L’Oreal Paris Infallible 8HR Le Gloss, Modern Mauve, 0.21 Ounces

Infallible never fail lip gloss has a hydrating formula that keeps lips soft, smooth, colorful and glossy for six shining hours. The patented petit Coeur applicator contours lips precisely, giving you a smooth, even, flawless finish every time.

Key features

  • Hydrating gloss formula keeps lips soft, smooth, colorful and glossy for eight shining hours
  • The patented Petit Couer applicator contours lips precisely, giving you a smooth, even, flawless finish every time
  • Color stays true without changing, fading or dulling

Honest reviews


Plumping No, Great lasting color gloss yes

I actually had no idea until just now this was for plumping your lips. It doesn’t do that at all in my opinion (I feel like all glosses claim to plump your lips just because a glossy look in general makes your lips appear bigger but doesn’t actually make them larger at all.) This is a great color gloss because you have a good amount of control of the color. What I do is put on chapstick and dab about 3 blobs on (mine is a deep red color 315) and spread it on my lips. It adds a perfect amount of color that stays most of the day. If I want the full shade of it I just put it on directly instead of dabbing it.

Dianne Roan Mountain, TN

My go to lipstick for years!

I have used this product for years. It wears for hours without drying out your lips. Every once in a while I’ll try something new but I always go back to the Infallible line. There’s nothing worse than leaving traces of lipstick on cups, or constantly having to reply your lipstick. With this product, you don’t have to think about touching up hardly ever. You may have to reapply it 3 times in the course of a working day unless you’re eating greasy foods like pizza or fries. Oils tend to break it down.

Myrna Estelline, TX

Always come back to this one..

515..I don’t know…it just does something for my complexion. I love it. Price tag $10.99 (Walgreens) is a bit much but luckily L’oreal has the 1/2 off sale. I will continue to buy.

Edythe Mangilao, GU

Amazing gloss, unsanitary packaging

Honestly, this is one of the best lip glosses ever, but because it does not have a seal—myself and others refuse to purchase it any longer. It is not worth contracting life long oral herpes from any lip gloss. The company really need to change the packaging.

Dionne Solebury, PA

Love the color and ease of application

Love the cream based color and that it has a little mirror on the top of the cap! How cute! Also I like that it has no glitter or shimmer just a beautiful, nude lustrous shine.

Eliza Dendron, VA


No hassle, no drying, no top coat. I have dozens of lipsticks/glosses/tints. Over one hundred I’d wager :/ I just went through and threw out ALL but about 15 of my lip products and all four of the shades I purchased in this product made the cut.They are a little drying, but pretty good for a long wear product. Different colors last longer than others, the red the longest, but on average I only apply 3 times a day. Start off my day, after lunch (I’m a late luncher) and when I get off work. I don’t always have to touch up when I get off work, sometimes it’s still good.Easy application, the wand has a teardrop shaped angled applicator that holds a great amount of product, not too much, not too little. The shape of it makes it very easy to apply with a crisp line.I am a pale redhead (auburn) with brown eyes and I have four very different colors that all work beautifully on my coloring.Sangria – a nice mauve with a bit of shimmer (this also looks great on my mom who is a tan dirty blond)Red Fatale – As red as red gets. Super bright. No orange undertone, no pink undertone, no blue/purple undertone. True red.Barely Nude – As you would guess, nude. But just a bit darker to give you a little colorBloom – A light pink with a shimmer. It’s not a frosty candy pale pink, it’s a little more natural so I think many people could pull it offIt gets 4 stars rather than 5 because the red (and only the red) bleeds pretty badly. I have to use a reverse lip pencil every time with it.

Laurel Acworth, GA


I like it. nice color. stays put. use a lip pencil if you want it to look even better. I got one from L’Oreal as well and love how it stays on for hours. Very bright red, but that is exactly what I am into at the moment.

Ursula Gabbs, NV

Exceptional wear and feel!

I’ve used several shades of this lovely lip gloss – – as well as other products of similar type. (One star off for the same reason as a prior reviewer: limited shade selection. However, that’s the only “con.” The available colors are quite nice. I love the mauve!)That said: This stuff is da bomb! THIS is how all lip gloss should perform. Infallible has very good staying power. What’s wonderful, is it’s very emollient and feels and stays soothingly hydrating the moment I put it on — yet doesn’t bleed into lip liner and get all smeary after eating or drinking.The amount of product and its performance – – for a price of typically 9-ish dollars (sometimes less or even 1/2 off or free, with Rite Aid’s “buy one get one…” offers) – – makes this a great buy. I return to it again and again, after trying other products out of curiosity and finding they can’t compete.Value like this is what makes women eschew pricier dept. store items when equally good and better products can be had for pennies on the dollar at a local drugstore….leaving us more money to buy MORE STUFF!Another stand out…Good job, L’Oreal!

Leona Eads, TN

Delivers on promises!

This gloss is definitely on the tacky side. Not exactly sticky, more tacky. It stays put. I easily got 6 hours of wear from it. Comes in a great range of colors. Very impressed with the L’Oreal Infallible line overall and definitely with this product in particular.

Lynda Superior, AZ

~Amazingly Long Lasting Lipgloss!~

Ok so there are already some really great reviews on this lip gloss already! But I just wanted to add mine b/c I’m so impressed by how well this lasts on my lips! I’ve had this on for 6hrs and it’s still going strong! Through kisses and drinking lemonade it’s lasted and still looks amazing! I purchased the nude and I’m going to purchase it again and try and different shade! Amazing gloss!!!

