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L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner 24H, Blackest Black, 0.08 Ounces

A glossy, lacquered eye is now easier than ever to create. Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner 24H glides on smoothly for a clean, precise line that keeps an intense, high-shine finish from dawn to dusk. Available in 5 rich, luminous shades.

Key features

  • 24H high-shine, glossy, lacquer eyeliner
  • Glides on smoothly for clean, precise line that keeps an intense, high-shine finish
  • Ophthalmologist-tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Honest reviews


This is great.

I was using the e.l.f creme eyeliner for about 6 months and loving it, than i realized it was drying out and no longer working for me so i set out to find a new gel liner. I had orginally set out to find maybelline’s eye studio gel liner because i heard such rave reviews about it but walmart was sold out at the time. I was in dire need of eyeliner and this loreal 24h gel liner had caught my eye. I figured i would give it a shot. Boy am i glad i did! I love this stuff. The brush it comes with is perfect size. I like that its a full size brush but the handle isnt too long so you can get really close to the mirror if need be. This liner goes on so smooth and is very pigmented. This is a little jar but i feel like it will last a long time because you really dont need much at all. The staying power is great. Usually it melts a little bit on the corners of my eyes but with this it stayed put. It look great at 9:00 at night as it did at 7:30 in the morning when i put it on. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great gel liner.

Kirsten Glen Dale, WV

Best eyeliner ever!!!!!!!

I have to say i had my doubts about this eyeliner,cause i was a big fan of the Maybelline one,but a YouTube Guru was talking about it and i said WTH i will give it a try and let me tell u IT WAS WORTH IT ,this without doubt is the BEST EYELINER EVER, really black,smooth,u just need a little bit and just one time and u will have the blackless line ever.Totally recommend it.

Lilia Middlebury Center, PA

Great if I didn’t have oily lids

While this creates a dark, rich line, I have oily lids and it tends to run about half way through the day.I can combat this by using a primer but in the morning I really would prefer something that works and doesn’t require an extra step.Other people I know (who don’t have oily lids) love this and don’t have the same problem.Other Comments:Easy applicationSmooth gel consistency–I’ve used two others that were *harder* for some reasonDoesn’t smudge easily

Alice Salyersville, KY

Awesome Gel Liner. Comes with Brush and So Cheap!!!

Excellent gel liner. I used to use MAC but those pots were bigger and the gel was stiffer and much too dry. The gel would be dry and cracked and totally unuseable after 2 months. After three pots of the MAC, I went back to liquid, because the MAC gel liner was a waste of money. Then I found this L’Oreal product. It’s so good!!! Its goes on like a dream and is very pigmented. If you’e so skilled, you can line in one swipe and it is totally black. This is so much better than MAC. And so much cheaper. The brush that it comes with is excellent too. No need to buy a separate brush (which you have to do with all the department store brands).

Valeria Fowler, CO


I bought this liner in dark slate I have hazel eyes so that color makes my eyes stand out. I bought this liner hoping it would NOT smear,smudge or run like other liners I have bought. This liner did NOT fade,run, smudge or smear I wore it for 24 hours and it lasted through 110 degree heat and humity. The brush that came with the liner is also fantastic. I LOVE THIS LINER. THANKS L’Oreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mamie Forsyth, IL

Love loreal

I love love his eyeliner, I like buying lorel products, and have no regret buying this liner, will buy more

Mavis Pioneer, LA


I have this in black as well as bronze and they’re both the best gel eyeliners I’ve tried, including Elf, Wet n Wild, Revlon, and Maybelline. They’re super smooth and pigmented, so easy to spread, but they don’t smudge once they’ve had a few minutes to set. They have a little bit of a metallic shine, but the colors are still beautiful. The brush is pretty good unless you just prefer an angled brush or something. I’ve had mine for months and they’re not even close to drying up. I love them to death.The packaging is a cute little glass jar with a shiny gold top. Because it’s so pigmented, you don’t have to apply a lot at once, so it’ll last you a long while.

Lillie Rocheport, MO

so black

this is such a deep dark black, it is one of the most pigmented black gel liners i have ever used. it lasts all day, it is so deep and pigmented, it is soooo creamy, and the brush is amazing, i use it every time over my other eyeliner brushes. great creamy eyeliner, never smudged on me it is perfection.

Petra Terrebonne, OR

better than maybelline

I can’t believe how smooth this liner is. I was a big huge fan of the maybelline formula, but it was getting a bit dry, so I decided to buy this one. I actually do think this is a better formula. It’s a nice deep black that lasts all day. It didn’t crack or fade. Also, the container is much nicer looking. The brush that comes with it is the same as the Maybelline, and fairly useless for my cat eye look. I don’t know if it will be the same after it dries out a bit, but I will definitely update. For a few dollars extra, this is a great formula, and you actually get a bit more product. Hopefully it will stay creamy for a few months!update: I’ve used this for almost 4 months now, and the liner did dry out quite a bit. however, I use it every single day and it has yet to crack/smudge/drag or do anything else to ruin the look. I love it and will be buying another one soon. At almost 4 months or everyday use, I’m about 3/4 of the way finished with this. Even though it isn’t as smooth as when I first opened the package, it hasn’t started balling up as I apply it so that’s a good sign. Once it does start to ball up or collect on my eyelid, I will buy another pot.

Deanne Bryn Athyn, PA

Black and last

I have tried many of the gel eyeliners, as they seem to be the new fad in eyeliner. Most do not last for 12 hours. I am pleased to say this one does and has a very good brush with it as well. I was most pleased.

Judi Groton, VT

It is good for a drugstore gel eyeliner

I was originally using MAC fluid liner, but I noticed after three months that the formula wasn’t very good. It was separating and it clumped a lot. So I wanted to try a cheaper version and I went with Loreal since I couldn’t get the Maybelline version. I have to admit that I am impressed. I wasn’t expecting the formula to be as smooth or for it to last eight hours even without some type of eye shadow primer. I have had it for about four months and I know you are supposed to change them out every three to six months, but the eye liner hasn’t started to separate or become dry. I am overall happy with this product and would probably purchase it again.

Malinda Seabrook, TX

dries quickly!

work awesome. Dries quickly & lasts all day. Comes off easily with eye makeup remover. Easy to get hang of after a few uses for the perfect cat eye!

Dixie Columbia, IA


Easy to apply and great little brush! Does not smudge or come off! Price performance, very happy with my purchase.

Brittany Mayfield, MI


Although i do like this eyeliner and will continue to use it for my top line, i can’t give it 5stars because when used on my bottom waterline it does tend to run after about an hour, but lasts for my top line without running all day!

Tamra Red Bank, NJ

The best eyeliner!

What can I say.. I instantly fell in love with this liner after the first stroke. I like the line thin and the brush was just brilliant in that matter. Thank you amazon for stocking this amazon product on subscribe n save. Its pigmented and gives such good shape to the eye it is unbelievable! So glad I found this

Juliette Michigamme, MI

Good for winged eye look

very black eyeliner, goes on smooth, I wish I had knew about this product earlier and I would definitely recommend.

Charlotte Ogema, WI