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L’Oreal Paris Go 360 Clean, Deep Exfoliating Scrub,Natural Apricot Beads, 6-Fluid Ounce

Go 360 Clean offers a complete range of four expertly formulated, high-foam cleansers that are perfectly calibrated to perform with the Scrublet. The Deep Exfoliating Scrub is a gentle yet effective scrub, which exfoliates skin with natural apricot seed powder and salicylic acid to reveal perfectly clean, smoother skin. With a rich lather and fruity, apricot fragrance, this exfoliating scrub is gentle enough for daily use.

Key features

  • Gently exfoliates dull, dead skin cells and unclogs down to every last pore
  • Removes all traces of oil, dirt, and makeup. Pores look visibly smaller
  • Oil-free. Dermatologist tested
  • Formulated with Natural Apricot Beads for a refreshing sensation
  • More effective with the Scrublet than cleansing by hand

Honest reviews


Not my #1 favorite but I do really like this stuff

When I first got this facial cleanser, my first through was that the rubber scrubber, while a nice addition, felt like it would fall apart quickly. To my surprise it didn’t- it has been going like a champ. The scrubber is great and really helps you get your face nice and clean. The cleanser smells nice with a hint of apricot, but it isn’t overpowering. It is nice and ex foliating without being too harsh on your skin. This is great for an everyday cleaner if you don’t have any skin conditions, but from my experience, it really doesn’t do much to clear troubled skin. Overall, I do like this, but for my skin, I need something to help clear up my skin too. This cleaner does do everything that L’Oreal says it will- clean, reduce appearance of pores, and won’t over dry- for that, I have to give it 5 stars!Another thing I have done is use the scrubber with other cleansers- which works better than using my hands.

Lauri Perryville, MD

Bye bye blackheads!

I struggle with blackheads. I’ve tried everything you can name that’s a cleanser from gels to masks, you name it. I was so freaking happy though when I used this tonight. about 75% of my blackheads were gone!! I almost cried, it was so weird. I was not expecting it, but it was great. I still had some left, but anything that helps. Before I was using those stupid Biore Strips that got like two blackheads… Yeah.

Janelle Glennie, MI

The best thing about this is the scrublet

The actual product, the exfoliating cleaner, doesn’t exfoliate as well as other brands, although it does leave a very pleasant smell on your skin. The trick to getting the product to really exfoliate is to use the little rubber ‘scrublet’ that is included in this package and run that all over the area you are using the product on.Personally, I would rather use the Olay Regenerist Detoxifying Pore Scrub for basic exfoliation needs, and the Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel Kit for deep exfoliation (once or twice a week). The scrublet works great with the Olay Pore Scrub, but all of these products works really well with the Pro-X battery powered skin brush cleaner.

Miranda Westfield, NY


I like this product; it smells lovely, and the lil pop out scrubby pad is an innovative idea. I discovered that the scrubby has a suction cup on the top so you needn’t park it back in the bottle after use, I just stick it to the shower wall.I might try a more exfoliating product when I run out of this; but I am not opposed to buying this again.

Lucy Cobb, GA

Pleasantly surprised

Okay, it’s gimmicky and I fell for it, but it’s also a very nice cleanser. It has a yummy fresh grapefruit-y fragrance and granules for exfoliating. The scrubbing pad is soft and rubbery, so it doesn’t seem abrasive to your skin. I have used apricot scrubs in the past for deep cleansing and they can leave your face feeling a little irritated. The Go 360 Clean is gentler and does a nice job of cleansing without leaving you with an overly dry or irritated complexion. I actually find the gimmick of storing the pad in the bottle to be a nice convenience. The price is not bad, especially since you don’t need to use a huge amount…..this size bottle should be long-lasting. I’m happy I decided to try this.

Libby Red Oak, NC

A little disappointed.

I wanted to like this. It seemed like a miracle-worker based on all the reviews, but alas…the search for clear skin continues.Background: I have combination skin – not many zits, but tons of small blackheads in various places and very dry skin all over. I’ve been to the dermatologist and have tried prescriptions, all-natural/organic stuff, and everything in between. The reason I wanted to try this is because a benzoyl peroxide product was breaking me out. Oh, and I’m 19.Good: I love that this is so inexpensive. Its inexpensive anyway, but when you use it you don’t even need that much to cover your entire face. The smell is great too – just like apricots (unlike St.Ives)! The scrubs are perfect consistency – not too rough or big, but not whimpy or too many either. The face-scrubber thing is not as harsh as you would imagine. It is a very soft rubber. Suds up very nicely. Gentle and like I said – a little can go a long way. Cool bottle design.Bad: Completely ineffective on blackheads. In fact, it may have broken me out a bit (I got two zits, but that may have been my face acclimating itself to the product). It is drying. It made my face flaky! The dry scales don’t show up until the next day, but they are there! I imagine it would be really bad if I stopped using my face cream (its the best I’ve tried – super moisturizing without exacerbating my skin issues).Verdict: All in all, I have to give it a thumbs down, but if you have REALLY oily skin I’d give it a shot. Its only $5!

