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L’Oreal Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse Eye Correction System, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

Why is Collagen Micro-Pulse Eye right for me? With time, the eye area experiences several signs of aging and fatigue — dark circles, under eye bags and wrinkles appear–leaving the eye area looking less youthful and dull.

Key features

  • First total eye correction system with a potent formula + micro-pulse massager
  • Enriched with erasyl to help diminish dark circles
  • Eyes are left visibly brighter, smoother, and wide-awake

Honest reviews


dont waste your time

it did absolutely nothing to me… i use it and nothing. i used it for weeks and still nothing.. i have bad under eyes and was looking forward for this product WHAT A WASTE OF MY MONEY!! dont even bother buyingthis product.. you will be disappointed

Deann Livingston Manor, NY

Just great.

Thanks Loreal for make such a nice product. Great design. Easy to use and great price too. This facial products should be use for a long time until you see any results but this one…with 2 weeks I saw a big difference in my dark circles.

Camilla Eddyville, KY

can’t decide if eye cream or sex toy

nice eye cream does reduce puffiness, but wtf is up with that stupid vibrator at the other end? it looks like a sex toy, and i felt really dumb massaging my eye socket with it, i felt that it belonged on another place of my body so i tossed it. I give this product 3 stars for making me feel stupid.

Germaine Sublette, KS

Feels good

The vibration is very impressive. I’ve tried and my eyes feel comfortable. Hope it work for the puffiness and dark circle under my eyes. Thanks.

Tameka Owensville, OH

Gimmicky pulse, good cream

The actual product is nice. It’s better as something that fills in the wrinkles and creases than it is at reducing puffiness or reducing dark circles. I prefer Garnier for that.The pulse.. well it’s silly. It adds a lot of length to the package and it sounds like 3 small BB style balls rattling around inside it. Barely moves. They’d have been better off putting a ball on the end where the product comes off so you can just roll it on directly. Lots of bulk for no real payoff.The cream is nice, smooth, non irritating and does a great job filling in the spots you want it to. So for that 4 stars… the 5th is removed for the silly, bulky rattling thing on the end. 😛

Merle Marietta, PA

Eye cream/massage combo that works!

I work with two 20" computer monitors in my face all day, which leads to eye fatigue, dark circles and puffy eyes. When I get home from work I get into comfortable clothes, wash off my makeup and use this cream and mini-massager to relax and un-puff my eyes – it works. I use a liberal amount of the cream and use the massager for 1-2 minutes under each eye (slowly, back and forth) – not the 10 seconds, outward only, as recommended in the description. I have very sensitive skin and the cream formula doesn’t irritate or cause blemishes.I have tried many, many eye creams, and this is the first one that’s worked for both un-puffing and lightening the dark circles – also relieves the ‘tired eyes ache’. I think the vibrations from the massager help with circulation and getting things flowing again – great idea by L’Oreal. I will be back for more, when it runs out.

Nichole Voorhees, NJ

I am seeing results!

I am soon to be 65, and had given up on my under eye area. This little gizmo is doing something! I am not even faithfully using it every day, but it is helping firm and smooth this area! Now, I want to use it all over my face. LOL.

Pamela Thomas, WV

Not meant for everyone

I’m always looking for ways to minimize under eye bags at my age (70). After reading customer reviews, I was hoping this product does the trick but I’ve come to realize that with age and gravity, all things sag. I see improvement at the beginning of the day but as the day wears on, horizontal fine lines and bags return. Perhaps, an anti-aging under eye product would work better. It’s worth the try at this great price!!

Christian Hamlin, PA

Perfectly visible results

This two step under eye treatment definitely gives great results if it is used on a consistent and regular basis. I use it twice a day every day, and I only spend one minute per eye each session.Your really receive two products in one. The micro-pulse eye massager and the cream. The eye cream is fragrance free and very gentle. There is never any stinging, burning or any irritation regarding your eyes, a problem that I have had with other eye creams.The Micro-Pulse is a gentle massager that leaves your eyes feeling refreshed. The battery in the micro-pulse lasts approximately two months before it starts running down. The cream lasted me a week longer, so although they state not to replace the battery, I did replace it with a button battery #AG13 357. By putting a tiny piece of paper folded in half under the battery, it met the connection perfectly and I was able to finish the cream, and finish an another eye cream that I had a little left until my new L’Oreal eye product arrived.Now for my results: Generally I give a hair/skin product at least 2 full months to see any results. If in that time I don’t see any results, I give up on the product because I don’t think that it works for me.In less that a week and a half my purplish dark under eye circles started to lighten. At the 3 week mark, there was a definite tightening in the saggy eye bags.Now on a scale of 1 – 10, with the number 1 being the best, and 10 the worst, my purple eye circles and eye bags were probably an 8, due to my age, countless hours on the computer, late nights and rubbing my eyes. After just over 2 months of using the L’Oreal Collagen Micro-Pulse Correction System, I would say that my condition has improved up to a 5 and it still is slowly getting better. This time I took before, during and after pictures which I am going to try to post, and if I am successful, you can judge for yourself.

Lorie Mitchell, NE

Cool it’s good

I kept this in the fridge and would use it every morning. It felt great and was a nice way to start my day with a little pampering. However – the results – I’m not convinced.

Darla Rockford, WA

Nothing special

I received this free from BzzAgent to try. I used the micro-pulse attachment one time, but saw how it was tugging at the skin under my eyes, and since that could be detrimental long term, I resorted to using the serum w/o the micro-pulse attachment.The serum spread easily and absorbed well into my skin. It was compatible with my cosmetics, and I didn’t experience any irritation. I haven’t seen any improvements in my fine lines for the month I’ve been using it. The formula isn’t too exciting – it doesn’t contain appreciable amounts of any active compounds, which is disappointing since I think L’Oreal really could do better. I’m a huge fan of L’Oreal cosmetics, but this product is not a must have for me.

Tonia Mitchell, IN

loreal paris collagen

It has been my experience with sensitive skin that collagen agravates it and causes breakouts! Have learned the hard way to avoid it!

Kerry South Milwaukee, WI

Definitely helps diminish puffy bags under the eyes!

I don’t know whether the built-in vibrator helps but the cream does lessen the appearance of the puffy bags under my eyes.

Silvia Elsah, IL


I got this product to try from Bzz agent. The vibrating pulse thing felt good on my skin and is making my skin soft. I have used it for a couple days and feel like it will make a difference. My allergies have been making my eyes puffy and this is helping with that.

Cortney Taylor, MO

The product is fine, and I noticed a certain tightness right away …

The product is fine, and I noticed a certain tightness right away after it dried up. It is absorbed very fast and the little massage thingy is neat – just got to remember to use it in the right direction, otherwise it would just stretch my skin in the eye area even more. Not bad as long as you are careful not to get it inside your eyes!

Brianna Empire, MI