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L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara, Black, 0.17-Fluid Ounce

Get the look of salon lash extensions with double extend beauty tubes mascara! This lash extension effect mascara visibly lengthens your lashes up to an astonishing 80%. Ultra-nourishing base coat infused with ceramide r and d-panthenol. Unlike traditional mascaras that paint or coat your lashes with mascara, double extend beauty tubes mascara forms lash-extending tubes that firmly attach to the tip of your lashes. These tubes visibly lengthen your lashes up to 80%, and provide excellent look.

Key features

  • Two-in-one mascara combining a Fortifying Extender base coat with a Color Magnifier top coat to take lashes to new lengths with rich color that won’t run, clump, flake or smudge
  • Ultra-nourishing base coat infused with Ceramide R and D-Panthenol protects and strengthens lashes
  • Ophthalmologist and allergy-tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • See up to 80% longer-looking, nourished lashes
  • Washable mascara

Honest reviews



Okayyy, this stuff is pretty dang awesome. I was skeptical about trying it at first because it is one of those weird tubes with the two side and and two applicators and for some reason those kinds of things just intimidate me or seem like some kind of gimmick, but this mascara actually works and does what it is supposed to do. You apply the white side first, and get it all over your lashes. Some people like to do this twice, like doing it one time, waiting for it to dry, and doing it again. Then, when the white part is completely dry, you go ahead and pile on the black stuff. This part is tricky because you have to cover up all the white on your lashes. Anyway, I don’t exactly know how it works, but your eyelashes actually do come out looking way longer and stronger than before you put this mascara on. One downside to this is that it does actually feel like you are wearing a ton of mascara, which you are, but you can actually feel it. I don’t know if that makes any sense. oh, and when you take it off it comes off in little clumps. That doesn’t really matter but it’s cool anyway.

Kristine Riverton, UT

Hated this

I HATED this mascara! It made my eyelashes sooo dry, you cant do multiple layers of it and it was near impossible to get off, even with makeup wipes. When it would finally come off I’d have lost like 3 eyelashes per eye! Also didnt make my eyelashes longer looking at all. I prefer the black tube of Loreal’s mascara

Lucille Bristol, VA


This mascara really does give dramatic lashes! My lashes were practically hitting my brows! I love it and will repurchase it. I wouldn’t call it ideal for everyday use because it is a 2-step application. I save this for date nights, going out, special outings, or if I’m feeling like being a bit more dramatic on the eyes and have extra time. If you’re willing to take the extra time to apply this carefully, then by all means, use it everyday! It’s amazing! I don’t have any issues with allergies, running or smearing, or flaking. Washes off quite easily, although does feel weird coming off. Like little jelly-like things coming off your eyes. Overall, I’d definitely buy again.

Loretta Ragan, NE

Nice, but has an issue…

I love the shape of the tube, lol. It feels so nice in your hand, and it looks all professional.I might as well say I don’t like the primer much and don’t use it anymore. It takes forever to make sure there isn’t any white from it showing and I don’t have time for that, but the mascara on its own works really well. It’s a shame you have to waste money to get the primer with the mascara, and that the actual mascara is in a tiny container.What I mainly love about this is that it gives a kind of “curl” to my lashes, without using a lash-curler. It makes them flare up at the top and it looks really nice. The length is good, but better with the primer unfortunately. It gives a little bit of volume as well. There is some clumping, or a lot of clumping if you’re not doing it right, but overall it’s a nice mascara. Be warned that it “goes bad” after a few months and won’t apply like it used to anymore. Then it’s time to throw it out and go out and buy a new one (in my case). 😉

Margie Dunellen, NJ


This crap is way to hard to apply and you end up with a lot of white eyelashes because of it. The only thing this may be good for is freaking someone out when you wash it off, since it looks like your eyelashes are falling out, little tubes.

Marquita Owyhee, NV

Nice that it’s 2 in 1

I was trying to replace my clinique lash basecoat and mascara. The basecoat is ok but seems a little thick as compared to my clinique version. The mascara was way too think for me as well. It clumped up a lot. I don’t put mascara on very thick so this was just way too much for me. It was also hard to clean off at end of the day. I didn’t use an eye make up remover but there would still be residue the next day after cleaning well the night before. I have sinced went back to my clinique mascara.

