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L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail, Pink Me Up, 0.39 Ounces, 1 Count

Your dream color is now at your fingertips with Colour Riche Nail Color, a unique formula that delivers intense color, luxurious shine and 10-day wear*. Available in a delicious spectrum of must-have shades, the collection is divided into 4 unique color stories curated by L’Oréal’s exclusive Color Designer Orrea Light. There’s a perfect hue to match your personality, style and mood. Rich, trendy colors exclusively curated by our international Color Designer. Patented brush for ultimate control and precise application Find your shade(s) in one of 4 color collections. *When used with Colour Riche One Stop Base base coat and Top of the Line top coat.

Key features

  • A unique formula that delivers intense color and luxurious shine
  • Patented brush for ultimate control and precise application
  • 10-day wear when used with Colour Riche One Stop Base, base coat and Top of the Line, top coat

Honest reviews


It’s red

I bought this looking for a darker red, almost maroon but it’s really just red. Beautiful red but not what I wanted

Emilie Addison, ME

amazing color

I was looking for a nail polish to complete my 25 dollars free shipping and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.I am a nail polish lover, and this color is just amazing. has a little bit of sparkles, but it is very subtle. I LOVE my new nail polish.

Phoebe Man, WV

For me, a strange color

I ordered this a few weeks ago but just tried it yesterday. Generally, I like L’Oreal products but this nail polish color is just strange. Why, I do not know. I am fair skinned so thought a rose color would look good. Nope. Overall, the polish went on very well with no overwhelming smell. Will keep using L’Oreal products; just not this one.

Victoria Pendroy, MT



Ada Waterford, NY

Great low-price polish!

I purchased a bottle of Colour Riche polish in Safari Chic as I had a Target coupon (seriously, check out the coupon site weekly for some good deals!). The bottle is very pretty and the square shape is great for holding, especially during pedicures.Pros: Very rich color with two or three coats. Nice matte finish, color on nails is true to what the bottle shows. Polish does NOT stain nails (have had this happen to me with a few OPI red-based colors).Cons: Gunky application, nail color gets sticky after the first coat (even with sufficient drying time). Very strong chemical smell when fresh polish is applied (goes away after about 30 min).Despite the cons, I personally think this is a great polish. The color is spot-on and nicely buildable (from a sage/khaki green to a cement green). The .39 oz bottle is on the small side compared to bottles that offer .5 oz, BUT the actual retail price (four to six bucks) is very fair for the product itself. Chips are unavoidable, but depending on your normal activities this polish can last for a week with daily touch ups. Also removes fairly quickly, with the exception of cuticle area of course. I have everything from OPI to Wet n Wild polishes in my beauty bag and this L’Oreal polish has been my go-to Fall color! I’ll definitely picking out a few more bottles (that baby blue is calling my name!) next time at the store. 🙂

Young Oxford, ME

Perfect dupe for Essie Chinchilly!

I have another L’oreal polish “New Money” that I adore and figured I’d try out a grey shade since my budding selection is dominated by pastel shades. I didn’t want to shell out the cash for an Essie as I already had one and an OPI polish I was buying at the same time, so I downgraded to the L’oreal. Honestly, I prefer this to Essie and it actually seems like an upgrade. The formula is completely opaque with 2 coats, it goes on smoothly and the color is very shiny. I have issues with Essie polishes being either too thick or too thin and it’s aggravating, but L’oreal is consistent with the formulas being easy to work with.The color looks wonderful against my pale skin and is a very sophisticated look that would go well in any season. Well obviously, I mean I’m wearing smack in the middle of summer!

Lila Hastings, MN

Loove the color

L’Oreal Nail Polish has never let me down and this color is amazing. Very bright and looks great on all skin tones.

Paulette Shepherd, MT

Great color and I’m no fan of blue!

I have the "Jet Set to Paris" color. I tested this on several people. I’m no fan of blue, but this looks great on me! It goes on smooth and the color is actually about 2 shades darker than it looks. It works really well for the lighter skin tones than darker. I’m a light-skinned A-A and it looks great on me, but my mom, not so much. She’s brown and it just looks dull on her. Actually very ugly. Normally earth tones go best with my skin tone and opposite for my mom…but this nail polish was different.With this nail polish, it does not matter what clothes you wear, if you have cool or warm undertones or even if you have a manicure or not. It’s all about skin tone! Strange, but true. It never mattered as long as you were light-skinned or white. I think if it was a lighter shade, it would’ve looked great on my mom. So that’s just a head-up to you girls out there. Skin tone, skin tone, skin tone!

