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L’Oreal Paris Ideal Skin Genesis Pore Minimize Gel Cleanser, 8-Fluid Ounce

Now, your daily cleanser helps you create smoother, brighter, fresher skin! Introducing Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing Gel Cleanser. With a skin compatible Ph level, this gel cleanser is so gentle that it can be massaged around the eye area, and so efficient that it removes impurities and even eye makeup.

Key features

  • Helps enhance skin radiance and smoothness
  • Gently cleanses skin and respects natural skin moisture balance

Honest reviews


Really Does Minimize Pores

I was more than a little skeptical that this soap would have any affect on my pores, but after using it for a few weeks I have to admit that it really worked. My pores had gotten stretched out and much larger after a few months of using a too-hard facial scrub (the exfoliating beads can actually get into your pores and open them up to infection – who knew?!), so I was looking for a product to help me deal with those issues without allowing my face to run amuck. This stuff did the trick, and my pores are noticibly smaller. I will warn you that this soap is prone to producing a LOT of bubbles, and if you’re not careful they’ll go up your nose and in your mouth whenever possible. But the results really are impressive, so if you’re looking for a pore minimizing facial soap this stuff can’t be beat.

Toni North English, IA


My favorite cleanser. Stores stopped carrying it but I’m happy to know where to get it at such a great price. Takes off all makeup and leaves skin feeling so soft. Perfect cleanser.

Hope Moodys, OK

Great light face wash

This is a great light weight face wash. It goes on easy, doesn’t burn to bad if it gets in the eyes, gets all my makeup off in 1 washing, and it leaves my skin feeling very clean and soft!

Nan Deer Island, OR

Super good product

I can only find this product online. It’s so good. It removes my eye makeup very easily and I have been using it for 4 years. I have dry skin and this one doesn’t make me feel dry after using it. Will buy again.

Simone Nason, IL

Why add lye??

I’ve been using the pore minimizing gel for quite a long time. When used with a complexion brush, skin is clean and soft, not dry.I compared the ingredients of this product with L’Oreal Youth Code pore minimizing and found they were almost identical. The newer Youth Code has the addition of lye (sodium hydroxide). I’m not going to subject my skin to that because my skin is already dry. Perhaps younger women with oily skin would prefer the Youth Code.

Jannie Butlerville, IN

Wish I had known about this sooner

I developed “bad” skin in my thirties. I have been using this (in conjunction with medicated moisturizer) for about 4 months. This is the 3rd cleanser I have tried and I can see a huge difference. My eye makeup just slides off. It doesn’t burn my eyes. My face feels clean and I have had no drying, burning, rashes or itching, which is what I experienced with all the other OTC cleansers, not to mention it actually lathers. Most sensitive skin cleansers create no lather at all. There’s something about good suds. All of the other “acne” cleansers I tried, lathered up, but they compromised my medicated moisturizers, AND then I still had to spend money for eye makeup remover. I can’t say that I can tell a difference with my pores yet, but I received my first compliment this weekend. I haven’t been complimented on my skin in YEARS. If you have sensitive skin and don’t want to spend additional money on eye makeup remover, this product is for you.

Nan Cambridge, IA

I loved this product until

They changed the name to Youth Code and changed the formula. The original, Skin Genesis, worked very well to clean my skin of both makeup and dirt. My skin gets very oily and this cleanser was great for that.

Tameka Mullen, NE


This cleanser smells good , but not as magical as other customs said. My pore hasn’t minimize , maybe I should use it for a longer time.

Mildred Lodge Grass, MT

Pore Minimize Gel Cleanser – L’Oreal

I’m on the Proactive system, so I haven’t used a cleanser in years. This stuff is great though – it’s very gentle, smells clean (without being too strong), and does minimize pores for a little while. I think it’ll be a good way to try to begin a transition out of the Proactive cycle I’ve been part of for the last 7 years.And at this price, for the amount of product you get, and the quality – there’s really nothing more I could ask for.(By the way, you can get this cleanser on for about $6, in case you want to save a few bucks.)

Janis Purlear, NC

This stuff is amazing, but not going to make you’re pores dissapear

I’ve had problematic oily skin for most of my life. There are a few things I can put on it that won’t result in me breaking out or developing an itchy rash. This product is one of them. Not only does this not make my skin react, it actually improves it.I have to say I was a skeptic. I have, over a life time, tried all kinds of expensive products (like proactive which is horrible) to no avail. I read all the good reviews and thought I’d this stuff a give it a try. Now mind you, at the time this was 1/2 the price.Now I’m hooked.Just a week ago I tried to buy this face wash at Ulta only to have the sales lady say they were discontinuing it. Alas, I got suckered into buying the new uber expensive StriVectin line, only to return it after breaking out a day after using it. So I came back to e-bay to buy this stuff. It’s more expensive now, but a little goes a long way. I had 1 bottle for 6 months and I wash my face 3-4 times a day with it.As far as pore minimizing goes, it does help a little. But I have found that the products that do appear to work at pore minimizing in the beginning, aren’t worth it in the long run. Many times they just dry out you’re skin and make you break out more. This stuff leaves your skin so soft and refreshed, it’s also great fro make up removal, and it smells amazing.I’m not sure what I’ll do without it L’Oreal truely stops making it. I say we start a petition! ~

Laverne Port Saint Lucie, FL

My sensitive skin likes it!

I have very sensitive skin and new products often irritate my skin. I very carefully tried this product and found that my skin tolerated it without the dryness, rash and irritation that accompany new products. It seems safe for twice daily use. It does seem to reduce the look of enlarged pores, but it does not make them invisible. I will continue to use this and if my pores disappear, I will let you know!

Hester Tyndall, SD

Wow! Wonderful!

This smells great, and in just a few days, I really saw a difference! I will be buying this again….was afraid to review…just incase they want to raise the price on it…LOL. Can’t go wrong with this.

Alice Moffett, OK