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L’Oreal Paris EverCreme Sulfate-Free Moisture System Cleansing Conditioner, Camelina, 8.3 fl. Oz.

Evercreme is the first sulfate-free moisture lock system that delivers lush 48-hour hydration without heavy coating waxes. Rich in natural omega 3-9.

Key features

  • Sulfate free, one-step cleansing conditioner is an ultra-gentle, yet powerful combination of 1/4 cleanser + 3/4 moisture
  • Formulated with Omega-3 and 6, and natural botanicals
  • Triple action hydration for all hair types
  • Sulfate-free; paraben-free; 100% vegan; no harsh salts
  • Net Wt. 8.3 oz.

Honest reviews



I recently got a sample ofWEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner 16ozin a subscription program I am in, I fell in love hard, however the price deterred me. I didn’t want to be hooked on the silky soft feeling that Wen created in my hair if it was going to cost an arm and a leg. I thought there must be something out there that is awesome and there is, it’s this stuff. It works just as well as Wen does and it’s WAAAAAAAAAAAY cheaper. I got this at Target for $5.99. I hope that people try this and love it and it doesn’t end up being discontinued. A lot of people won’t understand how to use this product so I am afraid they will give up and sales will suffer. Remember that you need to use a fair amount of this stuff for it to work well and actually CLEAN your hair, not just condition it. Those who say it works well at first and their hair ends up greasy, they are not using enough product, and they are not rubbing it in and massaging it to a low low lather. It’s like washing a dirty window with just ONE spray of Windex and one paper towel, you’re just spreading the dirt around and going no where fast. Try it, look up conditioning cleansers, like wen, learn about sulfate free shampoos, and improve the condition of your hair because like L’Oreal say’s : You’re worth it!Also, the smell is AMAZING. I’m hooked to the scent, it’s very vanilla-ish.UPDATE 6/8/12I have a lot more positive review for this product since I’ve been using it exclusively the past 6 months. I can tell you that I seriously do love it and I’ve recommended it to every single one of my friends. I have gotten them all hooked on the ever pure line! My best friend and I exclusively use the cleansing conditioner and the matching shampoo and conditioner too. I even tell people in the grocery stores if they are looking at that they need to try it because it works amazing and smells divine. I don’t know if I sound like a crazy person but I have no shame :-PMy hair has started growing longer faster, the condition of it has improved so well that I stopped using any leave in conditioners or any product in my hair for frizz or fly aways. I was using some seriously expensive stuff just to get by before. This stuff makes my hair silky and smooth and I’ve ALWAYS been fighting with dry frizzy hair. I used to switch between shampoos constantly trying to find something that worked, I’d try something and it would work at first and then my hair would rebel and I’d be back to the same dry and frizzy unmanageable mop. Not with this tho, I’ve stuck with it and I’m seriously not lying when I say I’m in love. I LOVE the smell of my hair and so does everyone who hugs me :p I catch myself playing with my hair more and smelling it, again I might look like a crazy person but I don’t care.I’m confident when I say that I’ll continue to use this product as long as it’s available, I don’t know what I would do if they discontinued it. I don’t mind raving on and on like a spokesperson about this product line because I’d stand by my word, comfortably knowing that it’s a good product. I’m tired of the shenanigans I see all the time with super models or celbs saying a product is the bees knees and come to find out it wax and snake oil, real women using a product and raving about it is best testimony out there. I’d put my name behind it and I don’t take that lightly. I always check out a products amazon reviews before I buy something in stores or online because of that, I want real advice and experience.Six months and I’m still using the same stuff, my husband would testify that that’s enough to buy stock. I thank L’Oreal for my good hair and he thanks L’Oreal for a heavier wallet 😛

