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L’Oreal Paris Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner – Black #798

The Ultimate Eyeliner: The glide and intensity of a liquid; the precision of a pencil. L’Oreal presents Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner. Now get the gliding application, intense look, and long-wear of a liquid eyeliner with the easy application and control of a pencil. Rich, dramatically bold lines; pencil formula glides on smoothly and easily; smudge-proof, all day wear; ophthalmologist tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Made in Germany.

Key features

  • Glide and intensity of a liquid
  • Precision of a pencil
  • Rich, dramatically bold lines
  • Smudge proof, all day wear
  • Pencil formula glides on smoothly and easily

Honest reviews


Worst Eye liner I EVER used

I don’t know if its because I live in a hot place or what but this is without a doubt the most “smudgiest” eye-liner I have EVER purchased its completely runny. Putting it on is a huge hassel because it spreads ALL over the under part of my eye and top lid.Sharpening it is not only annoying because I literally lost 1/4 of the stick in ONE sharpening the color got all over my hands and I hand to rinse my hands off with makeup remover.Ugh the only reason this deserves one star is because the color really is black and “intesne” but I really dont like the raccoon eyes I end up with after a 1/2 hour of wear. The consitences says its like a liquid in a pencil but its more like a cream that doesnt want to co-operate.Like I said maybe its because I live in warm weather and its summer so its melting…if thats the case maybe I will bring this backout in winter and see how it does

Angelia Plantersville, AL

Either you will LOVE it or HATE it….I love it.

I love this brand of eyeliner and will use no other. Before trying the L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner I had always used liquid eyeliners. The problem I was always having with liquid eyeliners was that the tip drys out quickly and I was always re-wetting it. My eyeliner never looked even or straight because I was not able to get it on in one continuous stroke. I like a bold top line that is thick and extends outward (like Amy Whinehouse’s eyes). This pencil has been the answer to my prayers! Even though I can’t apply my liner with one stroke using this liquid pencil, it still goes on like silk. It glides on so smoothly and the color is so bold, intense and jet black! The only downfall is that it does tend to smudge easily if touched. So if you live in a area that you may perspire easily or if you touch you eyes frequently this product may not be for you.

Dale Bainbridge, IN

L’Oreal Paris Pen

I used it once and then it didn’t work. Its very upsetting. This was a waste of money, Don’t buy it.

Monika Misenheimer, NC

Not for me

This doesn’t stay long and it’s too soft that so easy to break..i will choose the one that is not in a pencil style next time, so tiring to sharpen it

Mamie East Tallassee, AL

exactly what i wanted

works great — doesn’t run — nice & dark — sharpens well — worth every penny & since it is hard to find in store (usually out of stock) i will be buying it here from now on.i only wish it was available as a "subscribe & save" item!

Amie Northpoint, PA

Bold lasting color

I love this eyeliner, it is very rich and bold. I have never used anything this bold before, I really like it alot. The color lasts all day and the pencil lasts a long time.

Lynn Thomastown, MS


So happy I found this eyeliner, best on the market! It does go by quickly though and I haven’t figured out the whole self sharpener out but I just order 2 to always have one on had.

Samantha Maple Hill, NC

“Extra-intense”… for about 5 seconds

When you first put it on, the color pay-off is pretty impressive. It glides on easily, and yes, the color is pleasingly intensely black, like a gel liner.Too bad it doesn’t stay that way. This eyeliner pretty much starts melting from from your eyes the minute you put it on. After about a minute, I noticed that it was already starting to fade, and about half an hour later it was already smudged out and patchy. I decided to take it off, and I found I could easily wipe it off with my hands. I put some eye primer on to see if it would make it stick better, but even with primer it fades into a soft, smudgy black within a few minutes.

Sophia Osyka, MS