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L’Oreal Paris Bare Naturale Mineral-Enriched Mascara, 0.16-Fluid Ounce

Treat your lashes to gentle, nourishing mascara without sacrificing any of the volume or length. Introducing the first mineral-enriched mascara from L’Oréal’s. This innovative formula contains 86% natural-origin ingredients, shine-enh.

Key features

  • Bare Naturale Mineral-Enriched Mascara # 805 Blackest Black by L’Oreal for Women – 0.16 oz Mascara
  • Bare Naturale Mineral-Enriched Mascara # 805 Blackest Black by L’Oreal for Women
  • Includes aloe, Vitamin E and jojoba oil that nourish and condition lashes
  • Made in Paris

Honest reviews



This L’Oreal Bare Naturale mascara won’t make your lashes look like big fat caterpillars, but this mascara does define and lengthen beautifully. I was looking for something mild since I wear contacts quite often and this does not irritate my eyes at all! Also, it is not clumpy or sticky. It brushes on nice and clean, and lashes look longer, darker, but in a more natural way. I love this and would not hesitate to buy again.

Darla Rouseville, PA

Very Nice Mascara!

I found this mascara at Dollar Tree for $1 and bought a few of them. This is very nice mascara – especially for a dollar! It goes on very lightly and smoothly and the wand is very easy to work with. What I like is that you can choose to apply the mascara more heavily at the base of your lashes and create wispier ends to your lashes if you want. The mascara hardly clumps. It’s a great mascara for everyday use, since it’s soft and natural-looking. I wouldn’t use it for a dramatic, night-time or special occasion look, though you could probably use a few layers in a pinch. Supposedly 85% of the ingredients are from natural sources – whatever that means.

Jade Bethune, SC

Great mascara

I already have naturally long dark lashes so I wear clear mascara usually but I wanted to try some black mascara again and see if I could find a good one. This was the second one I tried and it worked great. It doesn’t clump, it doesn’t flake. It really enhanced my eyelashes and looked amazing and natural.

Angelique Montier, MO

Not impressed

This mascara is very clumpy and goes on way too thick. I’m sure it may be good for your lashes but it looks horrible.

Lesley Jackson, NJ

So sad this is discontinued!

I loved this mascara more than any other kind I’d tried. It had less flaking than any other formula and rarely ever clumped or left behind weird misshapen pieces at the ends of my lashes. Very sad to see it go.

Donna Corning, CA


Not sure what made me think it was waterprof but it is not other than that it is mascara it looks dark brown but it says it is black but really who cares!

Lillian Harviell, MO

Same as regular mascara

This is ok but not what I wanted for my thin short lashes. The wand is too full and gets on upper and lower lids. I ended up using a thinner wand from a different tube that I had cleaned and saved to separate lashes. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone looking for a solution to thin lashes.

Lillie Grantsburg, WI

I love it!

The formula is somewhat “gel/ liquid like” and I love it! Don’t worry, it’s not runny in any way! The mascara never clumps when I apply it to my lashes and it doesn’t smudge or flash throughout the entire day! I LOVE IT! My new dark and lushes lashes. YUM YUM 🙂

Jeannine Sparta, TN

The only mascara that has not caused eye irritation for me!

I gave up on mascara due to eye irritation but decided to give this one a try. I’m glad I did. It works well, builds well, I like the color and no irritated eyes!

Ina Harrah, WA

Bare Naturale

I started using this because it has no parabens and is less chemically than other mascaras. Organic mascara is not very good so this is a good compromise between the top brand and organic. I have used for years, it’s good stuff.

Jeannine Merritt, MI

love love love it!

I use this as my first mascara and apply a second layer with loreal million lashes, this helps my lashes look natural not clumpy, I was disappointed they don’t sell this in the store anymore. I always stock up on this product!

Iris State Line, MS

Maybe my favorite mascara of all time!

This mascara is definitely in the top 3 of all the mascaras I have ever used. It may even be my favorite. It gives seemingly lengthening, no clump, separate coverage to each lash and finds every lash you didn’t even know you had. My only wish is that it also came in an emerald green color like Almay’s Intense i-Color. Then it would be perfect. But I’ll continue to use this black brown combined with the Almay green for my perfect lashes. I have strawberry blonde hair and green with a little gold in the center eyes, if that is helpful.

Mattie Sheppton, PA


I have pretty sparse lashes and normal mascaras, (even the pink and green stuff) seems to be too gunky to build my lashes. I bought this with a coupon/sale and found it to go on a lot nicer, and build my lashes neatly without clumps. I can build up some pretty fabulous lashes and it doesn’t flake off and actually comes off very nicely with a makeup remover cloth. (no lashes pulled out)

Mabel Soldier, KY

Doesn’t leave smudges under my eyes

I love this mascara because it keeps your lashes soft, never looks clumpy and best of all, if you sleep in it there are no black smudges under your eyes in the morning!