Yvonne Unalaska, AK

Best for dramatic, no smudge lashes – pain to remove

I’m writing this after I realized none of my friends knew about this mascara.I was given a tube at an event in 2009 and I haven’t found anything better since. It has its drawbacks, but they are few:PROS:- Stays on until you take it off. Literally. Like, you could wear it for days.- Doesn’t smudge ANYWHERE. It basically forms into a solid when you put it on. It won’t rub off or go anywhere.- It’s water RESISTANT. (not proof, see Cons)- It’s easy to get it all off at once.- It makes your lashes look like "natural" falsiesCONS:- It doesn’t come off with regular eye makeup remover.- If it gets touched by warm or hot water, it clumps and comes off in tubes – i.e. hot yoga- It’s not very graceful to remove.- After about two to three months, you have to pitch it and buy a new one.- Looks gross stuck to the shower when it comes off.I know "they" say to throw away mascara after a couple months, but with this one you really have to. Once it dries out, it doesn’t look great and it’s really difficult to remove.The easiest way to remove it is to put warm water on your lashes, either directly under the shower stream or with a washcloth. It will almost fall off and it doesn’t adhere to or leave residue on your lashes.Another tip: If you like to do multiple layers, wait until the first one dries so it builds. Since this mascara builds a tube around your lash, adding another while it’s wet will only pull the previous layer off. For extra definition, use both the base coat and the mascara on top of your top lashes too.Because it can be a little high-maintenance, I mostly use it for long days or nights out. It’s my "special" mascara. I use good old Maybelline Great Lash on a daily basis. But despite the extra care and the cons above, this is a great mascara to keep in your arsenal.

Camille Woodsboro, TX

sooty undereyes

This product drys and breaks off and drops noticeable flakes of mascara under your eyes.Both my husband and my granddaughter noticed it. It bothered him so much at breakfast that he wanted me to go take it off.

Ina Woolwich, ME


I am very satisfied with this mascara. It’s fast. Very gently rests on the eyelashes and visibly udlinyaetyu eyelashes stick together. a quality product. Recommend to all.

Mina Hudson Falls, NY

NIce product.

The only reason I gave it four stars is because you really have to wash it off good. I want to say the first time i used it, it scared the crap out of me. I always use this type of mascara, with the building block then the mascara, but had not used the tube like kind before. I washed my face off in the shower and when i saw the strings of tubing coming off, I thought my lashes were gone. First time on this product, I thought it ruined my lashes. Millions of images flashing through my mind, i jumped out to look at the mirror and was relieved that they were still there. All in all, it works well. It gives full long lashes. Just be careful when putting it on, it has a tendency to give little hairs on the tips of your lashes, so I would recommend using a mirror when applying.

Denice Eola, TX

Hard to wash off

It coats my lash nicely with the extra volume but it also pull out my lashes when removing it. I wet a cotton pad with some eye makeup remover (Neutrogena) and press lightly on my eyes for 1-2 minutes, then do the little zigzag motion while whiping it downwards. The mascara came off as well as some lashes. I will not use it again.

Grace Hebron, IL

No More Raccoon Eyes

Before using this, I used to have dark circles under my eyes…turned out to be trace amounts of mascara from the standard type formulas. This is different from any other mascara in that it comes off neatly like little threads with just water. Just splash water several times and wash them off . Or rub your eyelashes with wet fingertips. They can stick to the tub or shower pan and dry on, so make sure to wash them down the drain. I wish they didn’t dry so quickly and look clumpy if I dont work quickly. But it’s worth it; I used to have to clean mascara off with 3 separate methods just to remove it all: washing with soap, wiping with an eye makeup remover, then wiping with a QTip with moisturizer on it, and that’s just too much work.This stuff was $40 a tube when it first came out as a Lancome product in the 80s. Love L’Oreal!!

Tracy New Straitsville, OH


Really good product, apples very nicely, it won’t length you lashes dramatically however it is the cleaner mascara one will ever find…. Comes off nicely with warm water like plastic, leaving no residue on the face…. Good for the day time!!

Ester Monkton, MD

Great mascara just like everyone says

I love this no clump fuss free mascara. It last and last and last until you wash it or water hits it. No smearing smudging or anything. Last for hours as long as you don’t get it wet. Not waterproof. It does thicken for me as I already have long lashes. I don’t know why I fool with any other mascara sometimes I have to have something that is waterproof but this is the best mascara in a long time.

