L’Oreal Paris HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Eye Shadow Duos, Electrified, 0.08 Ounces

Discover the secret for bold, metallic color with a luminous finish. HiP studio secrets professional metallic shadow duos are expertly coordinated to create an edgy, shimmery look. The rich, super-Blendable color glides on evenly for hours of captivating.

Key features

  • Expertly coordinated to create an edgy, shimmery look in bold, metallic colors with a luminous finish
  • Formulated with rich, super-saturated, metallic color for high impact eyes with a luminous finish
  • Crease-resistant and long-wear formula

Honest reviews


Color is not as Vibrant! But still not a bad Product!

So I have never bothered looking at these in stores before since I’m usually put off by the fact that half of the cosmetics in drugstores area always open and have swatch marks, finger holes, broken, you name it. I decide to order this on Amazon in Gunmetal and when it arrived I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t as vibrant as it appears online…Well I gave it a try anyway and I’m still happy with it. The green shows up better if you use a white base, consistency is good for the price, easy to apply, and blend. Color lasts all day on oily lids only if you know how to prime correctly!!!Overall I’m really happy with the outcome!

Kayla Forest, VA

The Gilded is my new favorite eyeshadow

I have never used an eye shadow I like as much as the Gilded. The gold is perfect, not too dark, too light, or too sparkly. The dark brown/black is really great. I’ve started using it for eyeliner for all of my brown makeup. I’m going to be ordering more of these from Amazon because the price is great and the makeup is amazing.

Shanna Schulter, OK

Love it!

I love this eye shadow.. i bought electrified color. It goes very smooth and blend very well with the skin..It stays all day.. It comes with its own applicator which is not very convenient to use..i use my own brush..I just cut star as i was expecting silver/purple combo (as shown in Electrified) but is more of taupe/dark blue..Overall very nice!

Aurora Buffalo, KY

Space cadet

The platinum in this duo is almost too over the top. The color looks like a space cadet color. Ive used this on a client once, and it was for a new years eve look, the only look I would recommend this duo for.

Kimberly Otto, TX

Nice color

nice color when used with a eyeshadow primer and it shows up great it a light color so you should add it kinda heavy

Margot Hughesville, MD


I am blonde with green eyes and wanted a purple/plum shades and green shades to play them up. First off, Loreal HIP shadows are just fabulous and such high quality shadows. The colors are magnificent. They go on so well. Like the others in this line, the colors can be subdued and natural with a slight hand application or more striking using a heavier hand and more product. It just depends on the look you want. Women from teens to 90+ (I am 61) can wear these colors. Older women can wear bright colors well! Don’t be afraid to try it. SHOCKED – The gold is very soft and has a lovely shimmer to it. Greens are tough to find the right shade but this green is just the perfect slightly metallic shade. ELECTRIFIED – The plum is a deep muted shade, with shimmer, almost into the browns. You could do a really great smokey eye with this one. The taupe is such a wonderful soft, shimmery shade. I just love it! I also bought the FLAMBOYANT duo which is also fabulous. I love the high pigment colors of this line. Can’t wait to buy more! These shadows are like a powder – cream to me and go on so beautifully without creasing and wear really well. If you are on the fence with these colors…go for it, you will be glad you did!

Mildred Port Barre, LA

Gorgeous,deep color

Charged is beautiful it really makes my blue eyes look more intense and the metallic finish gives it a sheen that doesn’t look sparkly. Richly pigmented can easily due a chocolate/bronzy smokey eye with this. I have used several different brands of eyelid primers and it wears the same with all of them, doesn’t fade. I think this would look beautiful on any eyecolor or skintone. A neutral that’s not boring.

Carissa Cottonwood, MN


great colors, great pigmentation. really is metallic looking. so great for a more naturally bold look. i love these duos

Teresa Ross, ND

Very nice.

This is one of my favorite eye shadows. It great for day and evening. I have golden hazel eyes and it makes them pop.

Katherine Melrose, NY

Love this eyeshadow

I loooooove this eyeshadow. It’s so vibrant and I don’t have to cake it on in order for it to be seen.