Rebekah Mahomet, IL

Great as a Makeup Brush Cleanser but as a hair product……not so much

(only gave this 5 stars for its power to work as a great makeup brush cleanser and not for hair) like any makeup artist would tell you, they’ll say wash your brushes with shampoo and condition it to keep it soft and make it last longer. well with this product you get 2 in one with it and with its very strong cleaning agent in it it gets rid of all the makeup out of your dirtiest brushes with 1 to 2 uses. since it also is a conditioner as its a cleaner you don’t have to do 2 steps with cleaning your brushes at all. im not so crazy for the smell of this hair cleanser but its bearable in the end and really really works. i originally got this product for my hair since im going natural but i didn’t like that it suds up still like a regular shampoo, its a thicker consistency that kinda looks like a cleansing conditioner but its still a shampoo with really strong grease fighting cleansers in it. do i think its a good product for women going natural NOPE!!!!! but is it a great brush cleanser YES!!!!!!. i’ll buy this again for cleaning the makeup brushes i have and since its in a nice sized bottle it’ll last for a long while.

Nadine Starford, PA

If I could give it zero stars, I would!

I am a Cleansing Conditioner addict, and have been for about 7 years or so. I have thin, fine, straight hair that is almost to my waist.I started with WEN, and loved it, but it is too crazy expensive. I have Hair One, and really like a couple of their varieties. But, I always like to try new stuff. I absolutely LOVE Herbal Essences Naked cleansing conditioner! It makes my hair soft and light and moisturized. I also picked up some L’Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner at the drugstore. This stuff is SO GROSS! The scent is like a bad commercial perfume, and sticks with you all day, overpowering and clashing with any perfume you might decide to wear. Even though I used plenty (I know that Cleansing Conditioners usually take a lot to do the job), and rinsed like CRAZY, my hair when dried was matted, clumpy, and tangly. I tried it a few different times, and ended up throwing almost half of the bottle in the garbage! Nasty nasty stuff!!!

Ines Roll, AZ

Not for me!

I am ALWAYS looking for a cream-based shampoo for my curly hair. I am a WEN girl, but it’s way to expensive for me since I use it daily, so I tried this product and it made my hair VERY dry and hard! I would pass if you are an African American.

Imelda Venetie, AK

not for every day use

Part II :This product will probably improve your bushy hair at first if you have been abusing it with frequent regular shampoos. That being said, my long, thick, coarse and wavy hair started feeling coated and nasty after using this product by itself 4 days in a row.Also, it was still wet at 3 pm. I needed a good 15 pumps to even start to distribute the product. It smells nice but see the ingredients, there is very little actual cleaning going on here. For a much cheaper price,one can simply rinse the hair daily if you must with a little cheap conditioner and shampoo with a tiny amount of non-sulfate products twice a week or so, which is what I recommend. Using this product every day on thick hair is going to cost you at least 20 bucks a month, or more. Not worth the money.

Earline Madison, WV

Worst Smelling Product I’ve Ever Used.

If you don’t have any chemical sensitivities, then maybe this product won’t give you any issues but if you do, please stay away!This has to be the worst smelling product I’ve ever used. It smells like burning metal with an old man’s musk cologne on top trying to cover it up. It’s truly awful.I washed my hair several times to get the scent out but it just clung to it, even the next day, when I went to work my colleague asked me if I was trying a new perfume, when I told her what it was, she was glad I wouldn’t be using it again, because it was so horrible she didn’t want to have to smell it everyday!This product taught me a lesson, next time I’m going to look for something with more natural ingredients, which hopefully won’t give me an awful headache like this one did.