Betty Avenal, CA

Beautiful color

This color is absolutely divine. The picture is a little misleading in the exact hue. It is a bit brighter of an orange than it displays in the picture but that’s not why I am giving it four stars instead of five. The first coat I applied was a bit streaky and unforgiving (like a cheap nail polish) but after applying two more coats it was absolutely opaque and gorgeous and you couldn’t even tell it was gross on the first layer. I bought this orange for Halloween and it was a great buy!

Misty Richardton, ND

great burgundy shade

This is a very pretty deep burgundy shade. If your one to like dark shades on your nails, this should be given a try. It was at a good price with free shipping. It arrived within a week and surprisingly was in a big box, that I wasn’t sure of what was inside. It was nicely packaged laying on top of the popcorn they put inside of boxes. I was pleased sense I was nervous to buy nail polishes fearing they might either leak open or break.

Maxine Morenci, AZ

Streaky and Neon

I ordered the L’ Orange hoping it would be a medium matte orange —- not so, it is a vibrant orange, almost a neon orange. It’s too bright for me so will give to the teenage girl next door. It also is streaky; I had to put 3 coats on and it still doesn’t look good. The polish lasts a long time without chipping or peeling, thus the 3 stars.

Sherrie Climbing Hill, IA


It’s a nice, dark color. It’s got a little bit of shimmer, as you can see in the item picture. It goes on smoothly. It’s more of a charcoal-y gray than the midnight blue I had hoped for, but the color is still good.

Lisa Sheridan, IL

Pretty color

I like trying different brands of nail polish so I try to get the more pricey one on clearance. I’ve seen L’Oreal in the stores so when I found this bottle relatively inexpensive I decided to give it a try. I put it on just one nail. It has a nice thickness to it. Not too thick so that it clumps and not too thin that it runs. The second coat makes a difference. It isn’t the best nail polish I’ve used so that is why 4 instead of 5 stars. If I see a unique color in this brand I will definitely be willing to pay the few dollars extra for it!

Alice Tujunga, CA

Not such a great color.

This takes too many coats to get a nice color. I started using it as a clear coat. It’s ok.

Doretha Dwight, KS

Quality nail polish

The colour is beautiful and looks great on my nails. The nail polish goes on smooth and doesn’t bubbles. The texture is just right, you only need 2 coats to get the job done. It lasted a whole week without chipping. The best thing about this polish is, it is very affortable and will have your nails looking gorgeous. This nail polish is better than O.P.I.. So if you are looking for a good nail polish get this brand, you will not regret it.

Polly Murdock, IL

Nice nail polish

I like this Nail polish. The quality is okay, not the best, it chips easily after a few days but the price is very reasonable. I’m pleased …

Lou Bayard, NE

You can get cheaper and similar

Im not going to completely shatter your image on the nail polish for LOREAL but, for this color, Trust me you can find cheaper and similar to it. But, if your crazy about their line and you really want to waist and have the $ to do it, go for it, there’s nothing wrong with it, its a nice pale natural color, somewhat shiny and good with olive skin tones. I just have this color and its fairly the same for half the $.

Susana Fort Belvoir, VA

Spice Things

I love this color it’s like a spice color it looks wonderful on your nails and L’oreal colors are long lasting. Like 2 weeks

Amanda Cedarville, MI

Goes on a little…

darker than what it looks like in the bottle. L’oreal did make a pearlized version of this and that was what I was looking for, but settled for this when I couldn’t find it. Still, it is a very pretty blue and goes on smooth with the same quality you know from L’oreal.

Lydia Buckeye, IA


I bought this polish in leu of buying the same ole’ OPI. Boy was I suprised when I tried to take it off. I also use pure acetone to remove my nail polishes; which usually makes it come off quicker. This Loreal was no easy task to get off. Super polish this is, and the price is way cheaper than the lacquers. So glad I tried this brand; for it is one I will be buying again.Oh by the way, the color is really sharp, and has a beautiful pearly sheen that’s modern, and not old fashioned.