Glenda Newcastle, UT

Fav Eyeshadow

Love this eyeshadow! Great long lasting color with a shimmer. I use the brown for my eyeshadow and the white as a highlighter. Love the amazon price too because its either expensive or hard to find

Casey Elizabeth, CO

love makeup

Love these shadows the colors are awesome and easy to blend. I have a few of these and enjoy wearing them

Renae Mount Meigs, AL

Love hurts

I loved these shades – the orangey copper color worked perfectly with my skin. I actually wore them for years, but turns out they made my eyelids raw most of the time, which was painful! Beauty is pain, right? I thought so for several years and continued wearing them, but eventually switched brands and haven’t looked back. No more painful eyelids! But if you don’t have sensitivity to certain shadows/makeup, these are great.

Noemi Little Falls, NJ

hip studios metallic duos GLIDED

Totally love love love these 2 colors together they are beautiful for the fall!! I recommend! The first time I wore this it was kind of hard taking the eyeshadow off so you might need a makeup remover!!

Carole Almont, CO


This is a great eyeshadow for when you want a pretty smokey eye look. Great color and lots of fun and pigment

Gilda Clayton, WA

Average quality.

These eyeshadows are not the best, and are a little bit outdated. I would say that the color combinations are too wild in some of the pots. The eyeshadow consistency is nothing amazing.

Arline Clarkton, NC

Nice rich colors

I love loreal, they have the best cosmetics. I have been using hip since it came out. These eyeshadows are amazing, they last a long time and the colors are rich. I have almost all the colors. I am so greatful for amazon and ebay because these shadow can cost around 12 dollars in stores like cvs and duane reade. I can actually afford to buy a few through amazon for a lot less.

Mary Pleasant Plains, IL

L’Oreal HiP duo eye shadows

Love HiP eyeshadows…I Often use them as eyeliner… Very good product for the price. Like both Matte and shimmer. With a very thin brush, can also be used as eye liner!!

Lela Seminole, FL

Crazy colors

The gold is super glittery and the purple is very dark and chalky. I just couldn’t find a way to combine both colors in a flattering way.

Helene West Middletown, PA

Love this product!

Fab just like the original one I bought from the store! Perfect for evening or daytime looks. I totally recommend this product!

Katherine Plant City, FL

Great for Smokey look!

This shadow is great for someone who wants a smokey eye on a budget! The colors are easily blendable with other colors, and I like to use the Loreal Hip Shadow paints as a base before I apply the shadows to give it a popping look. Works great for me!

Justine West Coxsackie, NY

One of my all-time eyeshadow favorites!

The silver has always been a favorite product of mine. Can easily be applied dry. It lasts all day and has kind of a creamy texture to it. It’s the perfect Tin Man silver. It definitely draws attention. The black also glides on smoothly. It doesn’t really have any problems with creasing and will stay put all day as well. I highly recommend this product!

Avis Saint Albans Bay, VT

My go-to for smokey eyes

I love Hip loreal metallic duos for my smokey eyes. They really are perfect for this because they are so pigmented but perfectly contrasted. This silver is the BEST silver I have ever used for make up and the best pigmented!

Edythe Staples, TX

love it

awesome colors, perfect match love love love it, thank youso much I hope will do bussines again, this is awesome

Staci Linden, TN

great look on my eyes!

I really like this. It’s so shimmery and the colors are fairly subtle on my skin, but just add that little bit extra thing you want when you’re going out or to an event or something.

Janine Saltese, MT

Amazing quality and beyond awesome colors!

These are one of the greatest eye shadow duos available on the market. I’m not a pro, but I’ve been a "make-up enthusiast" since I was 14 yo, so I’ve used a lot of brands and colors in 20 years….I just LOVE the intensity of the pigments, the consistency, the way it glides on your lids and how it stays put for long hours.Couple of brush strokes and it’s nice and done, I don’t have to keep adding more layers…until it feels like flour on your eyelids.I’m a white blonde, but I’m not afraid to use high intensity pigments. I know HIP was designed mainly for dark skinned women, but it works for me just as great. (Besides, the HIP black eyeliner is the blackest, smoothest eyeliner EVER- it’s my secret weapon! I refuse to use anything else)I have about 10 of these and I couldnt be happier. It’s a lot of product in them and they’re gonna last me a looong time.I’d highly recommend, for any skin tone

Marsha Cornelius, NC

Luv it

I usually buy other brands that are costly. Loreal is now my favorite. I will continue to buy Loreal. The pigment stats put. But I always use a primer.

Hope Pep, TX

Love it!

I love this one so much that I instantly ordered a backup one once I searched the colors. It’s a good thing too ’cause I’ve hit pan on the first one. It’s almost ridiculous how pigmented these colors are! Well worth the buy!!

Maribel Lipan, TX