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L’Oreal Paris EverStrong Thickening Shampoo Rosemary, 8.5 Fluid Ounce

Gently removes build up of excess oils, environmental pollutants and product build up for a clean, healthy scalp and thicker, stronger looking hair.

Key features

  • Sulfate-free, thickening, volume shampoo infused with refreshing rosemary and juniper
  • Formulated with L’Oreal’s patented Amino Acid Complex, which helps weak, thinning hair to look thicker while caring for the scalp
  • For hair that needs extra strength and volume
  • Sulfate-free; paraben-free; 100% vegan
  • Net Wt. 8.5 oz.

Honest reviews


My favorite hair cleansing system at the moment

This review is for the whole Everstrong Thickening system (shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in hair tonic). First, I LOVE the smell. Some may not like it, but I prefer a fresh herbal, earthy scent over fruity ones and this one is the nicest scent i’ve experienced except for my favorite scent of Aveda’s Shampure. If you hate the scent, it’s not overwhelming and doesn’t linger too long (unless your hair has a tendency to hold scent and you use alot of the leave-in tonic).That being said, I like how this system performs for my thin/fine, wavy, breakage-prone hair. I don’t see where it helps with shedding, but I like that it provides my hair with some thickness and texture post shower. It’s not magical, so don’t expect to dry your hair and be left with a completely different head of hair if you have thin/super fine hair, but it does make it more manageable and leave it thicker as opposed to non-thickening systems. It cleans nicely and rinses out without leaving buildup. Can’t say whether the tonic really does anything other than calm the scalp, but I find the combination of the three combined with my other styling products gives me better results than using other shampoos/conditoners.

Lorene Tipton, TN

Didn’t care for it…made my hair greasy and flat

I don’t like this product at all. I’m not a fan of looking like bacon has been fried in my hair right after I wash it and dry it. It made my hair greasy and limp. To be fair, that could be because it’s sulfate free. I’ve tried several sulfate free brands because my hair dye stays in longer with sulfate free shampoo, but I’ve found that’s not worth having a greasy mop on my head all the time. If you don’t have fine hair you may not have the same problem with the product. I didn’t notice that it made my hair any thicker. This product has been relegated to my "if greasy hair comes in style" product box under my sink. I swear, if I could get back a nickel of every $ I spent on the products in that box, I’d be rich!

Hester Southold, NY

Must have!!!

Sincerely, I cannot picture life without this stuff. Little about me, been battling an incurable disease. Was put on chemo and lost a lot of hair… I mean a lot! My hair was so thin and brittle. After haveing a very bad reaction, I was taken off chemo and all I wanted to do was reclaim my hair. I went for a day to be pampered at hair salon after they assured me chemo had no affect on treatments and the girl over processed what little hair I had left AND cut off about 4 inches. I was bawling my eyes out. Terrible!!! Anyway, I wanted to go chem free and cut out dead stuff and keep my hair virgin. I am about 4 inches away from all virgin hair and this stuff is to blame!!! My hair grew back so fast and it came in so healthy. I do not use anything with alcohol and I get a trim every month. To date, I can wash my hair with just the shampoo… conditioner is not even needed but I use anyway. It is a MUST buy!! Chemo and over processed/ burnt hair was no match for this stuff. It is the BEST!!!

Sherrie Hidden Valley, PA

good shampoo

This product smells AH-MAZING. It makes my hair a little bit thicker but it definitely isn’t a miracle. I like it and it cleans my hair. So far it seems like the shampoo gives a lot of volume to my hair, without making my curls go limp or super frizzy. The bottle is a good size and I would totally repurchase this.

Jana Bonanza, UT

6th star please

I did read a lot of negative comments in here and I was skeptical. The price at Amazon for this product is much better I bought this shampoo for much more from a duane reade.Now I always wait a lot longer when I use products before I review them. But I HAD to write a review for this shampoo. I am not sure if i can compare products with their names because some websites block the names because its not good to discuss competitive products. But I am going to mention many shampoos here because I found this one to be sooo good after trying zillion others. My hair is very wavy considerably thick. It did not need any help until the past several months. Things changed I moved and I started losing A LOT OF HAIR. A LOT. I panicked and got several products to help my hair thinning issue. I used pantene , herbal essences and all other drug store brands. I bought a salon product too that costed a fortune that promised thickening and nourishing. I still have thick hair but the thinning is on top part and temple actually. The problem with all other shampoos was that even though some of them plumped up hair they gave it so much root lift that my thinning hair in the front looked all the more thin with lot of scalp showing. Most of what I tried were sulfate based shampoos so they did dry my hair a lot and i started losing more hair because of dryness.Some of them didn’t do anything at all to my hair.Then I found this one. I was HOOKED to this from my first use. This shampoo DOES thicken. Not only does it thicken it makes hair really really soft and manageable. I also got a good shine with this product. MY hair looks and feels gorgeous. It doesn’t feel weighed down. The root lift is the appropriate amount so my individual thinning hairs don’t stand up to show scalp and make the problem worse!I am going to continue to use this shampoo. I don’t use conditioners because they make my hair greasy and weigh it down. I also lose a lot of hair when I use conditioners. I use this shampoo along with some oils to condition hair before or after hair wash. If you have thinning hair and nothing else worked try this. This is a good product.

Aurora White Oak, GA

Not the best for my thin, wavy, dry hair

This is a cream shampoo, but as is typical for thickening shampoos, this shampoo is too drying for my already dry hair. Gave me a full but puffy look. I need more moisture than this shampoo provides.Smells nice and lathers and cleans well. I think it would be ideal for oilier, thin hair.

