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L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold, 11.0 Ounce

Elnett offers long-lasting hold with a brilliant shine and a satin touch. Its micro-diffusor sprays ultra-fine and disappears at the stroke of a brush, leaving hair clean and shiny with a satin touch.

Key features

  • Extra strong hold hairspray with a clean, soft shiny finish
  • Formulated with micro-diffusion technology
  • Extra strong hold yet brushable styling
  • Net Wt. 11.0 oz.

Honest reviews


I have bought so many cans of this! Nothing else nearly as good!

I have baby fine, slightly wavy hair that wants to fly away or go flat. Many hairsprays have water, which deflates the soufflé I create, (not a bouffant by any means, just normal volume with a bob, but with my hair, the default is flat and limp. Handling it much makes it go flat, so I think of it as a soufflé) but this just preserves the freshly blown out style all day, without looking at all stiff or being sticky. I can reapply if I wish, and brushing is very easy– no damaging ripping noise like with other strong hold sprays, and no perceptible build up. My one gripe is that the scent is an acquired taste: sort of an old-fashioned chypre that smells like Parisian lady perfumes. There is an unscented version in regular hold, but it is hard to find.

Ofelia Hannah, ND


I absolutely love this hairspray!! When I first read about it and then saw the price, I had to swallow hard before buying it. However, once I used it, I was hooked!! I live in Florida, which has very high humidity about 85% of the year – great for the skin, not so much for hair. My hair is thin and inclined to frizz in the humidity, but this hairspray makes it seem thicker and definitely tones down the frizziness on humid days/nights. I love that I can comb thru my hair after the spray dries and it still feels thick, doesn’t frizz, and stays in place, but isn’t "helmet hair"!! I usually get it at Ulta or Bed, Bath and Beyond, using 20% off coupons, but found it here on Amazon just a bit cheaper – no tax does make a difference.

Marie Yountville, CA

Believed everyone else.

Don’t like the smell, don’t like the hold and kind of amazed that so many others seem to like this hairspray. Was looking for an alternative to Bed Head Masterpiece and this is definitely not it…..doesn’t even come close. It makes me cough when I spray it, doesn’t hold my hair at all so what is the hype here?

Geraldine Guadalupe, CA

Best Travel Size Hairspray

Best hairspray out there in the market, even better than any salon brand hairspray. Good thing they came in travel size, Thanks amazon!

Dianne Hillsboro, TN

So so hairspray

I used this hairspray on my curls when I graduated from college a few weeks ago. I didn’t find it held my curls AT ALL. By the end of the night, my hair was pretty much straight again. My tressemme tres two hairspray works WAY better. Of course, my hair type probably has some bearing on how well this product works. I do have very coarse hair. Perhaps this wasn’t the best hairspray for me, but if you have finer hair it may work better for you. I will finish this hairspray (which might take me a year because I don’t use hairspray that much), but I will not repurchase. I didn’t have a problem with the scent like some people. I find all hairspray smells funny, so I can’t complain about that. I would say, try it and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, return it or give it to someone that may like it.

Rowena Marble Rock, IA

The Best Hairspray!

Professional hair stylists love this product for a reason- it works! It holds your hair, is brushable and makes your hair shiny. Perfect!

Lorena Mehoopany, PA

Nasty smell, feels terrible on hair

Would never recommend this to anyone. Can’t believe the positive reviews. This stuff stinks horribly and leaves a terrible film on hair. BTW . . .you cannot return this item to Amazon since it is considered a hazardous substance. Really?!?!?! Strong and extra strong both stink.

Ollie Mountain Home, NC

good hairspray, does smell like old lady

This is very good hairspray, probably the best. I stopped getting it because, as others mentioned it does have an old lady smell that lingers for awhile. Since I used it up I’ve bought two other brands (got2be and herbal essence), and neither is even close to holding up to this one in terms of the flexibility. What I find with other brands, even the light weight ones, is that I always feel I need to wash my hair within 12 hours of using the stuff. With Elnett that’s not the case at all. It gently holds your hair, but then magically leaves no residue. I think part of the reason is in addition to the formula the sprayer nozzle is of very good quality.I think I will suck up the old lady smell and buy this again.