Cristina Rooseveltown, NY

Revived my hair

Another update: I must confess I fall victim to new products and the marketing that tells us we need to change what we are doing and try this new product! So in the last two months I have tried 2 other shampoos and have come back to this Loreal cleansing conditioner. Nothing leaves my hair looking or feeling better. It is nice to have that confirmed when I try other products.UPDATE: I have been using Evercreme cleansing conditioner for about two months now. I discovered after several weeks I was not using it properly (thus my hair being somewhat flat and a bit oily). I came back and read some reviews and noticed some said that it is important to use the right amount (a lot!) and make sure you get a good lather. So I doubled the amount I was using and really scrubbed so the lather got all the way down to my roots. I made sure to rinse very well and after I made those changes, my hair is no longer flat and oily but perfect.I’d say the only downside is that the product is more time consuming than my former habit of a two in one crappy shampoo. But my hair before was crappy and now it is fantastic. Definitely worth the time investment.Technical note: the pumps are inconsistent. The first bottle was great; the second bottle had a bum pump. I bought a third with another good pump. When bottle three is finished I will swap the pump with bottle 2 to finish that one.Loreal – is a pump really necessary?************Purchased this at my local CVS after discovering on Amazon that it was available. This is my first no-poo/low-poo I have tried but I came into it knowing that it is a different experience than the traditional sudsy shampoo. I also have long believe that the sudsy shampoos are no so good for the hair or scalp so I had no ambivalence about it being a different experience and, consequently, result.I had tried organic and sulfate-free shampoos in the past but found them either bad, inconsistent after re-order or hard to find again once I ran out. I was once again researching Wen and almost ordered when I googled “Wen alternatives” and found this L’oreal. Since I never tried Wen I cannot compare the two. But reading about Wen the directions are to use it twice, and let it set on the hair for 6 minutes. That is a long time for me to keep shampoo on my head when I am rushing in the shower after the gym to get to work. And the price of Wen…oy!I have been using the L’Oreal Evercreme cleansing conditioner for about 5 days so not long but I think it’s a keeper. I have fine, thin hair and was worried that it would be flat and lifeless from this. Well, my hair is not as voluminous as before but there are enough other benefits that overrule that for me.My hair has gone from very dry and damaged (both in looks and feel) to absolutely soft, silky and shiny. My hair now looks and feels HEALTHY! My hair looks so much better with this Evercreme cleansing conditioner that I am not missing the volume I had before (there is still volume, just not as much). I have been running my hands thru my hair so much these past few days – I have never done that before! And my scalp feels healthy and happy now too.Before I used to shed a lot of hair. My bathroom counter would be covered with it after styling (I use a hair dryer and hot iron every day). I was hoping my scalp would improve and the hair loss would diminish. It is too soon to call the result on this but my scalp does feel much happier and my hair shedding has been going down a bit every day since I started this.Bottom line, if these results keep up, I have been converted for life!!! Good job, L’oreal.

Goldie Suches, GA

Didn’t like this at all!

I am African American with relaxed color treated hair. I was hoping this product would work for me but it did not. It left my hair hard and difficult to manage. When I tried to comb through my hair it was a nightmare. This product has a dishwashing liquid feel, it reminded me of the dishwashing liquid I use. Maybe it works well for others but my hair didn’t like it at all. I am sticking to VO5 Moisture milk they cost about a $1.00, smell great and work well.

Tommie Philadelphia, PA

Wow–what a huge disappointment. Horrible results and horrible smell!

I was so disappointed especially after reading all of the reviews about shiny, silky hair and wonderful smell. I truly wonder if they were using the same product I did. The smell is so offensive I had to wash my hair over again. I bought this product from Amazon after getting an email directly from L’Oreal touting this as the great, new product that required no other conditioner with the largest words being a testimonial about how silky and shiny it made one user’s hair. Those sounded perfect for me–so I went to my favorite shopping place–Amazon–and bought it. Not only would I never use it again nor give it to anyone as I wouldn’t even want to be around someone whose hair smells like this stuff, when I called L’Oreal’s customer service just now I was grilled with questions then the gal said, “Well, didn’t you use another conditioner with it?” As the entire ad campaign explicitly says not to use another conditioner–that seemed odd. She then asked how long my hair was and when I told her it was shoulder length, she said that was another reason I wouldn’t get the promised results, which made no sense to me. It seems to have completely stripped my hair of its shine and has that kind of feeling you get if you use dry shampoo and don’t get it all out though I rinsed this out liberally. Even so, the person sitting next to me at a lunch meeting today who I know well actually said she could smell the odd “perfumy” smell emanating from my hair, which I had just washed with this one hour before–even after a second shampooing with a different product.Sorry, if I could give this zero stars I would.