Millie Port Hueneme, CA


Its a good mascara kind of clumpy though, the white dries fast and so does the black, it doesn’t mix and make grey like some people think. not my favorite mascara but pretty good though.

Gabriela Jessie, ND

No more raccoon eyes

I have one of those lashes that might be too long or too curved that, although it doesn’t look like it touches the bottom part of my eyes, it must. At the end of the day, I usually end up looking like a raccoon with black mascara under my eyes. Definitely don’t want wrinkles around the eyes later on from all the constant rubbing and wiping off of the mascara. This may be the best solution I have found so far. This has 2 ends… start with the white and brush on like a regular mascara and follow on with the black mascara. It stays on the lashes (with no transfer) and it looks like the lashes are covered individually. Warm water takes off the lashes easily – comes off as rubbery tubes. You’ll know you have to replace it (so far for me, about every 4-6 months, which is how often we’re supposed to replace it anyway) once it starts to look like spider legs and not individual lashes. Great product. Much cheaper than some other options.

Constance Paynesville, MN

Great Mascara!

I have tried all kinds of mascara, and they all made a flaky black horrible mess under my eyes after a few hours. By the end of the day, my mascara was totally off of my eyelashes and somewhere on my face. This mascara is awesome. It took me a few days to get used to the “tubes” or residue as it comes off in the shower or with water, but this mascara doesn’t flake or make a mess under my eyes. I’m hooked 🙂

Alma Crabtree, PA

Love This Stuff

As I have aged (60 years plus), my lashes, like my hair have thinned out.Since I have used this product, others have noticed and commented on my lashes. I have been asked what kind of mascara I use by ladies who have know me for some time. They do appear longer & fuller. The two steps take no longer to apply that other mascara, as I usually put two coats of other brands on. Two coats of the primer really makes a difference before adding the final black coat. A little messy to remove the stings of mascara, but does so easily with hand lotion or plain water rinses. Hope this product is not taken off the market.

Sallie Abbot, ME

Wears like iron!

To be perfectly honest, at first I really didn’t want to like this. But after a week or so, I am completely in love. I can put this on early in the morning and it still looks the same when I take it off late in the evening. I’ve cried in it (a lot!) and it doesn’t flake or run. Things I’ve learned that helped it work well for me: 1. One light coat of primer on each eye, followed immediately by a light coat (once over) of the mascara, followed immediately by a second light (once over) coat of mascara. Emphasis on LIGHT coats and not allowing the coats to dry between layers. 2. Can be removed easily with soap and water, or even plain water. Use a downward sweeping motion with your eyes closed (as if you where trying to ‘comb’ your lashes) rather than rubbing horizontally across the lashes. I will definitely be repurchasing this mascara and am already recommending it to friends.

Roxanne Jamestown, VA

Love it!

I have oily skin and other mascaras smear and I end up looking like a raccoon. I have long lashes, but not that thick. This mascara does not smear and my lashes are long and thick. It will flake a little, but those come off easily without smearing. It also helps to use a primer to keep mascara in place.

Keri Garyville, LA

Peels Off–A Good Thing

My original review gave this product a 2 star rating because it sort of peels off when you wash your face. Since I wear contacts, I thought it would be “dangerous”. Not so. It is now my favorite type of mascara just for this reason. There is never any smudging under my eyes. I don’t have to follow up my cleanser with eye-makeup remover. It doesn’t flake or smear unless I put it on while my eye cream is still soaking in. I have even slept in it and sometimes can just wipe a little around my eyes and it still looks OK. Not that I would go out again without cleaning my face, but I would definitely get some coffee and wake up a bit before the daily routine hits. Great stuff and I apologize to L’Oreal for the previous lower rating. BTW, this stuff does make your eyelashes look thicker an longer by applying the base coat, then the black. I find that it works better if you don’t let the base coat dry all the way. Also, I think the base coat is what makes it come off so easily without smearing. The one time I thought I didn’t need to use the base coat on my lower lashes, I did get a little smearing, but that could also have been because of my moisturizer. Anyway, great stuff. Try it, you’ll like it~~

Annette Great Bend, NY

I’ve used this for years

Pros: REALLY Lengthening, volume, and super EASY removal – just wipe off with warm wet wash cloth. It CANNOT smudge or flake. Really holds the curl. You can use with or without the primer. I actually like it better w/o primer.Cons: Lashes are very stiff (but look pretty); product dries out a little faster than regular mascara I think

Brenda Bismarck, MO

Great mascara. Crappy container.

