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L’Oreal Paris De-Crease Eye Shadow Base, 0.20 Ounces

Crease-proof your eyes and get longer lasting eye color with De-Crease Eye Shadow Base. Smooth eyelids, even skin tone, and create a flawless canvas for application of powder or cream eye shadow, or wear alone for a clean, natural look.

Key features

  • Eye shadow base evens skin tone and create a flawless canvas for application of powder or cream eye shadow, or wear alone for a clean, natural look
  • One universal shade for all skin tones
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Fragrance-free

Honest reviews


If You Don’t Have Oily Lids, Stay Away

If you are of a certain age and you have some wrinkles, stay far, far away from this product. If you don’t have extremely oily eyelids, stay far, far away from this product.This eye shadow base will cause havoc to you eyelids if they are the least little dry or sensitive.This goes on with a wand which is awkward to use and then you need to smooth it out with your finger tip. Then you need to wait with your eyes closed for it to dry. If you do not wait, you will end up with a creased mess. Then on top goes your eyeshadow.The color is hideous for me, (I have an Italian complexion) it is such a pale color that it actually makes my eyeshadow look paler so I have to use darker colors. After a few hours my shadow starts flaking off. What IS left has bunched up into my creases.A better bet for those over say 30 or 40, or those with dry skin; and a lot better bargain isNYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base, Skin Tone, 0.25 Ounce

Faith Malden, IL

Eye Saver

Love this product; that’s why I’ve used it for years. My eye shadow stays on all day, and looks like I just applied it. It keeps me looking fresh as I move from work into the evening.Apply a little to your eyelid and smooth with your finger, then wait 10 seconds before applying shadow. Toward the end on the bottle I use a q-tip to get what the wand can’t reach.Usually I purchase this at local store, but lately have not found, so I turned to Amazon for my fix.

Cynthia Prophetstown, IL

I like it!

Overall I like it! Of course after hours of use it doesn’t look that good but it lasts descent amount of time!So I would buy it again!

Maureen Almond, NC

Pretty decent eye primer

I really like this eye primer since it mattifyes my lids and makes my eyeshadow stay put, there are only two things i can find wrong with this product: 1. my eyeshadow’s gone within a few hours and 2. it a little on the dry side. other than those two things, it’s a pretty decent product.

Chris Walnut, IL

Very nice

I would not say it removes crinkles but does help calm them down. Nice applicator and easy to apply. Dries quickly — saving you time. I got the darker of the two Ivory colors and like the way it lightens up the dark caverns around my deep set eyes.

Gwendolyn Hinton, OK

Not the best out there!

This product is not the best eye primer out there that’s for sure. I was not really pleased with this at all for one is seems like the product dryed up before I got a chance to use it. As far as decreasing it doesn’t do a good job of that either. L’Oreal needs to go back to the drawing board with this one because it is a major “fail.”

Sherry Sauquoit, NY

Not worth the hassle

I live in Arizona. I have combination skin and somewhat oily eyelids. I never noticed that my eyelids were oily until I started trying to wear eyeliner! The eye shadow base does not work that well unless you also top it with power, even then the liner on my upper lid smears. Worse yet, the container is not easy to use. I do not like the wand, and I think it would be better if you could squeeze the contents out. It seems like the bottles are half full too.

Beatriz Gibbs, MO

Love this stuff!

If I don’t use this primer my eyeshadow is creased within an hour. When I use it my eyeshadow lasts all night no matter how detailed I get. I’ve used several other brands including a very expensive brand and none work as well as this does. I stopped being able to find this in stores which is why I resorted to buying online. It comes sealed and packaged and is the same quality as what I used to buy at the drugstore.

Geraldine Lowell, VT

give it a try

I have used this item for about 3 times and I can’t remember if i noticed the results or not.I suppose if I have not noticed double or triples lines of my eyeshadow by the time I get home from work then it is doing something.

Valerie Medford, MA

great product, considering price

This primer has a silky "whipped" texture and it goes on smooth, blending into the skin tone without a "cakey" appearance or a heavy, oily feel. I wear it alone as a clean look (hides those little capillaries and discoloration in tired eyes) or as a primer, and both uses work great and last for hours. I even forget I have it on – love how lightweight it feels!I have noticed that depending on the day, the primer begins to flake a bit closer to my brow line. I may need to adjust how far up I use the primer and/or apply moisturizer to the area before use.I’ve previously used Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer, which works, but it’s four times the price and the product separates in between uses – ugh (and try shaking a squeezy-tube – doesn’t work so well). In contrast, the fuzzy applicator in this L’Oreal tube works great (once I get it on the lid, I use a finger to blend) and I like that the tube is clear so I can see the product inside.

Paula Tokeland, WA

Love it and the $$$…

I’ve used e.l.f with not so great results…want to try Urban Decay but can’t see shelling out $18.00, so I tried L’oreal based on a review and I love it. It doesn’t go on to thick…a little goes a long way and it lasts all day long without creasing. 9 hours later and my shadow looks like it was freshly applied.

Mary East Hebron, NH

Dried up too quickly

Unfortunately, this product dried up too quickly inside the bottle, and I felt I hardly got any actual use out of it.

Claudia Powhatan, LA