Margery Big Stone Gap, VA


i had to do a whole nother review on this and give it only one star cuz i wanted to update and give it another chance. i wanted to like it, and use it again….but i couldnt stand the smell!! dont get me wrong it smells nice but wow its too strong!! it cleaned my hair pretty good too and who knows if it really wouldve improved it over time but i couldnt even sleep at night, i woke up at 3 am and all i could smell was that musky scent. not even a perfume like “Alien Absolute” which is very strong can compete. i surprised i didnt get a headache, but i was nearly nauseous….i never had a product that i had to throw away cuz of the smell, its the first one…to any Loreal people reading this: please make this w/ another scent thats less strong, or at least tone it down! i smelled ur other shampoos and conditioners and they had a fresh smell. i would definitely buy it if it had no scent or a toned-down smell…thanks

Claudette Furman, SC

This stuff smells and doesnt work

My kids and I tried this and just couldnt stand the smell. And it left out hair very sticky and not at all clean. Do not buy this product

Graciela Pompey, NY

It’s okay, not great

I’m comparing this to Lisa Rachel products for cleaning hair.The scent of this product is nice but gets a little overwhelming for me. It lasts for a full day and I’m sensitive to smells, so that is why the three star review instead of 4 and why I wouldn’t recommend to a friend who has curly hair or who is sensitive to fragrance.On the next issue, I need to predicate what I’m saying by explaining what my hair type is as hair types can influence reviews. My hair is very curly (type 3A whirly curly) and has all the problems of curly hair such as it’s very dry and it tangles really easy. If I use a regular shampoo, the ends of my hair look totally frizzed. I have to use heavy conditioners that will weight it down.I bought this L’Oreal because it was less than WEN or Lisa Rachel. With this product, my hair does not have the same results as it does with Lisa Rachel. With the Lisa Rachel product, my hair feels much softer and more manageable, and I can go 5 days without washing (the less I wash my hair, the better my hair is). This is also why I gave it a 3.I would like to give this a higher rating, and for some people, the L’Oreal product might work, just not for me with my hair type.

Aurora Richfield, OH


This product has a repulsive and nauseating odor. I followed the directions on the label and the end result was that my fine, color-treated hair was so greasy. Totally unacceptable. I used the rest of it to shave my legs. L’Oreal, please go back to the drawing board. Both your formulation and your fragrance are unacceptable.Later, after using this cleanser, I had the chance to try Wen and loved everything about it but the price. Now I see that Clairol Herbal Essence has a cleansing conditioner, which I’m sure will smell far better, and there’s a Pantene formulation as well. I’m going to give those a try and will see how they work.

Angelina Bloomsburg, PA

Greatest cleansing conditioner

Really, really impressed with this. I have long, blonde, semi-thick and wavy hair. I wash my hair every two to three days. I love using this on all of my hair then putting just a touch of sulfate free shampoo on the roots. I comb it through while all in my hair. Leaves hair fuller and softer, especially when used several times. I don’t use it every time I wash my hair, but most of the time. Far, far better than Wen, and much easier and faster to use. My next favorite cleansing conditioner is Lisa Rachel for dry hair. But this is still faster.Also, side note. I was in the hospital for several months after having strokes. Using a cleansing conditioner was great there, because only had to out one thing on my hair and ask the tech to comb it and rinse it. After getting out of the hospital, it has proven to be great since I use less energy. I do shower seated and with a handheld thing. But I’m glad it doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it greasy since I can only wash it every few days. Just a side note for any that might be in that situation.Like with all cleansing conditioners, it might take a few washes to get your hair and scalp used to not being stripped of oils.

Jacklyn Mcpherson, KS

Great for cleansing hair between shampoos

I recently tried this after someone on a haircare forum alerted me that Loreal had a new “Ever” line out. I am already a big fan of the EverPure, EverSleek & EverStrong lines so I had to try it. I went out and bought the entire line that night. I have to say this line smells incredible. It smells like vanilla. So far I have used the the Loreal EverCreme Conditioning Cream Cleanser & Loreal Nourishing Leave In Conditioning Spray. I tell you I am impressed, the Conditioning Cleanser cleaned my hair enough to remove any residue but left my tresses feeling soft and moist. I clarified my hair before I tried this & I used this to replace some much needed moisture. Let me also mention that if you suffer from dry brittle hair then you will more than likely love the Leave In, I didnt pay much attention to the fact that in my shopping bag I didnt hear the usual liquid splashing around but the next day when I went to use the leave in spray I always shake treatments of the leave in nature to evenly distribute any settled ingredients however I didnt hear the splashing sound so I unscrewed the cap and to my great surprise it wasnt liquid,it was a more of a thick cream consistency which made me all the more eager to try it and I was not disappointed. My airdried hair dried smooth and frizz free. I will be trying the other EverCreme products I purchased really soon. I would highly recommend this line to anybody that suffers from dry parched strands.Not pictured is the masque..

