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L’Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream, Fair, 1.0 Ounces

Our first multi-tasking bare skin beautifying cream enhance skin’s 6 dimensions of flawlessness leaving skin perfectly nude and natural.

Key features

  • This mullti-tasking skin beautifier delivers 4 beautifying actions, hydrates, corrects, evens and perfects, all in 1
  • Formulated with encapsulated pigments infused in an ultra-light lotion with antioxidants Vitamins C & E
  • Instantly transforms to your perfect shade for a flawless, bare skin finish

Honest reviews


Better than Boscia….

So, I’m a sample addict, and I’ve tried several BB’s lately (as these are the trendy things…. Boscia was too dry and went on heavy. And most of the others (the names escape me, sorry) were either so sheer it didn’t matter, or too heavy.This is a white sparkly liquid (I did a double take and had to recheck the box)….it is light and blends easily. Layerable. And not too matte where it looks unnatural. My skin just looked more even and had a bit of a glow.If I break out or react, I’ll revise, but this was a killer product. And at Target, it was less than $10.

Marian Tonto Basin, AZ

Convenient and effective

I go thru a lot of different make up because I am very picky and I keep trying different things I just don’t like (high-end, low end and in between). I want something that will look natural and feel natural, while covering (or at least obscuring) my flaws, evening my skin tone and not breaking out my skin. Too much to ask?Usually, yes. But this product does pretty much all of that. The coverage is light – it adds a bit of color and does even the skin tone and obscure (but not so much cover) a couple blemishes.The reason I love this product (so far – it has been a week) is that while accomplishing all that stated above, it really looks like I am not wearing any makeup. It just makes my skin look better, which I love. Also it feels incredible. I usually can’t stand the feel of makeup but I don’t feel a thing with this.You sort of have to buff it into the skin when you apply to break the color beads. When you do this it almost bonds to the skin. It does last really long. In CVS I tried a tester on the back of my hand and after a couple hand washings I still had some there. Oddly though I have had no trouble removing it from my face (I use a Clarisonic). It seems to control oil and my face is less shiny at the end of the day than if I were wearing no makeup.There is no mention of SPF on this so I am not sure what the status is there (I read the European versions had a low SPF).The tube is quite small but little is needed for coverage so it should last a decent time. I have been using it a week and so far no unusual breakouts (they usually would occur before now).I only use a light moisturizer on my drier spots under this and it does keep my skin hydrated all day (I tend to be dry but for the t-zone).It has simplified my routine and so far I am happy. 🙂

Marcie Coupeville, WA


I was very dissapointed by this product. I typically like Loreal products, they seem to be one of the higher name brands at the drugstore. This product is a beauty balm, in general beauty balms, are in between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation. The product claimed to prime, perfect, cover and hydrate. The product uses color “magic” beads to transform to just the right shade of skin tone. The problem (why, I titled this “Ouch!”), is these beads. The beads feel like a pumice on the skin, imagine apricot scrub. This product offers zilch in hydration. I have normal skin, but I have been having breakouts due to exercising in the heat. This was so dry it felt like my face was cracking when I smiled. The tint was good, I have very fair skin, and this matched with minimal neck blending. If it weren’t for the pain involved in application, I would reccomend this product for someone looking for minimal coverage, matte finish, and minimal hydration.

