L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum, 0.18 Ounces

The 24-hour lash boosting power system is the ultimate starter kit for visibly longer, thicker, fuller looking fringe of lashes. Transform your natural lashes by using lash boosting serum underneath mascara and overnight on bare lashes, and maximize your natural lash appearance. The L’Oreal Paris research laboratories have specially formulated lash boosting technology to maximize your natural lash appearance. How? Each lash boosting product contains: a unique pro-keratin complex of fortifying amino acids, panthenol etc.

Key features

  • For visibly fuller, thicker natural lashes with less lash fall-out when removing makeup
  • Formulated with Centella Asiatica Extract and Arginine to reinforce, condition, and protect each lash
  • Apply daily under your mascara and at night to bare lashes
  • Consumers reported lashes appear multiplied with twice daily application of serum in just 4 weeks
  • Use together with Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara to stregthen results

Honest reviews


Not impressive

I used it for a few times…it stings the eyelids just a little for a second. It doesn’t feel moisturizing for my lid or lashes. Maybe I’ll use it on my eyebrows… I don’t know how well it works since I’ve only used it a few times…

Susan Brogue, PA


I have been using this for three months twice a day and it did nothing to me. My lashes are still falling out when I remove eye makeup. It neither strengthen nor lengthen my lashes. Very disappointing.

Roxanne Wood Dale, IL


I didn’t use this everyday, but I use it often, I couldn’t tell you it works, So beware, I tried it because of the price. So I don’t feel a total lose,

Janna Wallback, WV

Five Stars

Loving it

Elise Latrobe, PA

Healthy and thick lashes!

It took a couple of months to see the results after using this product on a nightly basis. But it’s working great and my lashes are healthier and thicker.

Maryanne Point Of Rocks, MD

This Works!

Great price, same product that’s in the store & cheaper. Don’t give up w/ this product : keep using it & in a month-to-six weeks, your lashes WILL be longer & thicker. I used it on my sparse eyebrow, too, & got results

Mellisa Topsfield, MA

The best!

After about half the tube was gone I started noticing the difference. My lashes were much thicker. I finished the tube and was really impressed. For some stupid reason I decided to order another lash enhancer. I hated it. I had also tried a different one before I tried this but did not see real results. Not only does this work great it also has other things I loved. The things I loved about this product over others are one of a kind. I love the applicator. It makes it easy to get it where it needs to go without having to stick yourself in the eye. It also allows the right amount so there is no over application problems. This stuff is not a liquid it’s a gel so it stays where you put it. It doesn’t burn my eyes either. I highly recommend it to anyone with thin eyelashes that wants them to be fuller and long in just a few weeks.

Serena Pink Hill, NC

I am never without this stuff anymore.

People don’t believe I don’t have mascara on.I use this stuff ALL THE TIME. my eyes and skin are very sensitive. I get a little burning, nothing intollerable, when I apply it as an eyeliner, and then it goes away after a minute or so. That’s about it.with regular use I saw latisse like results like people said. My lashes are huge, I LOVE them. I’m obsessed with big lashes and eye make up I love to have fabulous looking eyes whenever I can, so I use this stuff all the time. I dont use the mascara, I just use the lash serum, and I suggest it to anyone.I go through it fast too because I’m always using it. It’s amazing and it really works. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on luxuries like make up, so for me to buy something regularly, especially something like this that you cannot even see if it doesn’t work, it better be good, and this stuff is amazing. I suggest it to everyone. It’s great. Buy it, its worth every penny, give it time, I saw results within a couple weeks. They say around 90 days you see your “maximum growth” or something I dont know or so I read somewhere, but I’ve been using it a long time and my lashes just get thicker, more numerous, and healthier and fall out less and less. I love it.Also my lashes went from falling out a few at a time whenever I removed my stubborn mascara to almost never coming out at all. Fantastic. Even when I curl them and abuse them. This is why they need to be pampered :Xworth every penny! ^^

Joan Fort Hall, ID

Unque application

This eyelash enhancing (growth I hope) product has a unique split that curves to match the shape of the eyelid. It applies easily and without mess. Hope it makes my eyelashes (and brows) grow.

Alberta Boys Town, NE

It works!

I have used this twice, with a gap of 2 years. I can see the effects almost immediately; within 2-3 weeks.I have never had any side effects or redness. It is important to replace them every 2 months or so if used daily. Just make sure not to over do it.

Elinor Hartford, IA

Oh my gosh, it works!

I love this product. My eyelashes have grown much longer since using it and don’t fall out as easily. I’ve always had short lashes, so I am thrilled it works. It is well worth the price and my tube has lasted me several weeks so far.

Cecelia Burke, VA

amazing stuff

I havent been using this product for long at all, about a week; and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that my best friend and I noticed results within 2 or 3 days after use. This serum does burn a little when some gets into my eyes but not intolerable. I honestly noticed my eyelashes are a little longer not fuller yet. I use this day and night with no mascara at all. You don’t need alot very little is needed. When I applierd the serum a little too much I noticed white little flakes on my lashes after it dried so only use a little. I can’t wait until next month I will write another review do far so good for me.

Lucile Bridgewater, MA

This does the trick!

I use this with my masara. I do not have an abundance of lashes nor are my lashes long and gorgeous. Using this boosting serum helps my mascara stay put and wonderfully accent my hazel eyes.

Mayra Shanks, WV

Can’t say it works, but…

I really like this product. I apply it after I curl my lashes, and I feel it really helps in making them "Look" longer. but as far as actual growth to my own lashes I’ll have to say it didn’t work in that aspect. The product is a thick liquid that covers the lash and some of the gel at the ends of the lash adhere to itself and hang off the lash a bit, giving the apperance of more length, but only after applying mascara afterwards do u notice any difference. This product alone doesn’t make your lashes look longer. No, it’s not a miracle grow ur lashes longer serum, but I like it because helps bring out my eyes more than mascara alone would. :)Hope this helps

Sherrie Spring Glen, NY