Hilary Edison, NE

not my favorite smell

I like this well enough, its very similar to hair one and wen.The smell of this product is not my favorite, more similar to a perfume then a conditioner. I like that its a cleanser as well as a conditioner but the product hair one is better for that purpose.

Karin Monument, OR

Use with caution

This product cleaned my hair but caused a lot of hair to come out. My hair looked nice and shiny but it didn’t budge or show any natural movement. I may finish the bottle if I don’t continue to shed so much hair (but I’m not sure since I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a 1960s wig!) Maybe good for some-just didn’t work for me.

Christa West Chop, MA

Better suited for long hair

I loved this at first; my long, wavy, oily yet dry, fine hair seemed to soak it up and it looked healthier than I’d ever seen it. After using this for about 6 months, I got a haircut and my hair is now chin length. I can no longer use this product as it is just too heavy for my new hair length and for some reason it makes my hair super oily anytime I use it. I’m using it as directed but it leaves build up unless I use a separate shampoo.One other thing, this stuff is packaged in such a way that the bottom 25% of the bottle will be just conditioner without any of the cleansing agent in it and if you’re like me, that will leave a ton of oily gunk in your hair. It’s also incredibly difficult to get the last 25% of this cc out of the bottle, it’s thick and I had to scrape it out with a butter knife, kind of annoying. I’ve gone through 3 or 4 bottles of this and had the same experience each time.

Liz Spencer, WV

Very good, but the smell

This creme conditioner is very, very, very good. If you need to smooth your hair or deeply condition it, this will do it.But there are two things that make me want to remove two stars: First, the smell is god awful, Second, the pump sucks worse than Wen’s bottles. You cannot get enough product out. If you have long hair, well, you will be pumping forever. Now, normally I would never deduct because of pain in the arse pumps, as it does make sense to just remove it, but the cleanser conditioner is too thick to easily get out of the bottle. And also, you don’t want to open the bottle because of the smell.I would buy again, but they gotta figure out the smell. Also, I think they should use a squeeze tube.

Allison Bristol, IN

Difficult to rinse out, but works moderately well

I have horribly damaged hair and go through "testing" of hair products the way most people sample chocolate, wine, or other food products. I own hundreds of different products, all purchased with the intent to repair the damage my hair has sustained. While I am usually a Redken, Biolage, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil, and Wen fan, and rarely purchase "drug store" hair products, I decided to try L’Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner a try. It’s
• significantly
• cheaper than Wen, so I figured it was worth a try!~~~ Effectiveness as a cleanser ~~~ To be honest, I don’t know that this product actually did anything to
• clean
• my hair, especially near my scalp. I didn’t notice that this product was any more effective than "washing" with conditioner alone.~~~ Stripping of natural (and added) oils ~~~ This product doesn’t seem to strip oils from the hair, which is (in some ways), a good thing because it healthier for the hair.
• However
• , it might make some uncomfortable that the oils near the scalp remain on the hair.~~~ Rinsing and residue ~~~ This is the area in which I feel this product might fail. It is a cream that seems to truly "stick" to the hair, which means it is difficult to rinse out. I have tried this product in both the shower and the bath, and while rinsing in the shower was certainly more effective than in the bath, I have struggled to rinse this out. I DON’T have that issue with Wen.~~~ Smell ~~~ While this product has a decent scent that is slightly floral and slightly sweet, it is a little too floral for my taste. I prefer the sweeter smell of some of my other products (Wen, Redken All Soft, etc.)~~~ Value ~~~ This product is SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive, ounce-for-ounce, than Wen Cleansing Conditioner, but I found I actuallly have to use a bit more then I do with Wen. However, it is still a pretty good value.~~~ Overall Impressions ~~~ If this product were easier to rinse out, and did as good a job at softening hair as Wen, I’d certainly give it a much higher rating. These two "strikes," though, are big ones, which is the reason for my three-star rating.