Cara Fly Creek, NY

NOT for truly fair skin, and doesn’t perform or feel like a real BB cream

I was excited when I came across this L’OREAL BB CREAM at the drugstore. I have been using Dr. Jart and Skin79 bb creams, but felt they are either kinda $$$ (Jart) or not quite a match for my color (Skin79.). I thought it would be nice to find a nice bb at a lower price. More importantly, I also thought that one designed for Western “fair” skin would be ideal for my verrry fair complexion, which is pale with pink undertones (as you can see in my profile pic.)This product was a huge disappointment. It doesn’t feel like a bb cream at all, just a tinted moisturizer. It feels heavy and greasy on my face and does not blend well or absorb well. In my experience, bb creams are very, very creamy with concentrated pigment. A pearl-sized amount can be applied all over the face and neck with your fingers, going on smooth and instantly blurring imperfections to give your skin a soft, slightly dewy, natural look. I’ve been amazed at how unique bb cream is.But L’OREAL’s bb cream does not feel at all like the authentic bb creams I’ve used. It comes out whitish in a strange texture, somehow watery and greasy, and is difficult to blend. It doesn’t gently soften your overall appearance while masking imperfections. Instead it just streaks on the skin, remaining so greasy that “blending” it is just pushing it around. Touch your face an hour later, and it rubs off! In fact it comes off on everything. It winds up looking, and feeling, unnatural from the start – and never gets better. It gets worse!At first blush it appears go be a “fair match” for my coloring. But a look at myself in the sunlight proved it is not even close to a match. To make matters worse, it oxidized within an hour, turning my already mis-colored skin orange! I had to wash my face and start over with my emergency backup makeup I carry! (FYI, the very basics: a medium-coverage pressed powder, mascara, and and eyes-lips-cheeks wand),The other bb creams I’ve used are packed with antioxidants, help prevent multiple signs of aging, including photoaging, help even out your natural skintone, and reduce sun damage and acne scars. L’OREAL’S bb cream doesn’t do that – it doesn’t even have any sun protection! If you have to apply an extra product to get your
• necessary
• SPF, then this is NOT “all-in-one.”In my opinion, it really is simply a tinted moisturizer. And a badly tinted one at that.For a few dollars more (plus a Prime membership, best investment ever) I can get an authentic bb cream that looks natural while masking imperfections, doesn’t oxidize, provides sun protection, and has more lasting benefits.There’s certainly a market for drugstore bb creams in the U.S., but i don’t think making a “fancy” tinted moisturizer and calling it a bb cream is going to win repeat customers. I’ve tried Garnier, L’OREAL, and Maybelline, and my review for each would essentially be the same. The product has to deliver more for me – conceal, heal, detoxify, renew . . .
• something
• more.With more authentic, more effective bb creams available, there’s no reason for me to even bother with drugstore brand attempts ever again, at least not during this craze, where companies will slap “bb” on an existing product and launch it as new.If this is the
• only
• “bb cream” you’ve tried, I highly recommend trying something like Skin79’s 4-piece sample kit, or Dr. Jart’s sample kit. I think you’ll realize the differences I’ve been trying to describe. The best match for my complexion has been Dr. Jart’s Renewalist – near perfect!This product is junk, and is not representative of a true bb cream.

Carrie Rooseveltown, NY

Great, light cream

This is a lightweight cream, a tinted moisturizer rather than a foundation. It is not for someone who needs a lot of coverage, but is great for me as I hate the feel of a heavy cake. It comes out white but changes to the proper color on my skin. I can’t tell where it ends on my face, which is important to me. I love it and wish I hadn’t bought a couple of tubes of a different product a few months ago as this is what I want to wear now.

