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L’Oreal Paris Lash Boosting Technology, 24-Hour Lash Boosting Power System Kit

Now, the lashes of your dreams are no longer an illusion! Thanks to our new concentrated Lash Boosting Serum, get visibly fuller, thicker natural lashes with less lash fall-out when removing makeup. The breakthrough formula contains centella asiatica extract and arginine to reinforce, condition, and protect each lash. The 24-hour lash boosting power system is the ultimate starter kit for visibly longer, thicker, fuller looking fringe of lashes. Transform your natural lashes by using lash boosting serum underneath mascara and overnight on bare lashes, and maximize your lash appearance with Double Extend Lash Boosting mascara daily. In just 4 weeks, you’ll see more lashes!** The L’Oreal Paris research laboratories have specially formulated lash boosting technology to maximize your natural lash appearance. How? Each lash boosting product contains: a unique pro-keratin complex of fortifying amino acids, panthenol and ceramide to boost lash health, making bare lashes smoother and shinier arginine, one of the principle amino acids found in keratin (the main component of hair and lashes), to reinforce and protect lashes centella asiatica, a plant extract, to help condition lashes ophthalmologist and allergy tested. suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Key features

  • Transform your natural lashes!
  • Contains 0.17 Fluid-Ounce Primer, 0.16 Fluid-Ounce Primer Topcoat, 0.18 Fluid-Ounce Primer Serum
  • Lash boosting technology; Fortifying amino acids + panthenol + ceramide
  • Made in Paris
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


It actually works!

I tend to be critical of most products because they just do not hold up to their end of the deal. God knows I do by the amount of money I’m willing to fork out.With that said, I only tried this because of some positive reviews on here (try to weed out the fakes), and the cost. I am pleasantly surprised with this product. I used it almost nightly for two weeks when I noticed growth. For me it took about two weeks to see a change. I’m going to say not quite a quarter an inch. But with eyelashes, that’s a big deal.Note: I did not use the mascara stuff. I am a die hard fan of the wand mascara. I only used the serum.So, 4 stars because I’m a difficult critic. To earn 5, the product must produce a miracle. 😀 It comes very close though. You won’t see a dramatic growth, but nonetheless there will be growth!Worth the price.

Socorro Prudence Island, RI

Best Mascara & Treatment!

This is the only mascara I buy. It conditions delicate lashes and makes applying the mascara very easy. Doesn’t smear or leave any residue on under eye skin. My sensitive eyes love it. I like the night treatment too; my lashes don’t fall out much at all anymore and I’m really happy with this item also. The price is right and you can purchase it anywhere but Amazon has the best prices if you can wait for it to be mailed. I would definitely buy again and recommend to my friends and family!

Bethany Pell City, AL

amazing mascara

Ive used so many mascaras in my life! From high end to drugstore! I can definitely tell you that this mascara is one of my faves and the one I wear the most. It gives you the fake long lash look with buildable volume. The trick is putting the first step coat twice and dont let dry completly before adding and wiggling(slightly)the brush as you add the second step mascara. Gives you beautiful long voluminous lashes without absolutely no clumps!!! I will always have this mascara on stock! Tip:for fuller looking lashes add a second coat of the second step as well.

Kellie Picacho, NM


I’ve purchased twice was very diligent using the first time and lashes were beautiful, log and thick. But you have be consistent and if you are not you will see the difference. I will get back to being diligent because my lashes looked beautiful with the use of this product.

Ashlee Big Sandy, TX

~This Gives Me Thick Long Lush Lashes!~

I’ve been using the L’Oreal Lash Serum for 4 weeks and it has really made a difference in my lashes!..So when I saw this as a combo for such a low price I had to purchase it!…So after using the L’Oreal Double Extend I am totally sold on these two products!!!…Step 1 really does elongate and seperate all of your lashes!..And step 2 darkens and makes your lashes pop!!! I finally found an very affordable way to have beautiful lashes without having to wear Falsies or having to pay an arm and a leg for a product that really works!!!

Lori Reddick, FL

Hate it.

Yuck:( maybe since I’ve tried lancome power booster and star mascara I don’t like this one. Just clumped up eyelashes. Soooo soooo sad as price was right.

Joann Churdan, IA

The BEST Yet!!!

If you use this as directed religiously….you will be amazed! I honestly have used every mascara on the market. I am 66 years old & still love to look my best with makeup. This Loreal Lash Extend is the BEST mascara product I have ever came across & at an awesome price on Amazon. The mascara goes on easily & quickly which I love….no work at all & you will have full, lush, amazing lashes. Love this. Highly recommened by me… will not regret getting this, ladies….what a great deal on Amazon!!

Brandie Lansford, PA

Didn’t notice a difference.

The product looked like was open when I got it so I was hesitant about using it. I have used this mascara before though and the duo is great.

Carolyn York, SC

Love it!

Not sure if the lash cream will grow my lashes, but the primer works great for lengthening lashes for the mascara. The description of product title didn’t lead me to think there was primer, but love it that there is!

John Martinsburg, MO