Sherri Middletown, OH

not good

I am a Wen Cleanser user and thought i would try this to see if it would workwell. I did not like the results. Hair is flat and the odor is too strong andoverpowering like some of the other reviews stated. I cannot recommend thisproduct.

Effie Coosawatchie, SC


I tried this once and originally decided that I did not like it. To give a little background, I am a Black female with the kind of kinky hair that will easily dry into a very small fro or blow dry into a big fluffy mane. These days, I opt to blow dry my hair once per week before styling. I leave my style in for a week. Well, due to m dermatitis, I decided to try a regimen of no-poo (cleansing with conditioner only) and I stopped using a leave-in. This initially seemed to help, but the thing about dermatitis (or at least in MY case) is that the scalp will often develop this oily buildup. A conditioner will NOT get rid of that. SO, I caved in and made an attempt to go middle of the road. Enter Loreal Evercreme cleansing conditioner! First of all, the price is not bad! I get mine at my local NEX for about $5.85 or so and I can usually find $1.00 coupons, though I did not have one today. Anyway, when I tried this previously, I tried to comb it through my hair, expecting it to have the slippery feel that I experienced with Wen. Well, it didn’t. Since so many reviews were comparing the product to Wen, I tired to use it the way that Wen prescribes. However, the bottle does not advertise it as a comb-through product, so that was my mistake. After I rinsed, I tried to comb my damp hair with no success. the thing is, I had tried a new comb and the COMB was the culprit! I even took the product back and got a full refund. Today, I decided to give the product another go. Unlike most reviewers, I DID experience a creamy lather. I don’t use product in my hair, so this ma be the reason. I lathered it up and let it sit on my hair just like the bottle says. Once I rinsed, I was able to comb through my hair MUCH easier and lost a LOT less hair as a result. I did my usual cool-blowdrying to stretch my hair out and prepare it for styling and VOILA!!! My hair was smoother and softer than with my normal conditioner wash routine. I think this MIGHT be a keeper! We shall see…. Oh and I DO LOVE THE FRAGRANCE! My hair was MUCH easier to manage as well!

Geneva Perryman, MD

I love the scent and the bottle

I have dry, curly, somewhat course hair. I purchased this because I tried another EverCreme product with the same scent and loved it.Pros:- Smells very good, like a sweet vanilla/sugary scent with a small hint of something herbal.- Pretty packaging (I like the gold and how it’s in a bottle that can be closed to prevent leaking).Cons:- Kind of pricey (I paid $5.97 for 8.3 oz.).- Slightly odd texture – it doesn’t feel as moisturizing as I’d like it to.I don’t think that this is the best two-in-one product, but then again, there aren’t many “good” two-in-one products out there, in my opinion – especially for someone with hair like mine, that needs all the moisture it can get! I like to use this maybe once or twice a week, when I’m in more of a rush and/or too lazy to shampoo and condition separately. Using this everyday caused my hair to feel greasy and not very clean.I think I would repurchase this again to have on hand, but it’s not something I’d go out of my way to get (although the scent is amazing!)

Deidre Shalimar, FL

Not terrible

I have an oily scalp and this product cleaned my hair. I also liked how soft my hair was while using this product. The only reason I will not purchase this product again is the smell. The smell is too strong.

Cynthia Orlean, VA

Made my hair weighed down

I tried this product after reading the nice reviews on, used it exactly as followed, and I felt as it left my hair feeling weighed down and robbed it from all its body. I discontinued using it.

Sabrina Reed City, MI

10 pumps for my long hair, won’t last long.

I get it, there is virtually no suds as I expected. But I did not realize that I would feel like I can’t use enough to get my hair clean. This may be a personal thing, we are used to putting a huge glob of shampoo in our hand and getting really sudsy and calling it clean. I used 15 pumps the first time, used 10 pumps a couple times. Decided this fancy shampoo wasn’t going to last long at that rate and cut back to just 5 pumps. I only use it twice a week, use moisturizing shampoo the other times. I probably won’t buy it again, the two weeks I used it exclusively I did not feel it left my hair improved or moisturized.