Francis Dublin, MS

Not the best match for me

I recently had an opportunity to try the new Magic BB Cream from L’Oreal. I started wearing makeup in junior high school, and back then the prevailing mentality was that if you were going to wear makeup, you needed to wear foundation to protect your skin. Beauty products have changed a lot over the years, mostly for the better, and now, we have options regarding what type of coverage we want. Because my skin has an uneven tone and color, I most often still opt for a light foundation. It just helps me get a more even look. However, because my skin is so dry, it almost always looks like I am wearing makeup. I am never able to achieve that dewy, fresh faced look. This product really appealed to me, in the hopes that I could finally get that look.Magic BB Cream says it primes, perfects, hydrates, and corrects. Sadly, I found it lacking in all those areas. If something is a primer, to me, that says it can be worn under regular foundation. However, when I tried this, my makeup looked very thick and caked on. I only used a small amount of the Magic BB cream, as well as a small amount of foundation, but it still looked like I was wearing stage makeup, not a good look. Since the product claims to hydrate, I also tried using it without first moisturizing my skin; once again, the results were disastrous. My skin looked so dry, and the pigment in the Magic BB cream was concentrated on those areas of dry skin, so again, I looked like I was wearing a lot of makeup, despite the fact that this is a minimal coverage products.I found that the best way for me to use this product is by first moisturizing my skin as I normally would, then using Magic BB cream in place of foundation. However, those claims to perfect and correct were also a let down to me, so I need to use spot corrector and undereye concealer, as well as powder. And the results? Well, they look the same as when I wear foundation. The big difference is I feel like I am not wearing makeup at all. And that is certainly a plus.I think one of the reasons I ran into so many problems is that I chose the wrong color of Magic BB cream. I have fair skin; I always use a fair foundation and the lightest concealer. So, it stood to reason that I would need the lightest shade of Magic BB cream. When I opened it to use it, however, the cream is nearly white. It is very light, and I think that is the reason it fails to even my skin tone and cover up imperfections. While this is no fault of the product itself, consumers to need to be aware how very light (white really) the shade is in order to properly match their skin tones.In summary, I think this product has a lot of potential for some women, but I just do not think it was a great match for me. I think L’Oreal foundation is probably better suited to my coverage needs than the Magic BB Cream.Note: I received a complimentary product courtesy of SheSpeaks and L’Oréal for review purposes. All opinions are honest and original.

Gail Talofofo, GU

B Beautiful

BB creams are all the rage and I tried this out of curiousity. According to the tube, it corrects, perfects, primes and hydrates. I hate wearing foundation in the summer and have had no luck with tinted moisturizers. Either the color was off or they were just too greasy.I was pleasantly surprised by this product. The opague cream had no discernible aroma and was easy to apply. Just a small amount is sufficient and I was delighted with the feel and appearance of my skin. Small flaws vanished and my skin looked and felt natural. It is not oily and it lasts until washed off. It most definitely earned a place in my makeup bag.

Lilly Freeport, OH

great product

First of all, it’s unfortunate that reviews for this product are listed separately based on the color. So, make sure you also check out reviews for the other colors.I have been a user of Lancome foundation, but didn’t wear it all that often because I’m just not fond of the weight of the makeup and how it can rub off. On top of that, I live in the Phoenix area, and the heat would just melt anything I put on my face anyway. I’ve always liked the idea of tinted moisturizer, but there again, the stuff seems to slide off my face. So I’ve taken to just wearing powder, or nothing at all.I tried this product because I got a sample in a magazine, and I love it. It looks a little like a facial scrub when it first comes out of the tube (pale color with what looks like tiny beads or granules). But when you smooth it on, all that seems to disappear, and you’re left with a nice, smooth, matte face. It covers my minor discolorations and sun damage perfectly, it has a nice, touchable finish, doesn’t rub off at all (even in the Phoenix heat). I love it! It “perfects” my skin without looking made up. It does such a good job coloring minor skin discolorations that I actually feel like I want to add a little bit of blush to put some color back. That’s not really a complaint, just an effect of putting something on the face that covers skin tone variations, I guess.Many reviewers have complained about an orange or pink undertone; I have not found this to be the case. Perhaps it’s because, generally speaking, I tend to use as little product as possible, so I apply this lightly. You do have to work somewhat fast to rub it in/smooth it on, otherwise it seems to go on a bit thick in spots (and the color is heavier/shows in the creases).Overall, this product meets my needs. Helps my skin look better but doesn’t look or feel like make up.One last comment about the color: I’ve read a lot of reviews where they say to go a color lighter than you think you need; many specifically said that the medium was too dark/too orange for them. I basically have fairly light skin, but a moderate tan. The free sample I tried was “light”, and I thought it was ok, but a little too light for me. I bought the “medium” and find it perfect for me! The best I can advise is to try to sample them in the store, or, like I did, find a “bogo” type offer and buy 2 colors (I’m sure I’ll use the lighter one in the winter). : ) I think the price is quite reasonable.

