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L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Star Secrets Lipcolour, Andie’s Rose Carmine, 0.13 Ounce

Color riche star secrets now offer a more luxurious, creamy and rich lipcolour. In addition to nourishing ingredients like omega 3 and vitamin e, the formula has been enriched with argan oil to condition and soften lips like never before.

Key features

  • Packed with ultra-hydrating omega 3, conditioning vitamin e, moisturizing argan oil
  • Boosts cell renewal while hydrating
  • Keeps lips soft, smooth and supple
  • Made in Paris

Honest reviews


more like a lip balm

Beautiful color but it doesn’t stay long. It can be moisturizing though! Its good for my almost transparent skin (redheaded/freckles). But like I said, it’s more like a balm

Susanne Sully, IA

Wonderful natural shade

I love this shade so much, that I rarely wear anything else. When I couldn’t find anymore at my local stores, I came to amazon and ordered a bunch. It defines my lips, adds color to my face, but doesn’t make me look overdone. It is subtle and doesn’t jump out at you. That’s why I call it a natural color. It wears well. I have to reapply about every 4 hours. It moisturizes well, without feeling tacky or sticky. It never rubs off on my teeth, but you can tell which coffee cup is mine by the lipstick print.

Ella Trumbauersville, PA

Great color

This L"oreal shade has been a favorite of mine since it was introduced. I am disappointed the company no longer has them. I am delighted to have found it on Amazon.

Glenda Montgomery, MN

It’s a pretty shade, but….

I think it’s a pretty shade, but just a little lighter than what I had expected. It’s all good though. I’ll just mix it with another shade.

Lawanda Burns, TN

Love this color.

I love this shade of lipstick. Unfortunately it has been discontinued. Hopefully they will bring it back – maybe without Eva’s name on it?

Alison Chinle, AZ

Kerry’s Rosewood- Amazing

I bought this in Kerry’s Rosewood and I am in love. The shade is perfect for any skin tone and looks great on everyone. It is a shimmery peachish pinkish that isn’t too bright or too drab, just right! It is perfect to wear to work because it looks natural but still gives off a shimmery pink hue, without looking too done up. It is a few shades off from my natural lip color, so it looks amazing with any other color combination I match with it. Stays on forever and looks amazing. Lips stay soft and smooth and the color doesn’t run off my lips either. Love it!!!

Jeri Pickens, SC

Nice lipstick

I expected this to be more purple but its like a red with a tinge of purple, which is nice for some people but not what i was needing. Even so its a nice lipstick and the color is nice too.

Leanna Sikes, LA

lipstick loreal

order this for my a member of my family she loves the lipstick and the color. can’t find this in stores so I plan to order her more.

Guadalupe West Creek, NJ

L’Oreal Products are the best…

I recommend it highly…because my lips are never dry with this product. With this purchase, you definitely get what you pay for tuns of love…

Naomi Crescent, IA

Wonderful Color, Not the Best Application For Personal Use

I love the color. We used the Evangeline’s Red for a photo shoot for a novel cover. It looked amazing, so bright red, so perfect for a 30’s starlet.That being said, it isn’t a quality lipstick in self application. It was easy when a makeup artist used a chap stick base that was clear, and applied it with a lipstick brush for a perfect lip, but it isn’t perfect for at home use. It does get thick and chalky like a crayon if you let it get too cold or too dry, which is easy to do if the case isn’t on tight enough. Also since it is such a dark red sometimes you can ruin your whole makeup face because if you mess up and get anything off your lip there will be a red stain.

Jean North Granville, NY

Diane’s Tuberose is the best……

So happy to be able to order this lipstick on This was discontinued in the stores quite some time ago and nothing is really as wonderful as this on my lips. It’s the perfect color for any skin color. This is the only color which makes me sing ! Thank you for carrying this product. I love it !

Kelli Huttonsville, WV

Love it!

It’s a great neutral tone and has a nice shimmer to it 🙂 not your typical beige with a pretty shine to it.

Margery Belsano, PA

This is the Only Lipstick I wear

I’ve worn this exact lipstick in this exact shade for at least five years, maybe more. It’s a dark enough color to be seen, but not so dark it looks unnatural. I tried a nude shade recently, and it was too plain. I felt washed out. I am fair-skinned, reddish hair, and a wear a lot of black, preferring to keep my wardrobe and my life simple. I wear one shade of lipstick – and this is “it.” I pray they don’t discontinue Diane’s Tuberose.

Winnie Chase City, VA

Looked darker on screen, lighter In person

Much lighter in person than how it looked on my screen. Pink dark pink really. Well the name had rose on it so I should have been forewarned. But looks darker on my iPad screen, much darker. I would have gotten the redder color that looked too dark to me if I knew the colors were lighter in person. Or at least the rose carmine color. Still a decent lipstick I can wear though. Ideally you’ve seen the color you want physically when buying lipstick anyway.

Latanya Hagarville, AR

Reminds me of my mom

Real cosmetics have a smell about them, the way a woman should smell.I lucked out the color is good too!

Erna Port Norris, NJ

Beige 809

I had bought this because one evening I was wondering about Aishwarya Rai’s lipstick color and what it was, and after Googling a bit I came onto this — it was so cheap (at the time I ordered it was marked down to twenty cents) that I just bought it so I could look at it. It actually isn’t a color I commonly wear, I just like Aishwarya Rai.A lot of the reviews on here are saying this is "fake" lipstick or another lipstick with a label put on. I suspect, from looking at the labels, that this is a batch originally meant for the Canadian market, and this is probably why the packaging is slightly different and possibly the colors a little different as well. The lipstick has the L’Oreal logo imprinted in the lipstick itself. The sticker on the bottom of the package says "L’Oreal Colour Riche 809 Beige" and yet it does have the gold embossed Star Secrets logo on the container. So I think it’s just a foreign version. When I was doing the Aishwarya lipstick research I found that it goes by another name in the Indian release (I think there it’s called Crystal Copper) so I’m not worried that it’s named and packaged differently from country to country.

Wendy Rudolph, OH

My Favorite Shade Found

I couldn’t believe I found this AND in a 3 pack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE I was down to scooping it out with a brush and thought I’d have to try and find something close. Figuring I’d give Amazon a try, and WOW, there it was. I’m very happy with this purchase. I wish L’Oreal would keep it in their line.

Rosanne Goshen, UT