Pearl Jacksonville, VT

NOT a Wen replacement.

I, too, have used Wen on and off for about a year now, but stopped using it as a total-hair cleanser; rather, I use it as a conditioner for the middle/end of my hair after I wash JUST my oily scalp with shampoo. Wen, for me, was too pricey to use in mass quantities and for my whole head.I purchased this (L’Oreal Evercreme) after reading glowing reviews about how it’s more cost-effective than Wen. I was ultimately very excited and almost opted to buy TWO bottles. Thankfully I didn’t! In the end, I didn’t find much “benefit” with the Evercreme.For starters, L’Oreal Evercreme DOES lather. It lathers LESS than traditional shampoo, but is nowhere near the type of consistency that Wen is. If you’ve used Wen (especially for a whole-head conditioning shampoo use), you’ll find it difficult to “go backwards” and use this as a Wen substitute or replacement.I attempted to use the Evercreme as a conditioner ONLY (as I ultimately did with the Wen), but that was nearly impossible: the end of my hair was NOT sufficiently conditioned and was much more flyaway, undoubtedly due to the lather. You have to either go all or none: so I had to use it to clean my scalp and massage less of it into the length of my hair and let it “run through” as it rinsed out. Ultimately, you’re using a LOT of product (as you would with Wen). It SEEMS like you’re saving a lot of money, but you’re not: cheaper cost in a smaller bottle (that you use a LOT of), and with poor results that you’ll have to compensate with other products (i.e. leave-in conditioner).While I prefer Wen, it IS too costly for my finances right now…so back to my old Infusium 23 conditioner, which hasn’t disappointed.

Robyn Baldwin Park, CA

Cack, the odor is horrid

Waaaayyy to smelly and a sickly sweet overpowering odor. Made me nauseated. I gave my bottle to a friend with a warning…

Augusta Park City, MT

need to try it again

Well, my hair is a disaster. It’s thick, coarse, and had weird waves. On top of that, I use a flat iron and color my own hair. So to counteract all the abuse I give it I’ve always looked for shampoos and conditioners to help “add moisture” and “tame frizz” or make it “smooth”. The I stumbled upon the “no-poo” method whereas you quit shampooing altogether and just condition it, or use apple cider vinegar as a conditioner. I figured I’d go that route, but I couldn’t stand smelling like apple cider vinegar and I felt like my scalp desperately needed to be cleansed with shampoo again. Back to square one. I had used the Loreal sulfate free shampoos in the past and I loved the scent and I decided to go back to them. I happened to come across the Cleansing Conditioner and figured this could be the answer to what my hair needs; a lot of conditioner and a little cleanser. First impression, the smell is awesome. Once again, Loreal has made a delicious scent for their product. After washing my hair with it I was SO disappointed! It literally felt like a dumped a waxy substance all over my hair. I went from having non greasy hair to stringy greasy nastiness. What happened was I rinsed only briefly instead of thoroughly. I’m used to partially rinsing conditioner out of my hair trying to retain some of its moisture. Apparently, to make this product effective you need to rinse, rinse, and rinse some more. And then after that, rinse again!!!So, that’s what I did today; tried the Cleansing Conditioner again, rinsed like crazy and used the Lanza Color Care Trauma Treatment as a leave in product. My hair isn’t all glamorous now, and totally frizz free, but it feels super soft and lovely. For me, that’s a score! I figure I’ll keep doing this routine and will update again in a couple weeks.Also on a side note, I saw the WEN infomercial the other night and I was wishing I had the money to fork out for it. I am so glad to hear the reviews of those who’ve tried Loreal and Wen, and still like Loreal just as much. Hooray!

Sonya Elk Horn, IA

i like it!

I have long straight oily hair so I may not be the best candidate for a cleansing conditioner. I’ve been using this for about 6 weeks and I like it a lot!The smell is not great in the shower but smells good in your hair after!

Odessa Salem, WV