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L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Moisture Restorative Hair Masque, 5.1 Fluid Ounce

EverPure conditioners are creamy, protective formulas that help preserve and maintain color brilliance. Color-treated hair requires special care. The EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System protects and conditions hair for long-lasting color purity. The unique UV filters help protect color-treated hair against sun damage.

Key features

  • Ultra-rich conditioners restore moisture to dry, damaged hair in this sulfate-free, intensive treatment masque
  • Formulated with natural botanicals
  • For color treated hair; anti-fade system for long-lasting color purity
  • Sulfate-free
  • Net Wt. 5.1 oz.

Honest reviews



i think thats what u get for 6 dollars!It makes your hair dry,unhealthy and hard.I couldnt wait to wash my hair out of it.Never experienced anything like this.I would give 3 stars to shampoo and cond. but not to this.Its just very cheap and bad quality,it makes your hair even worse.I think all good reviews come from Loreal….

Graciela Dickson, TN


This product is a gem! It smells amazing and works like a charm. We dry haired ladies so lucky it is around. I have blonde hair that is highlighted with platinum pieces and frequently styled with hot tools. This masque really re-conditions and strengthens my hair to a glory its never known, even when it was virgin. And boy does it shine! People have stopped to ask me how I got my hair so shiny and soft. I definitely recommend this product.

Hope Ringling, MT


I wanted something that would remoisturize my hair after the beating it takes in the pool and sun every day. I’m a daily outdoor swimmer, and sit in the sun every day, and live where it’s hot and humid year round. My hair is baked and fried.This stuff is simply awesome. I put it on, and leave it sometimes for half an hour while I sit outside, rinse it out and my hair is renewed. It leaves it soft, silky, shiney and full of body. It’s like new hair after I use this. I also love the soft fragrance. It’s creamy and as soon as I put it in my hair I can feel my hair soften and relax.This is also a perfect cure for my split ends. I have a head full of frizzy hair usually if I don’t use this. There is no sign of frizz after I use this, and my hair stays super healthy. I have used this for the past year, about once a week. It’s the best thing I’ve found for my parched, lifeless, dry hair. It makes it like silk.

Margot Trail City, SD

L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Color Care System Moisture Restorative

I have been using this product for quite some time now and so I’m changing my review to 5 stars because it actually does improve your hair and the softness of my hair is amazing. So by all means buy this, it really is worth it.

Christina San Pedro, CA

The only conditioner I use

This is a really great conditioner. I have SUPER dry hair and this actually makes it look smooth and hydrated. When I go without it, my hair returns to being dry and brittle. Definitely recommend it.

Meghan Plattsburg, MO

It’s okay

It’s not that good,I usually love Loreal products. But this doesn’t smell that good and doesn’t really conditioning your hair that well

Bette Ulysses, PA


I LOVE this product. Just as good as the pureology deep conditioner. I use this on my 6 and 4 year old. Their hair looks so healthy and no tangles in the morning!

Lacey Barlow, OH

Got allergies

This product gave me horrible alergies. I had my husband try it out as well and he also had horrible alergies in his back. We had to throw this product in the garbage.

Doretha Warren, IL

Simply spectacular

I like this product mainly because it gave my hair such a nice, glossy condition even after all of the unwise changes I did to it. I did everything from hair drying abuse to multiple color changes in a matter of days. No wonder my hair became like wire in texture.Even so, this masque did an amazing job reviving my undead strands, for which I am eternally grateful. On the other hand, some of my friends are saying that it’s not doing anything for them.

Rosario Parsons, WV

double WOW!!

Have used this twice so far and the difference was apparent after the first use. This really makes hair soft and smells de-light-ful!This is looking like it will be a permanent part of my hair washing routine.

Anna Neshanic Station, NJ

Love this!

I use Pureology Hydrate, Frederic Fekkai Glossing, and Matrix Sleek Look all through the week ( I switch it up). Today I used my “cheapie” Pantene Beautiful Lengths and decided to grab this out of the closet to use as a conditioner. Glad I did! It made my color treated (just dyed to the color that my hair turns when the sun hits it, dark auburn) hair perfectly soft. I actually purchased this at my local Target here in Houston for $1.95! Here’s how: It was “clearanced out of the system” (suppose Loreal quit making it?) and there as 4 on the clearance rack. The scanners wouldn’t show a price, except for the last sale price which was $2.94. I also had a dollar off coupon, which knocked it down to about $1.95. I am so glad I got to try Everpure for a cheap price and plan on using my Everpure shampoo/conditioner coupons to try the rest of the line. Pureology is probably what it is based off and it is OVERPRICED and will dry out the hair later on. Glad I found these products!