Darla Hondo, NM

Beautiful color

Great color and stays for awhile. I don’t think it is as long as the bottle says but it does last a good amount of time in my opinion. I plan to purchase other colors…especially through Amazon. It is cheaper than the drugstore.

Dora Baisden, WV

Nice neutral

This lip gloss is great. It’s very neutral and gives your lips a nice sheen. I just put it over my lip balm and it looks pretty natural

Leta Maxie, VA

First lip gloss I have been completely happy with

This product is fabulous!I have tried lipsticks (expensive and cheap) as well as many, many lip glosses and have never been completely satisfied until now. It goes on easily and smoothly without a lot of fuss. It looks great (not too shiny) and the color is wonderful.The best thing about it is the lasting factor. While the product package says it lasts 8 hours, that isn’t true for me (I usually eat and it comes off then) but if I put it on at 8:00 in the morning, it is still going strong when I stop for lunch. The gloss part fades over time, but the color stays.I have a huge problem with dry lips and was constantly putting on lip balm. It was getting to be an issue since it didn’t stay very long and my lips were uncomfortable wtih out it. When I wear this, I don’t have that problem. My lips feel moist and comfortable — so good that even when hanging around the house and not going anywhere, I will put this on!Love the product and the price is sure right!

Jeri East Otto, NY

Long-Wearing, One Step!

I wanted to try a long-wearing lip gloss because I get tired of dragging a lipstick across my lips. But I didn’t want one of the ones you paint on color then paint on gloss.I bought this in Sangria and also Raisin (715). Both are wine colors; the Raisin shade is a bit deeper.I really like this product, and I hope L’Oreal keeps it going. It says it lasts for 6 hours. Your mileage may vary. I get 6 hours of color, but the gloss wears off sooner. The upside to this is you can reapply it without removing it.The applicator tip is angled and tapered. The taper is nice because it helps with an accurate application. I find the angle a bit awkward. Because of that, and because there are a limited number of shades, I’ll ding it a star. But I really am pleased with the ease of use and quality of the product.

Ofelia Clarksville, PA

Looks OK, weird smell, not quite shiny enough

This lipstick/gloss has a weird smell to it…almost cinnamon-ish but not…This product is OK, not my favorite. I got the Barely Nude color, it is kind of beige like. Not too glossy, wish it was a little more. The one cool thing about the tube it comes in, is there is a tiny mirror on top of it.

Herminia Holt, FL

Pretty Power

Love this stuff. I have the Sangria which is lighter than the picture, almost like a rosy nude. It really does stay on much longer than other lip glosses I have used and I like the shade. Very pleased with this purchase.

Donna Fairlea, WV

Been a fan for years

This is by far the best, most long-lasting lip gloss I’ve ever tried. I use it w/ some liner to ensure it doesn’t run (though it doesn’t seem like it will). It lasted hours before I had to touch it up, and I drink a lot of water. Did it last 9-5? No – haven’t tried one yet that does, but it’s the best on the market if you ask me, and the price is right.

Gilda Feura Bush, NY

Plumper … Deflated Expectations

So i have very small lips. Im always on the hunt for some serious plumping action. I loved this color – very pretty. I felt mild plumping instantly, but it barely lasted an hour. It also leaves your lips thick and sticky. I’d hate to plant one on my husband out of fear of getting stuck to him… you know the kind where youre trying to talk and you sound "special" because youre lips are stuck together? Yeh – think i made more friends out of pity while testing this one out. Plus you get this odd taste in your mouth as a side effect. Not impressed and definately returning this baby.

Annabelle Humnoke, AR

My favorite color

A little gloss with a hint of pink…a little something that is understated…but classy without being overwhelming. Last for about a couple of hours and need reapplication.

Octavia Grant, CO

These Lip Glosses are Awesome!

Lasts 6+ hours just as they say, looks lovely, can even outline the lip at the same time if applied with the point tip facing up. I tend to eat off every other lipstick, I am over 55 and like the feeling of having moist lips during the day, and never thought I would find a lipstick like this that actually makes me look younger. I have used those “plumping” glosses before and they always end up drying out my lips. Because the L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Loss stays on, it keeps my lip color fresh which makes my lips look younger and prettier. This product definitely lives up to its name — it hasn’t failed me yet! I am Caucasion with medium fair neutral coloring and the Undeniable Mauve color is out of this world. I have it on Subscribe and Save on Amazon so I won’t run out.

Ernestine Niles, IL

Soft, light color that stays on…

Love this gloss, it stays on and the color is a nice soft color. I use the lip liner first then apply this gloss and it stays on through coffee drinking for about 6 hours.

Millicent Argyle, NY

Infallible lip gloss

Sticky like it was old. Had a weird smell. I would not recommend this item. You can find it elsewhere online.

Tamika Alviso, CA

Just OK

I am a LipGloss addict. I have tried tons of glosses, from Dior to Maybelline. I have a drawer full, in search of the perfect. I have some that I consider pretty close to perfect. But this L’Oreal is not one of them. In defense of Infallible I did buy it in a lite color…Bloom. But I fine it sticky and so sheer that I might as well wear a clear gloss. If you are looking for some color, go darker. Because it is light, I really cannot say if it lasted, and I am not sure I wanted it to. And because of the thick sticky feel, I will not try another color.

Sherrie Carmichael, CA