Rosalinda Springfield, NJ

Color Was Not The Same

I ordered "jealous", which seemed like a strong matte color between orange and peach in the pictures, but after doing my nails it was actually more of a neon orange color. >.< I applied a double coat and then a top coat. It did last for a while and the color was very vibrant, it just wasn’t the color I expected.

Jerry Provo, KY

Gorgeous Bright Tangerine/Coral Color

I have been loving nail polish these past couple of months and I came across this color. I had nothing like it before and I have to say this is such a beautiful color. I wasn’t sure how this would look on, but it is so flattering I think it would look amazing on anyone’s skin tone.It is perfect for the spring/summer (although I’ll wear it year-round because it is so gorgeous). I also think the formula is really nice and opaque, although I always do 2 coats anyway. It has an average drying time and wears VERY well. I have had no problems with chipping or anything. I do wish the brush was a little bigger to make application a bit easier and faster, but with 2 coats there is no streakiness or imperfections.I cannot recommend this color enough. I would definitely consider buying other colors from this line and I am really pleased with this purchase.

Katrina Cherokee, IA

Beautiful color

I love this color. It looks great with a tan (or without!) and gives me thoughts of the Caribbean as I’m sitting in my cubicle.

Kristi Elgin, NE

A delicate, dusty rose shade.

For the autumn and winter season, this shade is heavenly. I also think it would be great for older ladies as well. Its a great everyday color, perfect for work. And as always, I love L’Oreal nail polishes so i’m not disappointed in any way with the consistency or the quality of the product.

Evangeline Middletown, VA

Mila Kunis’ color on recent Allure cover

I ordered this color because I feel in love with it when I saw it on actress Mila Kunis on last month’s cover of _Allure_ magazine. I love corals in the spring and summer, and this color is really gorgeous!L’Oreal’s Colour Riche line has decent staying power, but I find that I have to use a base coat and a top coat (Seche Vite) to make it last longer. It doesn’t stay quite as chip-free on me as higher-end brands like OPI and Essie, but, for the price, it’s a good bargain.I usually save brighter colors for my toes, and this color isn’t too bright to wear on my fingernails.It’s a lovely color for this time of year!

Maryellen Cherry Valley, IL

I prefer Revlon.

Prefer Revlon. If we’re talking drug store brands, Revlon, definitely Revlon. This was the first L’Oreal nail item I’ve used in several years, and I hated it. It was a pain to work with. Runny and prone to streaking. Didn’t dry very quickly, and though the final product did dry to a nice finish, it did not last a full two days.Everyone has unique body chemistry, and perhaps this would work better for someone else, but for me it’s a bust. I won’t be in a hirry to try another L’Oreal nail product. They do have some nice colors, so I may try them again, but not if/when I can pick up equivalent colors with Revlon or OPI. (Note, I did not use it with either the L’Oreal base or top coats, but used another brand. It would, perhaps, function better with those as they are within the same system.)

Lillie Hesston, KS

Great polish

It’s not my usual color, but I thought I’d take a chance and see how my 50-something feet would look with so bold a hue. I was pleasantly surprised, not only with the color — which is amazingly true to the shade as depicted online — but by the consistency of the polish and its long-wearing properties. I have since ordered more shades, and look forward to using them.

Caroline Chicago Ridge, IL

Mistake to purchase from this vendor…

I know this nail polish line is good except this vendor sent an old version of this color. The wand is white instead of gold. The bottle is so old and dusty that “Breaking Curfew” is a different color. The bottle arrived with the wand cracked and polish leaking out. The polish is thick and not useable. What a joke purchasing from this vendor. I wish I could give it zero stars.

Karyn Dobbin, TX

color is the best

dries very quickly, very nice color. Lasts for at least 5-6 days (keeping in mind frequent dish washing). I love it!

Sonya Garner, IA

Glossy and Shiny!

Amazing. Looks like I got my nails done professionally. Dries fast, yet leaves a shiny, glossy coat. This is my first L’Oreal nail polish purchase and I’m happy to say that I’m very pleased with my purchase!

Alicia Macks Creek, MO