Rene Garberville, CA

Just Okay

I purchased this conditioner in order to help maintain moisture in my very dry hair. After several uses I did not notice any significant difference. I tried on my childrens hair as well and no real benefit for them either. I’m glad I tried the product but I would not buy again.

Josefina Keen Mountain, VA

IN.CRED.IB.LE!! This stuff is PERFECT for thick, frizzy, damaged hair!!

This masque is the best product I’ve ever used on my thick, colored, curly, damaged hair…and I’ve used Humectress for years! You only need a small amount of this and it leaves your hair feeling soft and vibrant, smooth and revitalized! Can’t say enough about it. Buy it and try it. You’ll like the lightweight feel and the great results!

Audrey Mount Vernon, GA


I received this yesterday, and used it on my hair this morning. I left it in for the 5 minutes it recommends, and my hair hasn’t felt this silky and soft in I don’t know how long! I have dark, chemically treated hair, about down to my mid-back. I straighten my hair every day, so it sees a lot of heat on a regular basis. After straightening my hair this morning (after using the product in the shower) you can’t even see the “white split ends” anymore! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!! Will be reordering again and again!

Jenifer Dryden, VA

Beauty Must Have!

Wow! This works great. I have naturally curly hair & when I put it on my ends my hair looks great! I love it!

Nan West Suffield, CT


This masque is just alright, unfortunately. My hair is in pretty rough shape right now as I’m platinum blonde for summer, but my hair is naturally dark brown. Anyway, I was using the Neutrogena Triple Repair mask with excellent results for awhile, but lately it doesn’t seem to be helping, so I thought I’d try this instead. I loved the smell of this product and thought it smelled reminiscent of Aveda products, so that was a major selling point for me. 🙂 I also noticed the product was very thick and rich, but as soon as I put it in my hair I could tell it wasn’t going to help. My hair still has sheen, but wasn’t very detangled or soft and silky afterwards. It still feels just as straw-like as it did before. :'( I’ll probably just use this when I go back to my natural color! I guess I’ll have to keep looking…

Tracie Vanceburg, KY

It’s OK.

Nothing spectacular. Felt like a regular conditioner. I would like to note I have curly hair which can never get enough moisture but I didn’t feel that this did anymore than my john frieda conditioner. The smell was minty which I don’t mind but I was hoping for more of a fruity smell. I had another LOreal hair mask that I really enjoyed so I thought I would give this a try but the other one was much more moisturizing.

Jessie Dublin, MS

The best product of loreal

My hair looks shine & healthier after using this product. I used it once per week to keep it softer after excersise and sun.

Helene Keystone, SD

What a great product!

I think it’s an amazing masque. It’s a good size and is relatively inexpensive considering the size and the amazing quality, It makes my hair so silky and shiny! OMG, you should at least try it! There are so many products out there that are extremely expensive and do nothing good. But решы stuff is awesome!

Viola South Newfane, VT


This mask is simply amazing. And for the price? Unbelievable.To start, it smells amazing and when you rinse this out, your hair smells good!I had really dry, damaged hair from bleaching and straightening it. This softened my hair instantly, and when I air dried my hair over night, I woke up to extremely silky and shiny hair. Also, it helps repair split ends!

Hester Everly, IA

Softens hair, easier to comb through

I have fairly dry curly hair and my child has curly and coarse hair. This stuff helps loosen the hair while showering and makes hair easier to comb through. It smells SO good, it’s my favorite scent of the different ones in this line. I also bought the leave-in conditioning cream and it works very well. Must try!

Ronda French Creek, WV

Slightly Moisturizing

This conditioner may work best on normal hair. I have processed hair that has been colored and this restorative masque only makes my hair more shiny but not sufficiently conditioned. I other words my hair still feels a bit like straw. I find argon oil works better for my treated hair. I’d say this conditioner may work OK as a daily conditioner but I did not feel it very effective as a masque. I’m going to try adding argon oil to this product to see if it works better. I think it just needs a little bit of oil.~The Rebecca Review

Sofia Williamsport, MD

Makes hair silky soft!

I’ll start off by saying I have extremely frizzy, wavy hair with flyaways. I am South Asian, with thick hair, and this product makes my hair super soft and silky. The flyaways don’t go away, because the conditioner isn’t meant to get rid of that, but it does a great job of moisturizing my hair, which is great because I use a flat iron often, and my hair can get dry. It also smells great, and the tub lasts for MONTHS if you use the conditioner three times a week! Of course this depends on the length of your hair (I have mid-length hair). This product is especially good for preserving your hair color, which is important, as I dye my hair and want to keep the color as long as possible. Pair this with the matching shampoo, and it will work wonders on your hair!

Pamala Middle Point, OH