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L’Oreal Paris EverSleek Sulfate Free Smoothing System Intense Smoothing Conditioner, 8.5 fl. Oz.

48-Hour Frizz Control, Free of Heavy Silicones. The new standard of smooth has arrived. Ordinary smoothing shampoos can use harsh sulfates to cleanse hair, and have silicones that coat and weigh hair down. Free of harsh sulfates and heavy silicones, the EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System gently cleanses, and uses natural oils for weightless 48-Hour frizz control. EverSleek combines natural Argan, Sunflower, and Olive oils to penetrate and smooth hair, so that it stays weightlessly sleek through any weather.

Key features

  • Sulfate and silicon-free conditioner smoothes and deeply conditions frizzy, unruly hair without weighdown
  • Formulated with natural botanicals, oils, and sunflower for 48-hour frizz control
  • Improves texture, and leaves hair beautifully sleek and manageable
  • 100% vegan formula, not tested on animals
  • Net Wt. 8.5 oz.

Honest reviews


If you have curly/wavy hair, this is the best product you can get

Most products, even for curly or wavy hair, are loaded with silicones, so it’s SO nice to have a good conditioner for curly hair that isn’t absolute crapThe shampoo is sulfate-free which is a bonus, but I find that the shampoo in the EverSleek line isn’t that great. I like the EverPure shampoos better. With Eversleek, you can actually co-wash (“conditioner-only”) your hair. This means that you can use the conditioner as a shampoo, because there is no silicone to make your hair greasy. Lots of women with tight curls do this because it adds moisture to their hair, others just think it’s gross but, when done propery, it really isn’t. This is a good product for that. Other products like this will cost well over 20 bucks a bottle.

Hazel Murrells Inlet, SC

Much healthier 😀

I like the smell and this is healthier I can relax knowing my hair will be smooth pretty and softer definitely silky and improved over time with continued use. I have long curly hair that Im growing longer I have to take good care of it. This stuff is amazing Thank you God and thank you l’oreal please do not take this off the market this is better than herbal essences and Dove. God bless you all and have a nice day. 😀

Carly Berrysburg, PA

Nothing Special

Used a 2 day free sample I received in the mail; not impressed. Used it after the eversleek intense smoothing shampoo. Did nothing as promised. No different from the Pantene or Tres eme, Matrix or Sheer Blonde that I normally use. I won’t be purchasing this line nor would I recommend it since I saw no difference. It was weird to me that the “intense conditioner” wasn’t very thick when the gross leave in conditioner they sent along with it has the consistency of lotion. You would figure it would be the other way around.Skip this unless you can get a free sample from their website first; it may or may not work for you.

Amparo North Olmsted, OH

Love it.

I have very course, long hair and this works great. Its smoothing and I love the fact that its sulfate free.

Adela Golconda, IL


I had try all the everpure line. I really like them. Great shampoos and conditioner. Nice smell, great packing and awesome price.

Rosetta Hillsboro, MO

I mean–I look like a different person

At least I can’t believe this is my hair. After my first use–I have hair that looks like it does when I get it done at a salon. And I have never been able to replicate my salon results no matter how many times my stylist taught me how and told me what products to buy. I have tried many products from the expensive to the dirt cheap. Well, this takes the cake in my opinion. I know there are still products I haven’t tried (as new ones come out all the time), but my hair is shinier, bouncier and straighter than I have ever seen it aside from going to the salon. Wow. And…it smells great and fits my budget! I tried Evercreme and it was okay, but this is the bees knees. I just wish I had tried it sooner!

Bridget Eagles Mere, PA

it’s extremely thick and heavy. I don’t use it …

it’s extremely thick and heavy. I don’t use it more than once a week because it leave my hair heavy and it gets greasy and weighed down.

Kaitlin Westview, KY

My new haircare romance…

I have a problem with hair care products…it’s an addiction, really. I love them–I cannot stop buying them. I cannot pass up hair products that smell nicely on sale. This being said, I picked this up the other day in a haste not wanting to buy professional products from my local Target and I was shooting for something Sulfate Free (simply because the girl who does my hair tells me to). This was the best smelling of the 3 offered at Target (the others smelled medicine-y/too herbal to me). I used the shampoo/conditioner thinking it was a temporary use and I’d put it in the cupboard for future emergency use. Well, I used it once and I loved it but for some reason any time I change shampoos they seem to make my hair look good for at least the first day BUT i’ve been using this for a week and my only complaint is that my hair is oily but only because I cannot keep my hands out of it! It feels and smells so nice and the price is a quarter of what I’ve paid for professional! I’d give it 10 stars if I could! Try it! You won’t be disappointed!

Dee Joliet, IL


This is a fantastic silicone free conditioner that leaves my hair soft, smooth and clean. Try the shampoo as well!

Jenna Milford, TX

Makes hair smooth

I used to get Brazilian blowouts several times a year to smooth my hair, which is normally wavy and frizzy. Since I started using this shampoo and conditioner, I haven’t had one in over a year. When I straighten my hair in the morning, it says straight all day. Before using this, it would look bad by the end of the day.

Marina Harrison, AR


I like this conditioner, it smells good (not to much), makes my hair soft and easy to comb through. I will buy this again! The thing I like most about this, is that it doesn’t contains alcohol.

