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L’Oreal Paris Colour Rays Hair Color, Fuschia Flash

Color rays are bright, highly visible highlights that show up on even the darkest hair. In one simple step, you can swirl on a few bold flashes, brighten up bangs, or brush on an all-over effect.

Key features

  • One step brush-on color highlights with pure concentrated color, highly visible even on the darkest hair
  • Patented highlighting wand makes it easy to experiment with either a few bold flashes or an all-over effect
  • Not for use on relaxed hair

Honest reviews


Works on dark hair!

I’ve used this product several times and am always happy with the results. I have dark brown curly hair, and I love coloring the underneath layers so you just see a pop of color. It turns out nice and vibrant! When it fades, it turns kind of an orangey color, but I like that, too, so I don’t mind it at all, lol.

Kay New Weston, OH

Great, but WARNING!

I’ll tell you first and foremost that this product WILL PERMANENTLY LIGHTEN YOUR HAIR. It advertises as being a bright color without the use of bleach, which is true. However, it does contain peroxide, which for me was about 80% as effective in lightening my hair as bleach. When all the color washes out, your hair will be lighter where you used it. I used it five years ago without realizing this, and had to have my hair professionally dyed back to my original color before senior portraits at school.Now that that’s out of the way, the product itself is great. I used the fuschia one (which is a lot more pink than I consider fuschia to be, but that’s just me) and it really is easy. Getting the dye out of the tube was a little hard, but mixing it with the peroxide was simple. I think my favorite part is that the rubber gloves they give you actually fit your hands with elastic, instead of being plastic bags vaguely in the shape of hands. I liked only having to do one step for coloring. I had previously bleached by hair and dyed it blue with Splat, and the color was looking pretty sad after a few weeks: this covered the remaining blue perfectly and is super bright. I had missed my roots in my original bleaching attempt, but the highlighting wand got right into them and the blend is seamless.I would recommend this product to anyone, but with the warning that their hair will never go back to normal afterward.

Jeannie Enterprise, MS

I’ve Used This Product Too Many Times To Tell!!

This product is my tried and true for coloring my hair, all of it. I’ve been using it for over 5 years, I love it, the coverage is awesome on dark hair and it lifts and deposits in one process.

Kelsey Wickes, AR

Worked on my dark AND light hair!

I wasn’t sure if it was going to work on my dark hair. It says it bleaches the hair AND dyes it at the same time. I applied it to both previously highlighted hair (which was growing out) and my natural dark brown color. I have curly hair so I applied it to some of the curls as well as an inner layer of my bangs.It looked great after the first day of fading (fading the first day is GOOD). I had a good 2 or 3 weeks of nice color. But then it just faded more and more.. the parts on my bangs faded to an orangey color after a month or more. Yech. I even tried usingJohn Freida Radiant Red Shampoo 8.45 oz., John Freida Radiant Red Conditioner 8.45 oz., andJohn Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Deeper Richer Redbut it didn’t work very well (the glaze left my hair feeling like HAY).I recently tried to get it back to all one color withGarnier Herbashine Haircolor, 415 Soft Mahogany Dark Brownand that stuff made my hair practically BLACK with this strange reddish tint… and it didn’t cover all of the Colour Rays (there were maybe 2 streaks of red still there) or my grays!!Disappointed in Garnier, but I like the Colour Rays! :)Will probably use the Fuschia again.

Christian Burlington, TX

Not really Fuscia

Bought this to add some cool color to my hair (auburn brown), but it really didn’t work. I thought it would be a bit brighter, but it really just blend in my color. Oh well.

Jannie Glenwood, MD

Bought for a friend.

She loved it. I guess she had used this in the past and I guess it’s hard to find now. Since it was a purchase for someone else and she likes it, that’s my review.

Ada Fort Shaw, MT