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L’Oreal Paris EverCurl Hydracharge Sulfate-Free Shampoo, 8.5 Fluid Ounce

Quenches and softens perfecting each curl’s shape. Infuses hydrating nourishment without weigh-down. Curls are softer, more manageable without frizz. Its rich lather and natural aromatic properties help invigorate the senses.

Key features

  • Sulfate-free Hydracharge Shampoo gently cleanses and infuses hydrating nourishment without weigh-down to perfect each curl’s shape
  • Enriched with natural botanicals and natural aromatic properties to help invigorate the senses
  • Softer, more manageable curls without unwanted frizz
  • Sulfate and paraben-free; no harsh salts; 100% vegan
  • Net Wt. 8.5 oz.

Honest reviews


airport confication

OK, so I forgot about the tiny amount of liquid that may go on an airplane. The lady who took it was very nice, but she still tool my shampoo. New Orleans was fun, even with dirty hair

Theresa Sheldon Springs, VT

fantastic product

I love this line from loreal. I’m excited to purchase more from it. I have long curls and sometimes they can be just a pain to care for. This shampoo helps keep the moisture in my hair without looking oily or greasy. The shampoo works up to a thick, luxurious lather, which I really love. It’s a great price for a product that works really well. Will definitely purchase again, and would recommend this to anyone with curly hair.

Ofelia Patterson, IA

Really disappointing

I have to agree with another reviewer that this was a huge disappointment. First, let me say that the lather is great, really great. Lots and lots of very soft lather that is a nice experience in the shower. That’s all that’s good about it, though. First, there’s the smell. A very odd smell. Sort of reminds me the smell left on your hands when you pull up weeds in the yard: not horrible, but herbal in a not-nice way. Then there’s what it does to my long, wavy/frizzy hair: it takes all the wave OUT and gives me even MORE frizz. After using the shampoo (and the matching condition, btw), my hair was left poker-straight but with a layer of frizz in uneven patches over my hair. It looked really, REALLY bad. It looked like I have super-damaged hair (I do not). The texture of my hair was soft, but it looked so awful I didn’t really care about the texture. I tried all sorts of additional styling products for the three times I used this stuff but nothing made my hair right again until I went back to my regular shampoo (Amika). I really have to say — and I’ve left this comment on other shampoos, too — this no-sulfate kick that manufacturers are on is JOKE. I have yet to find a sulfate-free shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair looking like crap, or smelling awful, or is completely useless in terms of cleaning. I’m DONE with them. This EverCurl stuff was set to be the exception — I liked the lather — but I ended up disappointed once again with the what it did to my hair. I cannot recommend this stuff.

Doris Strausstown, PA

Love this stuff

Have the conditioner as well. Love these products. They smell great and make my hair feel healthy. My bottles are empty and I am re-ordering them.

Adriana Ophir, CO

I am a curly haired girl

first off, love the smell,delicate but nice…I wear expensive perfumes every day and this rather complements the perfume not overshadowing it.I am very lucky at 66 to have beautiful long thick hair,never colored and it does as I wish so this shampoo for curly hair makes it super soft with well defined spiral like curls.just ordered the conditioner we shall see what the combination is like.

Katherine Elk Garden, WV

Threw it out

The shampoo and conditioner aren’t horrible, but did nothing for the curl or body of my hair. I don’t even remember the fragrance, so it seems not to have bothered me. Perhaps someone with extremely curly or corse hair would like it better, mine is fine and frizzy.

Gloria Jonesboro, LA

Great shampoo

As my hair turned silver, it also developed curls. I was baffled about how the manage curly hair, but the L’Oreal EverCurl has completely solved the puzzle. The shampoo, rinse and leave in conditioner have given me soft, shiny, wavy hair. I am so pleased with the results, and won’t use anything else. Just follow the directions.

Alba Jenkinjones, WV

It Smells Nice

Again the Loreal team hit the ball right out of the bueaty palor with this line with one problem. I’m a 3 shampoo girl. .The size of this tube makes me have to purchase 3 shampoos and 3 conditioners per month or suffer someone going with unclean hairLook finally Loreal has created something that my 15 year old and I both absolutely love. We love the scent, the way our hair cooperate more easily. Very manageable now. I am planning on setting up a subscription to this particular line

Rosella Union Church, MS

Huge Disappointment!!!!

Granted, I’ve only used this one, but let me say this: thus far it’s a HUGE disappointment!!!! My wavy/curly hair is lifeless, limp, frizzy, and dry. It has no shine, and very limp waves.It’s downright silly that this is marketed to curly girls as moisturizing.There were varied reviews on the smell. It is a perfume-like smell, but I do not find it strong or offensive. It’s not my favorite smell, but it’s pretty clean and not bad. (Do note, of course, that I am accustomed to Nexxus products that are definitely scented.)My previous shampoo choices were Nexxus Weightless and Joico KPak. I recommend either (the Kpak is more moisturizing, but I think the Nexxus is excellent for allow your hair to bounce).I will use this product a few more times and update if there is any change in my impression. I think I’ll be giving this away. Would LOVE your best recommendations for curly girl products that work!

Maryann Sand Springs, MT

love it

This is a wonderful sulfate free shampoo for those of us with curly hair. It helps keep the curls instead of tangles.

Sallie Jackson, NJ

Love this stuff

Best conditioner that I have used in a long while my hair is fine with natural curl and too much hair color and processing have dried it out and the conditioner brought my curls back to life my hair feels clean but moisturized love it definitely will buy more

Krystal Orondo, WA

Use very little!

This is a great shampoo for fine hair. It doesn’t suds up a lot but you need to use very little to get your hair really clean. I like that I’m not harming my hair as well as the environment.

Kelli Fortville, IN