Randi Ullin, IL

Made me stall buying a Clarisonic/Olay Pro X

I had so many break outs and scars on my skin and I have been eyeing the olay Pro-X and the Clarisonic everyday. However, I am low on cash and I had already been using the GO 360 PINK cleanser and was running out so I ordered this.I have used this only for 3 times (twice a day) and this has significantly improved the texture of my skin. Although the little scrublet is nice, the apricot beads help give it that extra bit to do a better job in exfoliating. I might still invest in a Clarisonic when I can afford to splurge on myself but I find myself feeling SO MUCH HAPPIER having waited and using this product.I’m in my early 20s and was concerned about using a deep cleaning system on my face so early on so i’m happy i gave this a try–i dont want to end up in my 30s having used nearly everything and making my skin become immune to everything available on the market.i rarely write reviews but i just HAD to share this. I also use witch hazel toner after this and then a moisturizer. I would strongly recommend anyone using this to invest in a good moisturizer as exfoliating does make the skin dry.try it, it works! and a little goes a long way so you can probably use this for around 2months 🙂

Ethel Bridport, VT

loreal deep exfoliating

the face should be polished not scrubbed. scrubbing is for pots and pans. This product is very drying and harsh.

Coleen Hillsborough, NC

Great for oily skin! Gentle but thorough

So this solves a couple of peeves with scrubs.1. No too watery/too thick problem. Some scrubs or scrub/cleanser combo are too watery and don’t really scrub, or disappears after a few wipes. Some scrubs are so thick it’s like a paste and stuff fall off instead of stay on your face to be scrubbed. This is soapy scrub, but with the pad, you get long lasting scrubbing power.2. No harsh scrubbing. It always feels ineffective and not penetrating enough if I gently scrub with my hand, so I usually put too much force and end up with a red/slightly hurting face. Well, the pad is the magic. Even when you don’t apply a lot of force, the rubber of the pad help adjust the force so the scrubbing feels gentle but firm. It doesn’t hurt but it feels penetrating.The only thing is that it’s a bit drying (I have combo skin), so use it along with that moisturizer you like but a bit too oily on you.

Earline Triumph, IL

It’s okay

I really like the smell, and I guess it cleans pretty well. However, I think this product makes me break out. I’ve noticed that since using this product I have been breaking out a lot more frequently, when I used to only break out during my ‘time of the month’. I have changed anything to my daily routine, still use the same make-up, skin care, etc. So I think it’s this product. I’ve stopped washing my face with this, will see if I stop breaking out. For the time being I’m using this to scrub my legs and feet :))

Pamela Oneida, TN

bought it for the scrub pad

Got this expressly for the scrubby pad. This formula is a scrub, and I was worried how it would work with the scrub pad, but it’s not a very rough solution so it’s not going to damage the silicone bumps on it. I will just refill the bottle with other face cleansers when it is empty – I don’t think the solution that matters, but this stuff does smell really good. The pad isn’t as scrubby as i had hoped, but after a week of using it, it definitely works. I’m hoping for better results the longer I use it too. I have huge pores that are always just dirty, and i’m hoping the pad will get in there and clean them out so they can close up a little bit.

Penelope Kapaau, HI

Smells great, feels great

After using this scrub with the little applicator that comes with this, my dry skin doesn’t feel parched. It’s soft and clean. My pores look smaller. This stuff really delivers!

Loraine Nolan, WV

Best cleanser I’ve used

I have skin that’s very sensitive and always seems to be weirdly flaky, even if I’m not particularly dry. It can lead to break outs if I don’t exfoliate enough. I can use this scrub daily to remove all the dead skin, which is pretty much all I need. Nothing else really works well for me, no matter how much it may claim to “deep clean” or “unclog pores” or “kill bacteria.” If they ever discontinue it, please believe I’ll be on every site I can find ordering out the last of the supply.

Justina Seymour, IL

L’Oreal Paris 360 Clean

Made my skin feel soft and clean. Has a soft plastic face scrubber attached to bottle. Nice apricot scent and is a mild exfoliating scrub.

Ilene Dublin, NH

Love the scrublet

The scrublet is so useful for cleaning your face really well, I definitely give it a 5 star for it. As for the exfoliating cleanser, it is just ok mainly because the scrubbing particles don’t really exfoliate well, they’re too suspended in the gel, and it is just a little bit drying, better for using during the summer. One thing I notice is if I get it in my eyes it really hurts and turn my eyes red and swollen for quite awhile, so I have to be careful. I’d probably get the regular cleanser version of this next time and not the exfoliating scrub.

Mia Dwight, IL

great face cleaner

The skin on my face is very dry and it is hard to find a facial cleanser that makes my face feel and look clean without it feeling tight and dry. This works extremely well. It leaves my face feeling and looking clean without overdrying. Also has an affordable price.