Blanca Bristol, NH

Love this but….

This product is great for the summer months. I took the advise of another reviewer and bought a shade lighter then I usually would. I purchased the light shade which is a little too dark, next time I will get fair. Other then that I really liked the product. Makes your skin feel soft and smooth,its like wearing nothing at all.

Iva Yantic, CT

Not remotely like a real bbcream! False advertising

Purchased this at Target. Bought the deep color. I am a medium-to-light black hispanic woman and the match was very good overall but I have to rate this very low because it’s not a real bbcream, and l’oreal should be ashamed to sell this as such. This can only be called tinted moisturizer, if that.Problems:- First of all, this cream oxidizes, which is uncommon for asian bbcreams. That’s fine, okay, but It has NO SPF, so right off the bat I was suspicious…- For a product that claims it moisturizes, it does very little. It actually made my skin start to flake! This is a problem I had moved past when I changed my skin routine and hadn’t seen in months. Thanks a lot, L’oreal!- The beads, the beads… This thing feels like it’s exfoliating your face. And not in a good way. The texture is just very odd. Feels like silicone and very fine sand mixed together. Now I see why my face was flaking again.- Due to the texture and consistency it settles into your fine lines. Couple with the oxidization… My face just looked dirty and caked on at the end of the evening- THE WORST PART: The shimmer! Why?! Who thought this was a good idea? You won’t see it indoors, but as soon as you step and sunlight hits your face… horrible. Just horrible.–So let’s see: this claims it does 4 things:- Primes: Setting into any fine lines and amplifying a caked-on look, it does quite the opposite.- Corrects: Did a decent job correcting some redness, but not discoloration.- Hydrates: With sand? No. Just no.- Perfects: It’s not even lightly buildable. The shimmer is terrible. Cannot be blended with any powder or concealer…—So, there you go. I wouldn’t gift this to a friend. Happy at least it wasn’t expensive. – L’oreal, this is not a bbcream. Stop deceiving consumers that might not know any better.If you want the real stuff, stick to korean lines.

Nichole Hemet, CA

grainy and very pale

I purchased this because I received a sample in a magazine…LOVED the sample! It was creamy and made my skin look great-Then I purchased a tube and was so disappointed-It was watery, grainy and just did not absorb-made my skin look pale and sort of gray-ish-

Jane Humboldt, AZ

Does what it claims but..

I’ve used this for about 4 days now. It’s does everything that it claims to do. It smoothed my skins texture, hid imperfections some what, moisturized, and evened out my complexion. I noticed after a couple hours my skin felt greasy but did not look greasy. I also noticed a lot more white heads after using this product. My face just feels dirty when I use this. I think I’d use it more on “no make-up” days and make sure I wash my face before I go to bed. I haven’t decided If I’d buy this again or not

Sherrie Jefferson, MA

Weird, and not really a BB

First off, there isn’t any SPF. Since SPF is one of the basic functions of a BB, I don’t think this product qualifies. It’s basically a tinted moisturizer that’s been mislabeled to cash in on the BB trend.Additionally, it’s a very odd consistency. It comes out of the tube a gray-white color with gritty bits and feels like an exfoliating scrub. Then as you rub it on it smooths out and changes color.The color on me is very orange and looks kind of greasy. I can’t comment on long-term wear, how it lasts, skin condition, etc. I washed it off immediately because it looked terrible. If you have a different skin tone and type it might look nice on you.Bottomline, it’s nothing like the Korean BBs I’ve tried, I wouldn’t even classify it as the same kind of product. I much prefer an actual BB to a tinted moisturizer.

Rose Linn, MO

Hope in a tube!!!

