivers “nude color”: A unique blendable texture that melts on skin for immediate flush of ultra natural color, adjustable and stretchable without a trace of streaks or marks.

Key features

  • Luxurious, air-whipped souffle texture melts onto skin for seamless, weightless color
  • The Mati-Crystal Technology allows luminescence and light to show through on skin’s surface creating a soft, luminous, natural-looking flush on cheeks
  • Fresh, natural, all day finish

Honest reviews


Pleasantly Surprised

I haven’t had a ton of luck with the lasting power of these type of cream/mousse blushes unless you use a setting powder over top. I guess that’s not the end of the world, but sometimes it’s nice to just be able to use a product and have it work well on its own. Anyway, I decided to give these a try and I’m really impressed with the staying power. The only issue I’ve come across is that sometimes when you apply it with your fingers the product can get a bit crumbly in places (mousse foundations have this problem sometimes too), but if you use a brush to apply it it’s absolutely gorgeous and the finish and staying power is great on its own.

Letha Lankin, ND

Soft glowy color

Beautiful color that goes on smoothly and looks very natural on my fair skin. Only problem was it didn’t seem to last and actually my foundation seemed to come off with it. This may have just been my particular foundation or skin chemistry reacting with the product. Loreal products are usually my favorite.

Marquita Bear Creek, WI

Beautiful True Coral

Angelic Coral is absolutely beautiful. It goes on smooth and creamy without feeling oily or greasy. There’s no shimmery sparkle to it but it’s doesn’t seem to be a matte finish either, it has a nice dewy look when applied. It really does have the texture of a souffle. I really like this and hope it stays available through Amazon.

Jan Tarzana, CA

my first mousse like product

this is definitely more than what i expected, i always thought mousse product as sticky and somehow oily, but this one glides on so smoothly, easy to blend in with fingers, feels very light on skin and there is no glitter so it gives a very natural healthy look

Taylor Laurens, SC

Not the greatest pigmentation, but it’s okay

I have pale skin with cool/neutral undertones. I like how this color looks on me, but the pigmentation isn’t great. It does last all day, but only when I follow up with finishing spray. If I accidentally put too much on it begins to look cakey, in fact it looks a little dry after a while even when I use the right amount. I don’t like the packaging at all, that’s why I’m not using it anymore. It’s a tiny jar & if I stick my fingers in it I get product under my nails which icks me out! I prefer to use my fingers when applying cream blushes, if you use a tool like a brush then the packaging may not bother you.

Jocelyn Rio Frio, TX

orange undertones

This blush is much longer lasting and pigmented than maybelline`s dream mousse blush in peach satin, and it’s more pigmented and matte, with no glitter. But maybelline has pink undertones that are very flattering for my skin, loreal has very strong orange undertones, it’s basically the color of the lid on the picture, so you have to have warm skin tone to use it.

Wilma Conasauga, TN

Like the color and ease of it

I am cautious about what items I put on my skin and always check the EWG before purchasing. This has a really good rating and is a good price so i purchased it. I don’t use it every day because it is such a small container that it would be gone very quick. But it is easy to apply and looks good.

Adrienne North Bloomfield, OH

So smooth looking!!

I was so skeptical about trying this stuff…..any kind of mousse makeup I ever tried was hard to apply evenly and ended up looking streaky or just faded into my skin. Not this stuff! I am so glad I tried it!! It glides on smoothly, looks even, stays put, and has great color to it. It makes me look like I’m not wearing blush, just blushing a bit. 🙂

Clara Woodland Mills, TN