Mina Jefferson, MD

love it

It comes with a scrubber on front of bottle. It cleans well and smells very fragrant. Good price. Will buy more in future.

Bonnie Como, CO

Good, worked well on my skin

It smells nice! That’s the best thing about this product. It does exfoliate, but I’m taking off a star for that silly little brush that have attached on the front of it. It’s so small/flimsy it’s pretty worthless. I just use my own face sponge instead!

Janice Newtonia, MO


This product smells great and the exfoliating beads really do make your face smell fresh and feel even better! I use this every time I’m in shower and the scrub that comes with it is BRILLIANT!! My face felt so silky and smooth after I got out. Try it!!

James Mitchellville, TN

Awesome product by l’oreal

excellent the skin is soft as mentioned on the product also it well cleans the skin,your skin feels really cleansed,I love it and do intend to continue purchasing it.

Eve Mead, WA


I had used a different brand of apricot scrub for years because it was inexpensive and seemed to do the job. I tried this product line and loved it from the first use! It is gentle on my skin and a great way to start my day! It’s gentle yet very effective. I am glad I tried it!

Rachel Sleetmute, AK


I wouldn’t call this a truly deep exfoliating scrub, but it’s not unpleasant to use. The scent and consistency are fine (nothing new!), but Neutrogena or St. Ives both make a much better exfoliating scrub.

Alba Vilonia, AR

So much fun

I love this scrub and the tiny little exfoliating scrub pad that comes with it is a lot of fun to use. It feels really good on my skin. A gentle little massage. If you like more of a harsh, sandy exfoliating scrub, this isn’t the right one for you. I’m opening my mind to more of a gentle approach with my skin, and this seems to be working great.

Jackie Eltopia, WA

Gentle But Extremely Effective

I have used quite a few different exfoliants in my day, and this is one of my favorites. Blemishes can very often create an uneven surface area on the face. This means that they protrude further than the rest of the skin and this naturally makes them more conspicuous. I use this cleanser when I shower or bathe, and it really cleans out the rough blemishes and sort of wipes the slate clean. I wouldn’t recommend using it more than twice a week though. If you utilize it too often it can make your skin a little raw, and slightly more sensitive. This product smells good, it comes with it’s own scrubber which is much more effective than using a loofah or even exfoliating gloves. It is not too pricey considering how many applications you get out of it. There are also plenty of coupons on RedPlum and in the paper that help to lower the price of the product. I would highly recommend this cleanser. In addition, you can use it on areas other than the face–though you’ll notice the greatest difference in the facial area.

Serena Green Spring, WV

AMAZING!!!! Best face wash I have ever used in my life.

I never write reviews ever…but I had to with this product. First of all the product comes with an actual tool! It comes with a rubber scrubber that I didn’t expect. It comes attached to the bottle. I used it just now and wow! This face wash is amazing it took off my makeup and cleaned my face perfectly. The best part is that it’s NON DRYING!!!! My face after felt so soft and smooth! I will make another order soon and buy three more so I have back ups because It’s just freaking amazing! GO buy it now!

Eunice Oscar, OK

L’Oreal Paris Go 360 Clean

This one works well and has a clean fresh scent that I liked. I did not enough the scrubby part since I felt thatI ended up getting less product. Felt like I paid extra for that little scrubby bit. It was most annoying to always haveto replace it back on the bottle. Otherwise this scrub was good and definitely made my face lighter and brighter. It lookedcleaner too and got rid of the blackheads.

Nikki Oil Springs, KY


i love this facewash! It dried my face a little bit at the start, but keep with it and it works really well!! i use it at night and in the shower and then put on moisturizer after. amazing product. the exfoliating scrub brush thing is lots of fun to use.

Marcia Dingess, WV

didn’t meet expectations.

The scrubber is small and ineffective. After a couple of weeks, I concluded it was just an ordinary face/body wash, in my opinion. At least it smells nice.

Florine Florence, MO

Great product, great price

I was in need of a new face wash and purchased this after reading the great reviews. I got it in the mail quickly and was pleased when I first used it. It’s a nice daily exfoliating scrub – meaning it has little exfoliating beads, but they’re gentle enough for every day use. I tend to like exfoliating scrubs but it’s not good to use them every day (like the St. Ive’s apricot scrub), so this is a nice daily use wash. It smells nice and light, and it feels nice on the skin. I don’t usually use the scrubbing pad that it came with, but I have tried it before. It’s decent enough if you want a little deeper clean, but I wasn’t a big enough fan to justify using it regularly. I have already repurchased this product and I probably will again in the future. It’s a pretty good sized bottle for relatively inexpensive and it works well.

Darcy Fort Ashby, WV

My face needs help

This is safe, gentle but exfoliates down to fresh clean skin. The older you get the harder it becomes taking care of hands, skin, etc. as a retiree, so much time and so little to do.

Karen Owensboro, KY