Wilda Ogden, IA

keep coming back to this

This product, for some reason, is very hard to find around me (northeast). When it first came out it was pretty abundant, but I think it’s been removed to make way for the newer mascaras that keep coming out. So I’ve tried to find others that I can pick up easily, but none have compared. It goes on easy and smooth, lasts all day, and doesn’t damage your lashes. Also, gives a nice natural look (no spidey-legs) and comes off easily. So, I have to order it online now to stop wasting my money on other, lesser products. I hope they keep making it !

Roslyn Atglen, PA

Love Love Love

I like mascara that stays and does not run. I tried this because it was in the Bare Naturale line, going greener, and I love it. It stays and comes off much easier than my previous long-wear mascaras. I love how full and natural my eyelashes look. No clumps.

Eva Clarksville, TX

lovee it

it has a slight clump but it does extend the lashes and it glides on very smoothly,it also moisturizers the lashes and it comes off easily too.

Liz Surprise, NY

Love this mascara

I can’t find this mascara in the store anymore so I was pleasantly surprised that I could order on line. This mascara makes your lashes long without looking all clumped on. The best part is it washes with soap and water. Great mascara.

Susie East Arlington, VT

Love this product!

I purchased a tube of L’Oreal Paris Bare Naturale Mascara and loved it. My eyelashes were thick but natural looking, not clumpy, long and full, very natural but so much better than my natural! I started looking for another tube and could not find it at a retail outlet so I looked on Amazon and was grateful to have found it here. I purchased 3 tubes just in case they have discontinued it, but hope that is not the case. Love this stuff. So very hard to find a good mascara that doesn’t clump and is easy to apply without getting it on my skin. The formula is very good and the brush is too. Great combination, wish it was not so hard to find.

Corina Haw River, NC

Very Nice Mascara

This mascara goes on well and does not clump. It looks very natural and I like the look. It arrived quickly and well packaged. I will be purchasing again.

Mollie Pea Ridge, AR

Mineral mascara

I wanted buy natural mineral mascara, which is lead free. so I found this product, it is not bad.I would recomend this product enyone who wants chemical free.

Myrtle Rio Rancho, NM

good for eye allergies

I have eye allergies and so far this has eliminated some of the irritation i would get from other brands. It hasn’t cured my eyes or anything but more comfortable since i am addicted to mascara. it goes on differently than other types to, i believe it stays true to what it says it does.

Maureen Laurier, WA

it clumps

girl, it do clump honey!this stuff clumps. the applicator is made for someone with gigantic eyeballs. it’s completely straight and not curved at all. it’s okay for the price though.

Mildred Lewis, NY

Very gentle

I’ve been looking for a very gentle mascara for my invisible blonde lashes that didn’t hurt my eyes. I’ve tried expensive to cheap drugstore and was happy to read the reviews on this one. It is a pretty good mascara for a great price. My eyes didn’t sting as bad as usual but its still not ‘the one’… I got ‘blackest black’ and it was certainly not very black. Its not smudge proof either and it lasted only about 4 hours. I’ll use it in a pinch because it didn’t hurt too bad and its got a nice brush but I’m still on the lookout for the perfect gentle mascara for me. If you’re not major allergic this is a good product though.

Juliette Bloomingdale, MI

just clear lash

Just so cheap so I bought three. But it doesn’t give any volume, any long. Just clear lash, that’s all. I got to have small trick that I put it on first and let the lash dry a little bit and put it on again. Then, it’s gonna be more volume.

Liz Lyons, NE

so chunky!

this mascara was waaaaay too clumpy for me. and the brush was HUGE. i just threw it out. maybe my tiny asian eyelashes are to blame.

Anna Fulton, KS

Didn’t work for me!

I switched all my makeup to natural products after I started having skin issues. After researching and trusting reviews, everything I got is wonderful except for this product. I switched from CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume and bought the black-brown. It goes on thin and clumpy, and putting on two layers just makes it sticky. By the end of the day I find myself itching my eyes and it seems to be due to this mascara. I wish I had as much luck as the other reviewers!

Adela Crescent Mills, CA

Nice mascara

One of the better mascaras I have tried. I have reordered this mascara several times and plan to continue to do so.

Althea Herod, IL

Stays Put!

I was cautious purchasing a Loreal product advertising it was paraben free. I have been disappointed by Almay and Neutrogena’s similarly advertise products as they smudged and smeared. Also, I was concerned the product was a close out due to it’s lack of success as I have NEVER seen this product in any stores.I was very pleasantly surprised. Doesn’t smudge or run even though it’s not advertised as waterproof. It goes on well and makes my thin lashes seem longer without clumping. I would highly recommend.

Mayra Cold Bay, AK


This mascara flakes more than other kinds I have. It also makes my eyelids itch. I won’t be purchasing again.

Ernestine Penelope, TX