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L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner, Brown, 0.008 Ounces

Enjoy beautifully defined eyes for up to 16 hours! Infallible never fail eyeliner is L’Oreal’s most advanced mechanical liner with superior long-wearing technology. The rich and creamy formula glides on easily and evenly and sets quickly for fade-proof.

Key features

  • Advanced mechanical liner with superior long-wearing technology for beautifully defined eyes, up to 16 hours
  • The rich and creamy formula glides on easily and evenly and sets quickly for fade-proof color
  • Ophthalmologist-tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Built-in sharpener and smudger to create versatile eye looks

Honest reviews


waste of money

First thing it doesn’t last for constant “16” hours. I do not have oily skin or watery eye but this eyeliner does smear whenever I wear it. It’s easy to apply but is not as creamy as other eyeliners are in the market. It is a little bit dry for me. And also I am not impressed with pigment of the color. So all in all this eyeliner doesn’t work for me. I won’t go back to this again.

Lolita Mc Henry, MD

Very Happy

I usually use Maybelline’s ‘Define-a-Line’ eyeliner but every time I use it, about an hour later I have runny eyeliner. I do not have watery eyes or anything but without fail it smudges and smears.I was hoping for a change and decided to pick up the Infallible Never Fail by L’Oreal and I’ve had much better results. I don’t know if you could actually use it for 16 hours without smudges but I have been applying this product all week and have not had any. I feel more confident with this soft pencil because I don’t have to keep checking my eyes every few minutes to see if it is still okay.If you still have smudges I would suggest using a pencil eyeliner instead of a soft pencil like this. You might have better luck.

Ashley Elk, WA

My standby for years!

I’ve used this eyeliner for years. It’s a great value, it holds up all day. There might be a little smudging or transfer to my upper eyelids during the day if I don’t use the little smudgy tool on the end or am not wearing eyeshadow, but it’s a good, sturdy, easy to use, never needs sharpening, black black BLACK eyeliner with predictable results. I love it. It applies easily, no tugging or skipping.

Brigitte Anderson, MO

Tip was ruined and rounded due to no packaging

The tip is too rounded to make a thin line.Mine arrived without it being inside a cardboard package. It was loose, inside the envelope.When I went to use it, you could see that the tip was damaged, and the "smude part" was alsobent and flopping.Not worth sending it back. I am not buying make-up from anyone that is not AMAZON.Why would anyone take the eyeliner out of its packaging, and send it to you as if it were a #2 pencil?It could be contaminated since it is wide open.My gosh, the things people do to make a quick buck.

Agnes Hill City, KS

Goes on easy and smooth

I’ve used all brands of eyeliner and this is one of the best. This eyeliner does not run at all. Stays in place once applied and easily corrects before setting.

Gwen Trenton, TN

Great eyeliner

Goes on thick and smooth, does not fade or smudge throughout the day. I love this eyeliner and would suggest it for anyone.

Lucy Mayo, SC

Beast eyeliner out there

This goes on smooth and stays on all day! It doesn’t irritate my eyes and looks great. The other end of it is a blending tip and it keeps falling off, but this eyeliner already goes on smooth so I don’t need it anyway.

Paula New Prague, MN

Happy w product!

Have mercy!!! I’m glad I don’t have to pull and tug my eyes when applying this product! That’s why you get 5 stars for all the times I’ve had eyeliner that teared my eyes up before I could finish a line! Hence blurry runny raccoon eyes. Thank you, Thank you, baby Jesus, for this eyeliner!

Mary Shirley Mills, ME

Wearable all day and glides on smooth

I love this fordable, long lasting, eye liner. It glides on smooth and stays all day. I don’t use the smudge tip it does not seem to work that great.

Deanne Ashland, NH

Great pencil eyeliner!

I’ve been using this eyeliner pencil for several years and love the way it "never fails" to apply smoothly and lasts so much longer than powders. I was delighted to find the Navy color on Amazon :).

Hillary Glengary, WV

Great But The Smudger Tool Falls Off

I have used this product a couple of times, and what I really like about it is the smudger tool. But it keeps popping out of it’s spot at the end of the pencil, which is annoying.Not sure if I got a crummy one or if they are all defective, but the product is nice, just wish it functioned properly.

Tina Marion, MI

Eyes burn

This eyeliner made my eyes burn. I don’t usually have a problem with eyeliners and other eye makeup so I was a bit surprised. I tried it a few times but finally had to throw it out.

Addie Comfort, TX

It really is "Infallible never fail" eyeliner.

I have tried dozens of eyeliners over the years, and this is the best so far. It goes on smoothly, and I’m able to make a thin, fine line or a thicker soft line. It stays on all day!

Madelyn Altoona, IA

best eyeliner

I love this eyeliner, it is very black and stays on a long time, and it has the sharpener which is great. Alot better than Revlon color stay black eyeliner which I use to use before which is not as good as the L’Oreal. Great purchase..totally recommend this..

Erica Lebanon, VA

Very smooth application, but…

I do like this eyeliner, the application is very smooth – but the built in sharpener seems to only shave off the sides and won’t make the tip into an actual point – got this to try and do a kitten eye effect and I can’t get the tip sharp enough to get this effect. It’s also not as “infallible” as I’d like – one little wipe at the eyes and this is all over the place. It’s a nice black, and feels good going on, just wish it were a little better.

Mina Ivor, VA