Stephanie Gallant, AL

Dried out my ends

At first, I thought this was working. It does thicken my fine, thin hair, but not any more so than my Salon Grafix Conditioning Cleansing for Oily or fine hair, which is my absolute favorite, but hard to come by in local stores. After a while, I started to notice how dry the mid to end of my hair was, and it was all because of this product and the conditioner within the same line. I have greasy hair on my crown, but have always had normal hair elsewhere, but this dried it out so bad, without doing anything for my grease at the same time. I completely cut this out of my hair routine, and just started using the salon grafix one once more, and now my hair is back to normal. I thought this shampoo would work well because it’s sulfate free, but I was wrong.

Dana Saulsville, WV

Does what it says

I had a thinning hair problem (caused by an overdose of Vitamin A). I read that rosemary oil was good for thinning hair so I bought the essential oil as a hair treatment. Then I saw that this shampoo had rosemary oil in it and no sulfates so I bought it and the conditioner. As far as I’m concerned, I could tell the difference in about a week. It might have been the essential oil treatment AND this shampoo that caused the difference but I’m still using this shampoo even though I’ve resolved the thinning hair issue. Some people might have to get used to the smell which initially struck me as “medicinal”. But once the hair is washed and dried, the smell isn’t as strong and I personally like it – to me it makes my hair smell fresh and clean. Hope L’Oreal doesn’t stop making this product.

Sherry Newkirk, NM

Great Trio!

Worked as expected! Great product along with the Shampoo and Thickening Tonic! Love the three together and recommend it to all who want their hair to be a bit thicker.

Sharon Ridgway, PA

Working (I think?)

I’m pretty sure it’s working, although I can’t attribute it to this one product specifically – I’m using the whole set. My hair feels thicker, at the very least!

Alexandria Opelousas, LA


This past year I decided to pay more attention to my hair and this product truly does make a difference. My hair is usually very dry and tough especially after taking a shower so I decided to try this product since L’Oreal makes terrific products. The first day I tried it I noticed that my hair became so silky and smooth after drying. I LOVE IT. Plus it’s cheap for one so it’s very cost efficient! (especially if you’re a poor college student like me.) This’ll probably last you a month or so. If you’re doubtful DON’T BE. you won’t regret it!!

Rosemary Newcomb, MD

It’s Okay

To be honest, I can’t tell if it helps makes my hair have more volume or not. I kind of doubt it. But I will say that it has a nice clean smell (I am very sensitive to fragrances, so a natural smell is important to me) and it rinses out very easily.

Lesa Treloar, MO


First of all, it’s really great, especially for thinning hair. It adds volume without adding weight or grease (flaws lots of thickening shampoos have). My hair looks silky and smooth, and the most amazing thing I love about this shampoo – it smells like something very nice from my childhood. Now I believe I will be only using this one, kinda addicted to this wonderful smell. 🙂

Misty Erwin, NC

Works really well

As an african who’s kept my hair natural for the last few years, finding the right shampoo has been a difficult journey. I’ve at least 4b type natural hair and it tangles when washed. Even when my hair was relaxed, it just locks up when it gets washed. I’ve come across 2 condtioners that do a good job detangling it and sometimes I just cowash but I really needed a shampoo as I do my hair most of the time. I tried a sample of carroll’s daughter shampoo and it didn’t tangle my hair but it costs 20buck or more. Plus, I’ve had tried other natural shampoos that’ve turned my hair into straw and others that make me shed like crazy.I stumbled across this on amazon, ordered by accident and it does a wonderful job. My hair does not tangle, not even a bit. It’s amazing! My hair had been thinning and I feel this has thickened it. And it does not cost an arm and a leg. I use bedhead conditioner and it works well with this. I’ve had issues in the past where using a conditioner different from the shamooo caused tangling but this works well with bedhead and it’s also worked well with my deep conditioning masque. And, I don’t have hair falling out when I use this.This is my new go -to shampoo and I was my hair way more now due to it. For what it costs, I think it’s worth a try. I read most of the reviews on here and it seems to work for most people regardless of race or hair type. It works better than all of the expensive shampoos I’ve used in the past. I highly recommend this.

Luann Bethany, WV

My hair feels like strings.

I’m a guy and I don’t know why it feels that way while i’m shampooing. IT also doesn’t seem to thicken my hair at all either.

Adriana Boaz, KY

Great for thin fine hair

I have very fine thin hair compounded with an oily scalp so getting voluminous hair is a challenge. This shampoo has completely changed that. It cleanses without leaving the scalp stripped and really does provide volume. Since I first tried it I’v gone through 2 more bottles and will probably buy more once I’m finished with the shampoo I’m currently using. The only drawback is the smell which is more a personal preference. I’m not a big fan of minty smells but I love it enough to overlook a and keep using this shampoo

Tamera Tippo, MS

Does what it says!

Really thickens my hair as stated! Even my long-distance SO commented over Skype that he could see the difference, that’s kinda amazing!

Magdalena Willow City, ND

Disappointed! Expected something better! didn’t work for me!

I must admit it. I have fine, thin hair and try different products to vary my hair care. I bought this one with great expectations and wasn’t impressed with it. It didn’t do anything for my fine thin hair. I’ll stick with the others that work well: tresemme full and thick; pantene pro v, even the brand of this one in smoothing sulfate free worked better for me.Overall, just another shampoo that didn’t work for me. I won’t be buying again.

Jodie Shelbyville, MI