For twenty years I looked like a racoon most of the time I wore mascara. Eventually, my lashes were falling out so much that I had a bald patch on one lid and stubby, broken lashes everywhere else. I switched to the more expensive brand of tube mascara for a year or so. During that year I went from sparse and broken lashes that fell out a lot to long lovely lashes. Yay! The mascara holy grail! No smudging, no itching, no messy remover. Tube mascaras are more gentle and allow your lashes to reach their full potential. A tube mascara will not make your lashes any more thick and only a bit longer. So I really just use it for the color and my natural lashes look so good that I don’t feel I need extra volume or thickness. I love tube mascara and I wanted to have a less expensive option that I could buy at any drugstore. I love the way this mascara performs, but I do not love the container. It Is too thick and clunky and the brushes are too short. I hope they redesign that and leave the stuff inside alone.

Jo Yorkshire, OH

The only downside is that it comes off like black spider webs if you go in a pool …

I really only use this mascara now because everything else runs or smudges on my face. Even other beauty Tube mascara products from other companies. The only downside is that it comes off like black spider webs if you go in a pool or if it rains.

Mai Bay City, MI

This mascara is my favorite for day time only.

I have thin short eyelashes & this mascara doesn’t lengthens or make my eyelashes thicker ! So this is why I give it 3 stars.But I like that it doesn’t give me raccoon eyes & that I can swim in it & it won’t come off unless I touch my eyes or rub them & it comes off as eyelashes glue? Like rubber.The mascara dries off very fast , so NO WAY you can put another layer !I used this mascara for years & I use it as an everyday natural looking eyelashes , because it’s not very black .But if you are looking for a lengthening mascara this is not yours , if you want thicker eyelashes? Forget about it .My sister hate it & thinks it breaks her lashes, that doesn’t happen to mines .

Jo Plevna, MT

A lot of cons for me, but it makes my lashes look good!

Overall I like the Double Extend, but there are some aspects I don’t like.Pros:-I can tell the difference in my lashes when I’m wearing this versus when I’m wearing regular mascara; it does make my lashes look longer and fuller (adds more volume).Cons:-Didn’t make my lashes grow longer. Now, I only used it consistently for about a month when I first got it, but still, no difference.-Kind of difficult to remove, since it creates a "tube" of mascara on each lash. I have to pick it off after removing my makeup and washing my face (although, I usually am not really too thorough about removing every inch of my eye makeup at night, so there’s some remaining). After I take a shower the next morning, I find pieces of this mascara hanging off my lashes and stuck to my face, which is annoying. Maybe it’s just my fault for not being thorough with removing it in the first place.-The Step 1 white part became dirty (gray). Again, this could just be because of how I do things, since I usually applied this soon after applying my black liquid eyeliner.-Too expensive for my liking. I bought this at Rite Aid for somewhere between $8-$14, if I remember correctly.The cons outweigh the pros in my review, but I do think I’d actually repurchase this mascara simply due to how it makes my lashes look! If you can deal with some of the troubles this mascara might cause you, then it might just be well worth it. I recommend.

Ashleigh Colcord, OK


I’m dissapointed in this product. I wish adverts would stop lying to us already. The main turnoff for me is that this mascara is SO MESSY. It’s hard for me to apply the second coat without it clumping on the lashes and also getting smudges where it shouldn’t be. The applicator doesn’t do a well enough job of seperating the lashes for me, so it’s hard to get rid of the clumps that may develop.It also doesn’t provide as much extension as it claims. There is an appearance of longer lashes, but only slightly.If you want nice defined lashes without the mess, go for Lash Blast.

Marisa Sextons Creek, KY

My Favorite

I love this mascara. I use the black side for day, and both sides for evening. It gives that extra WOW factor without the time and money of keeping up fake lashes.

Cecelia Ty Ty, GA

My favorite mascara

Mascara always seems to not want to stick on my eyelashes. Using the white side and then the black, it lasts all day and then sometimes into the next day. My mother also tried this product and loves it as well (she even started putting mascara on her bottom lashes without getting smeary.) Mascara does come off a little bit sometimes, but it is nothing compared to the other mascaras that I have tried.

Jannie Elk Mountain, WY

My favorite mascara!

My favorite mascara!

Reyna Branson, MO