Taylor Morgan, VT

My daughter and I love this hairspray!

This past Halloween, one of my daughter’s friends was using this hairspray. I remembered the brand from my earlier years. I did not know they still made it. I was happy to find it on have the full size at home, and carry this travel size in our purses. This hairspray is great. It holds all day long. If you are cuaght in high winds or rain, you can just brush it, restyle and lightly spray.The spray has an odd smell when sprayed – but smells fresh when it is on your hair. We love it.

Olive Chewelah, WA

Not worth the price

I’ve used hairspray just about every day for the past 28 years, so I guess I could call myself a connoisseur of hairsprays of sorts. I saw this in a local Marshall’s store; although $10 is quite a bit more than I usually pay for a can of hairspray, I decided to give it a try, so I bought all 6 cans Marshall’s had.Dumb move, because this hairspray is definitely not worth $10 a can. The hold is “ok” but definitely not worth the tag of “extra strong”. The smell, however, is “extra strong” and reminiscent of hairsprays from the 1960s and 70s — in other words, nothing like the much more pleasant fragrances we’ve come to expect from hairsprays nowadays. After about the first can I could no longer smell it, but I do wonder if other people can.So…… I will stick with the Tresemme I’ve been using. It has better hold, a far more pleasant smell and costs about 1/3 as much.

Lora Winnsboro, TX


I sent for this hairspray because it was recommended by a stylist in a magazine. Not thrilled by the product. Not easy to restyle as it says on the can, makes hair stiff, not something I would reorder…may not even finish the one I have

Cortney Hume, IL

The HOLY GRAIL of hairsprays!

I have a beauty supply store within walking distance of my home. I have tried so many, top-end hairsprays, all with some degree of disappointment. I saw the lovely magazine advertisements for L’Oreal’s Elnett, and my curiosity was piqued, but I figured it would just be another product, that wound up in the back of my grooming cabinet, while I continued my search.I was SO wrong! I have NEVER used a hairspray, in my entire life, that has delivered what it advertises. I now know, why it reached cult status in Europe, where it first appeared—and why women were having cases sent to the US. I can also see why it has become a hit for Hollywood’s red carpet, photo shoots, etc.Elnett Satin is a fitting name for this product, because it WILL leave your hair feeling like satin, instead of a helmet. It is not sticky, or drying, offering some controlled, natural movement, as it adds gloss and shine. The nozzle doesn’t clog with a glue like substance, either, unexpectedly shooting a stream of spray into your eye. I hate that, and, the fact that icky glue was going on my hair, too.When you’re ready to brush the Elnett out, it does so effortlessly, without tugging and stressing the hair. In fact, the condition of my fine hair has actually improved since using this product; my DH commented, “I’ve been meaning to mention, that your hair has been looking really pretty lately.” C’mon, if guys are noticing, it’s a proven success.It is a little costly, but it doesn’t take much product because the spray is very fine and evenly distributed. You also get quite a bit of product in the can, at a net weight of 11 oz. I’ve compared the amount with some other popular brands, where you only get 8.25 oz.I agree, there is a peculiar smell, but it does dissipate rather quickly. I understand they have an unscented version, now, but haven’t seen it locally, yet. I hope by removing the scent, the formulation will not change in a negative way.I have the ‘Strong Hold’ for days that I don’t want as much hold and the Extra Strong Hold, for days I want more control. The ESH, does hold the hair much more firmly, but it is equally as easy to brush out for restyling.I will NEVER be without this product and can’t recommend it highly enough. My DH is wanting to touch my hair again. Try this product—I can almost guarantee your significant other will take a new interest in your hair, too.

Sasha Dolph, AR

Delivered in two days as Free shipping!

Thank you! That is very quick! And i like the smell of it. Plus this hair spray is very strong hold for humid weather of Florida.

Melisa Lonetree, WY