I LOVE this BB cream!!I got this at the drug store and was a bit weary about the “light” tone as this was all they had. I tried it anyway and LOVED it!I’m east indian with beige skin (I use revlon photo ready airbrush foundaiton in the shade toast and the medium powder)So I thought this would be too fair.It is a bit lighter than I would like, but not noticeably so.The coverage is AMAZING and the formula goes on smoothly and evenly.The cream itself is white (which was scary because I thought I would look like a mime) but have no fear..once you start blending it into the skin the shade turns to brownI use this cream daily to go to work as I think my foundation is a bit much for daily routine and just for the office and this cream does the trick.The only downside is that it doesn’t seem to contain a SPF.Also, I notice that after about 3 hours it fades and any marks that were once covered shows up again. Maybe I just need to reapply a bit.Either way, I still love this and would recommend as it provides coverage, is smooth and lightweight and is comfortable to wear.

Corrine Onarga, IL


I’ve ordered Missha, and others from overseas. Ordered Smashbox, and Bobby Brown. I can’t believe I am saying this but I’m so happy with this drugstore brand. I was leary as I’ve tried other drugstore BB Cream brands that were not at all satisfactory. This one competes with all more expensive brands, I have ordered..I wear light to light/med Foundation. I wear light shade in this brand. I have very sensitive skin but no breakout issues with this either.Must add I am even happier when i order at for $10.95 a tube, with no s/h. Just now I ordered from and paid $10.95 for first one, and a second for 50% off.

Lillie Viola, KS

Not quite

It makes for a decent primer especially if normal primers cause breakouts or feel too thick on you. Otherwise, it’s not good. The “light” is WHITE. I don’t care what they say about it adjusting to your skin, I still looked like a mime. If it’s going to be that pigmented, Loreal is going to have to use their True Match system to accommodate the variety in skin tones. Too bad because the consistency is actually quite nice and is actually a CREAM.

Fran Faber, VA

Love it, but too dark for “light”

First of all. I got this for $8 at Walmart. Not $18 as listed here on Amazon! That is INSANE!When I originally tried using it I was shocked to see it come out white with blue speckles. But those go away and the more you rub the lotion on, the more it changes to its color.I am white. Very pale but not porcelain white. I can get a nice dark tan in the summer. I’m a natural redhead who’s hair has turned a brownish color. This BB cream was dark for me. I actually got comments on getting some sun. I was confused until I realized it was my new BB cream.Anyhow, if it was lighter it would be perfect. But I make do with it. Its not so horrible for me, and I’m sure once summer comes around it will even out more for me.As for the actual product. I love it. I use it withHard Candy Sheer Envy Primers Primer 137. And my skin feels amazing. I also have NOT broken out (yet?!) As I have acne prone skin from PCOS. I normally useAvon Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation SPF 12 LIGHT IVORYliquid foundation, and I’m about ready to throw that out (although its great for sweating in the summer, but makes my nose look dry). This BB cream makes my skin look nice and smooth and I don’t have to use powder at all.I would recommend to use very little at first to see what the color turns and blend it in a good amount. I also use a tiny bit of my Avon liquid foundation if I feel I need a little more cover or evening out as its lighter then this. I useHard Candy Glamoflauge HEAVY DUTY CONCEALER with pencil (Medium Light shade 488)to cover pimples. You only need the amount of the tip of a pencil to do a few spots, it works so well! That stuff hides my pimples like nothing else I’ve ever tried.And last, if needed I add someCoverGirl Professional Translucent Face Powder Translucnt Medium(N) 115, 0.7-Ounce Shaker top jar (Pack of 2).The only reason I’m taking 1 star off of this BB cream is because like others said, it definitely is not as light as it could be. However, while I was at the store there were 1-2 other colors that were lighter then this. So there are some out there! I just grabbed this one based on the colors of my other makeupUPDATE 11-25-13: I recently purchased the FAIR version of this as my summer tan has faded and this one made me look orange. The fair version is too light for me, but tolerable with using the Avon over it. It still gives me that very smooth feeling.

Shanna Netcong, NJ

Okay Product

I bought this to help smooth my skin out. I was soft and silky but for a fair skinner person the “fair” was still too orange and dark for me. They need to make a lighter version. Maybe if I get some color this summer I will be able to use it.