Janna Plumsteadville, PA

I love this product

With hair to the back of my knees, and being the hair freak that I am this product is one of the best conditioners you can buy. Silicone’s coat your hair destroying and possible way for moisture to get into the cuticle, and parbens do the same giving the appearance your hair is healthy but all it is is coated in plastic and heavy waxes, sulfate also does tremendous damage and none of these three ingredients are included in this product. Its hard to adjust to for about a week after that your hair looks completely different.Put this on your must have list.

Kathrine Topsfield, MA


The condtioner and shampoo leaves my hair dry When I dried it, it was frizzy and the volume was overdone,

Marian Dalhart, TX

Great for frizzy hair

I love this line of shampoo/conditioner from L’Oreal. Use both the shampoo and conditioner together for less frizzy hair and a sleeker look.

Violet Winsted, CT

bought for teenage girl hair (FRIED)

This product has taken on two teen girls with significant chemical damage, and one pre-adolescent with layers and layers of wavy/frizz. So far, reviews are positive from the bathroom squad.

Erin New Sarpy, LA

Silicone free and still smoothing.

Smooths hair. Exactly what I was looking for to add to my rotation. One of the few loreal conditioners I have found without mineral oil or silicones. My hair looks nice when I use this.

Marva Whites City, NM


Great frizz control, professional product. Works very well and price is decent. I live in Florida and it’s a must have

Graciela Waucoma, IA

Good product

This product does exactly what it says it will. I get this through the subscribe and save program. If you are wondering if this program is something you’d like to try I say go for it. I get the shampoo and conditioner and am never disappointed

Amanda Dansville, NY

I didn’t care for this

I really didn’t care for this product. It is just too heavy. It doesn’t smell very good to me. I just don’t like that fake over-powering floral smell.

Antionette Franklin Park, IL


I can’t use any other conditioners now since I discovered the Loreal sulfate free products. This one in particular give alot of volume and keeps the frizzies away when it’s humid or foggy :o)

Elisabeth Bay City, TX

This has made a believer out of me!

I like this conditioner (and the shampoo) and think both are a good value for the money. The scent is pleasant and my hair really does seem smoother and more manageable. This line has made a believer out of me when it comes to sulphate free products.

Evangeline Warwick, RI


I have been looking for a good hair conditioner and I believe I have found it. I would recommend this product to anyone who has issues with split ends

Marie Volcano, CA

Nothing special…

I have had better for less money. It has a funky smell too. I can handle just about anything (as long as it’s not that patchouli oil) but this just rubs me the wrong way…..can’t wait until it’s gone!

Debora Parkdale, AR

We did not like it as much as other L’Oreal products

The L’Oreal smoothing shampoo and conditioner did not work as well as other sulfate free products. I am now using Coppolla sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, and love it! My daughter is using other products from L’Oreal…she really likes the L’Oreal sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for volume and body.

Clare Hysham, MT

Wonderful product

I was looking for an affordable natural alternative for my frizzy, moody hair and this one gets the job done. Not only did I noticed a huge difference in softness, there was less frizz and my hair smells great all day long. It also keeps my hair from over drying and smelling like chlorine, as I like to swim often. Overall a great and cheap product for those who want less frizzy and more soft hair. I gave it only four stars as the only downside is that it tends to weigh my hair down and my once voluminous thick hair is now flat and thin. I suppose it’s a sacrifice for soft and frizz free hair.

Tasha Ruth, MS

Strong chemical scent, no silicone shine

At first when applying the conditioner it smells very strong and chemical like, fortunately after rinsing it out it smelled more like baby powder which is the fragrance that is left on the hair. Since this product is silicone free it left my hair somewhat dull and dry. So if you have thick, porous hair and are use to most conditioners that leave the hair glossy this one wont. The only good thing is it did help with frizz.

Shelia New Rumley, OH

good conditioner

I love the smell of this conditioner. It is good for daily use, I still need a deep conditioner but my hair is pretty dry.

Araceli Jonesborough, TN

If you want soft hair that smells AMAZING, this is the conditioner for you!!

My hair has a lot of damage from dying it pretty regularly, flat ironing/curling it almost everyday, etc. I’ve heard great reviews about L’Oreal EverSleek Intense Smoothing Conditioner, so I decided to order it and try it out for myself. I am beyond happy with the results. After one use I saw a HUGE difference in the texture of my hair. It made my hair SO soft, shiny, and as an added bonus it smelled heavenly. It really is an amazing smoothing conditioner. After I run out of the bottle of shampoo/conditioner I’m using, I rotate to another shampoo/conditioner that I like so my hair doesn’t "get used to" the same products and create build-up. When I run out of this I’ll be disappointed but will DEFINITELY keep it in rotation and continue to repurchase it!!

Nikki Ava, NY

smells really good

Smells really good

Pam Little York, IN

Nice for my fine, straight hair. I like it! recommend.

I received a free sample of this and the shampoo and finally used it today. (3/2/14) I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t expect much of it. After all, it is just another conditioner Is it perfect? No. Does it feel nice and smell good? Yes. I softens my hair but doesn’t weigh it down. I also like the fact that it is sulfate and silicone free. The price isn’t too bad either. It is 100% Vegan with natural botanicals and oils, so one can’t go wrong. I used it with the shampoo (see separate review) which was also a good product. I’m happy. I have fine, straight hair and find it hard to locate natural and/or organic shampoos and conditioners I like that don’t weight my hair down. For me, this is one I will keep in mind when making shampoo purchases.Overall, for me, I like it and the shampoo, as well. I have no problem purchasing it or recommending it to others.

Allene Trenton, TX