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L’Oreal Paris Clean Artiste Waterproof & Long Wearing Eye Makeup Remover, 4.0 Ounces

Clean Artiste Waterproof eye Makeup Remover instantly dissolves every trace of eye makeup, even long-wearing foundations and waterproof mascaras, while gently conditioning your lashes. This won’t leave a filmy or oily residue on your face.

Key features

  • Instantly dissolves eye makeup, even long-wearing foundations and waterproof mascaras
  • Non-irritating formula that additionally conditions lashes
  • Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist-tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Honest reviews


have not received

I have not received item and have not been able to find a number to call. Hope it comes in the next few days.

Eva Roland, AR

Well it gets the job done….

This is a very useful product but must be used before bed or long before you plan on putting makeup on again. I used this remover for my eyeshadow and eyeliner which I had had heavily caked on for a dance recital. To my pleasure when I applied it to my cloth and wiped my eyes it came off immediately, no hassle whatsoever, and almost all of it gone the first swipe. It left the skin around my eyes and my eyelid feeling very soft and I was very happy with it. I went to bed, did my makeup the next morning, didn’t get a chance to take it off before bed that night and when I woke up the next morning I went to use the eye makeup remover after my shower to rid of the eyeliner before applying new makeup. Again it was taken off immediately and again the skin around my eyes felt very soft. I applied my new make up and was very annoyed to see that within an hour later my usually secure makeup was smudged more than ever before. The soft feeling left behind is the residue from the remover. It seems it doesnt matter how many times you attempt to dry it it really just needs time. When used before bed or hours before you plan on applying makeup, this is a wonderful product, but beware of the time of use. Or you might be using it more than you bargained for.

Dale Summit Station, PA

Very happy with this eye makeup remover

I had been using the Almay pads, both the non-oily, and the oily, to try to get rid of the industrial strength mascara I have been using (seriously this stuff is like glue, more than any waterproof mascara I have ever used). I would use the oily, then the non-oily, then wash my face, and the mascara would still be on my lashes the next morning after I washed my face and dried with a towel.Not with this stuff. I am very pleased that it takes off the mascara on its own, I don’t have smeary black marks on my towel after I use this and wash my face.I kind of reminds me of the Chanel I used to use but of course the price is much better.

Iris Lawton, OK


I love the blue bottle of Clean Artiste and figured this would be great too but many a little more effective. I was very disappointed that this is oil based and leaves my eyes feeling greasy. Not a fan.

Doretha Blacksburg, SC


It’s ok in removing eye makeup.It’s gentle, but it does leave greasy residue behind.I don’t think I will buy this again.

Mina Hollis Center, ME

Removes makeup better than more expensive brands

I’ve tried so many makeup removers, both drug store and department store and this is my absolute favorite. It does a great job of removing waterproof liner and mascara, but is still very gentle and doesn’t leave my skin feeling overly oily.

Nan Heavener, OK

Better than Mary Kay’s!!

I’ve been waiting for someone to make this product that wasn’t Mary Kay. I’m tired of paying $15/bottle for the Mary Kay stuff. This stuff works just as well and really takes off my waterproof mascara without me pulling out eyelashes. If you use this with cotton rounds, it works wonderfully. Highly recommend!

Antonia South Fork, CO


My fiance will not use anything else. It does it’s job and I could not ask for anything more!Boom!

Sophie Lynndyl, UT

Best Waterproof Makeup Remover

I have tried many different products that claim to be the best at removing waterproof eye makeup. This product puts all of those to shame. I just pour a little on a cotton pad and within a couple swipes, my layers of waterproof mascara come right off. It is very moisturizing and does not irritate my sensitive skin. This is a keeper!

Jeanne South English, IA

not a fan

I wish I had realized how much oil is in this, it left my face feeling oily & didn’t work any better

Viola Centerville, NY

Works a lot better than gasoline

Hey — what can you say. It gets the makeup off your eyes without stinging and works on the rest of the face too. Might leave a little residual of the stain makeups but a little foaming makeup cleanser get the last of it off.

Carey Niwot, CO

Artiste is THE best eye makeup remover!

I love this stuff! It takes EVERYTHING off & does it gently. It’s very hard to find in the stores around here and usually costs $8 if I do find it. It makes my lashes soft & seems to help them grow. I’ll be very sad when this is ever discontinued.

Hattie Alleman, IA

The best.

I’ve tried seriously every eye makeup remover you can think of, from Clinique to Neutrogena, from high end to drug store brand. This is by far the best I’ve used. It smells nice, it removes my waterproof mascara and eyeliners with ease, and it’s so affordable. The only thing I don’t like is the bottle opening, it’s too big, and makes it hard to control how much remover you pour out. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the best eye makeup remover I’ve tried.

Francis Pikesville, MD

works well- but not the holy grail for removing Waterproof eye makeup

works as well as Mary Kay with a cheaper price tag, but not as effortless as I would like on my lashes. seems to have a slight greasy feeling. I need to wash my face after removing makeup.

Sally Sugar Grove, WV

Good product.

It still takes a little work to get the waterproof mascara off, but this product definitely works, and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.

Sandra Floresville, TX

Very Smooth

This product is oily enough to take off waterproof mascara but not overly oily. The residue of the product is easily rinsed off with water or wiped off with a dry makeup pad. It is my favorite eye make up remover so far. I even like it better than Clinique at half the price.

Annmarie Brownsdale, MN

Oily is good!

I know a lot of people complain about the oil used in this remover and it being allegedly bad for your tear channels. Well… Maybe after 80 years of every day use… I’ve been using it for years now and I’m happy with it. The oily texture helps you easily remove any mascara without pulling the skin, unlike those oil-free removers. I prefer to wash off the oil after using it than rubbing the eyes with an oil-free remover until they’re red.

Brittney Alamo, IN

Works great

I usually don’t like oily products but this one is okay. Works great and removes my eye makeup as advertised.

Carol Francitas, TX