Kerry Abbeville, MS

Wonderful coverage.

This is the 3rd BB cream I have tried and it is definitely my favorite. One BB cream was from Korea which started the faze and another was from a popular skin care brand. Both of those went on very heavy and felt cakey on my skin. They were much more like makeup and they both cost upwards of 40.00.Loreal BB cream is super light and great for layering. My skin is mature and is far from perfect (large pores, redness, age spots) However, this cream really covers all of it up and it feels like I am wearing nothing at all.I would never go back to face makeup and I would not switch BB creams again.I love this Product.

Latasha Portsmouth, IA

Not impressed

I received a sample of this products and for the first five minutes, was quite impressed with it. After the initial application, my skin looked better than it does without makeup, and even with this B.B. cream on, it looked very natural…like there was no makeup on at all. Unfortunately, when I looked at my face in natural light, it looked blotchy and orange…while everything looked okay in the dim light of my bathroom, the reality is that this cream does not blend very well. Also, I have oily skin, and within a few minutes time, I experienced major shine breakthrough on my forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. I will keep looking for a B.B. cream that works for me, but this definitely isn’t it.

Lacy Spruce Head, ME

Can we say orange?

Hate it. I am not sure how well it works as a BB, but I hate the orange tint it gives me. I have to use so little to avoid the orange that it really doesn’t work in any other capacity.

Polly Ridgedale, MO


okay. so i loved the fair however i accidently got light and thought ya know it cant be that bad,right? i was super wrong. it was a medium orange shade. i looked awful. im very pale and it was just bad.

Dina Haskins, OH


Light but nice – not heavy – have not used it long enough to really comment on improving skin. Time will tell

Darlene Strasburg, ND

Broke me out

Unfortunately, this BB Cream broke me out and left me looking dry around my nose and forehead. I have fair combination/sensitive skin. I’m trying another BB Cream by Rimmel and although it’s not much better, it doesn’t break me out like this one. I’m having a hard time finding cheaper BB creams that work for my skin, maybe I’ll try department stores next. 🙁

Lacey Scranton, KS

Want the Natural Look this BB is for You

I recently purchase this awesome BB Cream at my local grocery store under $8.00. This is my first BB and been a great experience so far. If you are looking for a BB cream to take the place of your powder or foundations this cream isn’t for you.Heres what I like about the wonderful cream:
• Its light, oil free and non foundation like cream.
• It smooths and blends on the skin really well.
• Right color for olive skin. (Probably not the best for someone who has fair skin.)
• Love the natural look it gives.Only Cons I have is:
• Wish the tube was bigger.
• Doesn’t really help with scars. (Seems to be too light to cover scars.)

Tonya Columbus, MT

Too dark

I’m very fair, think Norse complexion. So this, while it does good with coverup, it’s just too dark. Makes a mask on my face.

Adrienne Lexa, AR


I’ve been using this cream for almost a year. I tried almost every brand from cheap to expensive. I love using this as a base to my foundation.

Frances Carmel, NY


I love the coverage of this, goes on nicely & has a great matte finish.I will definitely buy this again!

Isabel Barrigada, GU

Needs SPF

It primes extremely well and is very hydrating without feeling oily. I have used it for a couple of months and noticed an improvement in skin color and texture, which may be due to the Vitamin E that is “infused” in the cream. It comes out of the tube white with little purple beads and then when you rub it in, it blends perfectly to your skin! It provides enough sheer coverage that I could wear it alone, but is not so heavy that I can’t put concealer on top, if I so need (which I frequently do). I reviewed this on my blog […] One of the great things about BB Creams is that they (generally) are moisturizers, treatments, primers, bases and SPF all in one. This is the only BB Cream that I have encountered that does not have SPF.

Minnie Floyd Dale, SC

Does what it says! Awesome product!

This BB cream is amazing, it covers, protects, and makes your skin look so good.Wish I would have had it years ago! I tell all my friends about it.

John Jefferson, MD