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L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold with UV filter for Color-Treated Hair, 11.0 Ounce

Elnett offers long-lasting hold with a brilliant shine and a satin touch. Its micro-diffusor sprays ultra-fine and disappears at the stroke of a brush, leaving hair clean and shiny with a satin touch.

Key features

  • Extra strong hold hairspray for color-treated hair with a clean, soft shiny finish
  • Formulated with micro-diffusion technology
  • Extra strong hold yet brushable styling
  • UV color protectant
  • Net Wt. 11.0 oz.

Honest reviews


Does not hold curls

This hair spray does not hold my curls. I have hair that curls easily, and after I spray my hair it gets sicky and hard and then the curls fall out. My hair remains sticky and then turns into a knot. I further my quest to find the perfect hairspray.

Blanca Bladensburg, OH

Dulling for blonde hair

While I agree that this spray smells nice and holds well, it leaves my hair looking very dry and dull. I have medium blonde hair and it has no shine whatsoever after using.

Randi Bellwood, NE

Running fingers through my hair soft…

I purchased this spray specifically to use when setting my hair in heat rollers. It worked great for that purpose. It kept the curls in longer and soft enough that i could still run my fingers through my hair. I also use it after applying gel to my hair for that extra texture. It helps create great wonderful waves. And it smells awesome!

Angeline Old Fort, OH


Read the ingredients before you buy this product. If sunscreen is important to you because you color your hair or just do not want your hair to bleach out in the sun then this is definitely not the hairspray for you. It does not contain a proven sunscreen ingredient like benzophenone-3, benzophenone-4, or octyl methoxy cinnamate. Without one of these sunscreen that have been proven to work on hair (without being sticky or too oily), don’t count on it doing anything to prevent fading from sun exposure. In fact, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE INGREDIENT IN THIS PRODUCT THAT WILL PROTECT YOUR HAIR FROM SUN EXPOSURE! There are plenty of really great hairsprays out there that do protect your hair from the sun. Just research it and you will find quite a few really well known brands that produce hairsprays that actually contain sunscreen! I am quite surprised that L’oreal of all companies (they make many hair color products and hair color protecting products) can be so deceiving with this one.

Pauline Maydelle, TX

Longlasting hold

I don’t usually wear hairspray, since I just let my hair airdry every day without styling it. But my cousin’s outdoor wedding is coming up and I wanted to do a test run on my wedding day hairdo. I heard lots of good things about this hairspray, plus I was attracted to the UV protection aspect. I did big, bouncy curls and sprayed all over. I did a quick brush through after 5 minutes to soften the curls and then let it set. Well, my curls lasted through the whole day and through the next. I was very impressed with how my curls held up, even through heat and sweating. By the next day, they were more relaxed and actually looked even better.The only thing I don’t like is the smell, which is quite strong and doesn’t really dissipate over time.

Hollie Buffalo Mills, PA

I love Elnett

I probably won’t be the best of help, because as I was looking for "the best hair spray ever", I’ve noticed many people dislike the Elnett Hairspray scent so much, comparing it to chemical smell and to grandparents.I absolutely love the smell, and so I found myself purchasing good old Elnett.This is great. It has amazing hold. It’s great for colored hair, and if you’re going out in the sun — it has a UV filter, how amazing is that?If you’re not fans of the smell, there’s this exact thing in scent-free, so look it up here on Amazon and check that one out :)Elnett never made my hair feel crunchy or gross. It hardens the hair a bit, obviously, since it’s a hair spray, but a slight finger combing motion would get rid of that in a second, whenever.The hold stays through the day, the night, whatever. Even if I finger comb through it, the hold stays, it’s just softer. Awesome!

Cathleen Waldron, WA

As advertised

I have recommended this hairspray because it has a perfect hold; does not look stiff and yet brushes out easily.

Eleanor Mineville, NY

Best hairspray out there!

My hair is thick and long. It is very difficult to get it to hold a curl or stay in one place. I like this hair spray because it smells refreshing and not like your typical “chemical” smelling hair sprays, it hold like a champ, and you can brush through it with ease. Its a little pricey, but so worth the purchase!

Leticia Cecil, AL

Love it!!!

I was happy to find a hair spray that you can use on dyed hair and protect it from uv rays

Minnie Slingerlands, NY

Very nice hairspray

This hairspray has a nice hold and it’s true when they say "one brush stroke" to brush it out. It has a nice fragrance that I like. It doesn’t make my hair as shiny as it says though. I wish it had a longer-lasting effect on holding my curl in, but I still like it enough to buy it again. I love how it sprays. I can really control the amount that I want to use, like short bursts or longer mists.

Jasmin Middleburgh, NY

Deserving of cult reputation

Looks completely natural. Not sticky or heavy; no helmet head; brushes out easily. My hair is long and pretty thick and this product is strong enough to keep it out of my eyes. That said, I don’t care for the smell (which lasts for hours). My husband doesn’t mind it.

Brenda Lakota, IA

A must

I used to be a RUSK WORX Atomizer user until I tried this (once it became available to the public in the States). Flexible ALL DAY hold or for restyling. Amps up my thin fine hair without the tacky stiff feel of anything. A little goes a long way so it’s certainly worth the price.

Mavis Bremerton, WA